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  1. Rose, the fabled heroine of Talismania, eighth kingdom of Povalok, and her companion, [insert character name here] travel the country in search of redemption. In order to find it, Rose must battle countless foes, both physically and mentally, in order to destroy the chains which bind her to the Dread Lord, Ragath. Together, she and her companion embark on multiple quests to help her break away from the Dread Lord's influence, and perhaps shine a new light of peace in Talismania.
  2. Rose's character sheet:

    Unfortunately, I have no art of Rose, but I will give a description on her appearance.

    Appearance: Usually light leather armor, sewn with red fabric in some patches of areas. A medium sized shield painted with red in some areas, with a sun like pattern. Her sword is also tinted red, though a much darker red, and also appears to glow. Rose has long natural red hair, and unusual violet eyes.

    Name: Rose (last name unknown) or "The Blood Red Maiden"

    Species: Human female

    Age: 19

    Height: Around 5'4"

    Weight: 156 pounds

    Skills: Excellent swordsman, adept smith, novice archer and spell caster.

    Personality: Rose can be very sweet but at the same time sarcastic and rather rude. She is easily aggravated, and usually rushes into problems head on, without planning ahead. Men like to hit on her, for her beauty is sometimes a bit too over whelming, but it's usually Rose who will hit first. She is used to this, and does this on a weekly bases.

    Aside from her anger, Rose can be caring, especially to those who have a past similar to her own.

    History: Rose was born in Talismania, a country well known for it's wealth and drink. Her father was Rolf, a farmer, and her brother Gerold. Her mother died shortly after Gerold's birth, so the children never really learned of her. At the age of eighteen, a day away from turning nineteen, Rolf and his family were attacked by marauders. Rose and Gerold managed to escape, but Rolf himself was slain. After a few days, Rose and Gerold arrived at the town of Gal, stopping at an inn to rest and eat. With what little money they had, the slept on, while the inn keeper set the inn ablaze, the reason being for insurance money. Gerold is killed by a falling piece of wood, and Rose is left devastated. When she learns of the inn keeper, she rams a flaming piece of wood through the inn keeper's heart. And just so happens that the inn keeper was a target for a very powerful God, known as the Dread Lord. Upon the inn keeper's death, the Dread Lord appears, freezing all time and speaking to Rose with these exact words, "You have done me a valuable service, child. I admire your furiosity, and wish to give you a chance at life. Come by the graveyard behind the old castle, say the phrase, "Mak toor ulak, brohn moal Mak." All of your questions will be answered." The Dread Lord then leaves Rose back in the present. Dazed, Rose does as the Dread Lord, who later tells her his name is Ragath, tells her to, and receives training in the skills she has today, at a price; her soul belongs to Ragath now, and he may do with it as he wishes, sending her on assassination missions, to spread fear and dread throughout the land. Rose, after her training is complete, is then given her equipment, and the blade "Kramanier", or "blood feast", is bestowed upon her. The blade can drain an opponents blood completely from their bodies, fueling the blade and also healing it's user. It is considered evil among religious folk.
  3. Name- Oni (Oliver) [I had a last name once but I can't remember..]
    Species- Ghost/Zombie
    Skills- Floating, flying, phasing through walls, shooting beams of red plasma, not being able to feel pain.
    Personality- Oni is often depressed and old school. He is polite, loyal, a bit of a day dreamer, and relatively calm. He enjoys talking to people and will turn into a completely different person if a friend of his is attacked and will die (if he wasn't dead) for them. He speaks quietly.
    History- On his birthday (June 20th, 1946), him, his two brothers, and his father went on a camping trip to the great secluded woods. He was once a playful, free spirited chap who enjoyed tussling and getting into small scrapes, but then the incident happened. His brothers were in the tent and his dad was putting the fishing poles away when he heard a shuffling in the woods and some loud yelps nearby. They were coyotes, and there were a lot (at least 20). He knew they must have smelled the steaks that were on the fire and had to think fast. He quickly told his brothers to get into the car and to tell dad to protect them. His father, loosing his sight and thus didn't use a gun, couldn't stand a chance. Oni quickly put the fire out and covered it with a tent hoping to block the scent, but they were too close. He heard them scratching at the car and dad yelling for him. Before he could move he felt sharp teeth clamp down onto his leg. He struggled to the car as his brothers screamed as the coyotes surrounded the car. "GO DAD DRIVE, DRIVE!!" He drove over at least 7 coyotes and was suddenly gone. Oni was being bitten everywhere and suffered for about two hours until finally died from blood loss. Most of him was devoured, but bits of bones and muscle stayed. Oni woke up as a ghost and sat in a tree, staring at his bones, and sobbed.

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  4. Name- Vincent (Vince) (imagine him in light leather Armour and older looking. He has no weapon, just his fists which are plated)

    Species- Super human


    Skills-Super senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch) and is telepathic

    Personality- He is usually a calm and collected person and is constantly alert, being able to sense things from a great distance and communicate with any mind he likes. He tends to swear a lot when he gets frustrated and his mind emits a loud ringing noise to near by minds when he does. When enraged enough, he can control minds, but that is quite rare. He is easy to talk to and is respective to everyone.

    History- He grew up in a small town with his older sister Nora and younger brother Foster, both born with powers as well. His ancestors were a small group of humans who were gifted by the Gods themselves with these powers. When a few commoners found out about their powers, they were accused to be witches and dark wizards, driving them out. A group of bounty hunters confronted the family as they walked through the wood and had driven them all apart, leaving Vince alone and fending for himself. He has been working as a "tracking dog" by various people who hire him and has bought himself a nice suit of armor and plated gauntlets.

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  5. The inn doors swung open, making all of the men's eyes look up as sunlight poured in. In the doorway stood a beautiful girl, packed with many items. Ignoring the stares, the girl approached the counter and addressed the inn keeper, "How much is a drink in this place?" This managed to choke out a laugh from the inn keeper, his curled and bushy mustache flapping each time his chest rose and fell with laughter.

    "If it's juice you want, little las, you'd best scurry back to your mother," the inn keeper chuckled, placing his hands over the counter top. "You're barely tall enough to ride a horse!"

    Swiftly a dagger was pressed to the inn keeper's throat, alarming the room. "If I don't get an ale right now, I'll gut you so fast you won't be able to tell the difference between your liver and your kidneys." Her violet eyes glowed with promise.

    The inn keeper immediately recognized her, and backed away. "Y-y-yes, oh gracious m-maiden. At once!"

    As the keeper made her drink, the Blood Red Maiden sat down at an empty table, setting her boots on the table top. The eyes of the other men hadn't left her. "You all looking for a death wish?" she growled, resulting in all of them to turn around and continue their drink.
  6. Vincent looked at the men calmly, catching the scent of each individual one. Each reeked of alcohol, lust, and a few things he couldn't decipher, and didn't really care to. Grabbing a seat, he sits next to Rose and watches the man scurry along to get her a drink. He has never sat at a bar and didn't really know what he liked, so he took to listening to the men whisper behind their backs.

    "What a crazy b*tch, I bet shes never had a real man put her into her place."

    "She can't possibly have done it with that guy..! Look at him, he's barely male..!"

    Vince narrowed his eyes and and looked a bit irritated, clutching his fists and tensing up a bit. He could sense that Rose had noticed this action.
  7. "Unless you want your ass handed to you on a silver platter, remove yourself from my table at once." Rose's right hand was on her sword's hilt, her left reaching for the ale the inn keeper had supplied her. After she had removed it from his grip, he quickly fled, sheltering behind his counter once more.

    (Also, you don't need to censor your words. It's okay for you to cuss on here :P)
  8. "..." He nods and gets up, walking right over to the men and sits right in the middle. "You know you guys should really learn to respect strangers. Calling someone you don't even know a bitch is a bit rude, don't you think."

    He looks at the man who said it and enters his mind.

    "So be fucking polite, ok?"

    He then looks at the other man.

    "Also, I assure you my dick is much bigger than the childish dagger in your pants. So please, be polite."

    He then enters his mind as well.

    "If you make any move to attack me I will destroy your very mind." (Of course, he can't do that,but if he can enter a mind I'd believe he could do that too)
  9. Glad to be alone, Rose takes a gulp at her ale, wiping her lips afterward with her arm. Her sword sheath dangled to her right, threatening to slip out of the strap.
  10. (what am I supposed to know from this?)
  11. (What do you mean?)
  12. (Never mind.)

    Vincent watched the sheath and went to her mind.

    "Your sheath is about to slip off."
  13. Rose stopped mid sip as she set down her mug and stared back at whoever was addressing her. "Best stop shaping me up, or I'll shape you into a pile of limbs." The Blood Red Maiden adjusted the sheath, her hand now holding the hilt of her blade.
  14. Vincent slowly gets up and slips out of the door, not really wanting to die. " O-O ..."
  15. Rose rolled her eyes. "Typical men..." When she went to take another sip, she realized that the mug was empty. Rose growled, before turning her head at the inn keeper. "Get me another round." She tossed him the cup, which he fumbled with in the air for a moment and then began to make the warrior more ale.
  16. He totally heard that, and not wanting to be a typical man, slipped back in and sat back down, much to the other mens dismay.

    "Hey pussy, didn't you just leave?"

    "..." He nods and looks at the bartender.He enters his mind.

    "Tell her to look at the kid with the blue leather armor."

    Vince then quickly looked away like he knows nothing.
  17. One of the men that sat behind Rose whispered into her ear, "Hey, red head, I think somebody likes you..."

    The Blood Red Maiden responded with grabbing the man by his tunic and flinging him over her shoulder and down onto the table. She clenched her hand into a fist, bringing it down onto the man's face multiple times, leaving the room in awe. After several punches, she slid the man off of the table and onto the floor. After a moment of silence, she said, "Well? Who is it? Who's the one that 'likes me'."

    The men who sat behind her table quickly grabbed Vincent by the shoulders and pushed him up against her. This resulted in Rose lifting an eyebrow.
  18. Not knowing what to do, he quickly knelled like a knight and looked down.

    "I respect you and find you very powerful.."

    He then went into the mens minds behind him and emitted a loud ringing noise into their heads, causing hem to get headaches and stumble, some even falling over.
  19. This caused a chuckle to escape Rose's throat, making the room fall silent once more. "And I find you foolish and blind." The warrior held a hand out to the boy. "I am not of royalty. Hell, I guess you could say I'm above royalty. But I know a brave soul when I see one, and you, young man, are either very lucky, or very unlucky, to have stumbled upon me."
  20. Vincent quickly stood up and is about a foot taller than her. He smiled a bit. "Thank you,I suppose. Would you like to converse outside?"
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