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  1. IC

    In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.
    Foreword: Welcome all to the Black Crusade! This game is loosely based off the RPG of the same name, without all the numbers and rolling. This will focus mostly on story. For those that don't know about Black Crusade or Warhammer 40,000 in general, this is the basics:

    Warhammer Setting: It is set 41st millenium, in a dystopian future where the Imperium of Man fights daily against horrible mutants, heretics, xenos (aliens) and daemons. They are beset on all fronts by the Orks (orcs with guns), Eldar (elves with lasers), Dark Eldar (dark elves with lasers), Necrons (an entire race of Egyptian Terminators), Tau (Space Communists!), Tyranids (aliens who want to eat everything), and Chaos (which you will be playing!).

    Black Crusade: Black Crusade is a pen-and-paper RPG set in the Warhammer Universe. There are many other RPGs set in this universe, such as Only War and Dark Heresy. In this game though, you will play as Chaos heretics, rebels against the Imperium, fighting for freedom or personal favor and aligned with the Ruinous Powers: the Four Chaos Gods.

    The Game (open)
    Your group (called the Warband) will travel around the Calixis Sector, pillaging, fighting, converting, or finding even more power. Your common goal will be discussed when enough players gather, before the first chapter of this little story.

    Unlike the original Black Crusade, there will be no rolls or difficulty checks, but that doesn't mean you can do anything you want without consequences! Play fair! A story where the characters always win isn't fun to read (or write). I, as the GM, will play every other thing that isn't controlled by you, such as the NPCs, the Chaos Gods, and even natural disasters. I will reward you for good storytelling or punish your characters for cheating.

    Character Sheets (open)

    Name: (Your name or title. The universe is vast: you can be a tribesman with the name of Three-Wolf or a bureaucrat named Maxius Aurelium.)
    Age: (Any reasonable age. Unless you're a Chaos Space Marine, then you could be ten thousand years old! See Lore)
    Sex: (Male or Female. Chaos Space Marines are all male.)
    Appearance: You can use an image or describe your character. No need to be long, but please describe height, weight, and any possessions of note.)
    Pick one of the archetypes. These will determine what your character is and his abilities:

    Champion: (Chaos Space Marine) This Champion is a great leader who rules through devotion or fear. He is a strong, cunning individual with centuries of wisdom and training. He bravely leads his followers into battle and commands from the front line. His goals and motivations may vary, but many fight for the coveted prize of daemonhood.

    Chosen: (Chaos Space Marine) The Chosen is an especially hardened soldier, who has honed his skills for millenia. His combat prowess is unmatched, and he is versed in an array of different weapons and combat styles. His goals are typically to amass even more experience in war and fighting, and to challenge himself against the greatest foes. Daemonhood is typically a side goal for him, or as a means for more power.

    Forsaken: (Chaos Space Marine) The Forsaken is a lone wolf, one who joins others only out of necessity. He may have been wronged, or simply does not trust others. He is more than capable of fending for himself, and he is a master of staying alive, which he has done so for hundreds of years. His goals are usually to survive or escape from the sector. He does not usually wish to become a Daemon Prince unless it ensures him safety.

    Sorcerer: (Chaos Space Marine) The Sorcerer is a renegade Space Marine Librarian, who has thrown off the shackles imposed on him by the Adeptus Astartes and ventured into the forbidden knowledge of the Warp. He is truly a force to be reckoned with, for he makes pacts with daemons and wields frightening psychic powers. His goals are to obtain more knowledge, more power. Daemonhood is not their first goal, but they may choose to pursue that path if needed.

    Apostate: (Human) The Apostate is the face and voice of the warband. He is very influential and manipulative. He could have been a Governor of a world, an Ecclesiarchy cardinal, or a Adeptus Ministorum manager. He uses his high seat of power to further his goals and the goals of the warband. His goals may vary wildly, from personal wealth and power, to spreading the worship of Chaos subtly among the sheep of the Imperium.

    Heretek: (Human) A member of the Adeptus Mechanicus gone rogue. They left their brothers in search of more technology and freedom to do whatever experiments they want. They have many cybernetic implants, they can talk to machines, and make their own weaponry, including ones forbidden by the Imperium and the Mechanicus. Their goals are to find new sources of tech, either ancient human ones or alien tech and they will do anything to get it.

    Renegade: (Human) The Renegade is the combat-oriented human archetype. They have a martial background, either from the Imperial Guard, their homeworld's Planetary Defense Force, or as a warrior from their tribe, etc. They want to fight the Imperium, and have gathered arms and soldiers to help them fight. Their goal is either power or freedom. They do not necessarily understand the rewards or dangers of Chaos better than the Chaos Space Marines do, so most don't know the Chaos God's true nature, only that they offer freedom from the Emperor and His Imperium.

    Psyker: (Human) The Psyker (psychic) is a dangerous being, unsanctioned by the Imperium and a literal psychic bomb. They have more raw power and potential than Chaos Sorcerers, but are more susceptible to danger and daemonic possession. Their goals could be from escaping the judgement of the Emperor or honing their psychic skills.
    Background: (Just a quick overview for me to write a setting around. The details you can explore in the game itself. If you are a Space Marine, choose what Legion or Chapter you were originally from. This can be of your own making or you can pick a canon one. If you were from the Horus Heresy, pick one of the original Legions. You are not necessarily still part of the Legion however.)
    God: Choose from the four (See Lore) or choose to be unaligned in Chaos Undivided. There are some restrictions, such as being a Sorcerer of Khorne (again, see Lore)

    Lore/Things to know (open)

    The Emperor: The God of mankind made flesh. He "died" ten-thousand years ago, but He is kept alive on the Golden Throne. He is literally a psychic corpse. Things started going downhill for humanity when He died at the hands of his son, Horus. Humanity became fearful, totalitarian and fascist, preventing technology from progressing and repressing thoughts of the commons. The Emperor had 20 sons, known as Primarchs. Two of them are not revealed, but the other eighteen are all dead, daemons or in stasis.

    The Horus Heresy: A crucial event for Chaos and the Imperium. Basically His sons split in half; 9 fighting for the Emperor, the other 9 fighting against Him, turning to the powers of Chaos for help. They all had their reasons, but they were all pissed at Him. Their leader was Horus, the Emperor's favorite son. By the end of the Heresy, Horus and the Emperor fought a great battle of body and mind. Horus died at the hands of his grieving father, while the Emperor slowly died on his Throne. This was 10,000 years ago.
    (If you play as a Chaos Space Marine, you could possibly be one of the original Legionnaires who fled to the Warp.)

    The Warp: Basically Hell. It is formed and shaped by the emotions and dreams of sentient beings, mostly the Eldar and humanity (Necrons have no soul. Orks use another form of psychic energy.) The Warp is where psykers and sorcerers gain their power. It is where daemons reside. It is the playground of the Four Chaos Gods. Spaceships use it to travel, which is dangerous but the only viable way. It is where the soul goes after it dies.

    Khorne: The Blood God. (If you've ever seen someone shout BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD this is where it's from.) He is the patron of all warriors, soldiers and generals. He is depicted as a titanic monster with bulging muscles wearing elaborate armor. He sits on a throne of brass atop a mountain of skulls. He hates psykers and sorcerers, disdaining all forms of magic. His enemy is Slaanesh, whose self-serving lifestyle is anathema to Khorne's martial pride and sense of duty. He also distrusts Tzeentch for his crafty and cunning ways, as well as his use of magic.

    Nurgle: The God of Plague and Death. He is the god of hopelessness, despair, and disease. He is depicted as a huge, disgusting bloated being with pus pouring from sores. All diseases are said to come from him. His power comes from the prayers of a mother for her sick child, or a sickly old man begging for one more day. Despite his morbid character, he is a very jovial and paternal god, who treats all his followers as children. His enemy is Tzeentch, as he is the god of hope and progress, while Nurgle is the god of decay and stagnation.

    Slaanesh: The God of Lust and Indulgence. It is a hermaphrodite god who enjoys every indulgence. He is also the youngest god of the four, but is growing stronger every day. He was born from the decadence of the Eldar, and he caused the fall of their civilization. He is depicted as the most handsome man and the most beautiful woman, often at the same time. His enemy is Khorne, as his ways of barbaric fighting does not suit his tastes. He would much rather prefer war to be an art form, the galaxy a canvas and blood his paint.

    Tzeentch: The God of Magic and Change. He is also known as the Changer of Ways. He is the strangest god, as well as the most crafty and cunning. His form is constantly changing, never staying in one shape or form or gender or concept. His daemons are equally disturbing, from pink Horrors to changelings and flying manta ray daemons known as Screamers.. His enemy is Nurgle, for his stagnant decay does not allow change and progress.

    RULES! (open)

    1. No godmodding. No matter how powerful you are, you can't control other players directly.
    2. Be reasonable. You may be a daemonic super-space-soldier, but I'm pretty sure you can't lift a building or start flying (unless you have wings for some reason.)
    3. I have the right to change the rules. I will be reasonable with this.
    4. Be respectful. You're all here to have fun and write!
    5. Add Death to the Emperor! somewhere in your CS so I know you've read the rules!
    6. Warn us if you can't post for a long time. I understand life can get in the way. It does for me too. Just let us know in advance so we don't wait for your response for a week.
    7. Have fun!

    Sorry for the wall of text in the spoilers! This is the first game I'm GMing on Iwaku, so please bear with me. The game will start when I feel that there is a balanced cast of characters to make things interesting. More characters can always join!
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  2. Aaw no one ever makes a Warhammer RP from the perspective of the eldar D: Though at least its not the space marines this time!
  3. Yeah. Shouting for the Emperor gets old after a while.
  4. :O

    Sign me up. Though like the post above said, no one does a RP from the view of the Eldar (Preferably the Dark Eldar) :3

    Anyways, I will make a CS shortly.
  5. Time for a Chaos Space Wolf. Rawr. XD
  6. As those mentioned above, the Eldar are cool, but the Tyranids man. The Tyranids.
  7. Name: Aurel Deus (At least this is what he goes by)
    Age: 10,050
    Sex: With great frequency. (Male)
    Show Spoiler

    In addition to that above, he wears the heavy pack of ammo into combat. He is highly adaptable and as such his gear changes from battle to battle. He takes what he needs to for any particular battle. He has many weapons in his collection. All of them customized, but prefers a heavy bolter. His face has been warped into a nearly unrecognizable contortion of what used to be a man.. His weapons have a habit of jamming when not being fired in the direction of something living.

    Archetype: Champion. Death to the False Emperor! Although he takes a commanding role, he still enjoys the weight of a heavy bolter.

    Background: An original, and current, member of Alpha Legion, he was part of the Horus Heresy. At the time he was a lowly devastator, but slowly, through the chaotic systems of the legion, raised in status to lord over his allies and have power over them. This is what he craves more of, and moves always to gain. He ultimately wishes to be elevated to that of a Daemon Prince. He has been allowed to move out from his Legion to undertake missions that further the Legion and himself.

    God: Chaos Undivided.
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  8. Pretty hard to roleplay as a tyranid I'd have thought though, given they share a single mind.
  9. Shh shhh. DOn't ruin it for me. XD

    And it is a hive mind system. Does not mean they have the same mind but their minds are linked. How linked is up to debate. It would be difficult, but interesting to do.
  10. I guess there'd never be a problem with metagaming though :D
  11. Yeah. What you could do is have the RP start out with the local Hive Tyrant dieing. Cut off the rest of the Tyranids in the area from the Hive Mind so that all they have is themselves. Would be interesting.
  12. @Potatocat Accepted! We have our first Heretic!
  13. Oh yeah! Forgot to make a cs >< Shittttt. Give me some time and one will appear eventually.
  14. Alright, no more champions. We don't need a bunch of people yelling orders at each other and then ignoring them. XD
  15. Name: Thulian Tyrix
    Age: 8,324
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Large Image


    Archetype: Chosen

    Background: Thulian was in the Horus Heresy himself, or so he thinks. His mind is a muddle of mess, only truly thinking about battle after battle. Learning how best to hone his skills and nothing else. His History is a giant mess, one that no one would want to get into. He believes he was once a part of the Death Guard, but he can't be sure. Maybe he was part of the World Eaters or Emperors Children. He truly doesn't know. But he can hold a conversation, don't think he can't. He just might not remember it a few days later. He doesn't care where he goes or who he is with, as long as he is fighting.

    God: Khorne.

    Here is a little joke for Khorne...I thought it was funny. Joke! ---> Want some blood for your Khorne flakes?
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  16. I just realized. This should be in the Fandom section xD
  17. Accepted! Did you make the image yoursself? 0_0

    And yeah, you're right. :p Anyone know how to move threads?
  18. No I didn't make the image, ol' google did.
  19. We need more people! I also might be able to get the thread moved if the person I asked can do it :c
  20. Yeah, more heretics for the Crusade! Do I need to pay to add banners on the rotation? I haven't done that before :p
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