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Resume, Restart, Resurge?

  1. I want to Resume. We will continue the game where it is right now. We can do this! Maybe! I hope!

  2. I want to Restart. We will start a new game from scratch, maybe in the same place or not. Up to Elly

  3. I want to Resurge. We will continue on this island but with a timeskip to day because holy shit.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Welcome to Blorbs

    Put your commands in this thread; talk about the game over here instead!

    Blorbs is an interactive forum game, one that I've run before but haven't in... a year. The game plays very simply. You spawn with a blorb (that you name on spawn) and then each round you give your particular blorb an action.

    To do this, simply message the thread with :: and then your action


    :: Spawn (Jacob)

    :: Gather branches from tree

    :: Make axe from branches

    :: Chop down tree

    Pretty simple!

    Each blorb is a set of two 'fuzzy' (just roll with me here) white circles, the base creature and its single hand. Due this, blorbs have limited carrying capacity and strength and stuff that they can do. But, to make up for this, blorbs greatly increase their abilities (even if such doesn't make sense) when working together as a team!

    :: Hunt the Spiked Hog together!

    :: Jump with Suzy in order to jump higher!

    In the latter, Jacob and Suzy jumping together means that if they did want to both jump higher than they could have on their own, they can now because of teamwork. The magic of friendship!

    The goal of the game is simple, try to establish a little home for yourself, or if you'd rather, gather everyone together and go on a journey! Who knows what you'll find?

    That all said, let's begin!


    There's a rock, and a tree in the spawning area!

    Remember, by leaving the starting area, you will expand the game map, and open up more of the world! It's as simple as walking left.

    Or right, I'm not the boss of you.

    I will be posting the Blorbs: Discussion Thread and then linking the two threads together shortly.

    Blorbs by Elendra DeShan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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  2. :: Spawn (Neo)
  3. :: Spawn (Jorick)
  4. :: Spawn (Dervish)
  5. :: Spawn Herzi
  6. :: Spawn (Holmi)
  7. :: Spawn (Bernie)
  8. :: Spawn Zed
  9. :: Start digging down, in between the rock and the tree.
  10. ::Spawn (Zombs)
  11. :: Climb tree
  12. :: Help push Herzi up tree.
  13. :: Head East!
  14. :: Climb tree and acquire sticks when I get up there
  15. ::Spawn (Aza)
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. :: Gather wood
    :: Make wood axe
  18. :: Go left
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