Black Friday 2015: Did you fight anyone for a $5 sale on some shit you don't need?

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  1. If not, you're either being smart and doing your shopping online like a reasonable person, or you're doing Black Friday all wrong. See below for how it's supposed to work.

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  2. Wait, it's Black Friday? o.O

    Eh, people are stupid.
    "I shall fight you for 2 dollars off of Shampoo! Engarde!".
  3. Black Friday isn't a thing in Sweden. I think some stores might have started to do it, but we're not as crazy as those Americans, and we love our lines so we can wait for the goodies :D

    I did however do the black Friday thing today, cause CDON was super cheap. I'm a smart reasonable lazy internet buyer. :D I have fixed all my Christmas presents today ^^ YAAAAAY (and with my Christmas presents I do mean mine. My parents don't know what to give me and they don't want to give me just money, so they say "This is how much money you can spend, check what you wanna have, what it costs and then we'll get it if it's within the prize range." When mom realized it would be a big sale today she was like "MAKE SURE TO ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS TOMORROW WHEN EVERYTHING IS CHEAP!" I could have checked on Monday too since that is Cyber Monday (black friday for the internet), but I found everything I wanted today so I dun need no Monday :D )
  4. No, but I am a Department Manager at Wal-Mart (It pays well for the kind of town I live in.) and I got to watch. Had Police Officers there, so no Walmart associate had to risk their lives breaking up fights, but anyways.

    The one fight I did see, was two Middle-Aged women choking one another out for Call of Duty: Black Ops III for PS4.

    I was laughing, but I tried to contain myself.
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  5. I know better than to step out of my house on the day after Thanksgiving.

    If I ever move overseas, I will maintain that position.
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  6. What the fuck is wrong with these people.
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  7. They haven't realized that the money they save doesn't justify the costs of engaging in a fight.
  8. They don't understand the beauty in standing in line to get an item that might be sold out once they get there. Those poor souls. APPRECIATE THE ART OF QUEUING YOU FOOLS!
  9. Black Friday is the dumbest thing ever and i I could help it I wouldn't leave the house AT ALL today. >< Unfortunately, I have to go buy some groceries cause today was the only day this week I could.

  10. I'm sure you'll be fine.

    P.S. I get her games when she gets taken down.

    P.P.S. How the fuck can people be so uncivilized in 20-goddamn-15? ._. Holy shit.
  11. *hides in the oranges waiting to jump out and scare you*
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  12. Worked at a Sears for a Black Friday. Shift started at 3AM. We had to be let in via the loading bay which was only cracked partway because people were trying to see if they could sneak in.

    Made $3,000 in commission selling TVs. But it was the most hectic 12 hours of my life.
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  13. I don't leave my house on Black Friday or Christmas Eve. I actively try to avoid all malls and stores during the holiday season, except for the grocery store and that's only because I have no damn choice in the matter.
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  14. I don't go out either..No store is safe when Black Friday comes..So if you don't need anything but need to shop for groceries and such..Do it now before the sun sets..Or in the morning..Mostly in the morning!
  15. It's not a true Black Friday unless you end the day beating someone's face in with a metal bat for 2ply toilet paper that is $1 off and your shopping cart is being raided when your distracted.

    That and when you get three quarters off on a prostitute.
  16. Class is just dripping from those people.
  17. Niggas need to chill.
  18. Stop faking it, I know you went out shooting people all day while pretending you were just very into the black Friday hype ]:
  19. My hatred of Black Friday is on the same tier as ISIS and anti-vaxxers.

    It's a day immediately following a holiday about making time to remember what you're thankful what you already have with a day where people beat the shit out of one another and trample others for shit they don't need.

    It's the ultimate first world problem.
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