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  1. Its 2025, years after the bomb was dropped onto the (fictional) country of Louvre by their enemy, Poliza. When Louvre was wiped out, the rest of the countries began to shut down, being affected by the high radiation from the large country, therefore wiping out most of the worlds population.

    Only three cities remain in Louvre functioning. Ire, Ny, and Rima all function as high tech sanctuaries to those that live with in, tormenting those unfortunately enough to be outside these walls.

    Two sisters, knows as daughters of darkness, who have a huge influence outside the sanctuary walls start an uprising about the empire not being fair. With their protest in trying to destroy the empire. Two sister ,known as sisters of light, try to put a stop to it with their high rank in military affairs. Now this is more then an uproar between cast lands and cities but between the two sets of sisters.

    Now let's talk a little about the cast lands and other things you may want to know. The cast lands are the area outside city limits. This is were radiation is strongest and still remands. You can find many mutated creatures in these parts but some are luck enough like Ren(my OC) to still look human but have some kind of effect like violet eyes and white hair. Cast lands are also considered the poor part of the country were people struggle to live. Life is not easy in these lands since radiation kill most plants or made them unedable. Most water sources are toxic and you have to travel long ways to get fresh water. Cast lands are mostly desert but what forest their are consist of mutated plants that eat any moving thing. Life here is hard but the ones that live here either don't wanna give up on what was once their homes or ban from the cities.

    Now let's move on to the cities. They serve as a sanctuary. Anyone can live here but they have more laws then ever before. They have bracelets that serves as a key and a form of idea. Bad thing is you can't take it off and I is a tracker. Its the empires way of saying you will do what we want. If you break a law the bracelet sends a message to the empire telling them everything. You might live a nice life or have a nice job but your far from freedom.

    Any questions about the cities or cast lands just let me know and I will add to my little description.

    I'm not one that list a bunch of rules because quite frankly that takes up both my time to write it and your time to read it. Just remember one thing. In my RP's my word is law. Other then that I'm pretty laid back and don't care for much. Just be warned I only give two warnings.
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  2. Reserve for dark sister
  3. Sure thing :3
  4. CS-


    Character Name: Ren Callisto
    Alias: Paradox
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 21
    Role: Daughter of Darkness

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)
    Ren and Her Tattoo (open)


    Normal Outfit (open)





    Height: 5'7
    Hair: White
    Eyes: violet
    Distinguishing Marks: On her left arm she has scars from were the cities bracelet use to be before she ripped it out of her bone. Tattoo along her back of lotus.

    General Appearance: Typically she wears dark color 'Gothic' attire with black combat boots and has her long hair flowing freely. She always wears her purple ring.(ring in photo)

    Strengths: She often uses hand and hand combat with knives and such. Other then that she's an exquisite accuracy. She heals rather quickly. Let's not forget she can escape everything and anything in due time. Well apart form the Pentagon.

    Weaknesses: Despite the fact she is smart she often thinks to much into things.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To take down the empire.
    Hobbies: Playing violin, cleaning her weapons and practicing.
    Talents: Violin and cello.
    Inabilities: She can't shoot a gun. Also her left wrist often cases her excruciating pain that will go up her arm.

    Fears: She doesn't fear much but what little things she does is a big thing for her. She hates small places,being in abandon buildings alone and heights.

    General Personality: She is head strong and stubborn. Calm but often Sarcastic and a complete narcissus.
    Inner Personality: About same as outer.


    General History: Before all the conflict happened and radiation was exposed to the land she was a simple noblemen's daughter who lived her life in captivity. Ever since a young age people never believed what she said so she was thrown into an Asylum. Around the time she was 7 she was realised and the radiation began to effect her, by changing her hair color, eye color and gave her the ability to heal rather quickly. With that she was thrown out of her family where her father died of radiation by her step mom who never liked her. She lives on streets for a while before being used as an experiment. Soon she decided to leave.

    Ripping out her bracelet from her left arm, damageing the bone, she matching out of the cities with what little pride she had left.
    Leaving the empire all she took with her was a glowing purple ring, with secrets she doesn't know of, that belonged to her mother and her fathers sword. Soon she gained the alias Paradox from both the cities and the cast lands.

    After leaving Ren vowed to return and claim what was hers even if she had to destroy anyone and everything that gets in her way.
    It wasn't too long before the cities were after her and she was captured sent to the Pentagon. A prison built for the worst convicts in the world. This prison was like Alcatraz but more high tech and did its job at keeping even the highest level of escape artist in.

    Before/Present life: Now she lives locked up within The Pentagon.
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  5. Can you post the CS without your info in it?
  6. CS-


    Character Name:
    Role: (military official, merchant in cast lands, one of sisters etc)

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:

  7. got room for a mutant who can generate bone spikes without loosing bone mass or loosing any blood when the spikes erupt from his skin?
  8. That's fine but he should have some kind of weakness.
  9. Well, he can still be killed. He only generates bone spikes from his body for several uses, but they can still be broken and any high caliber weapon, heavy bladed weapon, hammer, club, or explosive weapon can still wound or kill him.
  10. CS-

    Character Name: Fleur Cadavre
    Alias: Noir, means Dark in French. This was given after people saw what the radiation did to her, turning her into a dark version of her past self.
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: (If she were from Earth, she would be French) Caucasian
    Age: 20
    Role: Sister of Darkness

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)
    Height: 5'4"
    Hair: Fleur has long, thick dark hair, being of partial Spanish (spain) descent. Her hair has now become matted, tangled, and is in need of a decent brushing, but as she is, it is completely pointless to try to fix it with all of her fighting she does. She often simply pulls it into low pigtails or a ponytail, tying it up with a red piece of ribbon she keeps tied to her wrist.
    Eyes: After the radiation got to her, Fleur gained dually colored eyes, one being a pale green as before, the other being blood red. When she cries, the few times she does, she cries blood from her red eye.
    Distinguishing Marks: Fleur is simply a distinguishable person. She is basically an undead, having lacerations across most of her overly pale skin. She generally heals at a normal pace, but feels little pain, simply being able to fall apart as a zombie does. Nevertheless, she is still alive, kept alive by the radiation that had invaded her body.
    General Appearance: Fleur is small, but her body is well built, being curvy but toned, as her lithe muscling runs down her arms, stomach, and legs. She has long black hair that messily hangs to her lower torso, often tied back and out of her face because of the matted, messy nature of it. Fleur was once a pretty person, but now, has lost her porcelain skin to the pasty, white color it is now, cursed to live out the rest of her life as a grotesque, undead looking creature. She often wears comfortable clothing for fighting, always having a pair of fingerless batting gloves on for boxing.
    Strengths: Kickboxing and martial arts. Fleur feels little pain, so bullet wounds and attacks generally don't stop her. Along with this, the girl is absolutely terrifying with guns, and also often carries small explosives on her body, mostly for a backup plan. Grenades are a favorite.
    Weaknesses: Fleur is absolutely disgusting looking to many, and finds it hard to gain other's respect, unless it's through intimidation. Because of this, she often is alone, having few friends. Fleur also is still susceptible to blood loss, and can be killed if put through enough strain. Not to mention, Fleur has extreme nightmares, ones that often keep her up at night, away from sleep. Because of this, she rarely gets an hour of sleep, and is weakened a lot through this.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To get revenge on the empire for the hell they put her through.
    Aspirations: Become stronger, Gain friends, Overthrow the empire, Live a normal life despite her appearance
    Hobbies: Training herself to become stronger through practice in kickboxing and martial arts, Recon missions against the Empire, Collecting old trinkets she finds in the wastelands, Singing to simple tunes the hears when around Ren
    Talents: Singing; her voice is a haunting one, and echoes well within rooms. She also is very talented at martial arts, being fast enough and strong enough to do serious damage.
    Inabilities: Fleur is dreadful at throwing anything, and can't use throwing knives. She also is unable to communicate in the gentle manner she had before the transformation and seems to be better at intimidating those around her to get respect.
    Fears: Loneliness, Death before the war ends, Losing to the Empire, Her nightmares
    General Personality: Fleur is a harsh woman with a spitfire attitude, and a tendency to put those in line who seem to oppose her. She is quick to anger and will not stand for insubordination, having gone so far as to shoot a man in the foot after he spoke out against her.
    Inner Personality: Fleur, on the inside, laments being so angry all the time, and is honestly like a small girl, being afraid of so many things. Often after being angered, the girl will go to a place to be alone and cry, being unable to take such harsh words from some of the other people. She isn't as mean as she lets on, but none know of this side, not even Ren, who has only seen her outer personality.

    General History: Fleur grew up in a small suburban household, with two brothers, and her mother and father. They lived life well, until the beginning of the end occurred. She was away at her job, per the usual, working as a vehicle engineer in a small, back-alley shop. She was down in the basement, searching for a certain piece of equipment, when the bomb struck, a loud echo resounding through the shop. Immediately, she fell to the ground, covering her head as she prayed for her life, terrified of what was happening. Rubble fell onto the girl, and soon, she fell unconscious, struggling against the smoke and pieces of rubble. Days passed, and the girl was pulled from the rubble by a strange looking man, of whom nursed her back to health. By the end of it all, he explained what had happened, and Fleur thanked the man, before taking her leave, hurrying home.

    She didn't know what to expect, but she hadn't expected this. Her home no longer remained, being a pile of soot and concrete. Her family, well, weren't human, having been affected immensely by the radiation. They were mentally unable to comprehend things, however, and attacked others on sight, including Fleur. She had to kill them herself, and still resents herself for it. Soon, however, she became cold and calculating, losing her innocence as she figured out how to live in this hell she called home. The empire had taken everything from her; her family, her home, her life. She vowed to take everything from them. This is how she met Ren. On the outside of the empire, she found the girl after the girl was thrown out, away from her home. At first, Fleur resented her, and created her alias, Noir, to keep her piece of herself from the person she refused to trust. However, she found out she had met a person who was slightly like her, hoping to take down the empire, herself.

    Soon, the banded together, starting up the revolution as it is now, gathering ragtag bunches of mercs and soldiers for their plan. From there on, the group became stronger, taking out small bands of the empires that stayed in the small makeshift towns of the wastes, and doing their best to learn of the offender's position in the war that they had begun.

    Present Life: Noir, as everyone knows her, none knowing her real name (not even Ren), now resides in their base they have amidst the wastes, often finding herself in the misshapen gym they have put together. She occasionally takes a group of people out to spy on the Empire, sneaking into the cities as they watch for weaknesses. Noir is also responsible for keeping the soldiers in line, being the harshest sister when it comes to punishment.​
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  11. Long as ever Ambre. XD

    Character Name: Victor Markov
    Alias: Hell's Marksman
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 24
    Role: rebel

    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)

    Height: 5'9"
    Hair: blond
    Eyes: steel blue
    Distinguishing Marks: he has a scar over his left eye
    General Appearance: usually wears a black sleeveless muscle shirt, black cargo pocket jeans, black half finger S.A.P. gloves, black steel toe boots and a black leather jacket. He also wears a special eye patch that has three small telescopic lenses set up in a delta formation with one lens on the bottom and two on top on the outside of the patch andd a screen large enough to cover his eye centered on the inside of the patch over his left eye. Each muscle looks like it has been hewn from a block of living stone and is well defined on his muscular frame.
    Strengths: marksmanship, armed combat, unarmed combat, hands to hand combat, reconnaissance, and assaszinations.
    Weaknesses: more or less what every normal person is weak to.
    More: he can generate bone spikes and not loose bone mass or blood when they come out of his skin.


    Current Goal/Purpose: bring down the tyrannical government and restore peace and equality.
    Aspirations: freedom and equality for all
    Hobbies: Marksmanship, training, hunting, practicing lockpicking and picking people's pockets without being caught.
    Talents: hunting, darts, anything combat related.
    Inabilities:talking his way out of trouble, Any software related problem.
    Fears: being given the Convert now or fall forever ultimatum.
    General Personality: dedicated to the mission.
    Inner Personality:honor bound to see justice done.


    General History: Victor was once a dedicated soldier and an expert Marksman for his age. He was often compared to bullseye from daredevil when he was throwing darts or any throwing weapon. When the bombs were dropped and he somehow survived, he was cast aside like a broken toy.

    Present Life: now, He fights the government because they basically enslaved the people inside the cities and he seaks their liberation. That and they cast him aside like a child would cast aside a broken toy. Big mistake.
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  13. Can my character be a sister of the light isit exclusively for the cast?

    edit: fixed another typo
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  14. We only need two sisters of light. But yeah.
  15. Reserved for a sister of light. Will set it up today or in the next two days.

    If that is okay of course.
  16. ///NOTE///
    She has a split personality

    Character Name:




    Sister of Light


    (4'6 ft)



    Distinguishing Marks:
    A scar on the backside of her left shoulder.

    Usage of Long Ranged Rifles
    Very agile and flexible.
    Slight Resistance to Radiation

    Lack of Endurance due to lack of Red blood cells.

    1.Her blood is white and has a "healing" effect when applied to somebody's wound. Paradise believes it heals other people, while in truth it only kills them. Paradise thinks that by poisening them with the radiation within her blood, they are cured of the radioactive world... and for Rebel Cast she believes they are cured from the Empire and gain Freedom. Freedom in Death.
    2.Her red eyes seem empty.


    Current Purpose:
    Maintaining Law and Order inside the sanctuary of Ny

    Finding her paradise on this world.

    Reading Books about the time previously to war.
    Taking care of her cat

    Capable of reading peoples personalities quick
    Considered to be a good leader

    Unaware of her inner feelings.

    Her other self
    Death before achieving her Aspiration
    The truth behind the empire

    General Personality:
    Paradise is quiet person, she shuns other people casualy but makes a strong, cold and firm impression to others. She openly supports the Empire, believing that there is no better alternative to this. Blinded by the Empires Propaganda.

    Inner Feelings:
    Inside she sometimes asks what the purpose of all this is, she wonders if any of this is right. She wants to desperately leave the Empires influence. Very unhappy with her life.


    General History:
    Amarantha Lionheart is the daughter of a cast Family whom provided for her, she was a curious child, always exploring and always asking. Her parents took care of her, always making sure there is something to eat or to drink for her until the day Amarantha, the red eyes and black haired child, disappeared. Her family never figured out where their child disappeared to.

    In Ny, within a top secret research facility, a little girl was sitting in a small room. Her eyes were red and her hair black. The room had a bed, a bathroom area and a table with a chair. Three men entered the room, two with arms and one with glasses in a white coat. They led her to a small room with a table and they asked the girl to lie onto it on her belly. Out of fear and confusion she complied and the two soldier quickly reacted and tied her wrists to the table. The little girl heard a machine starting up. A minute later she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder.

    Three years she was kept in this facility, the researcher doing his research. On several ocasion she was exposed to various levels of radiation. This researchers project turned out to only be a partial success, he could only decrease the danger of radiation slightly. The exposure to radiation did leave their effect onto the child, her blood turned white as red blood cells died and the white ones additionally took over the role of the red cells. Her growth process came to an early stop in the final stages of the research, which caused her to not be very tall. The whole procedure traumatized her, nobody would expect that a second personality grew within her because of the Trauma.

    The research was called a failure and shutdown, it was unknown to know what to do with this child. This child was left alone for days, untouched, unbothered. She asked herself, wondered: "Who am I? What is my purpose?" All of this would be untruthfully answered to her by the man that entered her cell a while later and called her Paradise... and a sister of light.


    Appearance (open)

    Inside Paradise lies another self, a girl that she forgot that was, a girl that the Empire abducted. This other self despises the empire, it hates it, it wants it to burn for everything it has done to her.
    Her other self supports the Cast, secretly shipping supplies to them. In some rare cases these shipments included small firearms for personal protection that would end up being used against Bad Cast or against the Empire.
    This other Paradise carries a different hair colour, that of a satin blond which makes it very difficult for the empire to hold Paradise responsible for those crimes.

    Her AlterEgo appears in multiple circumstances.
    1. When her original name is spoken to her.

    2. Hours after Paradise killed an innocent.
    3. After she fought for too long.

    This other self consists of the Emotion Paradise neglected.

    Things left to do:
    -Cleaning up the text
    -Improving written text
    -Improving/rewriting Present Life~removed
    -Polishing Character Strengths/Weaknesses
    -Adding another trigger for Her other Self to appear
    -Fixing grammar
    -Science Project
    -Strength Radiation Resistence to "slightly increased"
    -Give the blood a huge Flaw or remove the healing part.
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  17. Two things.

    1. is if she was a success in the curing of radiation there would be no point in having radiation any more. Maybe the cure seemed perfect but all it did was created an alterego. Hence the part of her that is Paradise. But they have yet to realize this flaw.
    2. Her blood healing is to perfect there need to be a flaw with it. Likr maybe she takes on the wound herself. Maybe her blood heals the person she wants but it inflicts the pain they felt on to her. Or it could be that it makes them worst but she sees it as healing because her mind is all messed up. Could be a reason for the alterego to show herself occasionally.
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  18. Already love you for being constructive.

    I love the idea of the project having created her alterego. I just need to reimplent the radiation part a bit better and rewrite the text.
    I am thinking here along the side of making it up to par with what is written in her strengths, that is a higher radiation resistance due to the exposure to high levels of it at such an early age. Also got to find a better adjective to define the measure of this increased resistance. I will go with slightly and change "high levels of radiation" to simply "exposed to radiation" which should do.

    You are right there about her blood. I will either remove it or give it a huge flaw.

    /Added these 2 to the notes. I will fix it after work later today.

    Edit: I just thought, how about her blood being radioactive with Alpha and Beta rays? Using it on an open wound actually kills the wounded subject while she in her messed head believes that it cures the wounded from the radioactive world and therefore "heals" them? In terms of healing rebel cast she could think that she heals them with this from the empire o.o
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  19. That will do. :3 sorry if I come across as controlling xD it tends to happen even when I'm not being.
  20. Reserve a spot for sister of light?
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