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  1. Sighing in contentment, Max continued to gaze down at the gym badge container that she carried with her, smiling as the four badges she had acquired thus far on her journey glinting in the sunlight. So far, things had been doing pretty well on the journey, save for the few battles that she had lost here and there, buts he figured with every trainer that was always someone who would be able to out do her. Not that she liked it, actually she hated it, at least she won the battles that mattered, the gym battles that she participated in. That was what she cared about. Just proving your strength when it mattered, though always learning new things along the way.

    She looked down at the little green Pokemon that sat besides her, a bored expression crossing the Electrike's features. She rolled her eyes and sighed before kneeling down so that she was closer to her face. "Aww, come on Electric! You can't be mad at me because I didn't use you in this gym!" The Pokemon merely snorted and turned his head to look away from her. "Electric..."

    Though Electric wasn't her strongest Pokemon, he was her most trustworthy and had more than grown accustomed to his 'silent treatments' and hissy fits. Really it was nothing new, but it did hurt her a bit to see him act so cold towards her.

    She closed the badge case and put it in one of the pockets of her bag, running a hand through her curly brown hair, shaking her head before she smiled a little. "You do this every time, you know that?" She looked at the Pokemon, shrugging. "And you know I don't mean anything by it. The others need their time to shine too, you know that, and it wouldn't be fair to them if I didn't give them that chance." She heard him grumble, making her laugh lightly. "You really are a piece of work, you know that? You would think I would know how to handle you considering all the years we've been traveling together..."

    It had been a long run, with her having started her journey at the age twelve. Now at Seventeen she figured that she's had a pretty good run with things. Not the best records out there, but her skills as a trainer and her Pokemon's abilities and strengths have definitely strengthened over time, as well as her bonds with all of them. It was a working process, but she figured, no knew, that one day she would be the one holding the Kanto Region trophy, telling all that she was their new champion. Letting them all know that she wasn't one to be messed with. She used to think that it was a pipe dream, but as the years grew on, and as her Pokemon came to be with her, the dream turned more into a goal, one that she would stick to. After all, she owed it to her Pokemon considering how hard they worked for her. If anything, she wanted to show the world that they were strong, not her. Her Pokemon were everything, and she would hear nothing less from anyone.

    Leaning her head against the wall, Max sighed. "But think about it this way; we're one step closer to our goal. All of us." Now the electric type looked up at her. "Just a few more badges and we're there. Again. But this time it'll be different. We'll be the champions. I'm sure of it!" She looked down at the Electrike then, smiling before she stood up, slinging her pack over her shoulders. "Right?"

    Electric smirked, nodding his head as he, too, stood up, stretching his legs before shaking himself. "Great! Now, let's go get something to eat, or at least walk around. I'm tired of sitting here." And with that, she walked off, Electric walking right beside her.

    ((Gahh, weird title name. XD
    Oh, and here's just a little picture reference for what I think Max to look like: I don't think I really described her looks in the intro...))
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  2. Ah, Celadon City, home to Erika, the important fourth Gym Leader of Kanto, giver of the Rainbow Badge and specialising in Grass types. The beautifully green city was also home to the Celadon Department Store, a mega shop, largest in the region, with an expansive variety of goods for all sorts of people involved with Pokemon. And the city's last main attraction, a casino joint right in the centre of town, made the emerald urban environment a great place to venture to, spend time in, and, of course, battle in.

    An aspiring young trainer by the name of Julia Nevada had been brought to the famed city in search of two things: the defeat of Gym Leader Erika and the obtaining of a Water, Fire, and Moon Stone from the Department Store. The Stones she had planned on waiting until after the battle - after all, beating a Gym Leader always repeated hefty monetary rewards. That and a good TM, this time TM19, Mega Drain, a TM useless to Julia with her current selection of three Pokemon. The Gym Leader was a lovely, strong lady who put up a good fight, but in the end only one could prevail and that was most definitely Julia. Canterbury, her Nidorina resistant to both Grass and Poison types, aided in her team's win while Mononoke, her Vulpix, was her choice of primary offense. The Fire type spurred the team into a sweltering victory, earning Julia her shiny new fourth gym badge, and a rather beautiful one, too.

    Rather than head to the Department Store for the Stones immediately, Julia decided to prolong her time in the placid city and instead ventured into a hotel for a night, departing the next morning with Canterbury by her side. She often journeyed with Canterbury outside of her Pokeball, except for when the Pokemon herself was too tired or disinterested. The Poison type was her first Pokemon, after all. Today she would be buying the Stones (finances permitting) and then continue on her journey, her eyes set on earning her fifth badge after growing even more with her Pokemon along the way. The Gym Leaders were getting increasingly tougher and Julia knew she had an edge type-wise with Erika. She wouldn't always have that and with one of her Pokemon being a Water type requiring water, she typically only had two Pokemon for a fight. Not the best of numbers but she adored them and trained them hard. Erika's Pokemon were at higher levels than she anticipated though. Normally Julia kept her Pokemon a few levels above the competition if she could, but Pokemon were getting tougher, including the wild ones.

    Excited with all of her thoughts, Julia set off from her hotel on the southeast part of the city and made her way towards the towering, famed Celadaon Department Store. But like any real adventure, Julia's plans were led astray when a soft green Pokemon caught the attention of her barb-ry one. Canterbury, a strong, loyal Pokemon with a sweet disposition, had a tendency to be capricious at times, especially when it pertained to seeing other trained Pokemon outside of their Pokeballs. It wasn't exactly the most common thing for trainers and Julia could only conclude that it greatly pleased her Nidorina to see another Pokemon to talk to instead of having to battle it - something the short haired, pierced trainer could understand.

    "Canterbury! What is it? Come back now, you know you can't just run off like that!" She hollered after her Pokemon, running to catch up. Canterbury had almost reached the unique green canid Pokemon of some sort, one Julia had never seen before. The Poison type stopped short, knowing that she could get hurt catching it by surprise. Good, Julia thought when she saw her Pokemon halt, stopping the trainer in her tracks as well. She knows, even in her impulsion, to be cautious. At least sometimes. Her Nidorina was now sniffing at the air surrounding the new Pokemon, looking at it with great curiosity, her eyes wide with wonder at seeing such an unusual Pokemon.

    "It's rude to stare, Canterbury," Julia told her Pokemon, coming up to two meters away from the other Pokemon and its now evident trainer, a young girl somewhere in Julia's own age group with long brunette hair. "My apologies for that, she tends to get a little excited seeing other Pokemon out of their Pokeballs and acts on pure emotion," Julia coolly explained, not anticipating the trainer reacting negatively but one could never be sure. She paused a moment, looking down at the two Pokemon, Canterbury now pacing back and forth slowly, inching closer to the other. "If you don't mind my asking, what is your Pokemon? I have never seen or heard of one like that before. He is very handsome," Julia directed the last part to the stranger Pokemon, turning her blue eyes onto its with a toothless smile.
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  3. Max continued to walk, her hands resting on the back of her head as she hummed a little tune to herself, her eyes glancing down every once in a while to check on Electric and make sure that he hadn't wandered off. Not that he would have, considering how he stayed by her side all day everyday, but still it was only out of her own worry for her Pokemon that she watch out for him like he did for her. At least he didn't allow his size to bother him, though she guessed that when mentioned it did bother him a great deal, though it was usually her who brought the subject up. Good thing she was used to being shocked by now; when ever he did it didn't hurt nearly as much as it used to, though it still wasn't one of the best feelings in the world. Not that he would really hurt her though. He just really had no other way of showing his emotions, or irritation rather.

    She let the sights fill her minds, the smells of the city as well as the food entering into her nose as she let everything sink in since she hadn't when she first arrived to the city. It was refreshing, much different than other places she had seen and been to already, but with each city and town came their own uniqueness and traits. That was a great thing about this place; so many different things to see and so many different things to do! Sometimes it was overwhelming, but nevertheless Max tried to experience everything that she could, especially if she could get her Pokemon involved in it. After all, what was the fun in doing something if you had to do it by yourself?

    "So, what do you want to eat Electric? Anything specific in mind?" She waited for his reply, a small grunt really, but when nothing came Max tilted her head down to look beside her, only to see that the electric type was not walking next to her. So she stopped, her eyes widening at the sight before she whipped her head around, only to see him standing stiffly in front of a Nidorina, a defensive position that Max all too well knew.

    Quickly she walked over to the two Pokemon, watching as a girl, probably the owner of the poison type, came along with it, the sight calming Max's mind down a little. At least this Pokemon wasn't on her own, lost in this city. That wouldn't have been good. "Oh, it's no worries! She wasn't doing anything wrong anyway." Max waved her hand out dismissively as she looked down at the Pokemon, sighing as she nudged Electric with her foot slightly. "Hey, knock it off. I doubt if she's going to hurt you or me so calm down." Electric grunted, frowning before he sent a glare at the Pokemon before him. He grumbled something before stepping back and sitting down right in front of Max, puffing his chest out as if to make himself all the more intimidating.

    The action made Max roll her eyes, but nonetheless she couldn't help but appreciate her Pokemon's protectiveness. "I should be saying sorry about him. He's just a grump, especially right now." She shrugged, watching as her Pokemon's gaze headed up towards the girls, his eyes looking into hers before he looked away, his eyes going back to the Nidorina who was steadily inching closer. "Really? I'm guessing you've never been to the Hoenn region then, huh? That's where his specie originates anyway, though that's not where I found him at. But anyway, he's an Electrike, an electric type Pokemon. Nothing too special when you think about it..." At hearing his snort, Max laughed.
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  4. Thankfully, the other trainer wasn't bothered or offended by her ill mannered Pokemon. She waved Julia's apology off, bringing a slight smile to the short haired girl's face. The girl's Pokemon was a whole other story, not nearly as interested in Canterbury as she was in him. He had an aloof expression, a defensive position, and kept his distance (and made sure Canterbury kept hers). Since he wasn't aggressive Julia could only find the whole situation fairly comical - the Pokemon sure had a lot of spunk and only seemed to be watching out for its trainer, a true sign of a deeply forged friendship.

    "His protectiveness over you is admirable," Julia commented when the girl had finished talking, chuckling at her last remark. The girl and her Pokemon seemed to have a very developed, joking relationship. "My Vulpix is more similar to him than Canterbury here. She tends to take the seriousness out of everything." She and her Nidorina had a close partnership and a bond of love but the Pokemon's slightly less than bright compulsions and eagerness to explore and trust others made her a poor 'guard dog' so to speak. Still, Julia knew her affections ran deep and once the Poison type understood the nature of a threat she did react accordingly, and very protectively.

    "Electrike? I've never heard of that Pokemon before. But I've also never been to the Hoenn region either. Just here and Johto, where I was born," Julia summed up, excited that she was meeting a Pokemon from a region she had never been to before, even if he was disdainful towards her. "You didn't find him there though? How interesting. And an Electric type - those are quite nice! I don't have one, they do seem like a special barrel of fun," Julia said, taking one more good look at the odd, green coloured Electric type Pokemon. "Does he evolve?" She asked, thinking he looked like he might. All of her current Pokemon did, with Canterbury being the only one with a second evolution, as well as being the only one evolved, period. "Canterbury here requires a Moonstone to evolve into her final form. My other two Pokemon require Stones as well," Julia chuckled, sometimes upset with herself that all of her Pokemon required a hefty amount of money to evolve. Even if it was worth it. "I was actually going to head to the Department Store here to buy a Stone for at least one of them, though I don't plan to evolve them quite yet," Julia informed the other trainer, looking in her eyes as she spoke. "I was going to head off to the next route after. Would you like to tour the Department Store with me? Is there anything you were looking to pick up? They have quite the selection I hear." Canterbury seemed to agree with her trainer's idea, making a noise of happiness before tip-toeing closer to the other trainer, eager to see what she was all about. "Looks like Canterbury wants to get to know you and your Electrike more, too."
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  5. Max chuckled, grinning all the while before she rubbed the back of her neck. "Thanks, but what you might find admiring about his protectiveness is definitely a hassle to me." Not that she was upset with her Pokemon's willingness to throw himself in front of her in any means of saving her from any type of danger, but it did worry her a great deal. More than a few times simple matters had turned into feuds because of Electric's unwillingness to back down from something, as well as the fact that a lot of the times when it came to stopping something and or protecting her he did things without thinking. Which meant that most harmless people tended to be on the wrong side of his thunderbolt. Max couldn't couldn't on her hands anymore how many times that had happened or how many times she had gotten thrown out of a place because of him. "He tends to create more trouble than trying to stay out of it, but I'm sure you understand that if you have Pokemon like him. Though, fire types might be a bit different, but I can't be too sure. My Growlithe isn't as protective, or destructive, as this guy right here. He's more lazy than anything." Which, when she thought about it, she found odd, considering how she figured that most Growlithe would be the definition of a guard dog.

    She nodded her head, smiling. "Ahh, I've always wanted to go to the Johto region, but I just haven't had the chance to yet. Is it nice there?" She rose her brows in question, grinning after a while. "No, I actually found him when I was traveling though the woods near Pallet town. I don't really know how he got here, but I've got a few theories as to how he could have gotten to this place." She had found him when he was young, probably only a few days out of the egg, so she had more reasons to believe that someone had abandoned him after seeing that he wasn't a Pokemon from this region, a Pokemon they probably had no knowledge of. Or he could have have been a stow away on a boat, but she doubted that. He wasn't particularly fond of water. "Electric types are definitely interesting Pokemon to train. I mean, all of them have their different quirks and personalities, but once you get passed getting shocked every once in a while, or a lot, they're a lot of fun. You've just got to work with them. But yes, he does evolve, into a Manectric actually, but he won't. I gave him an Everstone a while ago after seeing that he didn't want to evolve... Oh, and I've got another Pokemon from the Hoenn region as well. I was there a little while ago because my parents sent me out there for something, but I actually caught one there."

    Max looked down at Canterbury, tilting her head to the side. "She evolves into a Nidoqueen next, right? I've heard of them, but never seen one in person before. Sounds like you need a lot of stones then, but if you don't mind me coming I'd love to! Electric wouldn't mind going either, no matter how he looks, and I haven't been there in a while. Not like we had anything planned either, so maybe I could find something that I might need there." She knelt down on the ground as Cantebury inched her way closer, Max eyes glancing at Electric, watching how his body tensed visibly. She extended her hand out to the Nidorina, smiling as she watched her. "Hi there." Her eyes widened before she looked up. "Oh, and I'm Max, and this is Electric."
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  6. A little to her surprise, Julia learned that the small green Pokemon was apparently more of a trouble than her slightly larger Nidorina. "My Vulpix isn't quite the same, but has closely related similarities," Julia remarked. "I used to wonder when we first got together if it was her type that kept her so hot headed, but after spending more time around other Pokemon I've come to think it's their basic personality. And your Growlithe's sloth-like personality only supports my theory," she chuckled, bringing a hand up to toy with one of her plugs. "Pokemon sure are surprising, aren't they?"

    "It's very nice in Johto, I absolutely love and miss it," Julia responded to the other woman, a wistful look in her eyes, seeing beyond eyesight for a moment. "But Kanto's nice too, and I'm sure all the other regions are breathtaking in their own ways, just like their Pokemon. I bet Hoenn's incredible, I heard the Pokemon there are quite different from Johto's and Kanto's. It'll be so great when I can finally go there," Julia slightly rambled, her eagerness to explore getting the better of her mouth. The girl's even more exciting news came next though. "Pallet Town?! That's... awesome. Really goes to show you that you'll never know what you'll find. I arrived in Pallet Town first from Johto, a nice, quiet place but a little boring I thought. How awesome for you to have found a gem like him though!" The pierced girl let it be known under no uncertain circumstances that she was heaping on compliments in hope of winning the Electrike over. It didn't seem to be working, but she also meant what she said: he was a dashing Pokemon, and trainers who own dashing Pokemon should definitely have appreciation for them be known.

    "Ha, I can relate to the shocks with the scorches and burns I've suffered from Mononoke, my Vulpix. I'm sure electrical shocks are quite different, but certain personalities of both types tend to be a little showy with their abilities, eh?" It didn't come as any surprise to Julia that the Electrike shocked his trainer many times over - he did seem the type! Julia also knew from her own experience with Mononoke that sometimes that's the only way the Pokemon could really get their point or emotions across. The language barrier was an issue sometimes. "Manectric... Sounds quite interesting, I'll keep it in mind. The fact that Electrike doesn't want to evolve is really interesting, too. It's awesome you got an Everstone and gave it to him, I'm sure it meant a lot. Evolving a Pokemon is nothing short of a major deal - I'm quite nervous at the thought of evolving any of mine. When Canterbury evolved, it was something else and quite unexpected... Thankfully, she didn't change much," Julia concluded with a smile, looking down at her beloved Nidorina who had her nose turned up towards the other trainer, her nose sniffing the air close to her, catching her and the Electrike's scent as the wind blew it towards her.

    Julia's attention seemed to constantly be captured by this girl. Not only did she have one Pokemon from the Hoenn region, but she had been there (on a mission!) and captured another while there! "That is incredible!" Julia exclaimed, bringing her hands up in excitement. "What one did you catch, if you don't mind me asking? You and your Pokemon are just so fascinating," she told her, nodding at the girl's next words. "She does, though I'm planning on waiting until she's at least a level thirty-six, just like with all of my Pokemon. Moon Stones are usually cheaper so I'm hoping to pick up hers at least, ideally with one other Stone... Though I'm not sure if I'll have the money for all of this," she laughed. She had earned a good sum from Gym Leader Erika, but it still wasn't enough for even a Moon Stone. But hopefully she had saved up enough. She wasn't sure when she'd have such an easy chance at a Stone again.

    "That's great!" Julia smiled, her Nidorina jumping up several inches in glee at their new travelling buddies. "Haha, looks like Canterbury is glad too. We've been on this journey alone for so long it'll be nice to have some company for a while." She couldn't help but smile at the Electrike, who still didn't look very excited to be going. "You very well might, they have a lot of trainer items, as well as gifts and stationary. There's a little something for everybody I've heard," Julia finished, keeping silent as she watched the other trainer start to kneel down. Her Pokemon tensed beside her, but Canterbury looked up in happiness as the girl approached. "Oh, and I'm Max, and this is Electric." She introduced herself and her Pokemon, reminding Julia that they hadn't properly done that. Julia bent at her waist, bowing before her. "My name's Julia. As you already know, this is Canterbury," she said, sweeping her hand to give her Pokemon the spotlight when mentioned. As predicted, the Nidroina flaunted herself in the faux lime light.

    Julia began to make her way towards the northwest section of town, patting her leg beside her to remind Canterbury to stay by her side. "So, considering you have a Growlithe, were you considering picking up a Fire Stone? I'm tempted to get one for my Vulpix for future use - Ninetales are just the stuff of legends - but I think I should get a Water Stone before that, with the Moon Stone being top priority," Julia idly chatted, leading the way towards the Department Store that gleamed brightly in the afternoon sunlight.
  7. Max nodded in agreement, completely understanding how each Pokemon had their own quirks. "All Pokemon are different, no matter there type, which is interesting in itself." She smiled. "Pokemon really are fascinating though, and they are surprising. You never know what you're going to get when you catch or find one, right? But that's just one of the best things about being a trainer; being able to figure out what exactly makes your Pokemon unique, or at least that's how I look at it. It kind of makes me understand a little more why some people would actually want to become Pokemon researchers or professors, if only so that they can learn about about all different types." Though she herself probably couldn't hold a job like that, being a trainer was the next best thing.

    She watched as the girl got an almost wistful look when speaking about her home region, the sight being a small smile to Max's lips as she listened to her explain a little. In the future she hoped, too, to travel all around and actually explore the lands, but she figured her time would come. "The same has been said about the Johto region as well, about the Pokemon being unique and cool. But maybe it's like that in all regions." She shrugged. "Yeah! I'm not really sure what made me walk around the wooded area of the place, but I'm happy I did, otherwise I wouldn't have found him. I mean, I didn't know what he was at the time, but at least I was in the town that Professor Oak's lab was at, so I was able to go and ask him about the Pokemon." Electric looked up, hesitating to take his eyes off the Nidorina, at the other trainer, knowing that he was being talked about. He frowned a bit before tilting his head to the side, shaking his head shortly after. He received enough compliments by random people who would see him, especially those he would battle, and though he was used to it he couldn't help but feel a bit prideful about the fact. Not that he would show the emotion though.

    Max looked back down then, huffing out a sigh. "Being burned hurts, even though Growlithe's only burned me once and it wasn't that bad, but I think I would much rather that happen to me than Electric shocking me. I don't know, it just feels weird afterwards." She shuddered at the thought, though laughing the matter off as she rubbed the back of her head. "Just makes me feel all tingly, you know? But I understand what you mean about being nervous with evolving your Pokemon. I'm actually really nervous for when Poochyena -the Pokemon that I caught while in Hoenn- evolves because of how their evolved form acts when it comes to trainers, or so I've heard anyway, but I'm sure you're Pokemon will be fine. It is good that she didn't change though, since some Pokemon do tend to once they evolve."

    A blush tinted her cheeks at being called fascinating. She waved her hand dismissively, shaking her head. "Nah, I'm not that fascinating. My Pokemon are the ones who are, but thanks for the compliment!" She stood up then, brushing her knees off before putting her hands on her hips. "I just don't understand why some stones cost so much. It's almost a little ridiculous, but hey, can't argue about what the prices are since we can't do anything about it, right?" When the both of them seemed happy about her and her Pokemon tagging along with them, Max's smile stretched out into a grin. "Awesome! It's it great Electric? Now you get to interact with others!" He didn't seem impressed, or the slightest bit excited, about the prospect of being with them. "I promise he's not always like this. He's just in one of his moods since I didn't use him in the gym battle." "Nice to meet you two."

    Maybe she would be able to find herself something in there then. If anything, maybe she could go ahead and get a stone, should she have enough money. "I might. I haven't really thought about it before, but now that you mentioned it I might just go ahead and get one. Just so that I have one when ever he wants to evolve." She started following besides Julie, looking down to see that Electric was right beside her. "What Pokemon do you have that you have to use a Water stone on?"
  8. "Becoming a professor is definitely something I have considered off and on throughout my life," Julia commented as the quad group made their way closer to the Department Store. "Still considering doing something in research on the side after I become a fantastic trainer. There's just so much to learn and too much we don't know," she commented, her mind quickly turning to the third Pokemon Max had mentioned having, a Poochyena. "A Poochyena? What type is that? Sounds like another canid-type Pokemon... You must really like them, hmm?" Julia asked with a teasing grin, quite liking Max's apparent theme. Julia had a theme of her own with her selected Pokemon, though it was slightly less clear: feminine and feminist. "Evolving Pokemon is kinda scary," Julia admitted, growing more serious a little grave. "There is always that risk. And even if they change for the better or neutrally, you still have to start a new friendship with a new personality, a new Pokemon. It does take courage on both ends to evolve," she resumed, almost at the Department Store's doors now, people continually going in and out of their automatic sliding, glistening glass doors. She turned back before she lead the way in, answering Max's question: "Shellder. Then I'll have an Ice/Water duo Pokemon. She and I are both quite excited for it! Though of course she still has nine levels left to go before I can allow it. And it's pretty neat that you're considering getting a Stone for him; you do never know when it'll be the right time, and they're so hard to come by naturally." She swung her arm up to motion Canterbury forward, who was having a tendency to stray as she couldn't help but look at everything surrounding them. But at seeing her trainer's gesture she ran up quickly to her sneaker-covered heels, entering the Department Store with wide eyes.

    The Department Store's first level was a little unique and more like a hotel: two women sat behind a desk, an elevator on the left side and stairs on the right. People stood around, talking on their phones and to each other, asking the women questions who replied professionally and respectfully, mostly directing people to their desired floors. The Store was built with related items on each floor, each floor separated by the category its items fell in. Julia was most interested in the fourth level, where the evolutionary Stones were, but could peruse the items on other floors, too. Perhaps she'd stumble across a good TM.

    "The Stones are on the fourth floor, but we could look at other things first if you had anything in mind," she told Max, catching a glance at the Electrike beside her who seemed thoroughly unimpressed with everything. "The second floor is the trainer's market, the third has TMs for sale, the fifth is the drugstore - I'd love to get something but don't think I can afford it - and there's a rooftop as well, but I'm not sure what all is up there," Julia informed Max, considering checking out the third floor for the hell of it.

    [[I'm making the items available in the Department Store equivalent to what's sold in the newest game versions, except for the Stones. Hope that's not a problem - figured it would keep up with the new TMs, etc. and make it more realistic IC]]
  9. "Really? I don't think I could do the job of a professor or researcher." Sure it would probably be cool to be able to go all around a region, testing things out, learning new things about new, and old, Pokemon, but Max just knew that that wasn't something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Battle and train with her Pokemon was what she wanted to do. Not have to write down everything she saw in a complicated manner, remembering every detail, putting in statistics, and just overall doing an enormous amount of work all the time. It seemed like a lot, but she figured someone had to be extremely dedicated to do something like that. "Just seems like a lot of work too me." She shrugged, smiling shortly after the conversation was turned to a different matter.

    "Poochyena's a dark type Pokemon, and yes it is a canine type as well." She laughed, scratching at her cheek. "I guess you can say that I have a tendency to gravitate towards those type of Pokemon. Always have, but I'm not sure why. Not that I wouldn't take any Pokemon, but I feel like I'm just able to better understand them." Max thought about what Julia said about Pokemon evolving and how that could affect them. Now that she thought about it, it was a bit scary. "Be that as it may, sometimes you just can't help it. Evolving a Pokemon, if they want to anyway, makes them grow, and all things need to grow in their own way, whether they evolve or not. It might be a scary thing, but think of all the potential challenges that can be overcome because of their new form and think about how they might feel about just having this new found... Change, I guess. They might feel more empowered, you know, grow in confidence and such." It was at that point that she realized she was rambling, making her pause for a second. "I probably think about it too much. But anyway, that sounds like it'll be awesome, and it's good that you're both excited about it. And yeah, getting one while I can will probably be my best option. Otherwise I might not get a chance to get one for a while."

    Her eyes glazed over everything as they walked into the department store, her eyes trailing along all the people that filtered in and out of the place, many of them carrying bags, though others not. The place was huge, obviously, but with that came a lot of items, a lot of items that she might have some use over. Now that she was thinking about it, she took her bag off her shoulders and unzipped one of the sections of it, peering into it as she moved a few things around. A hint of a frown crossed her features before she closed the bag back up and put it back on her shoulders. "If you don't mind, could we head to the trainer's market section first? I'm running a little low on potions and figure that I should get some while I'm here."

    ((That's fine! I don't mind. (:))

  10. Max, as it turned out, was quite the insightful woman. Julia, although she stood by her prior statements, couldn't help but also agree with the girl about evolution. "You're completely right," she commented, "I think that's how my Shellder feels. She doesn't feel 'complete' yet, I think, or at least that's the feeling I get from her. It's hard to explain," Julia remarked, slightly embarrassed to be sharing something so personal. "And I agree about the Stones - this is really a good opportunity, I'm glad this store is on our journey." Max then mentioned needing more Potions, something Julia suddenly realised she could use herself. "Sure thing Max, I could use one and a Super Potion perhaps as well, now that you mention it. Mind if we take the stairs? Canterbury could use the exercise," she joked to her Pokemon, sticking her tongue out briefly at the Nidorina who mimicked her.

    Staying at a slower pace in order not to lose either her Pokemon or her new companion in the busy lobby, Julia made her way up the stairs where slightly less people were, most opting for the elevator. Canterbury followed her, bounding up the stairs quickly and gaily. Julia made sure Max and her Electrike were still following when she reached the second floor, a huge trainer's market standing before them.

    Aisles of merchandise lined all walls and shelves of the store. Many trainers were gathered about, inspecting merchandise and asking each other for advice. The store was easily organised with healing items in one section, Pokeballs in the next, and so on. Julia still had plenty of 'balls to last a while and mentally skipped that part, her body already taking her to the less crowded healing section as her mind whirled with everything she needed - and the budget she'd have to remain in. The healing section boasted a wide array of popular items: Potions, Super Potions, and Hyper Potions, as well as all of the Heals. The gold haired girl wasn't quite as interested in the status healing items as she was sheer general health healing power. She grabbed one Potion and one Super Potion, looking them over quickly as she then glanced up to see what all Max was looking at. "Lots to choose from, eh? Nice selection though - looking forward to the day when I'll need a Hyper Potion for sure!" She joked, stealing a glance to see what their Pokemon were up to. She spotted her Nidorina immediately, who was on her hind legs inspecting the items she suspected would be used on her in great detail. "You satisfied?" Julia asked her first Pokemon, smiling as the Poison type snorted in response, faux disdain, before wagging her tail and getting back on all fours, walking towards her trainer with a wide smile. "Good."
  11. Max grinned at the prospective of being right about something, or at least the meaning behind hat she said making sense in that point of time. "It might be, and that might be a reason as to why Electric didn't want to evolve. Maybe he just feels content being the way he is." At this she glanced down at the electric type, tilting her head in question as if questioning him in that moment. Said Pokemon looked up but merely shrugged, like he always did when asked about why he didn't want to evolve, and continued to walk along side his trainer, keeping his eyes on just about everything in the room that moved. The action made Max laugh slightly as she shook her head, but she quickly pushed the thought aside. "Yeah no kidding; talk about being convenient, right? Sure we can take the stair! I don't mind, and it's only on the second floor, so it's not like it's a long way up."

    She laughed at the little exchange between Julia and her Pokemon before she started to ascend the stairs, watching as it took a little bit of an extra effort for Electric to keep up with them. His short legs were only able to carry him so far, after all, and to say the least stairs have always been a little bit of a problem for him. But when they finally made it to the top Max had to stop herself and take a look at everything, almost a little overwhelmed with the expanse of things, but nevertheless the enormous amount of items that presented itself in this section of the department store sent a tingle through her being, a good one at that.

    With her knowing already which isle she wanted to go in she looked up to take a look at the signs that told which items were where, and upon seeing the isle with the healing items there she walked over there, along with Julia and Canterbury. "No kidding. So many to choose from, but it's awesome!" She peered at some of the potions debating on which ones she wanted to choose from. Super Potions or regular Potions? Really it probably shouldn't have been that much of a troublesome thought, but she always wanted to get the right things for her Pokemon. Electric continued to sit there though, looking up at the shelves that were much taller than himself, and then looking over at Canterbury and watch as she stood up to look at a few items himself. He made a little snorting noise before shaking his head again, a normal action that he did often.

    "Got em'!" Max announced, holding three Potions in her hand. With the ones she had now and including the ones she just picked up she would have a total of ten, which she figured was a good number to have for the moment. She grinned before looking over at the register, walking over to it. She figured it would be best to pay for the stuff now and then head up to see if she had enough to get the fire stone, which she hoped she would. And after paying for the Potions she put them in her bag with the rest of them and turned to Julia. "Ready to head to the other floors?"
  12. Julia checked out right after Max, noting that other trainer carried around twice the amount of Potions that she did. The total for her small purchase wasn't much and Julia was somewhat confident she could afford at least one Stone. Two was more unlikely, but hopefully she'd still have some good pocket change left over. She wasn't sure what the values of Stones were monetary wise, but she knew their worth to trainers and less common availability in the wilderness kicked the price up quite a bit. But no trainer could deny that they were worth it, regardless the price.

    "Yeah, I was thinking of going to the fourth next, just to be sure we can afford the Stones. After that maybe the second floor or rooftop, I'm definitely curious as to what's up there," she responded to the other woman, making her way to the elevator this time. "Going up two flights of stairs is a little different," she explained with a shy grin. There were quite a few people in front of them, waiting in line for the elevator whose beeping seemed to consistently go off the entire time Julia had set foot in the building. It sure is busy here, she thought as they continued to wait, the line moving slowly forward. Julia didn't say much at this point; she was in that awkward period of not knowing what to say next after meeting someone new, her hands fidgiting with each other in her slight anxiety. This didn't happen all the time, but occasionally it befell her and she hated it. Hated the nervous silence and feeling like she didn't know what to do next.

    "Nrraaa!" Her Nidorina loudly interjected, breaking the silence for her owner and causing a few of the surrounding people to turn around, looking for the source of the noise before turning back to their previous tasks, disinterested in the vocal Pokemon. "Yes, you haven't been forgotten," Julia soothed her, reaching down for a pat as the people in front of them moved onto the elevator next, saving enough room for just the two of them and a tighter squeeze for their Pokemon. "C'mon, let's head on, it'll only be for a short trip," Julia encouraged, her bright blues eyes lighting up at the loosening of the stagnated atmosphere, things actually moving along again. She moved in close to the other people, some with their arms full of filled bags, still on the shopping hunt. Others didn't seem to have bought a single thing, but their were plenty of trainers with bulging backpacks and purses. Julia's own backpack had puffed out some with her recent buy.

    The elevator moved up with a jolt, causing Canterbury to be knocked off balance, falling onto Electric accidentally. She rolled off of him as quickly as she could, scrambling to the edge of the elevator for support, muttering in her Pokemon tongue. The elevator continued to rise until it came to a halt, which this time only partially knocked Canterbury off balance, and its doors opened to the third floor, where a load of people left and a new load got on. Then the elevator resumed its pattern, rising up another floor, its doors opening again, and another load of people leaving, this time including two Pokemon.

    The fourth floor was even more amazing than the second. It had a more glamourous, luxurious feel to it with the gorgeous evolutionary Stones out on display, set on velvet cushions and protected with walls of glass. It was beautiful and Julia found herself somewhat entranced. With too quick a sweep of her eyes she almost didn't notice the Moon Stones she had come here looking for most - it was set off to the side next to the other more expensive Stones, including the Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Sun Stone, Shiny Stone, and Ever Stone. Julia made her way over to it first, shocked to realise that the Moon Stone was far more expensive than the Water Stone, something she had been thinking the reverse of all her life. But even though the two together were expensive, she did have enough for them both. Now that it had come to the time to make a decision though, Julia found herself growing full of doubt. Lost in thought staring at the Moon Stone, she felt a nudge at her knees and looked down to see her beloved Nidorina, looking up at her with wide, loving eyes. Julia smiled warmly in return, deciding then and there affirmatively that both must be bought. She'd love a Fire Stone too, but unfortunately could not make a wise buy with all three. For now, her Vulpix would have to have a much longer wait, something the fiery Pokemon had seemed fine with the last time she had checked that morning.

    "Alright Max, I know what I'm getting. I guess you're getting the Fire Stone only?" Julia asked Max, walking over to her new companion. "I'm going to check out soon, let me know when you're ready."
  13. "We can head up to the rooftop afterwards then," Max said with the nod of her head, smiling as she made her way towards the line that stood in front of the elevator. It didn't matter to her which way they went in terms of going up, and really she didn't mind waiting for the elevator. In all honesty it was probably the best decision anyway, or so Max figured anyway when thinking of the well being of Electric and how he would fair with going up two flights of stairs. At least going on an elevator wouldn't tire him out too much. But she did wonder how he was going to take being in closed in space with other people and hardly enough room for yourself, but before she could think much about it her legs were carrying her into the elevator, her eyes going down to the ground as she watched at Electric gave the space, as well as the people in it, a skeptical gaze.

    He looked up at his trainer, his eyes a bit narrowed and stopped right in between the elevator and the outside of it, not allowing the door to close for the time being. Max sighed before motioning forward, which he did, though the beginning of a small growl could be heard in his throat as he was pushed up against Max's leg as well as basically against someone else. But what bothered him the most out of the entire, short, ride was when he felt a sudden weight crash onto his back, making him fall face first into the ground after his legs had given out on him. He whipped his head around to see Canterbury rolling off him, making the electric type bare his teeth. The beginning of sparks could been seen bouncing off his body but before he could do anything the doors to the elevator opened back up, allowing the people to file out and more to come in.

    Max had watched her Pokemon the entire trip up to the fourth floor with her breath held. But when they finally made it to the fourth floor she let the breath out and walked out after everyone else, rubbing the back of her neck. "Nice control there, Electric. I think this might be the first time that this has happened and we haven't gotten thrown out of a place." She grinned, but her Pokemon merely snorted and headed over to the case with the evolution stones, not waiting behind for his trainer.

    She looked through the case to see where the fire stone was, and upon seeing it her eyes glistened with excitement, pressing her hands against the case and leaning forward a little to get a better view of the item. Really it was a a sigh to behold, though the price did made her eyes widen slightly. She knew she had enough though, and at least that was the last item she figured that she was going to need. For a while anyway.

    She looked over to Julia with the nod of her head before looking back up and watching as someone behind the cases walked over to them. The man asked if they wanted anything, which Max replied with a yes, her eyes going back down to the fire stone. "Yeah, the fire stone." He pulled it out for her, putting the cushion on top of the case. "Wow..." He then asked if that would be all and Max nodded her head. "Yeah. For me anyway." She looked back at Julia. "Which ones are you getting?"
  14. "A Water Stone and Moon Stone for me please," Julia replied to Max, looking past her shoulder a second later to the salesman who had just helped her new friend. "Sure thing ma'am, I'll get those right out for you. Would you ladies come over to register two for check out?" Julia nodded in reply, motioning the entranced Nidorina to follow her, making her way through the thick crowd of people fawning over the glimmering stones and to the second register, the first one already dealing with another customer.

    "That'll be $2,100 for the Fire Stone, tax included," the store clerk told Max, "and 12,100 for the Water and Moon Stone," he finished, looking over at Julia who had fished out most of the cash from her satchel already. "Almost got it all," she hollered out, getting the remaining $100s out and laying them onto the register to be counted. Max had already been checked out while Julia was collecting all of her cash, having slightly less than $2,000 left over after her large purchase.

    "Alright Max, did you want to go up to the roof now? Just to check it out I suppose, I don't think I can buy anything else," the pierced trainer said to Max once she met up with her, making her way towards the last flight of stairs up that led to the rooftop. "There could be something interesting up there," she wondered aloud, opening the door to the stairs and making her way up, her Nidorina following along happily, excited to be seeing new places. Besides, she had never been on a rooftop before!

    The stairs went up to a beautifully sunny, well kept and cared for rooftop where three beverage machines stood on one side, hidden beneath a canopy to offer some shade. Two tables and sets of benches laid out on the opposing side, leaving quite the spacious, sunny area open, where several people stood and talked, surrounding two people specifically who seemed to be getting most of the attention.

    "Yeah, we beat Erika a few weeks ago, nothing too difficult really," Julia could hear them say from the stairwell entrance. "And we'll beat every other Gym Leader just as easily!" The last part was quite louder, followed by some cheers and some snickers, to which the same voice broke the silence, a strong male voice with clear offense in his tone: "You dare question us? Come, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle, then!"

    "N-no," the other voice responded, earning Julia's attention now who had stepped out of the stairwell entrance and into the sunlight, her eyes squinting in the new found brightness. She brought her hand up to her face, forcing a shadow to fall over her eyes, making her able to see a little better. The man who was so haughty and boasting wore expensive sunglasses with a regular stripped polo shirt, blue shorts and a pair of flip flops. There was a girl beside him, presumably his girlfriend from the way he had his arm around her, dressed in a simple white summer dress with white flowers embroidered, or at least that's what Julia thought the design was, it was hard to tell in the distance.

    Stepping back, Julia retreated to Max, a wild look in her eyes. "Wanna put that guy in his place?" She inquired with enthusiasm, receiving great pleasure from beating pompous men at their own games.
  15. After Max had finished paying for the Fire stone, muttering under her breath about how much the cost was and how she was definitely going to have to start saving up more money again, she held the stone in her hand a few more seconds, smiling down at it. The thought made her laugh, but she bent down and held it out to Electric. "Isn't is amazing?" She asked the Pokemon, tilting her head to the side. Electric imitated her action and peered at the stone, the flame that was nestled in the stone seeming to dance about Electric's eyes. And for the first time today, he actually seemed impressed about something, though the only sign that could be shone of that was the hinting of a smirk appearing across his mouth.

    She wrapped the stone back up and placed it in one of the compartments of the bag, a place where she knew, or hoped rather, that it wouldn't get crushed due to another item or her just being careless about the bag. Max just figured that she was going to have to take a little extra care with the bag, up until she used the stone anyway. She nodded at Julia's statement and stood up, stretching her legs out a little before she grinned. "I don't think I'll be able to get anything else here either, but it can't hurt to look, right?" She was quite curious to see what was up there anyway.

    So upon walking up the steps, the sounds of their shoes tapping against the tiled floor echoing around the area, and upon them being, once again, introduced to the light of the outside Max listened a bit closely when she heard a few voice up there. They seemed pretty cheerful anyway, though as one voice rose out in particular Max couldn't help but think that the tone held that of a much too arrogant person. She was only able to hear tidbits of the conversation, though, before someone out of the swarm of people who crowded around two, possibly rich or wealthy people by the looks of them, who had been called out seemed a bit nervous to be in the situation that he was put in. The sight, as well as the man's comment towards the response, bothered Max and she couldn't help but frown as she put her hands on her hips. Now that just wasn't right.

    "Yeah. He seems like the type of guy who needs to learn a little lesson in something anyway." A smirk grew upon Max's lips as she spoke. She looked down and motioned for Electric and Julie and Canterbury to follow as she stepped over to the crowd, pushing her way through so that she could see the ones who were at the center of attention. Her eyes looked them up and down before she gave them a condescending look. "You know, your comment seems highly doubtful, the whole you two being able to defeat the other gym leaders easily I mean." She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "You don't look like a couple of people who would really even want to train a Pokemon, much less be able to handle one. I'd be surprised if your Pokemon even listen." She knew taunting would only get her into more trouble, but hey, they seemed like they would be fun to rile up. Besides, what harm could they really do? "It's kind of pathetic really, the fact that you have to flaunt about winning against a gym leader. In my eyes anyway."
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  16. Much to Julia's pleasure, Max got quite defensive before she had even said anything. Her hands on her hips, the long haired girl agreed, making the more aggressive move and going straight to the bragging pair, parting the line as Julia and their Pokemon followed. She put on a good, hostile display and Julia was pleased at the show. She threw in her best glare, crossing her arms in front of her chance. Canterbury, too, took a defensive position, her eyes narrowing, daring the other trainer to challenge them again. As Max continued the arrogant man's face grew steadily red and his fists clenched and unclenched at his side. He was getting angry, just waiting for Max to finish, and when she did he yelled out: "Fine then! Let's see who really is better and why our Pokemon are superior!" At the end his voice got fairly up on the scale, something Julia took note of but chose not to tease him about. After all, having a feminine voice was nothing to be made fun of. But being an arrogant douche was.

    "You're on!" Julia yelled back, throwing her hand forward to signal her Nidorina's entrance. "Canterbury, get out there and show him what for!"

    "Nrraaaa!" The Poison Pokemon replied, jumping out in a fierce rush, people quickly getting out of the way and clearing around them, many choosing to form a circle to watch. The man adjusted his glasses and snorted, unimpressed. "A stupid Nidorina, huh? Wait 'till you see this! Go! Vigoroth!" He called out, swinging his hand and releasing a Pokeball that opened to reveal a strange, bipedal sloth-resembling Pokemon. Julia wasn't exactly sure what it was, something either Normal or Ice type though for sure. "Do you know what that is, Max?" She asked quietly, wondering if Max had come across the Pokemon somewhere in Hoenn. The man's girlfriend, without so much a peep, opened a Pokeball with gentle ease, a Swablu flying high up into the air before fluffing back down to sit beside the very antsy Vigoroth who couldn't seem to stop moving.

    "Ready when the two of you sorry excuses for trainers are."
  17. Blinking out of surprise because of how the tone of the man's voice didn't quite match his physic, Max couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, right. With a voice like that you are so intimidating..." But nevertheless she knew that now was probably a time to be serious, and as people started to get out of the way, Max narrowed her eyes before looking down at Electric, watching as that same, antsy look came to his eyes when ever a battle presented itself to him. He looked up expectantly towards Max, nodding his head in return to hers when she nodded to him, making the Pokemon jumped forward, landing to stand beside Canterbury.

    She grit her teeth at the comment about Canterbury, taking offense to the words despite the fact that the Nidorina wasn't even her Pokemon. She still felt as if no one should talk down about any Pokemon, no matter what. Her brows furrowed before she thrust her hands down so that they lat at her side, her hands balled into fist. It caught her off guard, though, when a Vigoroth was sent onto the battle field, as well as when the Swablu started floating around, making her wonder just where these two came from. Obviously it wasn't from here, it couldn't be unless they were, somewhat, like her and had obtained Pokemon from a different region and brought them here. "I don't really know much about them, but I do know that both of them are from the Hoenn region. I saw more of the Swablu than anything, and to be honest I can't say for sure that I know anything about the Vigoroth, but judging by how it moves it might be a Pokemon that we have to watch out for."

    Grumbling something under her breath, she glanced at Julia before turning back to their opponents. "You won't be calling us that much longer," she spit back at them. "But fine, we're ready, right?"
  18. Not surprisingly, Max also chose the Pokemon she kept with her outside of its Pokeball, her Electrike. While the smaller Electric type might not be fond of it's Poison type battle partner, he seemed to push it all aside. Julia was quite impressed and couldn't suppress a smile forming at her lips. "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the Vigoroth," her smile briefly turned to a frown. "I wish we knew more about it, though." Before Julia could respond to Max's more rhetorical question than anything, the man yelled over them, disrupting: "Stop gossiping you dumb cunts, let's get this started!" He had kicked it up a notch so to speak and one thing Julia was not fond of was misogynistic slurs. Completely ignorant that he set off any sirens, the man officially initiated the battle. "Vigoroth start this off with Fury Swipes!" The man concluded, stepping off to the side after the command and into the shade, something Julia turned her nose up in disgust at.

    The alien Pokemon rushed forward, its intensity and speed quite incredible. Its arms, armed with long, dangerous claws at the end, were flying forward to quickly its entire midsection seemed to move. Julia couldn't see a still frame at all, but quickly got back to her senses when she heard the man's girlfriend's soft words: "Swablu, Fury Attack."

    Both Fury attacks, eh? Julia thought to herself, quickly deciding on not the best move for Canterbury's situation, but the most suitable otherwise. "Dodge all you can and Fury Swipes, especially at the Swablu!" Julia shouted over the whirling noise the Vigoroth's quickly moving arms were generating. Instantly the Nidorina on field darted quickly out, her stocky body betraying her agility. She made her way to the Swablu with bared claws, looking forward to taking over the talons that were racing towards her.
  19. At the man's comment, Max's brows twitched with irritation, but she pushed the emotion aside with the shake of her head. She needed to concentrate on this battle and make sure that she had everything in sight, just in case she wanted to plan something out. This was different, though, being in a double battle alongside with another person. It had been a while since she last had, but nevertheless it was exciting, especially to see how they would be able to wok together against these two, and to see how the Pokemon would interact with each other.

    She watched as she man commanded the Vigoroth to use Fury Swipes, her eyes turning to Electric to see him crouching down a little as if to brace himself. She smirked, surprised by the speed in which the Pokemon was moving at, but it didn't seem to faze her much. Electric, mostly due to his species, was best when it came to his speed. His attack and defense power might not be the best out there, but if he had one thing it was his speed, and it was something that Max used to their advantage in battles, as well as his small stature, though that tended to be more of a disadvantage then an advantage. "Time it right Electric, and use Thunder Fang!" She pointed towards the normal type who's arms were flying about in a surprisingly fast matter. The command made Electric nod hid head, jolts of electricity beginning to form in his mouth, the sound mixing in with the sounds in which Vigoroth was making. The Pokemon continued to come closer to him, quickly at that too.

    He lunged then, Electric's fangs and other teeth sparking with electricity as he bolted towards the normal type, half glancing at the other two Pokemon who seemed to be using some sort of the same attack before turning his full attention on the one he was going after.
  20. The Swablu's Fury Attack landed a few on the Nidorina but her powerful arms landed more damaging blows, soon knocking the bird back. Quickly, it got up before Canterbury could reach it again, Julia yelling to use Poison Sting, poison darts shooting out of the Posion type's mouth, the sharp, thin barbs firing off like bullets from a gun, the crowd circled behind the pompous man retreating as the stings began to land. A couple hit the Swablu and visibly affected its health, but did not poison it. "Peck, Swablu!" The girl yelled, her voice growing stronger as her Pokemon was growing weaker. Behind, Canterbury kept an eye on Electrike and the hurricane of a Vigoroth, seeing the Electrike's mouth light up and charge with electricity. It couldn't be sure what would happen, but Julia knew to end the Swablu quickly.

    "Canterbury, Bite!" The trainer hollered, the Nidorina's mouth opening wide, sharp teeth lining the interior edges of the orifice. The Swablu dived in for a well delivered Peck, the bird Pokemon's tiny eyes zeroing in on its target. Nidorina's eyes, though not quite as keen, spied the Swablu and stood her ground, waiting until the bird was close enough to evade at the last moment, turning on heel and catching the Swablu fully in her mouth, feathers flying everywhere at the encounter. The Swablu fainted at the snap of the jaws, laying limp inside Canterbury's mouth until its trainer retreated it into its Pokeball, crying audibly.

    "M-My poor Swabu! Jakey honey, do s-something!" She yelled at her boyfriend, wrapping her arms tightly around him in an emotional fit, the man looking quite unhappy with the developing situation. "That wasn't hard at all!" Julia yelled from across, smiling to herself. The other woman quickly tore herself from her boyfriend at the remark, reaching inside her purse and retrieving another Pokeball, an incensed look spreading across her face. "Go Roselia! Teach that bitch a lesson!" She threw the Pokeball, the ball opening in midair as usual and emitting a red light forming the shape of a Roselia before the Pokemon solidified. And Canterbury was having the reverse process, being returned to her Pokeball as Julia recalled her and sent out Mononoke instead. "Mononoke, you're up!"
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