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  1. For those who come here to the IC thread first and have questions about the rp, you can ask me in the OOC thread. The plot is also in the OOC thread.


    It's another day in the menos forest, and Ashido is currently chasing down 2 Gillian level menos. The menos grande haven't been attacking all that much sense Sosuke Aizen was taken down by Ichigo Kurosaki 2 years ago. Ashido continues to chase them for 3 more hours and then attempts to strike. The attack is successful and the 2 gillians are defeated. The atmosphere around the area of the menos forest where Ashido is starts to warp for some reason. Minutes later, a gateway opens in front Ashido. He gets a familiar feel as he stares the gateway down for a minute, and he walks through it. Not knowing how it happened, the gateway leads Ashido back to the soul society, a place he hasen't been back to for several hundred years, sense he got trapped in the menos forest while on a mission to persue a hollow. Ashido, unsure about what to do sense he's been gone for so long, but knowing for sure he'll have to report to the head captain about his return, decides to take the longer way, using the back path sidewalks to get the 1st division, 1 reason being so he would not to attract to much attention, due to the fact that other than the head captain himself, the 4th division captain Retsu Unohana, the 8th division captain Shunsui Kyoraku, and the 13th division captain Jushiro Ukitake, most of the current division leaders probably wouldn't know who he was, considering Shinji, Rose, Kensei, and Love of the vizards, as well as Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, and Tessai, were all captains back when he was a member of the 13 court guard squads, and Hiyori, Mashiro, Lisa and Hachi were all lieutenants back in those days.

    Meanwhile, down in Karakura town, Karin is heading to her 4th class of the day at the Karakura middle school. She had sense her 2nd class been sensing an ominous pressure nearby, but is unsure of what it is at the moment. It's giving her a uneasy feeling though.
  2. After wandering the valley of screams. Senna had found a way back to the real world and a way back to ichigo. She arrived in soul society with her zanpakuto strapped to her side. Let's hope this time she won't be treated as a weapon.
  3. Ashido is laying in the grass on one of the hills in the soul society, taking a little break from walking and looking at the clouds. He senses Senna's arrival while he's laying there. Ashido doesn't get any bad vibes from Senna's spiritual pressure. Though he's curious, as he's never met Senna before.
  4. Senna had made it halfway to the 1st squad barracks when the first soul reaper. "Halt you I haven't seen you before. what squad do you belong to?" Senna looked at him. "I'm here to see captain Yamamoto, so step out of my way."
  5. Ashido who decided to follow Senna's spiritual pressure, as to find out who Senna was for one thing as well as to maybe get some information as to why she came, and because he's heading that way himself anyway also being on his way to meet with the head captain to report his return, comes across the area where the confrontation between Senna and the other soul reaper is taking place. Ashido hears Senna refusal to answer the other soul reaper, as well as her demands for the other soul reaper to let her pass. While the other soul reaper had asked a pretty standard question, a question that the soul reaper would most likely ask Ashido as well when he got in the soul reaper's sight, even though Senna refused to answer, her reaction being a little suspicious sounding to him but nothing much more than that, it doesn't raise an alarm in Ashido's mind, as he still doesn't sense or feel any threat of danger coming from Senna through her spiritual pressure. So he decides to take a wait and see approach and watch the situation play out between Senna and this soul reaper.
  6. Senna looked at the soul reaper and then felt another soul reapers spiritual pressure nearby. The soul reaper reached for his zanpakuto. "I'm going to ask you one more time who are you and what's your business here." Senna decided not to reach for her zanpakuto. "My name is senna. I am friends with ichigo kurosaki and am here to talk to captain Yamamoto."
  7. Hearing Senna say she was friends with Ichigo Kurosaki, though he still doesn't know Senna very well, Ashido, knowing Ichigo Kurosaki as a friend, decides to reveal himself and approaches the two of them at this point.
  8. Deep in Menos Frorest Grimmjow stands alone surrounded by random Hollows and adjuchas. as they start to circle him A large grin rips across his face " hahahahah COME ON !" He Kicks the first adjucha that rushes him into the air before exploding him with a cero, As the ashes crumble to the ground the remaining Hollow start to back away. Grimmjow enjoys the sight of seeing them tremble before him. " I AM THE KING ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" While he laughs like a mad man he begins to fire ceros obliterating any thing in there paths . He was still pissed from losing to Ichigo , the very thought made him sick .
  9. At the same time in Karakura town, Karin, having gotten done with school for the day, is walking amongst herself through the streets near in location to one of the 3 sport parks that are in Karakura Town.
    She sees that the soccer field at this sports park is free, as she had told her friends she'd call them once she found one of the sports parks' soccer field that was open.

    Yuzu herself had gone off to Kisuke Urahara's shop after she got out of school.

    Karin can't help focus on the fact that she is still feeling the ominous pressure she had felt earlier. She decides due to this, that she'd better investigate the area thoroughly before calling her friends to come and meet her.

    Over in the soul society, Ashido stands with Senna with the other soul reaper in front of them. As he stands with her, he thinks back to when he himself met Ichigo, who had come with his friends Rukia, Chad, and Uryu to huego mundo to rescue a friend, and then made friends with a female named Nel before Ichigo and the rest of them fell into the menos forest. Ashido had met Rukia due to her getting separated from Ichigo and the others when falling in to the forest. Ashido then helped Rukia get back to her friends. Ashido comes out of his thoughts about 15 minutes later.
  10. Senna looked at the other soul reaper who just appeared. She reached for her zanpakuto in case of a fight that she really would rather avoid, but before things got out of hand, the head captain appeared.
  11. Sitting on the roof of one of the barracks a man sat there just observing the scene. " ahhh another day in paradise " He leans back and begins humming

    (OOC: this man will be my OC for the third captain , i will post his info soon. )
  12. The third squad lieutenant, Izuru Kira, is beside himself in his office at his desk. While Izuru's organizing some paperwork that his division's new captain is going to need later, memories of his previous captain, Gin Ichimaru, start to cross his mind. Izuru puts his hand to his face until the images of his past with Gin Ichimaru stop playing through in his head. He then sighs as he stands up from his chair, and he goes over to his window and opens it to get some air.

    Over in the location of the Seireitei where Ashido is, Ashido notices Senna readying her zanpaktou for if she'd have to fight. He then a few short minutes after that, he sees the head captain arriving. Ashido then looks to the other soul reaper that's been standing with them.
  13. Feeling the Reiatsu of the head captain Yoshi leaps off the roof , He lands near the window that his vice captain stood at. " come on Kira , lets see what the old man is up to " He begins to walk towards the direction of the others .
  14. Senna looked at the other 2 soul reapers and then at the head captain. "Sir, I am here to ask if I can become an authorized soul reaper."
  15. Yoshi quickly shupo's (flash step ) between the head captain and the woman, He knew that the head captain would not be so happy that an outsider made there way into the soul society . " im sorry but, i don't think your suppose to be here " He says in a friendly way.
  16. Ashido is not really sure how the head captain would react to Senna's request, nor how the 3rd captain who had just arrived was going to take Senna's explanation, even if Senna and Ichigo are friends, because from what Ashido had heard, it sounded to him at the time that everyone in the soul society, the soul reapers, lieutenants, and captains, the head captain especially, had already known about her friendship with Ichigo and still saw her as a potential threat back then, even if Ashido can't see it in her as of right now of course. Reguarding his reason for being there though, he takes out a piece of paper that he wrote his explanation down on, in which he had done unless the head captain wasn't in his office when Ashido reached the 1st division's gate, and he had to give the message to Yamamoto's lieutenant, Chojiro Sasakibe. He then hands the piece of paper to the 3rd captain.

    The piece of paper Ashido gave to the 3rd captain read this

    ~ "I've come to report back in to Head Captain Yamamoto. I've been away for several centuries after a mission, in which I was going after a hollow that attacked with a group of teammates, left me trapped in huego mundo and inside the menos forest. My teammates that went on the mission with me were all killed by gillians shortly after we arrived there, leaving me the only survivor. Due to my duties as a soul reaper, I stayed there to battle off and defeat as many of the menos as I could, hoping it would help decrease the number of attacks by hollows in that of the world of the living and decrease the number of attacks here as well here in the soul society as well. I recently heard from another soul reaper, Rukia Kuchiki, who fell into the menos forest along with some friends of hers, whom she had gotten separated from, that the number of attacks wasn't decreasing though. I of course helped her get back to her friends, and then helped them escape the menos forest, in which I had to fend off several gillians that attacked us, so that they could make their getaway. Then while battle a couple of hollows the other day, one of the hollows opened a way through to here, and after defeating them, I was able to make it through the opening and I arrived back here in the soul society just before the opening sealed back up." ~
  17. Yoshi examines the letter , after a few seconds he tilts his head as study's the two . " hmm" He scratches his head " and would this mrs Rukia be able to verifie these claims " Handing the paper to his vice captain.
  18. Ashido nods to Yoshi and says "Yes sir. She'll verify them." He looks to Izuru whom Yoshi hands the letter too

    Izuru reads the letter after his captain hands it to him.
  19. Senna looked at the captain of 3rd. "I know that none of you have a reason to trust me after the valley of screams incident, but im here now as just senna the soul reaper. Im not the shinenju anymore. So please heed my request, i wish to become an authorized soul reaper."
  20. " Izuru could you go fetch Rukia for us " He turns back towards Senna " If what you say is true then you had a very special place in Kurosaki's heart " Yoshi says while he smiles. " I have only bin apart of the soul society for a short while but i have done my research on your case " He study's both of there swords with a curious face.