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  1. //out of character// yo teacher get yo ass out her u leadin this rp or wut?
  2. Ooc: I have to get to sleep guys. I think we are on different time zones. Pleasure to play, maybe we will meet again on this thread later. If you don't get too far ahead later.
  3. OOC it's probably best if we all stop for the night, I'm also gonna sleep. CYA
  4. Ooc Is everyone else ok with putting this on hold for now?
  5. ((OOC: I don't know, I think we're all in completely different time-zones. It's only 2:40 where I am.))
  6. Ooc (Still early, 10:40 here)
  7. (OOC) I am back now and will be ready to rp for 5-6 hours
  8. //OOC// gonna sleep now just pretend I'm reacting normally if not a little on edge to any thing that happens
  9. //OOC Do we wanna call it a night here or carry on?
  10. //OOC// I say we call it good for tonight, too many people missing to really continue.
  11. //OOC ok cool thanks for the great developments tonight guys and gals see ya all tomorrow
  12. //OOC// FYI guys I'm gonna be on from around 4:30 GMT until about 10:30 GMT today.
  13. //OOC// that's pm btw
  14. //OOC// here and ready to go whenever
  15. Ooc: do we want to start an OCC thread for this roleplay? Mummymaster called me back to join. I thought I was out of this one because of the speed of it, I was not available for a few pages due to work hours. Which is cool, I'm not offended. I will keep reading and find a good spot to jump in with you guys again. Just keep posting and we will see what I can do.
  16. I'll set one up and link it, also frel free jump in now as it's a fairly open spot
  17. Wait what? We were just talking about setting up a separate thread... could you please revert this change as it makes no sense
  18. Wait sorry I think I misunderstood the message
  19. @Equinox As an OOC thread hadn't been created at the time I noticed the OOC posts, I moved all the OOC posts into a completely new thread. You can still create a new OOC thread and these can afterwards be moved into that thread instead (if you don't wish for these to be deleted instead), or you can use this thread as your official OOC chat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.