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    • Located some 25 km from Itasia the new BSoF Campus spreads over almost a square kilometer of ground. The campus is made up of several buildings.

      The Dorms
      The campus has two dorm complexes, each made out of five buildings. One dorm complex is for male students and the other is for female students. Each complex has four dorm buildings - one for each year (all programs in BSoF last four years) and one central building for staff and various facilities like the cafeteria.
      Each dorm building is primary made out of four person rooms, with the first floor and roof housing a lot of various facilities like a staff room, sport fields(on the roof), a small 24/7 store and so on.
      The central building of each complex houses a mix of management, educational and entertainment facilities like the cafeteria, restaurants, training rooms and so on.

      The School
      A massive tower that hosts 50,000 classrooms, 20,000 gyms, 40,000 laboratories and many other needed facilities to handle one million students.

      The Administrative Building
      This large building hosts the staff of the school and will one day manage half a million workers that will be needed. Home to the Disciplinary Section that is in charge of keeping the students of BSoF from getting to rowdy.

      The Complex
      A large complex of entertainment and other facilities like shops for the students to enjoy in free time. Separated from the rest of the campus with a park.

      The House
      Just like in the old campus the House is a detached building for students that for some reason are not able to fit into dorms. The House for the new campus is located some 2 km from the dorms, on a stretch of land between two rivers and is actually an apartment building for up to 1000 people.

    • Headmaster: Akia Imudair, Human, Freak - Class S Blood Manipulation
      Head of Staff: Kaid Nat'Au, Hadet, Mage - Rank S
      Disciplinary Chief: Riyako "Bloodlust" Sayengawa, Cursed Being, Martial Artist - Master Level, Torture Expert
    • IDS (Inter-Dimensional Space) - The infinite multiverse that is made up of every possible reality called Unique Dimensional Possibility or just Dimension for short.

      Post Dimensional Society (PDS) - A wast economical and political union of countries that developed ways to travel throughout

      Untied Corporation (UC) - The most influential and powerful corporation of the PDS and a military superpower. Its owner and founder is the mysterious and powerful Traveler.

      Aleurian Kingdom (ALEK) - A country which has been the home of UC from its infancy thanks to strong ties between the royal family and UC's owner.

      Freak - A Freak is a person that has non-magical abilities that one's race should not have. Most Freaks have a single ability, although there are four known cases of a Freak with two abilities.

      Boarding School of Freaks (BSoF) - First started as a school dedicated to training Freaks, but as mages and others adapted to be able to fight Freaks on equal ground the school opened its doors to anyone that could pass a combat test. BSoF was the first school for Freaks as well as the first such school to adapt to the new abilities of mages and others.
      The special thing about BSoF is the ranking system - every student has a rank that can be gained by battles with other students. At certain time intervals, usually end of each semester a certain amount of students bellow a certain rank would automatically fail the year and promptly sent back home.
      As the amount of people with skills to enter BSoF rose the free space in the dorms of the school decreased and a new campus was erected near Itasia.

      The Ranking System - The Ranking System works simply. 1. A student can only fight two battles per day. One is his own challenge to someone else while the other is a challenge to him.
      2. A studnet can challenge anyone that has a higher rank than him. One can challenge students of lower rank as long as they are less then 100 ranks apart.
      3. When a student defeats someone with a higher rank the winning student gets that rank while the defeated drops for a certain number of places.
      4. All battle damage will be healed by the medical system that covers the campus. In case of death the staff will resurrect you back in your dorm in matter of seconds.
      5. All battles must take place inside the campus. Battles last until one side can't fight anymore, surrender or 30 mins pass. In the last case the result will be decided ether by professional judges, a vote by the spectators or a mix of both. The two parties in the battle should decide on what method to use.

      Team Battles - Team battles are allowed, but students in such battles must all be inside a 50 rank difference. Winning a team battle moves the rank of team members up by a certain amount.
    • County Creation Sheet
      Full Country Name: The full name of country, like United States of America or People's Republic of China.
      Country Name: The usual name used for the country like USA, UK or North Korea.
      Size: The amount of space a country occupies. It should be between a single city (city-state) to several hundred dimensions.
      Alliance: The alliance in which the country is. Several are listed bellow. The country can also be a UC Protectorate - a country that singed a contract with UC. Usually such countries end up as UC's puppets.

      History: A shorter or longer history of the country up to the development of an IDS travel system (with technology, magic or a combination of the two) or first contact with the PDS.
      Ruling System: How the country is ruled. It can be a monarchy, democracy and so on.
      Economic System: How the country runs it's economy. For example it can be total capitalism in which everything has a price or a totally run state economy in which the government runs all legal economical activity.
      Social System: How does the society of the country function. Is it a caste system, feudal system, free society.
      Racial Make Up: Which races (sapient species) make up the population of the country.

      Other: Other things about the country like traditions, religion(s) and so on.

      Country List

      Grand Alliance (GRAL) - Based around the Human Alliance (HUAL), it is a massive military and economic alliance that is mostly made out of nations based on democracy. Includes a united Earth (in a confederacy-like country).

      Canis Empire (CAEM) - The Canis are a bipedal fur-covered species that resemble Earth's dogs. Their empire is a militaristic state ruled by the Emperor and the military and dedicated to a policy of total exploitation or genocide of non-Canis species.

      Elementali Union (ELU) - The Elementali are a group of sapient species that evolved on the two habitable planets in their home system. A large potion of those species has some degree of energy-manipulation ability, allowing them feats like creating heat, creating lasers or freezing things. The Elementali Union leads the Brilliant Alliance.

      Brilliant Alliance (BALI) - The Brilliant Alliance where most countries that don't want to join the ranks the human-lead Grand Alliance or become the "Protectorate" of the money-hungry United Corporation end up.

      Other Powers - There are numerous powers in the IDS which are powerful enough to be left alone by the superpowers as they would require way to much resources to conquer or overtake in some other way.

      Freelancers - a significant part of the PDS is not part of any country in specific, being a part of the massive Freelancers, a lose organization of people which abandoned there countries for some reason. Most Freelancers leave on the move, aboard their ships and organized in fleets from time to time.

      Pirates - another massive non-country are the Pirates. Reaching in all parts of the IDS Pirates are the masters in a variety of technologies and skills, like Stealth, Hacking, Smuggling and Convoy Raiding. The cornerstone of the Pirates are massive mobile stations which both support Pirate ships, provide safe heavens for their families and are the hubs for their main sources of income - smuggling and trading information obtained form hacking.

      The Convoy - the last notable non-national existence in the PDS is the Convoy. This massive fleet of ships of all kinds and types is primary made of ships that are the last remains of their countries, and thous not recognized as members of the PDS. Banded in the Convoy they protect and support each other while constantly on the move in fear from counties that have the ability to destroy them. The Convoy is ruled by a democratic system, but has no official government and relays on direct democracy.

      Zeroes (Nocturnia) - PDS Superpower, GAIE Member

      Grand Alliance of Independent Entities (GAIE), an alliance formed in response to the hegemony of UC and the Grand Alliance.

      Felinae (Nocturnia) - PDS, Isolationist Superpower

      Ablin (Gamer5) - PDS State, UC Protectorate.
    • Race Creation Sheet
      Name: How is your race named
      Homeworld: The planet from which your race comes from originally
      Physical Appearance: How does the average member of the race look like. You can use pictures.
      Common Psychological Traits & Tendencies: The usual psychological quirks that the races has. It might be increased aggression or being calm in almost all situations.
      Racial Abilities: All abilities that a race has.
      Mage Percentage: The percentage of people that are born with magical ability in a race, when living in standard magical conditions and when not being born as mage. For humans this is 0,05%.
      Other: Anything else notable about the race. Can be split into subsections for history, customs, religion and so on.

      Race List

      Canis - A race of bipedal dog-like humanoids. Physical stronger then humans
      Elementali - A group of races. See "Elementali Union" for more details
      Hadet - A race of humanoids similar to humans, but with four genders
      Cursed Being - A being forced into immortality by a curse in order to suffer that curse for all eternity
      Zeros (Nocturnia)
      Felinae (Nocturnia)
      Ablin (Gamer5).
    • Rank 1 Adoa "Killer Eyes"
      Rank 2 Uwen "Lie Teller"
      Rank 3 Iyär "The Berserker"
      Rank 4 Al'et "Magic Queen"
      Rank 5 Faneic "Bottomless Hunger"
      Rank 6 Tiu "Ruler of Space"
      Rank 7 Mariy "Walking Arsenal"
      Rank 8 He'wen "Infinite Speed"
      Rank 9 Gaie "The Eraser"
      Rank 10 Cat "Damned Cat"
      Rank 102134 - The Lowest Rank in the School after the new students join in. All new students will share this rank.
      Enrollment under way. New students should be joining soon!
      New Students:
      Ahs'aira Ume'yna - Gamer 5
      And more!
    • Place holder for adding less important terms or info I might want to add.

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  2. Name: Nightmare

    Homeworld: a planet called oblivion a world shrouded in darkness and chaos

    Physical Appearance: most nightmares these days only have there normal every day appearance but some of the most powerful and feared nightmares had there normal appearance and an appearance like this

    Common Psychological Traits and Tendencies:most common psychological profiles for nightmares are insane and
    Blood thirsty but truly a nightmares psychological profile depends on the nightmare

    Racial Abilities:
    Shadow manipulation- absolute and total control over shadow and darkness (will post wiki page up for this
    Fear creation- the ability to reach into the minds of others and pull from then there worst fears and make them a reality
    Fear manipulation- the ability to manipulate the fears of others to there will specifically in the form of a hallucination of the victims worst fears

    Mage Percentage: the percentage of nightmares born with there abilities are a full 100% of the race

    Other: then beings feed off of the fear of others and are known to be the darkest being in all the realms
  3. The first of many

    Country Creation Sheet

    Full Country Name: Unified Zero Magic Worlds
    Country Name: The Zeroes
    Size: The Zeroes qualify as one of IDS's superpowers, spanning hundreds of thousands of dimensions.
    Alliance: The Grand Alliance of Independent Entities (GAIE), an alliance formed in response to the hegemony of UC and the Grand Alliance.

    History: The Zeroes are actually a Post Dimensionally created race. They started as a rag-tag group of people without any magical power and completely immune to it. The group of people decided to settle a planet Sinna Delta 3, and in the interest of their species' survival invented; as a Zero can only be born in space completely devoid of magic. A so far unstudied device which completely sapped a planet of magic, the "Zero Device"
    Since then the Zeroes expanded on the fringes of the PDS, building up a trading fleet. Soon they became famous for asking no questions about transferring any sort of cargo as well as any quantity of it. With time The Zeroes became the largest shipping force in the IDS, closely followed by the UC.
    As a consequence they also possess the largest number of ships, mostly convoy escorts.
    Ruling System: The Zeroes are a Representative Parlamental Democracy. A representative from each planet is designated to the Alliance Council, which decides on the major interstellar laws and outside policy. Each planet possesses their own government, which besides the management of human rights, is generally not interfered with by the council.
    Economic System: The Zeroes maintain a free market with some government intervention, in order to avoid monopoly. The center of Zero economy is trade of non-country goods and storage. The Zeroes possess massive space stations (Which in some systems qualify as stellar objects of their own) and trade goods for other nations. Their ships are immune to magitech weapons due to the Zero Devices onboard, and as such the Zero ships are hard to destroy with the current convenitonal weaponry used in the IDS. This combined with the massive amount of escort ships employed, ensures a quality service for massive amounts of goods.
    Social System: The Zeroes' society seems incredibly Human like, for the most part. Despite their relationship with magic, they don't shun it. Their architecture and society mirrors their Human origins, even though individual planets might have their own quirks.
    Racial Make Up: Almost exclusively Zeroes (99%) and 1% immigrants.

    Race Creation Sheet
    Name: Zeroes
    Homeworld: None, Zeroes originate from individuals all around the PDS.
    Physical Appearance: It is impossible to pinpoint how a Zero exactly looks like as they originate from a myriad of species, they do have a tendency for their hair and eye color being black however, no matter what the original species was.
    They have a complete magical immunity, as well as inability to use magic.
    Common Psychological Traits & Tendencies: Each Zero is unique, and there are no common traits, however some might inherit traits from their "mother race"
    Racial Abilities: All Zeroes share a common trait of complete magical immunity, this is not because magic bounces off of them or they stop it, it is because magic simply ignores their presence and goes straight through them.
    Mages in the presence of a "Zero field" slowly lose their magical abilities until the point they cannot cast it.
    Occasionally a Zero will demonstrate a "Zero Ability" which are usually some form of material manipulation, though exceptions exist.
    Mage Percentage: Exactly 0% , Zeroes cannot be born as mages.
    Other: Zeroes are subject to many studies as their existence is unusual.
  4. Accepted Noct.

    As for you @daniel reaver like your other sheets your race sheet is a bit lacking in amount, but otherwise has no problem.
  5. County Creation Sheet
    Full Country Name: The Felinae Republic
    Country Name: Felinae
    Size: One Dimension.
    Alliance: None, though the country is sympathetic towards the GAIE

    History: The Felinae have a long and rich history, mostly interchanging periods of war with the Canis and total isolationism. The Felinae were among the countries that formed the PDS, though they later withdrew from it, taking flight into the uncharted dimensions.
    Several billion years later, the IDS found the Felinae again, fortified beyond measure in a single dimension, reaching levels of civilization and technology competitive with the rest of the IDS. The Felinae however, still employ their policy of isolationism, though they maintain relations with a few factions.

    Ruling System: The Felinae are a true democracy, an elected government proposes laws on which the entire Felinae population votes.
    Economic System: The Felinae have reached the level of a communist utopia. Every Felinae of the country can request, and will receive anything they need. Powered by their immense economy, independece from the PDS economy and technological development the Felinae are so far, the only true such utopia in the PDS to date.
    Social System: The Felinae are a free society, there is no limitations or barriers in place for one's career except their personal ability and skill, which are highly examined. The Felinae shun incompetent men on high positions.
    Racial Make Up: Exclusiely Felinae, not even consulates are allowed within the country.

    Other: The Felinae live on massive, moving planets. In fact these planets are so big the Felinae usually capture a star to orbit the planet, rather then the opposite.

    Race Creation Sheet
    Name: Felinae
    Homeworld: Felinea
    Physical Appearance: Felinae share a lot of their appearance with common house cats, they are quadrupedal, clearly feline and small. One of the main differences is the feet of Felinae, their paws hide fingers.
    Felineans are also able to stand on their rear legs for a moderate amount of time, though this is both tiring and unpleasant
    It is notable that Felineans live very long lives, over 4000 years, this was one of the main driving points of their technological advance, as their geniuses could easily finish their works and even migrate to other areas.
    Common Psychological Traits & Tendencies: The Felineans share a much similar mindset to Humans, though they have a much higher intolerance towards betrayal of their own kind.
    Racial Abilities: Felinae have no outstanding abilities.
    Mage Percentage: 0.07%
    Other: None for now, might be expanded later.
  6. Name: Ablin
    Homeworld: Ablin/Veoi IV
    Physical Appearance: Basically human, with a wider array of natural hair and eye colors. The main difference is the slow aging, as they age roughly 4 times slower then humans, meaning they when 28 years old they have the physical and psychological development of a 7 years old human.
    Common Psychological Traits & Tendencies: Almost identical to humans, through calmness and bravery in face of peril are more common then in humans. Before they developed psychotherapy and drugs it was common for old Albin to go crazy, fall into depression or develop any of a array of psychological problems. Advancement of technology first lowered and then next to eradicated this problem.
    Racial Abilities: None.
    Mage Percentage: 0,09%.
    Other: To be added.

    County Creation Sheet
    Full Country Name: Great Stratocracy of Ablin
    Country Name: Ablin
    Size: Most of its Dimension.
    Alliance: UC Protectorate (Special Case)

    History: 40 years ago the Ablin managed to create a IDS drive and after using it were detected by a long-range detection station on the border of the PDS. A series of events followed in which the Stratocracy ended nestling itself as a UC Protectorate but with a contract with UC which was incredibly good for Ablin and makes UC look crazy for signing it.
    Ruling System: All power in the Stratocracy lies in the military forces which elect one Joint Commander each ten years. Of the six branches of military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Fleet, Intelligence and Logistic) the Joint Commander is usually from the Space Fleet, Logistics or Intelligence as those three branches hold most influence in the Stratocracy.
    Economic System: Through by law a capitalistic economy with minimal government intervention only a few areas of economy are not related to, regulated by, depended on the government or made mostly of government firms.
    Social System: The Ablin society consist of three large groups.
    First are soldiers. Soldiers are all those that are or were in military service. They are a privileged class, but most of them are not particularity wealthy so the government gives them free education, medical care and so on.
    Second are free citizens. All those that are not soldiers, criminals or part of a recently conquered population are free citizens. Through not privileged as the soldiers, they are not restrained ether and thous more of them are among the rich as well as in fields like sciences, exploration, engineering and so on.
    The third are criminals and those that populations that were conquered into the Stratocracy. Criminals lose all rights until they serve their sentence and are shot dead if they get judged guilty of a crime three times. The people that live on a planet that Ablin conquers also lose most of their rights and are basically treated like POWs - they are not allowed to gather in large groups, leave their planets, freely speak and so on, but their children are a different story as all of those become Free Citizens. Also after 50 years all those that didn't cause trouble or tried to commit something they are not allowed, are granted the status of Free Citizens.
    Racial Make Up: 42% Ablin, rest is a mix of races with only a few with more then 1%

    Other: To be added.
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