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  1. Basically this story about two friends who begin falling in love with one another. ~~~~~~ -My Quick Character Info- Name: Alec Stark Age:17 Height: 5'12'' Birthday: October 31st Personality: Goofy, Kind, Caring, Outgoing, Tough. Looks: Handsome, Iris eye, Natural white hair, fair skin, muscular.

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  2. I haven't done a romance in ages... I'll post up a character sheet in due time! >:3
  3. Definitely going to re-use one of my more tougher characters.
  4. Name: Hashimitsu Yuuka. (Last name for short)
    Age: 17.
    Personality: Will very often keep to herself and refuse help from others. Studding very often during a conversation. Shy, and easily intimidated, doing as she's asked without question. She has issues with sudden changes and will sometimes just runaway if possible.
    Grade: Senior.
    Extra: She has asthma and will often puff her inhaler each half hour, whenever she is frightened, or just to get the point through that she actually has asthma.
    Extra: Socially awkward, often getting into peoples space.
    Extra: Has a fear of anything electric, a simple phone making her unwary.
    Extra: Fascinated with water and could spend hours gazing into a stream.
    Extra: Her eye color is a deep emerald green, similar to this.
    Appearance (open)
    Kurisu Makise! <3[​IMG]
  5. Accepted Seraphinia! :D
  6. Yus! >w< So eh... Is this gonna be a Thread or Convo?
  7. Now that I think of it, should we make some kind of background story or just go along with whatever?
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