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    • The school bell rang for first period, the crowds of highschoolers dispersed to their classes. Elliot followed behind, her black school bag flung over her shoulder, heading over to the first class of the day: Math. Lucky, the teenager had the class with one of her closest friends. She hoped that this year might end better for her than her sophomore year. Most students knew her face, daughter of the famous (or infamous, it all depended on how you looked at it) Tony Stark. Yet Star, her trusty friend, didn't care about that part of her which is probably why they were they stayed friends for so long.

      She weaved herself through the desks once in the class, trying to get herself to the very back row. A few seats remained opened and grabbed one for her and Star. Hopefully, no one will nab the seat before she got there.

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  1. Star felt sick to her stomach, she hated school but her father insisted she couldn't drop out and just be an avenger. She didn't have any special powers or abilities to be avenger, plus he wanted her to focus on her schooling. That was the most important to him. He also told her that she should just get the first day of school over and done with. There was no such thing as a long drive when your father is Pietro Maximoff and he runs at super human speeds. Of course, he was the only one who was proud of this. Star wanted to drop dead when he stopped at the front of the school and she hopped off his back. Everyone stared at her, as if her father giving her piggy back ride to school wasn't bad enough, she had natural sliver hair that kids consistently made fun of.

    The sliver haired girl pulled her hood over her head and quickly walked into the school. She brushed past the remaining students in the hallways as she made a mad dash to her first class. She made it just in time to nab her seat by her friend, Elliot. Star smiled over at her friend, thankful that she had her friend by her side.
  2. Elli was different with where she stood with her father; she never wanted to be like him. He was always off working on one new thing after another, spending more time with the Avengers than he did with her. Never did she want to be part of the Avengers or any crime fighter. It seemed useless to her since the only thing she could offer was her brain and even that was nothing compared to her father's, not to mention, she might end up being a too sarcastic for her own good like Tony is.

    "Nice to see you made it, thought maybe your dad didn't take you to school today," she said, adjusting the hairtie that held her mess of a bun. Strands of black hair poked out at nearly every angle. Two minutes into the first day of school and she wanted to be done with the whole year. Hopefully it won't drag on like that for the next nine months. Turning to Star, she whispered, "Hey, do we have any more classes together? I just remembered we have this one together."
  3. Star looked over at her. " When doesn't my dad take me to school? I refused to get out of the shower until last minute. So I bet my dad is going to throw a fit over that." She replied quietly, shaking her head. She glanced over at the teacher who started talking. Star looked back at her friend. " I know we have lunch together and I think English, maybe? But I think that's it. "
  4. Pulling out a notebook, she sighed. "Well, it's not much. Kinda wished we had more classes like last year. Now that was a blast but I'm pretty sure the teachers ended up hating up." The teenager didn't care about listening too closely to the teacher who clearly needed to retire a decade ago. Her father always brought up the idea of being home schooled. It wasn't that bad of an option considering she could get Jarvis or maybe Banner to teach her but that meant leaving behind Star.
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