Beyond sanity (xxDarkest_Assassinxx & Jessika Claire)

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  1. A young woman accidentaly stumbles across an old asylum hat has been abandoned for many years, or so everyone thought. It doesn't take long for her to figure out that the doctors and nurses that worked in the asylum are long gone but the patients there are free to roam about within the confines of the asylum. She is soon trapped and must fight to survive and to keep her sanity. Not only must she deal with the horribly insane members of the asylum, but over time she begins to battle with herself in the struggle to get out without losing her mind.
  2. Yvette stood a few yards away from an abandoned asylum. She and her group of friends had stumbled across it. The rumored crazy house that had shut down because of the lack of money. Of course, there was also a rumor that the actual reason was that the doctors had all been slaughtered by the patients. Her friends had dared her to go inside after seeing it. Not being one to back down from a challenge, here she was now...She took a breath and walked up the stairs to the front door. She thought she heard some noise from inside but immediately dismissed that though. It wasn't possible...There were no more doctors or patients inside. It was obvious from the state of the building; paint peeling and windows covered in a thin film of dust. She pushed on the door, the door creaking as it slid open. Her friends screamed and ran in the direction of home. Sissies... She thought to herself. Yvette walked in, nearly screaming herself as the door slammed shut behind her. She tried to pull it open again, since the sudden darkness blinded her, but found that it wouldn't budge...

    She was stuck.
  3. Aiden could hear the doors to the asylum open and close. He shook his head and made a tally mark on the wall, he now had eight. Eight people to wonder into the asylum. Eight people to wonder right into their own hell. Most of the patients stayed on the upper floors, but Aiden wondered around the entire building. His eyes were used to the darkness after eight years of being here
  4. Yvette decided to keep walking. She wasn't afraid. This place was abandoned. There was no way anyone was still here and living. She ran her fingers through her flaming red hair out of habit. "Now then." she said out loud, wanting to break the silence that seemed to be suffocating her. "Time to see if those rumors have any backing to them." her two-inch heels clicked on the ground, echoing through the hallways. She cupped her hands around her mouth to make her voice louder. "Is anyone here!?" she yelled loudly, listening for replies. She heard it echo back to her a few times, each time softer than the last, but didn't hear anything else. Maybe there really wasn't anyone else here...
  5. Aiden silently made his way through the darkness toward the bottom floor. He could see the figure of someone in the distance. He could hear voices in his head. ”Kill her...KILL HER”
  6. As Yvette turned the corner, she immediately back up, her back hitting the wall behind her. Something had moved. Something moved. It was there. And it was looking at her. She took a few steps forward and looked at it, her eyes having adjusted to the darkness. "H-Hello?"
  7. Aiden stood behind her, literally a few inches away. ”Get out” he whispered before fading into the darkness. Even in the pitch black, he could see her fear
  8. A gasp escaped Yvette's lips and she jumped back, heart pounding loudly in her ears. "How do I get out!?" she yelled, knowing that whatever had been behind her was no longer there. But it was still nearby, ready to jump out at her from the shadows.
  9. Her fear made Aiden feel so alive. He could here the voices begging for more. He knew that she couldn't see him, but he could see her. He took a chair and smashed it on the ground, watching the fear rise from this woman.
  10. Something crashed into the ground from her right and she jumped away from it. Her body trembled, but she didn't let the fear reach her voice. "Are you one of the patients here? Are you trapped too?"
  11. ”This is hell and I am satan” said Aiden watching her from the darkness
  12. At this, she simply laughed. "This asylum may have been bad, but I'm sure it wasn't Hell. Who are you?" she asked, her voice finding a new confidence she hadn't had previously.
  13. Aiden stood behind her. ”You have no idea what you've walked into” he whispered
  14. She turned around and looked him in the eye, her breaths uneven. "Then why don't you tell me?"
  15. ”I'd rather show you” he said and pulled out a small knife
  16. She jumped back away from him at first sight of the knife. Was he planning on killing her!? Surely no one was insane enough to try that. But then again, she though dimly, she was in an asylum. "What are you doing with that?"
  17. ”They told me to” he said and lunged at her with the knife. The voices in his head laughing and begging for her blood
  18. She grabbed his wrist as he lunged at her. It was lucky that her fingers had closed around his wrist and not the knife itself. "Who told you?"
  19. Aiden headbutted her in the nose watching her fall to the ground. ”The devils told me to kill you” he said and swung the knife at her again. The sight of blood made the voices in his head grow louder
  20. Yvette let out a grunt of pain, her hand moving up to check her nose. Thankfully, it wasn't broken, but there was a steady stream of blood. She moved one arm up to block the knife, screaming as it sliced through her skin and scrambled to her feet. She had to get out of here.
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