Black Butler RP 4 (Jessica Stansell and Smell_The_Roses)

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  1. Sebastian is going around, trying to get things ready for the day's activities.

    Finny, Bard, and Mei Rin, are trying to help Sebastian get the arrangements prepared.

    Tanaka is going up the stairs to the young mistress' room in Sebastian's place to wake her up due to how busy Sebastian is at the present moment.
  2. Catherine the mistress was sleeping peacefully excited secretly to see Sebastian. She really wanted to se who's face. She was only comfortable seeing his face. She sighed as she held onto her pillow
  3. Tanaka knocks on the door to her room and says "Young mistress? It's time for you to get up now." Tanaka then opens the door to her room.
  4. Catherine glared as she heard it wasn't Sebastian's voice. She then sat up as she heard him. She threw her pillow, frowning. " Where is Sebastian?" She asked. " I ain't getting up till Sebastian comes to get me." She then placed a pillow over her head and held onto the blankets.
  5. Tanaka, not really wanting to deal with it this morning, says "Okay I'll get Sebastian. I guess." He sighs and rubs his head as he shuts her door. He then walks back down the stairs and sees Sebastian walking down the hallway and calls out to him.

    Sebastian turns and says "Yes Tanaka? What's wrong? Why isn't Lady Catherine with you?"

    Tanaka "She won't get up. She says she's not getting out of bed unless you come to get her."

    Sebastian "Okay. I guess I'll go up to her in that case. Would you mind taking care of things here for me?"

    Tanaka "No problem. I can handle it."

    Sebastian nods and heads on up to Catherine's room. He knocks and enters saying "Lady Catherine? I'm here now."
  6. Catherine groaned and held the pillow over her head. She heard Sebastian, she gulped and sat up. " Hello.. Sebastian.. " She said softly. " I just like being woken up by you... I get cranky unless it is different." She said softly. She gulped nervously. She tilted her head and looked over at him, " what are we doing today that got you so busy?" She asked.
  7. Sebastian not sure if he should tell Catherine this now or if he should wait till later to let her know stays silent for a minute to think of just what to say to her and then says "Well let's just say that other than our plans for the day, I have to do a follow up report on something I've been looking into for information on for about 5 years now. The planning for the days events won't take me that long. They never do. But the follow up report, well that's what would take some time to do."
  8. Catherine sighed softly as she looked over at him. She sighed thinking. She sat up. She didn't know what to do. Sh heard this, wait... five years... was it... her parents death. She cringed. She held onto her stomach as she looked down, " Oh." She gulped ' But please make sure you wake me up every morning, Sebastian." She blinked as she thought about it a tear fell down her cheek, she quickly wiped it.
  9. Sebastian "I will from now on. Don't worry okay." He smiles and then he notices the tear fall from Catherine's cheek and sees her trying to hide it by quickly wiping it off. He approaches her bed and sits beside her.
  10. Catherine gulped nervously as she looked down on the bed. She didn't know what to do, she felt how he sat beside her. She didn't know what to do from here. She wanted to know how her father and mother died, was that what he was looking into? She had him for five years. She realized it was five years. How did she ever survive? She gulped nervously and softly moved to hide herself in his shirts in the front of his chest. " It's about them huh?"
  11. Sebastian holds her and says "Yeah. I've been doing follow up reports to find as many details about that night as possible." He then thinks to himself saying in his mind to which she can't hear him ~"Not only about your parents death, but also about your little kid brother whom you have never met who may still be alive."~
  12. Catherine gulped softly as she looked over at him thinking. " Oh.." She felt her face wetten again, she still couldn't stop thinking about it. She held onto him. What were their usual rountine... business people coming to talk to her. She gulped lightly, and she realized that she also needed dance lessons.
  13. Sebastian lets her stay in his arms as long as she wishes to. He knows she needs lessons in dancing for the upcoming events to be held that day, to which he planned to teach her.
  14. Catherine knew she had to get dressed but being in his arms... She moved her face from his chest. She gulped nervously. She then looked over at him as she wiped her tears. " Oh.. I'm so sorry, Sebastian..." She said softly. She kept her arms around him though.
  15. Sebastian "It's okay my lady. I'm here for you anytime you need me."
  16. Catherine looked over at him and smiled lightly. She then stood up to pick out her dress for the day, " So when do the events start today?" She asked. She was trying to get her mind off of the thought of her parents. She glanced over at him, before she went behind the screen to change and then she went to grab the eyepatch and give Sebastian so he can help her with her hair, and the eyepatch.
  17. Sebastian helps Catherine fix her hair and then he puts her eyepatch on her and ties it. He then reads over the list of the day's events which include, two meetings at the house reguarding business related matters, three meetings at outside locations to plan some parties to promote other important matters related to the phantomhive company, and then a little while of hanging out on the outdoor trails and along the river behind their house with friends.
  18. Catherine heard him explain everything. " alrighty," She said softly. She stood up and thought. She took a sip of her drink thinking. She tilted her head as she thought. She gulped nervously as she stood up and hought about some things, she hiccuped. She touched his hair, ' Your hair is really soft today." She said softly.
  19. Sebastian "Oh..Um..thank you my lady." He smiles at the compliment.
  20. Catherine smiled lightly at him, before she looked at the time. " Oh we should get started on today, don't you think?" She asked as she slipped on her black sparkly heels.
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