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☽ ∣ r e g u l a t i o n s.
  • You must be somewhere between the ages 14-30 for normal roleplay; 14-17 for sexual things.
  • You need to inform me of the things you aren't comfortable with! I tend to include traumatic backstories, alcohol, drugs, and various other typically illegal/violent/generally horrible things in my roleplays. However, I can stop this if it bothers you - I just need to know.
  • I require an understanding of grammar, syntax, sentence structure, plot, detail, and description up to an intermediate level. I would love to write above that if desired, though!
  • Please, no one-two-liners. I like paragraphs, and a few of them (or more)!
  • You don't have to be super active! I'd like a message a week, just to drop by and inform me that you're busy or that you haven't forgotten. Of course, I'd love daily responses, but I understand that life can kick your ass sometimes. Take your time; I know I will.
  • Please be understanding of Mental Health Days! I take MHDs every once in a while, when I spend times chatting, talking about cravings, and mostly just tossing paragraphs around in conversations about my characters and how I view them. I will most likely announce these, but most roleplays will not get responses on those days, even if I'm online the entire time.
  • Feel free to ask for my Skype, email, or anything of that nature. However, I do hold the right to decline if I'm not comfortable with you yet!
  • As a fine warning - while OOC, I talk using a lot of chatspeak and lax grammar. I probably won't capitalize the first letters of a sentence, names, or important places. I like a more relaxed environment when it comes to OOC chat.

☽ ∣ p r e f e r e n c e s.
  • I tend to roleplay females, though I'm trying my hardest to branch out and play males.
  • When playing females, I'll accept FxF and MxF.
  • When playing males, I'll strictly stay to MxM.
  • I'd rather not get too into dom/sub aspects; I tend to prefer sexual roleplays leading either way, depending on the scenario.
  • I love loose sexuality/gender standards.
  • Romance-driven, intense plot is my favorite. I like action, combat, and drama, but I'd love cliche romance in between that.
  • Angst. Painful angst. Make me cry, please.
  • Chatty roleplay partners are the best.

☽ ∣ c r a v i n g s.

I consistently, 24/7 want to roleplay gooey romance scenes. Whether it's coffee shop romance, daily flirtations with the bartender, a drunk asshole with a guitar locked out of his apartment at 3 am, high school dates with malted milkshakes and new cars, tormented characters learning to cope through kisses and hand-holding.. the possibilities are endless!

However, a few more detailed cravings do exist.

  • The previously mentioned 'drunk asshole with a guitar, locked out of his apartment at 3am' still speaks to me. This singular gif of Freya Mavor (the convenient faceclaim of one of my soon-to-be more detailed oc's) and Dylan O'Brien in particular plucks on my heartstrings. Imagine that adorable, annoying idiot jamming out on a beat-up guitar and making up songs about the color of the walls while waiting for the landlord's operating hours. Enter the cute, angry girl who hasn't gotten any sleep and storms out to yell at him in her pajamas, and in the process, also locks herself out. Bonding time ensues.
  • Anything in which my character is a bartender and your character keeps coming back! Maybe they're an alcoholic, maybe they're trying to sober up, or maybe they're just ordering seltzer and flirting with the barkeep. (Bonus points if your character gets jealous of my character obviously flirting with another customer for a boost in tips).
  • Barista stuff always gets me. Muse A works as a barista at the local homey cafe, and has thoroughly memorized the order of one Muse B, a college student trying to finish his or her first novel in the confines of espresso and peppermint. Cute notes scrawled onto cups, Muse A sitting with B while on break, Muse B hanging around past closing to help clean the place up - and, eventually, a cute date proposal.
  • Anything with modern technology/lifestyles mixed with fantasy and magic.

☽ ∣ c h a r a c t e r s.

While not all of my characters are fully developed, I do roleplay quite a few OC's, and I'm all up for creating them in a jiffy and deeply developing them in-roleplay.

HERE are my current/near-present OCs!

However, I also roleplay the following canons: Annabeth Chase (PJO), Nico di Angelo (PJO), Hermione Granger (HP), Harry Potter (HP), and Katniss Everdeen (THG). And a few Homestuck characters. I regret that entire webcomic, but I'm still up for Jade Harley, Rose Lalonde, Feferi Peixes, and Latula Pyrope. If you can persuade me.​

THANK you for reading through that! If possible, I look forward to hear from you, and I would prefer it if you do so via personal conversation!
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