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  1. Introduction

    On the large continent of Archanea, One of the strongest kingdoms resides. Agustria.

    Agustria, being the capital of the large continent is rich in resources, people, and problems. Behind the large colorful banners sprawled about the city lies many people in poverty, corrupted government officials, frequent crimes and death, sickness and even enemies of the royal family are slowly getting bolder and bolder.

    But within the halls of the royal castle the problems are bad, even worse maybe. The king is a reputed womanizer and had several lovers. The queen was once a nice lady but as the king left her alone she began to despise him and plans on her firstborn son to succeed the throne early. The children, both bastard and royal are torn and thrown in turmoil as their parent's different attempts at outdoing each other. There's rumor of betrayal among the knights, some people of the country are rising against the family, and the king is plotting something diabolical.


    Archanea is the home to many different colorful creatures

    Although most are untamed and uncivilized there are few that live among your normal human, although most of the time they hide away from the humans to avoid discrimination. Some of the common creatures found around Archanea are Sprites, Anthros, and demons.

    Even the humans of this continent aren't one-hundred percent homo-sapiens either.

    The most human-like creatures of Archanea are known as Humes. The thing that differentiates them from your normal typical human is that some of the Humes are born with powers. Certain blessed Humes can naturally use elder arts like magick and summoning to aid their countries. The blessed ones are often called Shamans.

    What can I and cannot do?

    1.) You can have multiple characters, but they must have some relevance to the plotline.
    2.) No god-modding characters besides yours
    3.) Relationships between characters can blossom, but nothing should go Mature. Take that to PM's.
    4.) Please make your posts be at least a paragraph long
    5.) All other basic roleplay rules
    6.) Have Fun~

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: Center-format it then remove the appearance bracket please.


    Full Name:
    Race: If special, please fill out the fourth set. If not just ignore the third.




    Relationship with the King:
    Relationship with the Queen:
    Relationship with Siblings:





    Elaborate the Race:
    Relationship with Humes:
    How is this race related to the Royal Family:

    Full Name: Battle
    Race: Nymph
    Age: Roughly 17

    Gender: Female
    Abilities: Can call upon nature and speak to nature spirits, the Fae, and plants/foliage/greenery

    Occupation/Role: Princess to the Kingdom and tries to play mediator as best she can. She dislikes any sort of conflict (despite her name).


    Relationship with the King: Bastard child of the king, the King speaks to Battle, but the Nymph would rather stay out of politics - which does not sit well with her father. He drags her back in to court
    Relationship with the Queen: Strained, Queen hates Battle because she is proof of the King's unfaithfulness to her.
    Relationship with Siblings: Yet to be determined?


    Biography: Battle would rather be anywhere than in court, but her father always finds her back in the woods and drags her back to court while constantly lecturing her on being a princess and how she is supposed to act and the expectations.

    Parents: The King and a woodland Nymph of high-born status


    Elaborate the Race: She looks Hume, but the green in her eyes is unnatural, and the leaves that grow from her head are obviously not natural either. She has pale skin, but slightly pointed ears that always remind her of her Fae heritage. She hates shoes, so she prefers to be at court barefoot. That is her leverage for coming back to court with the King. If she goes back, she goes back with no shoes. She usually wins.
    Relationship with Humes: No direct problem. She is a peaceful person and avoids conflict like the plague. However, there is always that social stigma of being an out-of-wedlock child.
    How is this race related to the Royal Family: King's daughter

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    Full Name: Victor Velthomer
    Race: Human
    Age: Early fifties.

    Gender: Male
    Abilities: The perks of being the King.

    Occupation/Role: King


    Relationship with the King: He is the king.
    Relationship with the Queen: Broken Love. He had once loved her with all of his heart before his temptations got the best of him. Despite the lingering feeling, his myriad of maidens have torn them apart to the point of it not being fixable.
    Relationship with His Children: Most he ignores unless they approach them, favors a few of them specially.


    Biography: He inherited the throne from his father at the early age of twenty-five in year 906. He at first was a just ruler who did his best for the people, but year after year the power soon made him corrupt. At the age of thirty-seven in the year of 919 he took a beautiful shaman by the name of Cigyun as his wife. They lived happily until thirteen years of marriage left Victor bored with Cigyun. He took many maidens and soon they each began pregnant. He has many children.

    Parents: The Previous King and his beloved.



    Full Name: Cigyun Velthomer
    Race: Hume
    Age: Late forties.

    Gender: Female
    Abilities: She is a shaman, therefore she has the ability to cast magick.

    Occupation/Role: Queen of the Kingdom, wife of Victor.


    Relationship with the King: Broken, she once loved him with all of her heart, but as the king was tempted and he left her all alone she fell into a pit of despair and hatred. Her love has turned sour, she plots on his demise.
    Relationship with the Queen: She is the queen.
    Relationship with her children.: She loves her REAL children, she hates all of the bastard children.


    Biography: Cigyun grew up as a shaman whose beauty gave her country-wide recognition. Her prowess in the magickal arts and her God-gifted beauty led her to become the Queen of Agustria. Her life was happy at first, she had three children with her beloved husband before the marriage crumbled.
    Parents: Unamed Woman, Unamed man.
  5. Anime-Guy-yuuram-15591538-500-375.jpg

    Full Name:Slyvar Sulddan

    Race: Human
    Age: 24

    Gender: Male
    Abilities: Strangely Likeable

    Occupation/Role: Friend, someone to let all emotional troubles poor out onto.


    Relationship with the King: The king doesn't like Slywar, he feels Slywar is too close to his Daughters.
    Relationship with the Queen: Motherly figure
    Relationship with Siblings: Best Friends with the pure blood children.


    Biography: At birth his mother died and he lived with his father until he was about 5 or 6 and his father drank himself to death. After that he was rich, stupid, and lonely.
    Just the kind of kid any fool would make friends with, after all, it was free money. Soon enough he didn't have much to eat and was cheated out of his father castle. Now he was on the streets with no friends, no food, and no where to go. Soon enough on a trip that the queen took she found him sitting on the side of the street. Though the streets were ridden with homeless, mainly because of the unreasonable laws that were put in place long before this time. They constantly gave the king more land by[SIZE=2] letting him '[SIZE=2]prosecute[/SIZE]' troublesome[SIZE=2] peas[SIZE=2]ants that could have don[SIZE=2]e anything from kill a man to [SIZE=2]gazing [SIZE=2]upon[SIZE=2] the kings castle. The[SIZE=2] laws[/SIZE] were a bit [SIZE=2]messed up[SIZE=2] but who[SIZE=2]'s complaining[SIZE=2]? The peas[SIZE=2]an[SIZE=2]ts [SIZE=2]aren't[/SIZE]... mainly because they like [SIZE=2]their heads attached to their [SIZE=2]body's[SIZE=2] and the kings not because he gets free land.

    The Queen had stopped because the boy, though muddy and starving, was dress of noble blood. This was a curious sight. She had asked him his name and he gave it too her, instantly she recognized his heritage, the king had gone on about it for hours. He blabbered about how a father could be so inconsiderate and leave his son to fend for himself and how the small child could be so stupid and let a peas[SIZE=2]ant [SIZE=2]ch[SIZE=2]eat him out of his castle. How the boy was ruining the name of the [SIZE=2]Nob[SIZE=2]les and if the [SIZE=2]k[SIZE=2]ing ever got his hands on the boy he [SIZE=2]would have to raise [SIZE=2]the boy himself an[SIZE=2]d teach him how to be a [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]proper[/SIZE] noble. Of co[SIZE=2]urse[SIZE=2] that night the [SIZE=2]king was just mad because one of his [SIZE=2]maidens could not make it.[SIZE=2] and though it was no secret that he had known other women than his wife [SIZE=2]he [SIZE=2]still would never [SIZE=2]admit it to her. This [SIZE=2]was a good way to get [SIZE=2]his frustrations [SIZE=2]out instead.

    The [SIZE=2]Queen [SIZE=2]had brought the young boy home and [SIZE=2]presented him to the kin[SIZE=2]g. [SIZE=2]The king did not remember what he had rambled about [SIZE=2]not even a year ago and was about to send [SIZE=2]the boy [SIZE=2]out of [SIZE=2]his sight when it [SIZE=2]struck him[SIZE=2]. His lie he [SIZE=2]told so long ago,[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]he couldn't have just lied to his [SIZE=2]wife so he let the boy stay and [SIZE=2]'learn[SIZE=2]' how to be a noble threw his [SIZE=2]own children. This is when he met all [SIZE=2]their children.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Noble Orphan
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    What do you think?
  9. Well, you can never trust another with an important part and expect them to do it right. Even if you lead them to the corrected solution or hint to the correct problem they still may miss it. If you work closely together it can seem like your controlling their character for them. Vital characters with important roles should be played by a close friend or by the GM themselves.
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  12. [​IMG]


    Full Name: Fiona Velthomer
    Race: Human
    Age: 23

    Gender: Female
    Abilities: Fiona is a shaman like her mother.

    Occupation/Role: Royal-Blood Princess of Agustria.


    Relationship with the King: Her father favors her over her other siblings as she was his first child. Although his love for her mother faded, weirdly it hadn't faded for Fiona's case. He keeps her close and trusts her more than his other children.
    Relationship with the Queen: The queen, like she does all her children Cigyun loves Fiona with all her heart. Fiona is somewhat rebellious to her mother, maybe she's mad at the fact that Cigyun hadn't fought for her father hard enough.
    Relationship with Siblings: Fiona is very friendly to her full-blooded siblings and bastard siblings alike. She's somewhat oblivious that some children loathe her for the fact that she is held in high regard by both parents.


    Biography: Fiona is the first child between the royal couple of Victor and Cigyun. Her life was okay at first, considering the fact that she was born in a time of happiness between the marriage and they lived a happy life.

    She was just a mere child when her father had started getting tempted by beautiful maidens, the family was slowly breaking but there was one thing that seemed to be good, her mother had found a orphaned noble, who they planned on raising, his name was Sylvar. Fiona and Sylvar were raised as siblings and were quick friends, even when she did get real siblings.

    Fiona is planned on living in the castle until her death day due to the fact she is of royal lineage, but a girl cannot take the throne. Her father has sentenced her to become an advisor for her younger brother, who instead would take the throne.
    Parents: Victor and Cigyun


    Full Name: Cornelious Velthomer

    Race: Human
    Age: 20

    Gender: Male
    Abilities: He sadly takes a straw from his father and doesn't have any special powers.

    Occupation/Role: Prince, heir to the throne.


    Relationship with the King: The king utterly despises his son, as Cornelius surpasses him and every way, in kindess, in ruling, in fencing. Cornelius is better. The king even plots on his death.

    Relationship with the Queen: Cigyun is obsessed with her son taking the throne, as she has been driven somewhat crazy from Victor leaving her in despair and jealously. Her personality changes drastically when near Cornellius, much to his distaste.
    Relationship with Siblings: He's good with everyone besides his parents really.


    Biography: Cornelius was the second child of Victor and Cigyun's doomed love-story. He had been born when things had just got sour, when his father declared proudly about his maidens, paining Cigyun terribly. As he grew, his mother realized that he would take the throne and she became obsessed, causing Cornelius to back away from her.
    His childhood was quite sad, he never had a mother figure as she kept plotting his inheritance, his father hated him for the simple fact that Cornelius would get the throne. He trained in his sword-arm and often hanged out with the village children making him well known by the town and he's strong. Adding to the hatred of his father.

    Parents: Cigyun and Victor.

    Okay, so I'm gonna finish making characters now as I don't want all spots to be filled. Haha. At most there will probably be enough room for four royal children, including Cornelius and Fiona. Haha.

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  13. [​IMG]
    (Purple haired is Unecht and Blonde is Rein)


    Full Name: Rein Velthomer
    Race: Human
    Age: 10

    Gender: Female
    Abilities: None, just cuteness and trouble making

    Occupation/Role: True blood princess

    Relationship with the King: Her father is always annoyed by the childish pranks she pulls.
    Relationship with the Queen: Her mother loves her dearly but does not like her relationship with her half-sister.
    Relationship with Siblings: Rein is on good terms with most of her siblings, and shares a special bond with Unecht.

    Biography: Rein was born on they very same day Unecht was. The two became fast friends and became insuperable After Unecht's mother left their bond became even closer. Unecht and Rein would always get into trouble around the castle. Rein knows of the quarrels in the castle, but Unecht distracts her from all that.
    Parents: The queen and the king. (Victor and Cigyun)
    Full Name: Unecht Liebe
    Race: Yorlen/human
    Age: 10

    Gender: No gender, but looks very female
    Abilities: The ability to lie with incredible effectiveness
    Occupation/Role: Bastard Daughter

    Relationship with the King: The king is greatly annoyed by the pranks she pulls.
    Relationship with the Queen: The queen really doesn't like Unecht, and will ignore her no matter what. She really dislikes how close she is to Rein and is convinced she is a bad influence to her daughter.
    Relationship with Siblings: Unecht cares deeply for Rein and will do anything for her. (Not sure about any other siblings)


    Biography: Unecht is the daughter of a beautiful Yorlen who had come to the kingdom in search for work. Using her abilities she got herself a job as a handmaiden at the castle. In her time there she worked as the queen's handmaiden. She ended up in bed with the king, luring him there with her sly lies and trickery. The queen and herself each had a child on the same date. When the queen found out who the father was she promptly saw about ridding herself of the Yorlen. The Yorlen was banished, but the child stayed. This was because by the time the queen found out about the king being the father the two girls were both of age five and had forged their inseparable bond. The two, from then on, never parted. Unecht, being a Yorlen, always has a trick up her sleeve and goes about the castle pulling pranks and causing trouble, dragging Rein along.
    Parents: Esmeralda Liebe (The Yorlen) and the king.


    Elaborate the Race: Yorlen are a no-gender race (meaning there is no male and female, there just is) but look very much female. Yorlen can reproduce with other Yorlen but conceiving is hard. So many Yorlen make their union with other races. There is some separation between Yorlen though; some Yorlen can mate with both men and women, others can only mate with men, and some can only mate with women. 50% of Yorlen are Baladers-can mate with both women and men, 45% are Maladers-can only mate with men, and 5% are Kaladers-can only mate with women.
    Yorlen are often very beautiful and very sly. They are greatly known for their cunning and tricks, and many are fooled by them despite their reputation. They have purple tinted skin that is hardly noticeable in poor light, always colorful pastel eyes, and either have black, purple, dark blue, or deep red hair. They also have exceptional eye sight in the dark. They are small and lithe, and light on their feet, making them very agile.
    The Yorlen are of no kingdom and no land and do not often live together. They were once a small band of travelers that wandered the land, but as times changed they parted. They now live scattered across the earth. Their is rumor, though, that a caravan of Yorlen still wanders.

    Relationship with Humes: They are often seen as criminals and liars to most other races, including the Humes, but Humes have found some unions with the Yorlen, as men are often drawn to them.
    How is this race related to the Royal Family: They really aren't affiliated with anyone. Only the young Yorlen that slept with the father and Unecht that lives with them now has had any relationship with the family.
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    Wow, Victor is turning to have a real kink. A yorlen, A shaman, and a Nymph. lewl.
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  17. (I cannot follow instructions properly. I just decided to do all four information things... DON'T HURT ME!)
    Here's his appearance... He is about 7.5 feet tall or so.

    Full Name: Christopher Locks (His human-given name.)
    Race: Canis (A spinoff of a werewolf... You'll see later on.)
    Age: 33

    Gender: Male (Oh noses, my first male character!)
    Abilities: Excelling strength, speed, and years of combat training. Also does well in intimidating.

    Occupation/Role: A high knight/guard


    Relationship with the King: The king saved Christopher from death by allowing him to be the first non-human creature in the knights and guards. Christopher is ever-grateful to the king for saving his life before the knights killed him.
    Relationship with the Queen: The queen seems to dislike Christopher from his point of view, but he isn't sure.
    Relationship with Siblings: He has only seen them in the hall. No interaction is noted.


    Christopher was born into his pack and lived as a happy pup until the Hume attacked. They consisted of villagers and a few knights. Christopher was barely saved by his parents, them losing their lives in the process. He was then about to be executed when the King stopped the knights and let Christopher be allowed into the guard. Though he IS eternally grateful for his life, Christopher also has an eternal hatred for the death of his family and friends.
    Parents: Two of the Canis in the pack.


    Elaborate the Race: The Canis are similar to werewolves in appearance, yet they only have grey or black coats. They also do not switch between human and wolf, they stay as they are. The Canis do not have Omegas, yet there are Alphas. All members in the pack are treated as a family. Because of their aggressive nature towards humans, the race of Canis is low in numbers, but there are indeed stray packs in the wilderness. They also have a strictly carnivore diet, but they can eat plants if they must. Note that they [SIZE=2]CAN speak, yet they prefer not to.[/SIZE]
    Relationship with Humes: Pretty dang bad considering that they love to feast upon humans.
    How is this race related to the Royal Family: The Royal Family has hunted the Canis species for years, they are hunters of each other. It is not known why the King allowed Christopher into the guard, and why he has allowed the Canis to go to a very high rank.
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