Best video games of 2011!

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It's been an amazing year for gamers. Numerous legendary titles were released, Modern warfare 3, Gears of war 3, The elder scrolls V Skyrim, this has been one of the best years for gamers.

So the question is what are your top three games of 2011?

As for me It was a little difficult to choose, but after some thought I came up with what I feel are the three best of this year

Halo, Anniversary edition
I have a little trouble placing this on my list. For one I greatly dislike the various Halo games to come out in the past few years, but mainly because it is just a re release. Despite that I still chose to give it a spot on the list. The Halo anniversary edition has reminded me why I fell in love with Halo in the first place, and brought back memories of when I first began my life as a gamer.

Deus Ex, Human Revolution.
I was a little leery at first when I heard about Deus Ex. I didn't want to get a game that I do not enjoy. It turns out that deus Ex is a very good solid game. the only thing I regret about Deus Ex is that I didn't get a lot of playtime, because it was cock blocked by.....

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.
Surprised? I thought not. It is no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with The Elder Scrolls. Especialy after I posted a new thread about it every week for a month until it was released. (I am such a tool.) placing my fanaticism aside, Skyrim is an amazing game. Bethesda has really outdone themselves this time, Skyrim is a massive game filled with hundreds of soul stealing hours of game play.many of the side quests in the game have stories better than lesser games, and it is possibly the most immersive game I have ever played. Skyrim easily takes the first spot on my list, possibly even taking the spot as one of the best games ever produced.

So Iwaku what games do you believe are the top three of the year?
Skyrim, Skyward Sword and Uncharted 3 are my faves.
Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3 =D

Me likey the big boom sticks in Gears of War 3
HAH! So obsessed am I with Skyrim, that I made a dragontongue song for my character Derpman Childpuncher, Husband of Jarl Elisif the Fair, and Partner of Lydia the She-berserker.

Faal Tey do Dirpahmun Kiir-kriid (The tale of Die-all-man child-slayer)
Faal Ogiim Maar do Keizal (The Orc Terror of Skyrim)

Dovahkiin! Dovahhaal! Do Ogiim Reyliik Rok
Voth ok Haal Ahrk voth Tu Rok qahnaar pogaan Kul!
Dez drun mey Wah win Kein Fod Alduin Alok
Pah joor faas Dirpahmun Kiirkriid do faal Mul!

Ko sahqon od pindaar Rok lost kiin do rahgol
Pogaan do Ok Key kren Ahrk Dir naal Hevno Mah!
Aav naal ok GrahVahdin do uznahgaar vol
Dirpahmun Kiir-Kriid, Maar do Ogiim Nah!


Dragonborn! Dragonhand! Of Orc heritage He
With his hand, and with hammer, he vanquished many sons!
Fate brought fools to wage war when Alduin arose
All mortals fear Dirpahmun Kiirkriid of the strong!

In crimson snow plains, He was born of rage
Many of his horses broke and died by brutal fall!
Joined by his Battlemaiden of unbridled horror
Dirpahmun Kiirkriid, Terror of Orc fury!
Skyrim. No other games have caught my attention.
From Dust is another good game.

I spent the whole day playing it instead of ol' Skyrim today
Oh, fine, Skyrim. I like killing the chickens and getting in trouble, haha.

&Final Fantasy XIII-2; I have never loved a game more.
Most of my favourites have already been mentioned (Skyrim, Deus Ex and what-not), so I'll throw one out there you guys might not have heard of; Bastion.

Indie Action-RPG, with the best soundtrack I heard all last year and with the entire game being narrated by a dude who makes Vin Diesel sound like a pussy.

It's cheap as chips on XBox Live. I highly recommend it.
Simply put, knowing what game genres you enjoy is an important part of making this decision. Many here have already rendered their decision, but there is only one game that will truly stand the test of time.

The answer is quite evident.
I have problems assigning the title of "Game of the Year" to a game made by a company that quite clearly gives no damns about making sure their product works or fixing historic problems with their engine that makes the game unplayable for some people.

I haven't finished playing all the games of 2011 that I wanted to play, but of the ones I have finished playing, here are the ones I thought were best, in no particular order:
  • Saints Row 3
  • Portal 2
  • Shogun 2
  • Minecraft
It's well known I'm a huge FPS fan, so it should be no surprise my GOTY is...

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Yeah, an RPG. Swords, dragons AND lesbomancy. Not to mention grueling difficulty that makes getting 10 feet feel rewarding, no hand-holding straight from the get-go. Plus, the choices in the game matter something beyond angel-like Saint and baby-kicking asshole. And not only was the gameplay good, but it's probably one of the first game to take a step forward in the graphics department since Crysis. Y'know. Back in 2004. Also, Geralt's a dreamboat.
Most of my favourites have already been mentioned (Skyrim, Deus Ex and what-not), so I'll throw one out there you guys might not have heard of; Bastion.

Indie Action-RPG, with the best soundtrack I heard all last year and with the entire game being narrated by a dude who makes Vin Diesel sound like a pussy.

It's cheap as chips on XBox Live. I highly recommend it.

Gotta second this one. But was actually cheaper on steam for that winter sale.. :P That and the DLC is free instead of a dollar and think the Portal cameo skill is PC only.
No love for Batman: Arkham City? Easily the best superhero game I've ever played.

I love Skyrim to death, I've barely played anything else since I got it, but I feel like there are a few (minor) disappointments compared with Oblivion. It's still my #1 this year, though.
I would like to focus on indie titles because everyone else has pretty much covered mainstream games.

- Bastion. As grumpy said, sells for a song and is fun as hell with a meaty story. My only complaint might be the way everything drops from the sky can get you into shit if you're rushing.

- Minecraft. Not everyone cut of tea admittedly but its addictive and will get you into the wee hours surprisingly quickly. Been playing since alpha 1.1.2.

- Terraria. This is NOT 2D minecraft as many claim. Its far more focused on exploration than construction and while many (including me) complained it was too easy once you got top tier stuff since the latest update the gloves are indubitably and brutally off.

- Nitros Rush. I'm not a big fan of racing games, less so when they're more roller coaster rides where you have to steer through the track. Yes theres a story but you don't care since your car had DEPLOY ABLE WINGS AND BOOSTERS.. and heres the kicker... its free.

- Stealth Bastard. Releaced maybe a little late to count as 2011 but a brutal and entertaining stealth platformer nonetheless. Also free.
Games of the Year: Dark Souls. The Witcher 2. Portal 2.

Most Disappointing games of the yeah: Skyrim. Seriously, Alpha Protocol was a good game that got severely marked down because of bugs, and bland combat, and so was vampire the masquerade. So how does this buggy, broken excuse for a game score 10's and 9's everywhere? Call of Duty and other games may be mediocre, boring, and uninspired but at least they have the common decency to work!

Dead Space: This is my fault really, because I expected this game to be a horror game.

Dragon Age 2: Bioware, my have you fallen. The only Bioware game ever released that I havent fallen head over heals with, with the exception of Mass Effect 2.
​Lawl. Just Dance 3. 8D
Pokemon Park 2

{Staci is trying to be a troll~}
Skyward Sword no contest. I'm in on my second run and love it even more:D

Pokemon Black and White as well as Sims 3 Pets were very good as well though nothing I play all the time.

If Final Fantasy XIII-2 had been released in Europe 2011 that game would get high on my list as FF XIII is one of my favourite games.
Skyrim is #1, I actually haven't spent more than like... 45 hours on it, so I'm not deeply far but it's absolutely fantastic.
Deus Ex HR was really awesome. Got it for free with my graphics card. They had a lot of nice little features, the game play is actually extremely addictive. I like crawling in vents.
Portal 2. Damn this game nearly made me cry. Co-op was really good too.