Blind Justice(Private for Mana)

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  1. It was a soft breezy day on the country side of Italy as a small town was seen showing some little life for a change. As merchants came in and out of town selling their goods to the locals that lived there. A door was seen opening to a small house out in the outskirts of the town. As a a boy came out carrying a load of clean laundry that needed to be hung out to dry. Milo was not happy as he grumbled muttering, "Honestly isn't laundry a woman's job? I could be finishing off a painting right about now. But no she says treating me like some form of slave..." He grumbled as he hung the clothes up on the line. This took about a good twenty minutes since he wasn't used to doing such work. Making sure there wasn't a wrinkle for his sister to see to pitch a fit about he carried the basket back inside and set it back in the back room. "Hey Aleka the laundry's hung is it time to eat yet!" He called toward the other room where she was working.
  2. Cleaning day was always a fun chore to direct around, but it all had to be done. That meant the pair of them had to work together but that didn't mean there wasn't air to gripe about it.

    Peeking out the side window as she pushed it open with a palm of her hand, Aleka could see him hanging the laundry out on the clothes line, though she could only imagine how much he was complaining about it the entire time. Life was so difficult now wasn't it? Washing off the plates from the clinging grit, she hummed softly to herself until she heard the hard knock of the front screen door slapping against the wall, followed by his bellowing. It frustrated her to no end that he behaved like a child some days, demanding this and that only to whine when she asked him for a little extra help. While she knew he was supporting the lot of them by his paintings, it wasn't as easy just doing everything alone either.

    Brushing back her bangs from hanging in her eyes as it had been quite some time since she had gotten even maintained, green eyes flicked across her shoulder. "I am only a room away, do you need to shout? Be civil Milo and show some manners, you could just come over here and ask if it was ready." she frowned setting down the plates before even thinking of dishing out the remaining rice with the sesame chicken. it wasn't much in the least but it was enough to put the edge off hungry in their bellies for a while.
  3. Milo came in from the back and sat down saying, "Before you ask yes I washed my hands and face. Now let me hurry and eat then chop the wood quickly so I can go back to my work..." Though looking outside he noticed a storm looming in the distance. "Weird... this kind of weather isn't normal in this season except in the summer... It's only early spring... I really hope we don't get flooded..." He said standing up and looking outside the window.
  4. Rolling her eyes, she frowned furiously to herself listening to his comments chiming through the house again. He made her sound like a slave driver and yet he was the one who really had no chores half the time. This was one of the rare days she asked for his assistance and she was beginning to regret it overly.

    "If you are just going to complain the entire time, don't oblige me. Go back to your stinky little hidy hole in the wall and paint til your face is blue." she snapped at him.
  5. Milo glared at her slamming the shutters shut saying, "If it weren't for me we wouldn't even have this food now would we!! Or the fact is who paid for your medicine last winter out of pocket when you caught that horrid chest cold!! So don't ever insult my work!!" He was about to storm out though a knock was heard on their front door. He left to answer it without another word and saw a man standing there wearing some very nice clothing. "Can I help you sir?" Asked Milo never trusting of rich people from the start. "Yes you're the one who sells paintings in this region right? My name is Nyx and I heard your work is fairly good and would like to see for myself."

    "Oh um sure sorry I really have no place for you to sit come in and wait here and I'll grab a few..." Said Milo as he opened the door wider. Nyx walked in and Milo went to the back. Looking around at the place he stopped in front of one of the few paintings Milo had done. Seeing Milo return he said, "This one's very nice how much would you be asking for it?" "Priceless and not for sale sadly. That one I did when my teacher passed away two years ago. It's a depiction of what most would call Elysian Fields in Greek or other words heaven." Said Milo. "Very interesting and the way it looks it's almost as if I can walk right into the painting and enter the so called world it shows." Muttered Nyx.
  6. Oh sure throw it in her face about last winter, what a brother. Did he even know how to be humbling, apparently not. Pursing her lips into a grim line at him yelling at her now, she was just tempted to throw his plate at him.

    Rather she threw up her hands and walked away. "We wouldn't be in this bloody mess if you would let me go out and get a freaking job Milo, but no! You always want me to stay here, watch the house! You aren't the only one with talents, jackass!" she hissed, slamming her door. Oh he could be insensitive jerk, but... she hadn't acted much better.
  7. Though after talking with Nyx a bit longer the man had left leaving Milo with quite an offer. Knocking on the door to her room he said, "Whether you care or not you'll get your stupid wish Aleka. I just got a higher job offer in capital by the person who came knocking on our door. It's better money then I'm making now I told him I had to think on it so sulk and not say your final goodbye. Because I'm taking it I was offered a place to stay with a real roof and everything. I'm sure you'll be allowed to come with but I ain't going to force you too." Said Milo. He then went to his room and sat on his bed staring blankly into space.
  8. Sorting her room into a neater style, she hated it when she was on the loosing end of an argument with him, there was never any winning or respect in this house with him. It was always do this do that and shuddup while I work. It was frustrating to no end and yet it felt like he really didn't give a damn to what she felt, or said or even wanted to talk about. It was just about his painting. She could be supportive there was no doubt, Milo had an unbelievable gift with his painting but still, it became more and more acute that he cared more about that than anything else.

    Hearing the knock, she had just sat down on the edge of her bed rethinking over all she had yelled, her gaze shifted upwards to look at the backside of the door. A man came to the door and just did what? There was no way he was that lucky, they lived out practically in the middle of nowhere, how on earth did someone track him down. It seemed fishy, and reeked of something foul.

    "Like you would care anyways," she muttered at him, "Go then Milo, don't let me waste your life away." she retorted frowning furiously. Fine if that was the way he was going to be, then she didn't need his crap.
  9. "She doesn't care... I work hard just so we can survive and she don't care..." Milo muttered as he sat there the tears silently running down his face. "Jeez cut it with the water works kid I can't believe I was sent to protect the world's biggest cry baby of this era." Said a voice and Milo jumped up startled. Seeing the man who stood there in the corner of his room he did not look like any common person. A loud scream was heard through the house that moment and Milo had grabbed a chair hurling it at the man thinking he was some type of robber or something. The chair smacked him and broke into a dozen pieces but he looked unphased. "Are you done you big pansy?" Asked the blond male dusting himself off. "W-What the hell are you! You're not even scratched! If it's money you want leave we have none!" Said Milo angry.
  10. Things didn't help that they were constantly biting at the last bit of rope the world decided to give them. Holding her head in her hands, she cursed herself thinking that she ought to suck it up and apologize.

    Though hearing the scream coming across the house forced her to act firstly and think secondly. Swinging her door wildly open letting it crash into the wall, she tore down the hallway. "Milo!" she hammered on the door, "Milo are you alright! Milo!"
  11. "I don't want money but I need to get you out of here before you end up dead kid and it's your own sister whose a danger to you..." Said the man grabbing Milo by his wrist. He screamed thrashing yelling, "Let me go damn it! No stop where are you taking me!" Making the wall vanish he grabbed the kid swinging him over his shoulder stepping outside and the wall reappeared. Milo cried and thrashed until he was clubbed in the back of his neck and out cold he fell limp over the stranger's shoulder. With that done the two were gone.
  12. No answer. "Milo!" she knew she wasn't suppose to go in his room without his say so but there was no way she could just stay out side. Shoving it open looking around, confusion settled on her face. "Milo where?" panic swelled in her bosom, what the hell just happened. He was just here, she heard him scream!

    Looking around, she took a step back seeing the chair had been broken apart leaving her only to worry and fret more. What happened here?

    Turning tight on her heels, she tore out of the house running down the front steps in some sort of indication that Milo had come back outside but there was nothing. "Milo!" did he really just up and abandon her, left her to the wolves like so many others had. She knew they were having a tiff but she hardly thought it could go this wrong! What was she suppose to do...

    "Lost something precious?" a voice called amongst the wind, trailing low and high all at once, seeming lost to the world around and yet it beckoned a familiar warmth within her chest. Was she loosing it, "It is always the hardest to feel the life of another leave you without understanding," it continued... it was a man's. Strong and powerful that rumbled like the rolling thunder but the deepest compassion echoed upon every word.

    "Who are you? Where are you, where is Milo~!"
  13. Milo's eyes snapped open and he found himself surrounded by darkness. Looking around his eyes filled with tears and he saw nothing, no scenery, no sky sun, or even the moon and stars. "Where am I! I can't be dead I just can't!" Cried Milo freaked out looking around. "Kid calm down..." Said a voice and he found a hand rest on his shoulder. Seeing the man who had forcefully took him he moved away glaring saying, "What is this place!" "This is called the void it's the only place that we're considered safe that your other half cannot enter. Milo listen to me you're not as human as much as you'd like to think you're the child of darkness and staying with her would endanger you because your sister is the light half.

    "What.... OK you're full of crap! Take me back my sister and I may fight but she'd never hurt me physically! Just who the hell are you!" Said Milo. "Oh so you think what will she be like when she awakens is the question... My name is Zane but most would call me Chronos the Greek god and guardian of time and space..." Said the man. Milo looked shocked and he said, "Chronos.... no but that doesn't make any sense! Greek gods don't exist in our day and age its all Catholic and Christianity! You guys are made up not real all imagination!" "Whether you choose to believe it or not I am here to ensure you aren't annihilated. And I'll follow and protect you till the day you die." Said Zane firmly.

    Milo wiped away his tears and said, "Fine I believe you but can we get out of here at least. I need to see some real scenery before I lose my sanity..." Zane nodded and vanished with Milo appearing in a forestry area.
  14. Sitting on the open field in front of the house, the gentle wind was tussling the matter red hair back and forth, confusion lingering against her brow. Nothing made sense anymore, Milo had up and ditched her like no tomorrow.

    Feeling the pat upon her crown, she damn near jumped out of her skin cringing back and away as the sudden appearance of the man kneeling on the balls of his heels crouched beside her. "So skittish," he chuckled, her eyes growing wide looking at the ashen skin that covered him from head to toe, eyes deep golden yellow as she found herself blinking. Had she honestly just lost her mind. "The landscape is a marvel, no?" he grinned his attention turning enough to address her, "it has been a long wait Aleka, the time has come against the eternal struggle of power."

    "What." She laughed a little reaching out just to test her theory if she had lost her mind, he shouldn't be real right. Her hand should just past right through, no problem. Yet that was the exact opposite of what happened, retracting her hand back tucking it into her chest, she skittered away. "Who in the sam hell are you, where did you come from why are you here where is my brother i want answers now!" she prattled off quickly causing him to grin almost snake like, his eyes flaring upwards in unison to his grin.

    "Feisty, aren't we! There is time for questions later, but for now my dear lady there is little time to wait for us. I have waited an eternity for your slumbering mind to come back and until you fully come into your abilities, we must seek a safe haven away from prying eyes. Milo has chosen his path, it is time for you to succeed at yours."

    she started to laugh, "What are you talking about! Did you seriously just crawl out of a story book or what, you have made no even an absolute
    lick of sense!"

    Getting up with a push of his knee, she cringed away when he began to loom over her. Offering down a hand to her, he hummed. "We can do this the easy way my dear or the difficult one. Either way, i will not rest until you are in the confines of the ethereal." Staring at him and his hand, he sighed. "Fine." Screaming out loud, feeling the grab around the hem of her jeans, he heaved her up like luggage, seeming to pull apart the fabrics of the natural world, tearing back exposing a ghostly vision of the reality she lived in.

    "Let go of me, Milo where are you!"
  15. Night had come and Milo just poked at the food that was given to him. "Come on kid you need to eat it before it gets cold..." Said Zane. A single tear ran down Milo's face and he just thrust the fish that had been cooked into Zane's hand before standing up and climbing up a tree. Curling up on the highest branch he shivered as he tried to sleep. Zane placed his jacket around the boy and Milo finally nodded off feeling warm enough.

    "Don't forget the promise we made.... If I win promise you'll kill me to keep the balance of light and dark stable..."

    Milo eyes snapped open what felt like five minutes later but in reality he was out the whole night. He thought he had heard someone the voice of a man it sounded so familiar yet he couldn't figure out why. The sun was up and it was bright in his eyes. He found himself at the base of the tree slumped against Zane who was sound asleep still. Milo strangely enough felt so comfortable any thoughts of running away while the man was still out like a light. Had not even crossed his mind and he felt safer now for some odd reason.

    Zane squirmed and his eyes opened as he sat up and rubbed his stiff neck popping it slightly. He stood up and Milo got up after him and handed him his jacket mumbling something Zane couldn't make out. "What was that kid couldn't understand you..." Said Zane. Milo flushed and glared saying, "Thanks for keeping me warm last night you first class jack ass!" He then huffed and walked over to the river to wash his face.

    Zane just stood there dumbstruck and he suddenly started laughing loudly as he said, "Go figure you haven't changed one bit. Still the same hot tempered person as I remember you best as...." He got a face full of water from Milo and retorted by kicking the kid making him fall face first into the river with a loud splash.​
  16. She could hardly put words to the scenery of the ethereal void, the plain of life and death something most people called limbo, Talograth milled effortlessly through the wide span of it all. Her head hurt, ached throbbed until no end fearing that it was about to explode our her ears after all he had tried to explain. Nothing made sense, everything she knew was apparently a lie, nothing but a mortal life to keep them safe until the next reckoning came! It made no sense, none!

    Offering down a round yellow fruit to her, his grin was infectious to say the least as he knelt down beside her. "Did you rest at all Aleka?" she shook her head, forcing a frown on his dark features. "You need to rest you realizing, you are not immortal even if you believe so."

    "Never said such a thing," she palmed the fruit back and forth between her hands, "Talon... I can't do this! you are placing a old hope onto my shoulders, one that i can't even understand and saying it with such relief. It is not easy, this is not acceptable to swallow." she hugged her knees up into her chest, "Everything i knew, you expect me to throw aside and start combating against the only person i have ever know that has protected me, saying that he has been the enemy for eons. I can't... I just can't."

    "Your compassion is what makes you great Aleka, where you doubt in your abilities I see through them. You are not in this alone you fail to comprehend. I am your ally, and i will not take a simple I can't because you fear that you could be stressing past your mortal bonds. I have explained that you aren't merely of mortal flesh, you are greater than that and the world is in dire need of your mercy. Without mercy, darkness will rule."
  17. Milo just sat there chowing down on his fish this time around as he was beyond hungry. Finishing off at lease three big fat ones he wiped off his mouth and said, "Zane... just what am I... who am I... You dragged me out here not telling me anything at all... I need to know..." Zane just stood up and drew his finger down through thin air. A rift appeared and something long came floating out when it was completely out Zane got down in front of Milo and held out a scythe to the boy.

    "Here... I was entrusted this to you a long time ago... Before you were killed in the last battle on your dying breath you told me to guard it with everything I had and to return it to you the day we meet again. I'll tell you this much you're not human and you've been reincarnated many of times...That is all you need to know until your mind awakens fully. Take this and use it to protect yourself and fight back. You are not ready to know the entire truth yet Milo..."
  18. She wasn't hungry, not even with Talon staring over her shoulder glaring down at her in hopes that his look would impede her desire to feast, it didn't. Rather more content to playing with the apple than nibble it, eyes lifted upwards taking curious wonder to the hazy white looking sky that had been lurking over top of her for what felt like hours. But was it?


    "Why what?" Talon repeated unsure of her question.

    "Why all of this, why the need to try and use mortals to fight the feud of good and evil? Shouldn't the gods be able to correct that." sighing heavily through his nostrils, the man curved a foot around shaking his head firmly.

    "You have it all wrong, you are not mortal. Yes born into mortal flesh but mortal no. Instead of spending all the time dwelling on what was, you need to see past the edge of your nose to understand. Aleka," hands opened wide gesturing to the large open space that was the twist white vision of earth, "All you see is what you had controlled. We had won the last battle and succeeded in driving back the plaguing existence that is the other side but they hunger for their return and you are alone the greatest foe they can have." stabbing a finger to her, she leaned back, "You are wallowing in what was, not daring to understand that your purpose in this land is to fight, strive and control the inner realm of good back from those bastard clutches of your sibling. It has been unfortunate that you had been reborn as his sibling, developing a bond with him but it will do nothing when he awakes back to his prior self. Do you wish to see the worlds defeated?"

    Clutching her hands to her head, she shuddered violently letting the tears roll down her face. "I keep saying I can't do this! You have the wrong person and yet you are telling me that Milo, my brother is the very thing that is planning on devastating the world. I can't believe that. Yes we fight, but were family. Its bound to happen, but i cannot raise up against him, he has been the very only person who has actually protected me. Stop shoving down my throat that he is going to wipe me clean off the slate. Milo isn't like that!"
  19. Milo had taken the scythe having expecting it to feel heavy but it was light and suddenly his eyes went wide as the tears started running down his face. 'NO!!' He screamed throwing it to the ground backing away from it fast. "Please...don't let it be true! It's nothing but lies!" He sobbed loudly falling to his hands and knees. Zane just walked over and said, "I'll let you see her one last time and say your good bye for good Milo... Before I'm forced to wake you up..."

    Milo found the scythe placed in his hands and Zane reached out pulling a key from under his shirt as it floated above his palm he said, "Don't let your weapon down for a second Milo nor your guard either. I don't trust her guardian let alone her at the moment..." Before Milo could react a portal opened under their feet as the key turned into a staff. Swinging it outward the two of them vanished and seconds after that with a mighty gust of wind they landed into the so called safe haven Aleka and her guardian were in Milo looked up and nearly screamed at what he saw.

    "Who the hell are you!!" He said freaked. "Shush boy I'm Zane and I fucking hate my god form. Every time I use my tine powers I'm forced out of my mortal form. It's better this way though I'm much stronger in this form." Said Zane.
  20. This was getting him no where quickly and he was getting rather frustrated at the entire moment. He knew she was difficult in prior forms but nothing like this. The universe was laughing at him, he could feel it. "Aleka," he began, eyes poised lit up turning feral as pupils sucked thin his head whipping right around."Stand up now!" he hissed, how dare that bastard invade his realm. Have he no decency!

    Gathering herself up slowly, Aleka cried out watching Talon's already odd appearance bloom and shift, expanding only to cause her to tumble backwards. "Of all the times to choose to be a royal pain in anyones hind quarters!" Claws raked against the astral earth pulling up clumps, a the webbed tail shook and twisted around wrapping tight around the petite frame, his wings out stretching as he arched his neck back.

    "You can't tell me this isn't out of a story book! Your a freakin dragon!" she struggled in his grasp, tusks jutted out of his mouth as his nostrils flared.

    "And we have uninvited guests my dear." his golden eyes narrowed, hissing loudly.