Big Things Come in Small Packages (Irysse & wowsuchpotato09)

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    For those interested:
    Very easy job
    Need a package delivered
    Report to Rowan's Bait Shop for details
    Reward 3000 gold

    A boy with light blue eyes the color of a clear sky stepped up to the town's bulletin board, casually making his way through the crowd of people gathered around to examine a new post. The boy brushed his black bangs out of his face and behind his ear as he read the new paper, his eyes slowly widening as he took in the news.

    This is it! This is my chance... The boy thought to himself. This money could help my brother with his family!

    The boy read it over with one last grin, eyes bright with hope. Yes... This boy had to go NOW if he wanted to get the job first! He immediately shoved his way through the crowd to exit, heading toward the famous bait shop as fast as his legs could take him.

    That money is as good as mine!

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  2. Adelaide raised an eyebrow at the paper posted on the bulletin board in front of her. "Very easy job"? That was the most suspicious sounding thing she'd ever seen, and this included the potion a merchant had offered her, telling her they would give her wings. Still, both she and her father were running out of money, and they needed to continue their research. He wouldn't be happy with her disappearing for a while, but considering how neither of them were able to find any source of income for a month, she had no choice.

    Her blond hair whipping about, she sprinted out of the crowd and towards the bait shop, hoping she would get the job before anyone else. A grin crept up on in her face as she thought about how happy her father would be once he saw all of the gold she would be bringing home. She ended up so happy that she completely forgot about her doubts; all she could think about was the reward.

    Arriving at the door, she pushed the door back forcefully, barely noticing it knocking into someone. "Am I late?" she shouted.
  3. The boy, Krystian, made harsh impact with the door as Adelaide swung it open, sending him into the nearby wall and then onto the floor.
    The boy slowly got up with a deep groan, rubbing his surprisingly undamaged face. He pouted at Adelaide who seemed oblivious to his presence and proceeded to whine at her, but was quickly interrupted by the shop owner, a big, heavily-built, scruffy man with a beard,

    "A second one!" The man laughed heartily. "I'm afraid young Christopher over here made it just moments before you, young lady."

    Krystian kept his pout but looked to the older man. "It's Krystian. K-R-Y-S--"

    "Right, Right!" The man laughed once again. "There's no need to tell me again."
    He turned his attention back to Adelaide. "Sorry, miss. This boy has already taken up the offer..." He slowly looked to Krystian. "Unless he wishes to split up the reward with you."

    Krystian's pout slowly dropped to a pokerface as he looked between the older man and Adelaide, uncertain as what to say. He needed that money as much as any other person... If he wanted to, he could say no and keep the money all to himself. But then saying that might lead into a hassle as the girl might fight him for it and he had a strict "no fighting girls" rule.
    Then again... Krystian knew that the girl, who didn't even look like she had the physical capabilities for even as task like this due to her size, was there for a reason; one most likely similar to his.
    After a long, drawn out pause, Krystian smiled to Adelaide and gave her a simple nod,

    "Well, why not, huh?"
  4. Adelaide frowned when she was told that the black-haired boy had already taken the job, but lit up when he agreed to split the reward. 1500 gold wasn't as good as 3000, but she calculated that would be enough to continue the research for a long time. Maybe they could even finish it, if they put food as a second priority. The only problem was the boy. She didn't feel like having to take care of a possible liability, but she had no reason to honestly believe he would be so; he at least looked competent enough. And he had instantly trusted her, despite how physically weak she was, so she felt it best to at least return the favour.

    Her dark brown eyes opened in delight. "Thank you, thank you! You don't need to worry, because I have been told that I am a very capable mage." She didn't mention that she was so inexperienced that she couldn't even qualify as an official Mage of the Association, even though she knew of younger people who did. As long as her father had praised her, though, she figured that point wasn't too important. "As long as you also put in enough work to deserve the other half, then I'm glad to work with you."

    Her smile then faded a bit as she paused, trying to recall something, before muttered a surprised "Oh, That's right." With a tone so happy it sounded unsympathetic, she continued, "Sorry about the door! Next time, as long as you aren't close to the door, you won't be hit."

    Mentally cheering herself for nailing that apology, she rapidly stuck out a hand and continued, "Now that we're working together, we should at least know each other's name. I'm Adelaide Raleigh."
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    Krystian laughed at Adelaide's sort of apology about the door, shaking her hand firmly,

    "That's fair enough. So we splittin' it seventy-five twenty-five?" Krys paused a moment before laughing again. "Just kidding. Fifty fifty."

    "So it's settled!" The gruff shopkeeper, Rowan, smiled wide with rosy red cheeks. "You two are taking the package to Tellun within three days. You think you can do that?"
    "What? That's it? Just Tellun? That's only a one day trip! Whereto at Tellun?" Krystian inquired.
    "Just to the town hall there," Rowan grinned.
    "Oh wow, and that's at the entrance of town... Small rundown place, though. What's the package, anyway?" Krystian crossed his arms.
    "Curious kid, ain't ya?" Rown laughed and handed Adelaide the surprisingly small package wrapped in brown paper. "I'm not entirely sure myself, to be honest. Mayor Thornwoode requested for me to do this as his close friend. He said it was important this make it to Tellun before noon in the next three days."
    "Wow..." Krystian looked to the package that Adelaide now had possesion of. "That's sketchy."
    Rowan waved his hand in front of his face in dismissal,
    "Augustus would never do anything to harm me or especially his citizens. It might just be something for the Mayor of Tellun. Those two are always sending each other something. That place ain't doin' too well, you know."
    Krystian could only nod in understanding. "That place is pretty harsh in economics right now." He looked to Adelaide,

    "Anyway, let's get ready, huh? Pack up and head out in the morning?"
  6. "That honestly does sound suspicious," Adelaide commented as she eyed the wrapped package, lightly turning it around in her hands. First the bulletin board, now this. "Still, he might be busy, and the delivery sounds important. And thinking about it, this really does sound easy. 1500 gold for each of us for just a day's work. I have to admit, I don't completely trust this, but I'm not letting this deal get away."

    She then put the package into her satchel, neatly tucking it away amongst her bottles and papers. "Let's meet up at the east entrance, at sunrise, since the roads won't get crowded until later and that will give us more time to reach Tellun by sunset - or at least Boma." After, she turned around and made her way outside, calling back, "I'll see you tomorrow... you!" before she realized that she still didn't know what his name was. She shrugged, figuring that she'd find out sooner or later.
  7. "You...?" Krystian watched Adelaide go, then did a facepalm in realization he didn't even introduce himself. He looked to Rowan with a sheepish grin, "I did it again."
    "It wasn't as bad as last time," Rowan laughed.
    "Yeah," Krys blushed a little while rubbing the back of his neck nervously and staring down at the wooden floor. "That was... really embarassing. I have the worst of luck with girls."

    Elapsed Time

    Krystian put together the necessities for traveling, trying his best to neatly put everything together. Sadly, he was not the best at being neat and well organized. But this job seemed easy enough, so he didn't really worry over it too much.
    All right... This is it. Just take the package to Tellun with Adelaide and get the money. Easy.

    For some strange reason, as the boy stepped out of his house, a strange feeling in his chest told him that something just didn't seem right. Whatever it was, he couldn't place it. Krystian figured that bad or not, it was for his brother and there wasn't really anything he could do now. After all, he couldn't just let Adelaide go out alone! That would make him a wimp, coward, and jerk all in one package! He may not have a high status in the city, but he wasn't gonna tear down the reputation he had already!

    As Krystian approached the east entrance of town, he waved when he saw Adelaide approaching. He smiled wide and called out her name.
    "Ade- Aida... Oh! Adelaide!" Krys laughed as he jogged over. "You ready?"
  8. While Adelaide walked down the road towards the east entrance, she muttered to herself as she examined the contents of her satchel again. "Flint and steel, mirror, oil... my journal, ink, pen, wait, where is - oh, there - money, and last but not least, the package."

    She patted the parcel before finally closing her bag. She couldn't help but worry, not only about her supplies but about the trip itself. Would they get lost? Would they run into a thief or a wild animal? What about injuries? She had travelled to Tellun once before, but it had been when she was much, much younger. In truth, she somewhat regretted taking the job offer, but she couldn't turn back now. They needed money and she couldn't just leave the other boy alone. Determined to finish the task no matter her doubts, she swallowed down her discomfort and picked up her pace.

    As she reached the gates, she heard someone calling out her name. Waving back, she also ran towards him and replied, "Of course I am! Let's go."
  9. Krystian smiled wide as he staggered to a stop before Adelaide. Without thinking, the boy held out his hand to Adelaide,

    "Alizarin. Krystian Alizarin!"
    On the boy's hand, Adelaide could see the word "NAME" scribbled on his palm. "Sorry, I have a bad thing with girls- er, I mean I'm really awkward-"
    Giving up, Krystian dropped his hand and sighed heavily. "Nevermind. You can just call me Krys."
    To make up for the awkward approach, Krystian flashed Adelaide his best grin.
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    Adelaide raised an eyebrow, then pulled it back almost immediately. After all, she couldn't fault him for being somewhat awkward, considering how she herself could be. Smiling, she said, "Then hello, Krys. No worries, you'll get rid of the awkwardness someday!"

    She then turned around and pointed outside the gate. "Okay! Because I don't have enough money on me - sorry - we're going to by foot! Don't worry, as long as we go quickly enough, I'm sure we'll get there before the three days are up!" She didn't wait for him before immediately running out, the items inside her satchel loudly clinking together.
  11. ((That's okay! You take your time, girlie :D))

    Krystian laughed and ran after Adelaide, the items in his bag making noises also.
    "Wait up!" He hurried after the girl with a skip in his step, glad to have company with on this long journey. He eventually caught up with Adelaide, running beside her but only barely. Once the two were a good distance from the town, Krys slowed to a stop so he could rest.

    "Ugh, I'm sorry," the boy panted. "I'm... I don't do running as much as I should."
    He fell back on his rear with a tired sigh and pulled out a half a loaf of bread to hold out to Adelaide. "Did ya..." the boy paused to catch his breath with a small chuckle. "Did ya have breakfast? I brought some for us just in case."
  12. Adelaide had already run a few metres ahead before she finally realized that Krys had stopped, panting for breath. She quickly skipped back, also being rather tired but better able to hide it. Once she came close enough, she held out a hand and grabbed the piece of bread before immediately stuffing it into her mouth.

    "Not 'et," she replied after chewing a few times, "and I ran out befo' taking some. T'anks." She chewed some more before finally swallowing. "We're pretty far out, so I guess we can rest a bit. So-"

    She swiftly turned around, her eyes darting suspiciously before she finally relaxed herself. "Sorry, I thought I heard something."
  13. Krystian paused a moment to also look around curiously. He finally returned his gaze to Adelaide as he stood back up.

    "It's fine; and no problem." He laughed nervously. "Let's get a move on- but, uh, minus the running." He started walking with the girl, his blue eyes bright with excitement. "I bet if we just move on straight through the forest here in a couple miles, we can make it to Boma by nightfall."

    Krystian decided to take a moment to search through his bag to ensure he had his dagger. Finding it neatly placed beneath his change of clothes, Krys let out a gentle sigh in relief. He looked back up at Adelaide with a small grin,

    "So... Out of curiosity... Do you know any self defense?"
  14. Adelaide walked along the path, her feet kicking whatever stone she happened across. "Well..." She glanced sheepishly at Krystian before looking down and rummaging through her bag. "I can't fight at all, not with weapons. I do have my magic, but I'm not sure if it's good enough."

    She then produced a mirror and tilted it so that the sunlight would reflect off it and hit her outstretched palm. After, she suddenly stopped walking and squinted at her hand, before a small ball of light emerged from her hand, floating just above it.

    She resumed walking, holding out her arm in front of her. "It's kind of hard to explain this, but basically I can 'copy' light and turn it into a ball, like this. How bright it is depends on how bright the light I'm copying is, and I normally use it as a torch; it's much safer. I have accidentally blinded myself, though." She softly giggled at the memory before turning her attention back to Krys.

    "How about you? Do you know how to fight?"
  15. Krys watched the ball in awe, a smile spreading across his face. As he watched, he nodded in reply.

    "Yeah... My brother and I would always practice together when we were younger. He would always beat me, of course, but I feel I'm pretty decent at the art." The boy's eyes flickered in remembrance of his childhood, a childlike happiness entering his face. "I do best with swords and can get rough if it gets down to fists. But if you told me to shoot with an arrow, I wouldn't be able to hit the broad side of a barn!" He laughed at himself.

    The boy looked to Adelaide with a curious grin. "Can I touch it?" He gestured with is hand to the ball of light floating in Adelaide's hand.
  16. Adelaide giggled, her mood brightening with Krys'. "That sounds like fun, practicing with a sibling. I'm an only child, but I loved practicing my magic with my parents."

    She swung her arm around, holding the light closer to the boy. "You can pick this up, but you won't be able to feel it. I don't understand it, either, but I can't feel any heat, any physical surface. It is definitely on my hand, though, and easily sticks to anything physical, like a wall. It's... weird, to say the least."
  17. Krystian smiled in awe as he carefully cupped his hands as Irysse put the light between them. "Wooow! That's amazing! I wish I could do magic. I tried once, but I almost blew up the house."
    He looked up at Irysse with wide, elated eyes. "Are your parents sages or something? That would be so cool!"

    The boy stopped when he heard the sound of rustling leaves nearby. He looked around a moment, then squinted when the rustling quickly ceased. Being the complete airhead he is, the boy shrugged the sound off as a bird or some forest animal.
  18. Adelaide giggled before returning the light to her own hand. "My father's done that once. Let's just say the authorities weren't too happy about that." Her eyes met his and she smiled even more widely than he did. "They are, although I have been told they've gotten in trouble before, such as-"

    She also heard the sound, swiftly turning around and trying to find the source of it. Even when it stopped, she couldn't help but still be bothered about it. "I've been noticing something off since we set off this morning. I'm worried."
  19. "You too? I was feeling a little bit edgy when departing on our journey too." Krystian rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He looked off to the side with wide, concerned eyes.

    The boy withdrew his knife from his bag to put in his pocket for convenience. "Let's get through this forest first as fast as we can while keeping on our toes, huh?" He smiled to Adelaide reassuringly, trying his best not only to secure Adelaide's feelings but his own as well. He proceeded down the path with Adelaide beside him and visible in the corner of his eye.
  20. Adelaide nodded as she slowly picked up her pace. She often glanced around, her hand moving with her eyes as she used the light to better see her surroundings. Sometimes she would feel herself become more relaxed whenever she couldn't find any shadows and doubted herself, but then tensed up when she remembered what she was supposed to be doing.

    "It really bothers me, that it feels like someone's following us." She pursed her lips in frustration. "Maybe we're hallucinating. Maybe what we're actually hearing are leaves. We've been hearing things the whole time, but why would it take a whole day to-"

    Just then, she saw a cloaked figure speeding towards Krys. Unable to think of a way to stop them, all she could do was point a finger and shout, "Look out!"
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