Beyond the Kingdoms

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  1. Her hair flowed gracefully as she carefully walked along the forest path, she was the princess of her Kingdom so she must act like it. It was hard though, she was finally 18 but there were many assassins out there...and if they were lucky they might slit her throat.
    The trees of this magical forest shook as a fierce wind blew through them. Holding her breath she heard nature hum all around her. That was the strength of the Elven People, they rely on the forest to guide them. To connect with mother Earth was such a gift and only the Elves have this ability. Just like the mermaids with water or the Sky People their magic flute.
    With a swift motion she was off! The young elf ran through the forest, gliding along the paths beautifully, letting mother nature show her the way. Whispers surrounded her ears, she knew which way to go.
    Suddenly, the wind that once blew through her hair as she ran ceased as well as she did. She had arrived....Lake Eden, a sacred lake home to the water faries. Legend says that the lake heals the pure of was no legend, it was true.
    Earlier today their forest tribe has been attacked by a band of thieves, someone wasn't keeping up with the protection spell which would have made the city invisible including the elves.
    The young princess couldnt think about it though, she stepped into the moonlight that made the lake glow. The light showed her scratches from the earlier battle she endured. Her father told her not to fight but she had to...she wasn't going to be sitting there while her people died for her, she was a leader to her people.
    Suddenly, fairies started appearing everywhere aroun the lake. The princess bowed to them and showed them her battle wounds. They whispered to her then she nodded and put her body into the lake healing her completely. She walked out in sopping clothes and climbed up a tree, deciding to dry off at a safe place.
  2. OOC/mun: I hope you don't mind my jumping in; this is really interesting.

    She did not see the logic in trying to hurt the Elven Queen. She did not know why she was even on this mission to assassinate her.

    It was only recently when a few scouts of the King were on their watch in the forest and they happened to see this mysterious new part of it. From inside, the scouts felt a shift in the atmosphere, something... magical.

    What better thing to do than to report this new information to their corrupt king who they continue to serve despite his many wrongdoings? Of course he would want this new civilization to disappear completely. He also wanted their ruler dead. "They may be a threat!" he cried as he briefed the group of thieves (and a woman who was mistaken as a man several times) before sending them out into the forest, to the Elven Kingdom. What was supposedly a mission to make peace with these newcomers became an assassination mission.

    What she was here for was the money. Her family was at the brink of poverty, what with her mother gone and her other siblings still growing up. Her father is a good man, but his employer, the King, was not paying him enough to keep their family living comfortably.

    She had not expected to run into trouble with the Forest tribesmen and women, much less with the Queen herself. The Elves thought they were still invisible to the world and were living comfortably and freely until one of the Elven children saw her and the group of thieves brandishing knives and swords -- these were a mix of mercenaries and people trying to lead normal lives in the face of poverty, they wouldn't be exactly called "thieves." The only thief in the group was her.

    She had some fighting experience but she was easily outmatched by the Elves. Her dagger wouldn't serve her well against pole-arms and their long-ranged weapons, so she tried to use her throwing knives. The Elves were quick on their feet and were very agile -- none of her knives hit anyone.

    Then the tides changed when the Elves were the ones throwing her knives back at their little group. Many of the knives hit her group, but fortunate as she was, nothing hit her so far. If anything hurt her, it was Mother Nature.

    "Damn it!" she cursed as she tripped on a large tree root, falling flat on her face. She was about to cry for help from the men who were now running away for their lives when she felt a strong grip on her arms, lifting her off the ground and dragging her with them. She was being dragged back into Elven base!

    "Help me!" she cried as no one ran back to help her. She was being taken prisoner by the Elves, and the day and mission had only just begun. What else could go wrong today?

    --Timeskip to the evening--
    She was cold and she was starving. She had been here all day with no food nor drink, and being watched warily by the tribesmen and its warriors didn't make things easy. But it wasn't like she didn't watch them, too.

    She was awestruck as she watched the Elves move with so much grace that the humans could never possess. She could watch them forever if she wanted, provided someone fed her something or kept her warm. Everyone was now going about their daily routine, and she noticed that these Elves and the humans weren't too different from each other. Someone had already dealt with the invisibility of the kingdom she was now in, and many kept her prisoner for security reasons.

    They can just send me away and put up the invisibility again, she thought as she tugged at the strong ropes -- no, not ropes, roots! -- that bound her to a tall tree. But then again, I can try to remember this spot, and deal with the Queen myself!
  3. Ryuuto was scanning the area. He had found the queens footprint. He began following the footprints until he reached the lake. He bowed "your highness, we must return to the kingdom." He was her personal bodyguard so it was his job to protect her with his life.
  4. The fairies dissapeared in the lake scared for a moment then glowed a little back up. Elves were gaurdians of the forest, the faries trusted them with their lives. Princess Auna looked back and smiled, she was truley the heart of her kingdom. Beautiful as she was kind and merciful. She never liked war but would have done so for the good of her people...and the world.
    "Ryuuto" she smiled, remembering that they were childhood friends. "Remember when we would always go to this lake together? We played tag...and I would almost catch you every time...but you were always quicker than me?" She chucked at the memory as one of the faries landed on her finger. "I love thinking of wonderful times...not sadness and hate like my father...I love him so but he is very negative about everything...maybe I haven't grown all the way to understand such things..." The young elf turned to her best friend smiling.
  5. Ryuuto slowly stood up. "Your highness, you must remember that your father has seen a lot of his friends die. So its only reasonable to be sad." He walked over to the princess and looked at the lake thinking back to when they were kids. "I do remember when we played here but your father forbid us from playing here when you fell into the lake"
  6. "Perhaps your right...I should be more understanding" Auna sighed then turned to Ryuuto "I still love this lake, even after I's not the lakes fault I didn't know how to swim" she said. "Thank you for the advice...your right we really should be getting back" Auna said and walked with her trusted friend.
  7. He chuckled "OK let's go" he turned "race you back. "he said as he took off in an instant
  8. Auna laughed and ran after him "no fair you always win!" she smiled. The thing is though, she didn't care if he won, she was having fun...something she hasn't had in a long time.
  9. Ryuuto his behind a tree quickly and caught the princess by surprise and rolled in the grass. "Its nice to see you smiling and laughing again auna"
  10. She giggled "you too it looks like you haven't had this much fun in forever...." she looked sad for a moment "I wish it could stay this way forever" she said.
  11. "Maybe it can be when you inherit the kingdom from your father" he looked up at the sky " I truly believe you will bring peace and prosperity to our people"
  12. "Maybe..." she said smiling at the sky "we'd better get back" she said somberly and stood up.
  13. "Yes if I don't have you back soon. Your father is going to throw a fit" he slowly gut up and offered his hand to the princess "shall we head back"
  14. The princess nodded and then they walked back. At home elves were rebulding their once beautiful home. King Ordon was discussing some battle strategy plan with them.

    During dungeon hours, the young thief was sitting there when a gaurd slid her food past the bars, "enjoy" he said and walked away in discust. The food was rotten, probably done on purpose. Flies were everywhere around it and they were already eating at it. Suddenly someone else opened the door, it was a little elf girl. She had silver short hair and a royal dress on. She had a basket of food and started passing out small portions of fresh food to everyone. The girl finally came to the young thief and stared at her for the longest time. "You don't look bad" she said and handed her some fresh food. "From the princess" the girl said and left just like that.
  15. "What kind of sick food is this..." the thief thought to herself as she eyed the rotten food in front of her. A guard -- who was definitely up to no good -- almost pretty much threw it at her face. So this is what I get for trying to save my family. Thanks, whoever's-in-Heaven.
    Suddenly, a young elf girl who looked like one of the nobles passed by. The thief was begging with her eyes as she watched the young elf hand out food to other prisoners.
    "You don't look bad," she had said as she was given fresh food. The prisoner had wanted to say her thanks but before she could say anything, the elf girl left.
    "From the princess," she had said. Was this girl the princess? She shrugged, the roots falling at her sides with a thump as she set herself free from its grasps.
    Okay, really, thanks, Whoever's-up-there, she said as she closed her eyes. Ciel is grateful.
    Only then did she realize that this elf in particular was being kind, despite the fact that her home had been attacked earlier. Ciel had not changed her mind about killing the Queen, but she was thinking about it.
    Her stomach growled, and she took it as a sign to partake of the food.
  16. The food was rich and delicious.
    The young elf girl ran up to the princess as she was walking into the throne-room and tugged on her dress. "Ma'am i have done as you asked" she said and the princess kneeled down to the girl and patted her head. "Thank you" she said in a calm, soothing voice then reached into her pocket and pulled out some chocolate which was rare in this kingdom. "Here you go...remember, this is our little secret" she said and the girl took it, smiled shyly and ran away giggling.

    The king came back from the war room and sat down in his throne rubbing his temples, stressed and overwhelmed. With one glance he saw his only daughter kneeling before him. He walked her into the war room and explained his plans.

    "Our main magical defenses were down," he stated "we need more protection...I am going to send my men to replace them and investigate..."
    Auna looked at her father "I will go with magic-"
    The king sighed "no Auna" he interuppted.
    "Father! My magic is stronger than the average elf! You know this!" she said.
    The king walked away "it is true but you have a better chance to get assassinated if you leave!"
    Auna followed "but father!"
    "Thats enough!" The king boomed, grabbing the attention of the staff.
    Auna gave her father one glare then stomped up in her room, angry.
  17. Ryuuto had walked in just as princess auna was leaving. He kneeled before the king "sir I will go, my magic is the only that rivals hers"
  18. The king pondered for a moment "send your best mentors out...let this be their first mission...I want you here to protect my daughter..." he said pondering hi thoughts as he sat on the throne.
  19. "Yes sir" ryuuto stood up and walked out of the throne room and down to the barracks where his team was waiting, "alright soldiers you will be headed to the magical barrier." His team grabbed their gear immediately and left. After they had left he walked upstairs to princess aunas room. He knocked on the door.
  20. "Come in" she said, Ryuuto walked in and saw her on the bed throwing knives at a target across the room. Every one of them either hit the target or very close to it. "My father can't keep me locked up forever" she mumbled.
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