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  1. Somewhere in the depths of New York City, there is a sort of carnival show, where strange creatures from distant lands are put out for display. Day after day they are left on exhibit, shown to the public from behind bars of reinforced steel and floors of icy cold concrete. Longing for freedom, by day and by night, they sleep very rarely, hidden by night. Under the ground a facility is kept, in which tormenting experiments are done unto these poor unfortunate souls they call their subjects. They test on them daily, under the darkness of night, making them suffer unto their delight. They make them take awful medicine, poking and prodding, taking samples from them, bleeding and slicing. breaking them down, a little at a time, using them to get money, filling the civilians minds full of lies.

    ( Above Ground)
    Welcome to the Show...

    ( underground facility is show just above)
  2. Another day, another dollar. Spot always heard the workers saying that as they passed by, "checking" on all the exhibits, occasionally kicking the bars and laughing when the freaks inside tried to retaliate. But the steel cages always held. The unusual dog sighed. It had been his dream to be treated like a human being, given the respect that he felt his intelligence warranted, but as long as he was trapped here, he would never achieve it. Here he was treated even worse than an animal -- here, he was a "freak."

    A couple of spoiled-rotten boys approached Spot's cage, holding fancy ice cream treats that had no doubt been purchased by their doting mother, a massive woman who was looming behind them, staring down at the Dalmatian before her with contempt and superiority. "Mommy, what's this one do?" said one of the boys, waving around his slowly-melting ice cream. Spot kept his mouth shut; he'd learned that they were more likely to leave if he didn't show off his talent. Instead he merely sat still, avoiding eye contact with any of the three.

    "I don't know, sweetie," said the whale of a mother. "Let's go, before it gives you rabies." With that she spat on the ground and led her sons away. Spot's lips curled up into a slight snarl at the remark. Biting his tongue was all he could do to keep from drawing their attention back.
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  3. Sylia had just returned from her testing station underground, her wings frail and weary from experiments.
    Vannessa was guiding her to a cell-like structure tat would be her display. She was, after all, the crown jewel
    of the facility and it's exhibits, she was the prized possession of the scientists. Sylia had made the business
    skyrocket in visitors and activity, drawing the attention of both civilians and news crews alike. As much as she
    hated it all, she could do nothing against her captors. She simply walked alongside Vannessa, her head down,
    shame and sorrow filling her thoughts, the pain and weight of it all clouding her mind. She didn't know how to handle
    it anymore. She was unsure of how she was to free herself or the creatures and " freaks" she had come to call her
    friends. She was finally left in her cage, crowds of people, children, adults, aunts, uncles, grandparents... They all
    admired her wings, her hair, her form in general, the way she flitted around, almost like it was routine for her to
    perform, just so she wouldn't be punished with extra long hours of experiments.
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  4. Mr. Mado was just walking out of the underground.. facility. He could help but let out a loud chuckle, drawing attention to himself quickly. He thought he was just chuckling normally but, it came off a bit more.. Insane as we shall call it. He just carried on, ignoring the stares people gave him. "Oh, I'm brighter than all of you baboons.. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't up to me. And what I do.." He smiled widely at the thought in his head, almsot shivering in pleasure of the thought of his testings on the stupid beasts. Mr. Mado walked over to one of the cages, seeing a mother and her children walk away in disgust as the animal behind the bars did nothing for them. Mado growled softly and quickly drew the attention but to Spot, calling out to the mother and her children to come back over. The boys seemed excited while the heavier mom looked at Mado like he was crazy. "Here.. Little spot over here isn't just a plain dog.. Is he?" He looked over to the poor animal, with the crazy yet angry look in his eye, almost telling him to say something or he knew what he was going to get.

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  5. "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Misery screamed as she set another scientist's hair on fire. Allen quickly put it out with a damp towel, sighing as he did so. "Misery, it's alright, the experiments are done for tonight," he said soothingly, pushing the other scientist out of the room and sighing. She huffed and began playing with the fire at her fingertip, not caring for her burnt, nerveless hands. "I'm not going up there to entertain them," she grumbled."I know you don't want to, sweetie, but that's what all people do," Sadie said as she entered the room, causing Allen to glare at her. "Come on, let's go up, okay?" "Do I have to?" They nodded, one eagerly the other more reluctantly. "Allen, help me take her up." He sighed and went over to the girl, beckoning for her to follow them. "...When can I go home?" he asked Sadie, "I've contacted my family and told them it's alright, that I found a job that provides money and they have to keep me here. But...I want to go home. Everyone I know-" "Honey, it'll happen when it happens, don't worry," she said sweetly, patting him on the head even though he was taller, "They'll let you know when you can leave, but for now stay here and tend to the ones underground, okay?"

    Misery soon found herself alone as the other scientist away to check up on the others. "Why'd you do that?" she asked, "I like him, you too since you're nice and all..." "Sorry, sweetie, but he has other work to do, he can't protect you all the time you know." "Yeah I know. Still!" Sadie shushed her and offered the 15 year old a lollipop. "Don't want no stinking lollipop, I just-" "Want to go perform?" "No..." "Come on, sweetie, let's go." She was led to her cage where she scowled at passersby, crossing her arms and huffing. She had to do it, otherwise... She looked over at Sadie who gave her a thumbs up. Fine, she'll do it. Misery began to set fire to her fingertips and play with it, ignoring the growing crowd around her. Ignore them, just like how she used to ignore the world before...
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  6. Seeing Misery, she drifted over to the bars of her cage, tapping on them to get her attention.

    " Hey. Misery over here."

    She was whispering in that loud but quiet way, when someone wanted to get your attention,
    but not draw anyone elses'. She looked back, the crowd dispersing. Perfect, some time
    without being surrounded by fat children and overbearing mothers. She raised her voice
    slightly, her wings beating a few times in a desperate attempt to get Misery to look at her.

    " Misery!"
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  7. Misery looked over and noticed th growing crowd. She threw fire at them, causing them to back away. "Stay back, or you get it! This fire can-" The warning didn't need to be said, some of them quickly got out of there. She huffed and threw at the bars of the cage, the flames licking it. The rest of the crowd reluctantly dispersed as she nearly set their feet on fire, flames dancing on the ground. She sighed. Much better. She looked over to Sylia and got close to the bars of her cage too. "Yeah Sylia? What is it?" she asked.She liked the other so called freaks here, having befriended some of them over the months she'd been here. Never should've taken this job, she was definitely a dumb kid for taking this job. Oh well, she needed money and she thought, "Hey, maybe this would be a good place for my talent!" Not so, she didn't expect to be experimented on and she intended to get out of here as soon as she could.
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  8. She tossed something to Misery, a rolled slip of slightly wrinkled paper.
    it had marking inside of it, but without unrolling it, they were unidentifiable.
    In reality, it was a map, showing all the fire exits and hidden passageways
    of the facility. Sylia alone wasn't brave enough to attempt escape, so she
    hoped that maybe Misery was. A scientist walked past and she acted like she
    was still acting, until he was gone, then returning to the bars of her cage.

    " Can you still read it? If you can, please use it, escape this awful place
    as I cannot. If you can help anyone else please do it, it pains me to know
    that others must suffer as I am. You should be the first, Finish what I started
    so many years ago, end the rebellion, and win."
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  9. Misery got the piece of paper and frowned. Something to burn? Probably, after she finished reading it. She quickly retreated deeper into her cage and began to read, quirking her eyebrows in surprise before grinning. Hooooly moly, a ticket out! She was definitely going to burn this if anyone else saw it. She folded it up and quickly hit it inside her panties where no one would touch, ever. And with that being said and done, Misery had to find some people to escape with. How about the dog? And the new girl that just came in, the tiny one. She seemed spunky enough. Maybe that other kid too,gosh there were so many kids... She paused. What about Allen? He did say they were keeping him against his will down there, so maybe she could trust him? And Sadie too! Oh, but Sadie kinda liked her work so maybe she shouldn't trust her. Still, she was nice... She sighed. She'll imply things later, at night, maybe.
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  10. [​IMG]

    "Of course I'm nervous! I've never really worked here before!" Tugging at his shirt collar, Min scanned around the room, though he already knew it wasn't worth much. His eyes darted back and forth, between the scientist who was escaping an area very burnt and another intern. "Geez, you'd think they'd have, you know, safety measures and all that so we wouldn't get burned, you know?" The other intern nodded, these freaks were too much sometimes. Shrugging the scientist gave a simple, "What can you do?" and left the building. Honestly, they didn't even give them a handbook or something...or if they did to interns, he never got his. Maybe he was too new? Oh well. Going outside, he saw the spectacle of the same girl who probably burned the scientist throwing fire at the crowd. ...Oh God, they don't pay me enough for this.

    Min had already grabbed the fire extinguisher, perhaps on instinct. Immediately, he dashed over to the place, making sure to put out the fires while also simultaneously forcing people away, "Hey, hey! She obviously doesn't want...attention right now, stay around and you'll get burned!" Pushing the last straggler away, he sighed. Putting out the fires while watching over his back to make sure he himself didn't get on fire was a pretty strenuous task. Already, this job proved to be very....interesting, to say the very least. Glancing behind him again, he caught a flash of the normally very volatile girl get quiet, for whatever reason. Of course, he really didn't want to talk to her about correct behavior, but it WAS his paycheck on the line.

    The ground was still hot from the fires, even after he extinguished them. Hm. That's something to take note of....I suppose I should write down about all these guys....might give me an edge in not getting injured around the area. Glancing around to make sure any of the audience hadn't drifted back in, he frowned at the unrepentant..'Misery' as denoted by the other intern. "Hey, uh, Misery? Nice to meet you and all, my name's Min, I'm a new intern. Sorry to get off on the wrong foot, but uh, please don't just shoot fire at the....audience. ...Well, unless your supposed to, I have no idea what this place is about, but hey, a job's a job I suppose." Glancing at the winged girl next to her, he remarked to himself, faintly, "Though, not a very good one with all due respect." Straightening himself up, he felt he had to ask, "Hey, does shooting out fire hurt you? I don't really understand how you...uh, work, but if you need some ice packs or something, just give a holler or whatever, I have to admit, I don't know if interns are actually issued those, but I'll figure something out if it makes you not so....pyro happy." Sensing, or maybe just paranoid about the possibility of being burned, he backed off a few feet, "Course, I guess I really can't stop you. But hey, um, it less, I guess?"

    Walking away, he felt as if he had only accomplished to look like a fool who didn't know what he was doing. Though, the be honest, he DIDN'T know what he was doing. All he knew was that 'the show must go on' or something along those lines. He wasn't really given any orders to follow. He should probably ask one of the scientists.....oh well, that could be for another time.

    "What do you do?"
    A rather emo looking kid, if he had to judge honestly, stood before him, poking a stick through the bars of the cage. Oddly enough, Soren expected worst. Then again, it's not like anyone would throw bricks or anything just to see how-
    The stick jabbed into his ribs this time, and he rose his head up; the kid finally got his attention.

    "I'm like, your first visitor, or whatever! Do something cool!"
    Ooh, can I, can I, can I?
    Soren frowned, muttering more to himself than at the boy, "Glad to see that your liking this place...." Six replied with a cheery, Hey! This is fun! Now, let's do some good old fashioned....

    Soren's eyes glassed over, and his blue eyes changed into a dull amber, "....Wanna see a magic trick?"
    The boy was silent, urging him to go on with his hands.
    Soren's skin paled, then he seemed to shrink into himself for a bit. His clothes changed color to a dark crimson red, and they changed shape, forming a red hoodie over a white shirt. His hair grew longer, and changed to a lighter red. Both his nose and mouth became less pronounced, and his eyes grew wider. Before long, a girl was standing in his place, grinning at the boy akin to a shark, "Tada!"


    Interested, the boy pulled the stick back and basically interrogated her, "So, how do you do that? Does it hurt your bones when you change your body structure? Is..."

    As he was talking, her eyes were scanning him, an almost eerie stare that stopped all of his questions. Confused, he asked, "What's up?"

    "No, no. Stay there. Stay riiiiight there......"

    Finished, she seemed to give off a genuine smile, only making the boy feel more uncomfortable. By this time, one of his friends joined them.

    "Hey, you find out what this girl does?" He was an older guy, maybe an older brother....taking his emo, younger brother out to the human equivalent of the zoo to look at all the freaks.

    "Yeah! She can like, change genders!" Was his happy, fake reply. Shrugging, the older guy walked away, leaving the younger guy in front of her cage again.

    "Man, you really don't like him, do you? That was really fake." Her response caught him off guard, of course, even he knew that his happy reply was pretty much as she said it was.

    "Yeah, well, he's kind of a jerk. He doesn't really pay attention to me, and all that." Sheepishly, the boy looked as if he was embarrassed to tell his secrets to a girl he never met before...but for some odd reason, those amber eyes lulled him in a false sense of security, hypnotizing him to a small extent.

    "Aw, is that so? You can tell me about it, if you'd like, I'll listen." Perhaps on purpose, her voice seemed to have the effect of lowering his guard. Her voice was relaxing.

    "..Okay, here, you see....when I was...."

    It continued on like that for a while. It was odd, in a sense. In a way, Soren felt as if he was watching everything with his own eyes, except he wasn't doing anything, it was all Six. Hearing the boy's frustrations, he made the mental image of Six as a therapist, it was amusing to him, to think that Six could be a therapist. After about twenty minutes, the boy seemed spent, but pretty happy.

    "...Thanks, um...sorry, I didn't catch your name."

    "Me? Well, I don't have a name. I'm just a number. Six. Or, Persona Non Grata Six."

    "Persona Non Grata? Isn't that Latin unwelcome person?"

    At this, she smiled sadly, "Of course. In a sense, we're the Personae Non Gratae, we're the Unwanted People. No one wants us."

    The boy cocked his head, "Us? So there's more of you?"

    "Yeah, but most of them don't like...taking over. They like to just watch, and listen. Well, some of them. Some are just rowdy."

    Just nodding, the boy walked away, satisfied, though, he turned back, and after an odd pause placed a ten dollar bill inside the cage. "For snacks, you know?" Was his last comment as he walked away.

    "Hm. Hey, Base, think we should take it?"

    Changing back, Soren grabbed the dollar bill, placing it into his pocket, "No. If a scientist sees it, they'll want it. I'm still not sure how they're funded, but we'll give it to a scientist. Kinda like work. Except we don't get paid." Staring out of his cage again, he resumed his brooding, letting the ten dollar bill conspicuously peek out of his pocket. Six, meanwhile, just smiled at the recent events. This IS interesting! Frowning, Soren silently wondered what interesting would mean as they became more acquainted with their new home.
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  11. Tanner Voigt
    "Excuse me, miss... but... why are you crying?"
    The images that often floated around the young boy's head had temporarily dissipated. Where there once were images of dogs with lolling tongues, butterflies weaving in and out of the air, and flames filling the room, there now was nothing other than a light wispy fog - an obvious sign of concern, on the boy's part. Getting no response, he repeated his question.
    "Excuse me, miss... but... why are you crying?"
    The little girl in front of him blinked, once, twice, and then wiped at her nose.
    "Can't you find your mommy?" Tanner asked, when he yet again received nothing but silence.
    The girl nodded slightly.

    "When you get lost, you're supposed to stay in one place." Tanner said. "If you stand here long enough I'm sure your mommy will find you."
    The girl bit her bottom lip, her sniffles intensifying to muffled sobs.
    "No, no, don't do that!" Tanner exclaimed quickly, his own lip beginning to quiver at the sight of the girl's tears. "I didn't mean to make you upset, please calm down! You can stay with me until she gets back, it will only be a few moments. Here, here, watch!"

    Pushing a clump of his curly hair out of his face, the boy narrowed his eyes into a stare of intense concentration - focusing all his attention on an area right next to the girl's shoulder. Within a few moments, colorful illustrations were dancing around her - rabbits, unicorns, kittens, rainbows, fairies - all the things one would expect a small girl to like. "There, see? Those are fun, aren't they? They're nice?" His voice was quiet, and shaky, as if he feared a negative reaction from the small child. He got the exact opposite, though, and the little girl's tears immediately stopped. She watched with fascination, a smile slowly forming on his face. "Oh, they're so pretty." She mumbled, leaning forward and pressing her face to the bars. "

    Always eager for approval, Tanner was unable to hide his excitement at the little girl's reaction. "Oh, really? They're pretty? I tried very hard, I even-" He was cut short, as the girl was yanked away from behind.
    "Susie!" An older woman said fiercely, albeit quietly, as she stared at the girl with a look of suppressed horror. "Don't run off, and don't stand so close! They're in cages for a reason! It could have hurt you!" Casting one last glare, the woman tightened her grip around the girl's wrist, and walked off.

    The images Tanner had created once again dissipated, as did his smile, and faded back into mist.

    Coralie had been scanning her new prison, watching the other 'freaks' with interest. So far, she'd had little chance to observe them, but what she did had been telling. They certainly were an interesting bunch; The first she noticed were a dog (despicable creatures, as they were) who seemed silent and uninterested, and a girl with butterfly wings who flitted about as if the humans deserved to be entertained. She paused but once, to hand a note to a girl with fire shooting from her fingers and a temper to match. She seemed a fool, in Coralie's eyes, but at least she didn't sit around compliantly as so many of the others did. Next, there was a boy (no, a girl? Or... both?), who, although acting calm and coolheaded, seemed more... inexperienced than the others, so to say; She imagined he had been there less than the rest. Lastly, her gaze had fallen on that of a small boy. He was a pathetic thing, really - vulnerable and overly eager to please. If she had to sum him up in one word, she wouldn't have hesitated to say 'broken'. After being rejected by the woman with the little girl, he had seemed genuinely downtrodden - as if what these hideous things thought about him actually mattered. At first, he'd sat curled in the corner, with his knees tightly drawn to his chest. When he finally stopped, he had turned back towards the cell door, sticking his hands out through the bars of his cage in the same way a toddler desperate for attention would.

    "Ey, ey, eyyyy, little birdy."
    Coralie paused, as her thoughts were interrupted by a crooning voice and a violent rattling of her birdcage. Snapping her gaze up, she turned her head towards the source of her distraction - a redheaded teen boy. Behind him were two other boys and a girl of similar ages, all wearing lopsided smirks. She imagined they weren't much older than herself, though she couldn't be sure.
    "Ey, ey, ey little birdy." The redhead repeated, whistling a bird call.
    Coralie didn't respond, but simply glared them down. She was not some rarity, some attraction to be viewed in a carnival - she was an individual, just like any other, and she refused to respond to these cretins.
    "Eh, Josh, I don't think it's gonna say anything." One boy chimed in, pulling a piece of gum out of his mouth and twirling it around his finger.
    "I don't think it can say anything." Another boy added.
    "I knew this place was a crock." The girl huffed. "I bet it's not even real. Probably got some sorta motion sensor, or some other crap like that."
    "Well, little birdy?" The redhead asked. "You got metal for bones? A little chip for a brain? Are there gears and wires under that dress?"

    The boy managed to stick his fingers through the cage, and he grabbed for Coralie - first squeezing her arm, before he started tugging on her dress, as if trying to figure out if she was real. Coralie gasped, and lurched forward, biting down on the boy's finger so hard she drew blood.
    "The little brat bit me!" The redhead exclaimed, pulling his hand away so quickly it flung Coralie backwards. He seemed more surprised, than anything else.
    "Nasty little creature, ain't it?" The girl asked, shaking her head.
    "I say we pull it outta that cage, and stomp on it." Another boy sneered, crossing his arms.

    "Nasty little creatures." Coralie growled back, baring her teeth at the group of teenagers. "Disgusting little beasties. Messing with a lady and then blaming her for it. If I were bigger I'd stomp on you - grind you into the ground with the heel of my foot. Varmints, brutes, vile vile animals."

    The redhead and the girl exchanged a glance, before shaking their heads.
    "I wish it had kept it's mouth shut." The boy said.
    "Same." Agreed the girl. "Come on, maybe if we show 'em that mark on your hand we can get our money back. Nothin' better than a day of free entertainment, yeah?"

    Coralie smoothed her dress down as they walked away, her teeth still bared. Once they were out of sight, though, she could feel her anger wash away and be replaced by something else - something more like despair. Balling her fists up, she rubbed at her eyes furiously. "Nasty little creatures, disgusting little beasties, varmints, brutes, vile vile animals." She repeated to herself, as she tried to keep the tears from coming. It was all so unfair. Only a few days ago life had been a big adventure, and now here she was, being poked and prodded by passerbys; And all because of nasty little boy with grubby fingers and quicker reflexes than herself. These humans were disgusting- a hideous lot, all of them - and she wanted nothing to do with their kind.

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  12. Spot stared up at Mr. Mado with fresh fear in his eyes. He knew all too well what the scientist would do to him if he didn't obey. "No," he said, shaking his head. "I'm not."

    Hearing the words come out of his muzzle got the kids' attention all over again. They immediately started prying at the bars, trying to reach through and touch the talking dog. Spot backed up further into his cage, hoping to stay out of reach. He was lucky that the scientists had given him a decent amount of room to walk around in -- the exercise was important, and kids getting their grubby hands on his fur might mess up further experiments.

    "Surely this is a scam!" the mother huffed. "Where's your tape recorder?! There has to be one somewhere!" She started frantically looking around the cage, while Spot continued to duck away from the boys' hands.
  13. She felt a little upset about the way spot was being treated, children straining to touch him, reaching through the bars of his cage. finding a loose rock in her own, she chucked it at the children, causing some of them to back away, others shielded their eyes by throwing their arms up in front of their faces, others complained that someone was throwing rocks at them. Mothers became irritated, children became upset that they had been assaulted by small rocks.
    but nobody knew who had thrown them, as she had done so in an attempt to distract the children, giving Spot some time to breathe without the trouble of evading prodding fingers and chubby little hands trying to grab at his fur.
    Mumbling under her breath, she cursed at the children and their ignorance, turning away to sit in a corner where she could rest for a bit.
  14. Mr. Mado smirked as Spot spoke, instantly grabbing the children's attentions as they started grabbing through the cage at the dog. He raised his eyebrow at the mother, shaking his head giving her a smile. "No, no.. At the carnival we would never do that.. Would we Spot?" Mado thought quite rudely of the stupid people here, he only thought of them as money bags walking around, so he was always kind enough to get the creatures to work for them.
  15. Misery just looked at the scientist that was talking to her as if he was dumb. She spat fire out from her mouth, though not really because she wasn't in the mood to burn her tongue. "Yeah yeah, I get it," she said as if bored, "As for the fire, too late, my hands are completely nerveless or whatever they say, can't feel a thing really." Nope, nothing whatsoever. At least this guy was nice-ish. Maybe she won't set his hair on fire. But that creepy old guy? Definitely setting his hair on fire. Or his feet. Or his whole body, though she only tried that once and...nope! Not thinking about it! She laid on her back and glanced up at the metal ceiling, thinking about the map. Yeah, she wasn't going to talk to that person that came in a couple of days ago, they apparently liked it here. Ho ho, wait until they get tested on, then they'll wish they've never came to this place, just like she did.

    Sadie was checking on the other showcases, trying to get them to calm down and put on the smiles for the big crowd. She also gave some of them lollipops, particularly the little kids that had been here for a long while. Poor kids, they should be with parents. Oh well, more work for the people here! She noticed Min and went over to him. "Ah, hello there, honey! Are you new here? If you want, I can give you a tour of the place and explain protocol to you." She glanced over at Misery and Sylia. "Have you two been good? I got extra lollipops here if you want them." She offered one to them both, with Misery taking one. "You see, you have to treat them with kindness. Kindness is the key! They flourish under it!" "Doesn't stop them from experimenting on us, though," Misery grumbled through the lollipop she was chewing on. She lit the end of it like a cigarette, causing the scientist to frown. "Oh sweetie, don't do that. You'll develop bad habits." "I know, but it's not the real thing and I wanted to light it up," the fifteen year old explained.
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  16. Suddenly a few rocks pelted the children, causing them to back away from Spot's cage, cussing and hollering the whole time. Their mom pulled them back, not wanting to get her precious babies hurt any more. Spot breathed a sigh of relief. "No, never," he added, rolling his eyes. It was a very human gesture, but then again he wanted to seem more human than canine.

    "Hmph," the mother snorted. "Let's go, boys." She herded her sons away, grumbling about taped-on wings and hidden microphones the whole way back. Spot was just happy to see her gone. He flashed a smile at Sylia; the source of the rocks could only have been her, since she had shown him similar kindness in the past and her cage was close enough to his.
  17. She smiled back, giving a faint wave to Spot before returning to her restful state, her wings lain against her back
    in a way that let them air but not touch her lest they be damaged n some way. She was tired of the same thing
    every day, and she wanted to out an end to it. Only she was far to fragile a thing to make such an attempt
    as to overturn the strict authority in this facility. She would either hurt herself in the process or she would fail
    to finish what she started. either way she couldn't live with herself afterwards, so she wasn't going to try. As much
    as she wanted to do it, she had to keep herself from doing anything wrong.
  18. Mr. Mado watched as rocks were pelted at the fat children and they retreated to their mother, making him growl silently in annoyance. It had to be on the of creatures in the show and oh boy, was he going to find out who it was. Mado went to go after the family but, just huffed, knowing they already bought tickets and gave up their money. He looked back over at Spot and glared at him, giving that creepy smirk of his and walking away, quite excited for this nights testing.
  19. Just then Vanessa shooed everyone out of the carnival area, locking up the front gates and switching of the smaller lights around the fence.

    " Alright, time to close up.Lets move em' down to the facility grounds. Come on we don't have all night people!"

    She was raising her voice to make sure she was heard by the others scientists, making her way to Sylia's cage and guiding her, along with several others creatures, down into the facility and locking them into their containment units. Upon returning above ground, she collected another test subject, placing a chain around it's neck, and gave it a shot to dull it's senses. Leaving it to follow her back down in a dazed state, unaware of it's surroundings. She now wore a white lab coat, her hair drawn up into a neat ponytail, clipboard in hand, a pen in the other.And the way her heals clicked on the ground made Sylia's brow twitch, anger boiling up inside of her.

    " Mr. Mado, would you set up room number thirteen please, we have to get ready for tonight's testing. If all goes well, drinks are on me."
  20. Allen, who had been using the daytime to sleep, slowly pulled his head from the desk he was resting it on and groaned. It was always the same thing, every day they would put the show on for the so called freaks, then they would come down here at night and... He grimaced in disgust and slowly got up. He hated working here, so much...and he just wanted everyone to go to nince homes live a normal life, and so on and so forth, not work down here. The albino male slowly made his way to where everyone was being gathered, seeing if he could find some he recognized. Ah, there was Misery right there! One of his favorites, in his opinion, because she still contained a spark of rebellion in her.

    His pace quickened as he made a beeline towards her to give her a hug. "More experiments...boy do I hate them," she said. She was trying to be brave, though he could feel her body shaking at the thought of it. "Yeah..." he said, "Sorry, I'll try to pull some strings so that you'll be working with either Sadie or me again. Okay?" He paused. "Don't worry, I'll try to not let any harm come to the ones under my care." "Me too?" He chuckled. "Yeah, you too. Not gonna deny that you're one of my favorites." She smiled and her trembling subsided somewhat. Poor girl didn't deserve it, she deserved to go back to her loving foster home. Were they still looking for her now? Neither of them could tell. He couldn't tell if his family was worried about him, not coming to visit. They probably were, it was...sad to be honest.
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