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  1. Allen stood outside of the gigantic facility and stared at it in awe. The sheer size of it intimated him a bit though, he wondered what kind of experiments and tests that they were conducting from the inside. Have they found a cure to an incurable disease? Or maybe they had just discovered a new virus that would plague the world this time? He scratched his head as multiple workers and scientists stared at him as they walked before continuing their daily routines, with a sigh and a mini pep-talk, Allen strolled into the building, not forgetting to show the guards outside his pass for permission to enter the building and looked around at its interior. Almost everything inside was white, heh, like a hospital, but the clear windows did add a sense to the facility, and the multiple plants that were scattered here and there as well.
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  2. A fairly small girl who looked younger than she was lay limp on a white mattress staring at the high ceiling before her. The camera watched her like always, but there wasn't much to watch. She nearky blended into the four bright white walls aroubd her with her snowy hair and pale skin. Not to mention the white scrubs she wore. The only color that stood out in the silent room was her turquoise eyes, half open and deep, full to the brim with pain and fear that shouldn't have been put there by the sadistic individuals that run her life. If you could call it that.She existed. But not for much of an enjoyable purpose. No, TS-19 was never given a chance at much joy at all. Sh has not even seen the world outside IHMS with her own eyes. But she could imagine it. Build a world of her own based on the pictures she is shown for learning purposes. It has proven to be a worthwhile distraction from her bleak existence.
  3. Allen walked up a large desk that was situated near the back of the lobby and spoke up to get the secretary's attention. "Hello, um, I'm Allen Hale, I was called her for a practice run on the workings of the lab... Or something..." He spoke awkwardly as he tapped his fingers on the desk's surface.

    Behind the desk was a women with black hair out put into a large, tight bun, and blue calculating eyes glanced at Allen before typing his name on the computer. "Ah, Mr. Hale, we've been expecting you, I've heard your report on the human brain had won this organization over in recruiting you."

    "Oh, that, thanks." Allen smiled politely at the women as she started back on typing on the computer and made a a brief call. "One of our too scientists will be with you in a moment, if you would wait for now that would be fantastic."


    As if on cue, a man with blonde hair and brown eyes that looked like he was in his late 40's strolled up to the front desk, smiling as he shook Allen's hand. "Mr. Hale it's so great to meet you in person, my name is Professor Roy, I trust that the facility is to your usual standards."

    Allen visibly flinched at the use of his last name, using Mr. Hale, sounded like he was older than he actually was, which he wasn't. "Yeah, it's a lot bigger than what I'm used to but I'm sure I'll get the gist if everything here in no time."

    "Great, I'll give you a tour before we head off to one of the laboratories where we will be conducting a new experiment of ours; the TS-19 Project." Professor Roy explained as he lead Allen down a large hallway.
  4. TS-19 herself had not moved much besides to breathe. The drug they had recently tested on her was supposed to help insomniacs get to sleep. It wasn't working. Instead, TS-19 became extremely lethargic, to the point that it hurt to move. She was the most exhausted she's ever been in her life, but no matter how she tried, she could not sleep. Just daydreamed. Though the dimmed lights were supposed to help, they only ended up distracting the poor girl taking shallow breaths. She could not hear much outside her room ans through the tiny window,she only ever saw white coats and clipboarfs. TS-19 sighed, winced, and continued to wait. By now she knew someone would come in with a clipboard, tell them to give them a status report, she would, and then they would offer the bathroom or leave again until dinner. The routine was monotonous besides the various effects of the drugs she was given. And that's usually the worst part.
  5. After about an hour or two of touring around the facility, Allen was seriously starting to get tired. He listened to Professor Roy's explanation of different labs in the facility, but to be frank, a small portion of these labs didn't even need to be here, what a waste of government money, after about ten minutes of him explaining the purpose of one of the main medical labs, he finally switched the topic to the experiment that they were currently working on.

    "The TS-19 project has been moving exceptionally fast these last few years, but not fast enough to meet our agenda, the project was designed to attempt to create and test a serum for incredible mental capabilities, the after affects from the serum were extraordinary, out of 19 children only 1 one of them was able to keep living to this day and serve this project's need." The professor explained looking smug at his and his colleagues achievements.



    Did he hear this correctly?

    "I'm sorry to interrupt while during your explanation but... Children?" Allen rose an eyebrow as if the idea was absolutely prosperous, he wouldn't believe it until he actually saw it.

    "Ah, yes. Something wrong?" Roy asked as they arrived at a lab that was secluded from all the other ones, he slid his ID card through a small machine next to the metal doors, as soon as the machine scanned it, the metal doors opened revealing countless scientists with monitors scattered around the walls. In Allen's line of vision was a large white wall with another metal door, though this door had a small window near the top of it.
  6. TS-19 was not usually told of her future, but the next project to be started with her was very important and had tobe vaguely explained to her. Though the scientists did treat her as less than them, they did not usually underestimate her. They know she is intelligent and often understands their medical lingo. They're also very careful about her special abilities, though they don't make her feel very special. The researchers at IHMS have TS-19 thinking that many of the other subjects at the lab are much like her. Though she has never met any, she didn't doubt their lie. What they taught her was pretty much all she knew. She was theirs to manipulate and lie to and abuse however they see fit. None of their other more legal test subjects were anywhere near as important as her. So yes, they take the necessary precautions to keep her here under their microscopes.

    As far as TS-19 knew, the Project with her name in it is going to start very soon. Before this week, the researchers have been trying to keep her mental abilities somewhat suppressed and a bit unfocused. Using her for other more importatnt human experiments, her telekinesis and forcefields were mostly unused. Now though, is when they could begin to test and analyze her in the name of scientific curiosity. She hoped it would begin tomorrow rather than today. Because today seemed too long and exhausting to hurt herself by trying to move, much less use any sort of power in the lab environment. So she stayed still. Waiting.
  7. Professor Roy walked into into the lab while Allen followed behind him, the metal doors slammed shut as the two entered and Allen slightly jumped at the noise and looked back at the door. The other scientists in the room didn't seem to pay much attention to him until the Professor explained to them how Allen was the new scientist that was going to be working on the latest TS-19 Project.

    "So back to business, what is TS-19's status? Or did you not check yet?" The professor asked as he handed Allen a clipboard on TS-19's information.

    Allen looked down at it and scanned the information thoroughly, the information on it was just her scientific name, gender, age, and they type of serum that they had injected in her body to give her the abilties she had now, and also various other smaller serums as the days passed. "Oh..." He flipped the page and saw the ingredients they had used to create the serums.

    "Well professor, from the data we have collected from the cameras, she doesn't appear to be moving at all.. We suspect it has to do with the injection we had her take earlier..." One of the male scientists spoke up, writing some stuff down on his clipboard.

    "You won't get the full report unless you go in there and get it from her..." Professor Roy sighed and placed his hand on his forehead, using his free hand to get Allen's attention. "Alright, your first assignment for the day would be to get TS-19's daily status report."

    "Hm? Me?" Allen looked up from the clipboard and stared at the Professor before turning his stare to the large metal doors.

    "Yeah, and be quick." Professor Roy walked over to him and gave him a pen before leading Roy to the metal doors and slid his car through, the metal doors immediately opening.
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  8. TS-19 continued to lay, hardly breathing before she heard the metal door to her cell open. She didn't immediately turn her head because her neck aches like the rest of her body. Had her heartbeat slowed down?
    But out of curiosity, since the visitor did not immediately ask something of her, TS-19 turned her neck so she met his yellow eyes. They were bright, a bit shocked, but mostly shocking. TS-19's eyes widened considerably and a small, clear forcefield came away from her body and shielded her from 5 feet away. Not enough to touch him,but he could probably see it. She didn't do it on purpose and because she was very tired, it only stayed up for a second before collapsing back into her like a rubber band. A small gasp could be heard from her parted lips before she spoke, very quietly. She assumed he was another new researcher or scientist because of the clipboard and pen. "Greetings. I-I am Test subject 19.If you would like to shorten my title, you could refer to me as S-19."
    She wanted to be polite and shake his hand, but it would be difficult to get all the way over to him in her condition. "Do you..want me to learn your name? Or were you sent for a specific purpose?" She wondered out loud before sitting up with the pace of a snail. She grew dizzy and it was clear in her expression that it hurt. Her shallow breaths were audible while she turned and began to stand to move toward him, but as soon as she put weight on her legs, she collapsed to the ground, belly down. She started to raise her head to look up at him apologetically. "I'm sorry for my slow pace. I am simply attempting to be polite" TS-19 whispered, before trying and once again failing to get up.
  9. "Oh, um, I-I'll help you up..!" Allen informed her as the metal door shut behind him and placed the clipboard and pen on the floor. He walked over to her and lifted her up from off the floor by placing both his hands on her waist and laid her back down on her mattress. "I would ask if you're alright, but you're obviously not so..." He walked over to his clipboard and pen and picked them up off the floor and walked over to her mattress looking down at her. "Just stay laying down like that if you're not up to moving around... It actually looks like it hurts... Anyway! I was just here to ask for a status report... Status report...?" He asked nervously, smiling sheepishly at her.
  10. The new doctor confused her a little bit. No one ever really helps her. So it was strange to feel him assisting her to help alleviate her aches by laying her down again. The cot was very close to the ground so that she could not hide under it to avoid the lights. Again he surprised her by expressing concern. TS-19 has a very good memory so she remembers what concern looks like based on the artificial expressions she was taught to assess but it was very rare here in the lab. She blinked slowly and watched him pick up the clipboard again. He seemed a bit different than the others, but that was typical of new people. They would eventually become much like the others. She didn't expect that this would last long. Two other rare features of his communication were anxiety and...a smile. Huh. How friendly. What a strange encounter this was indeed. S-19 tried out the smile. It never came naturally but here, the snowy haired experiment pulled up the corners of her mouth tentatively. It seemed a bit forced and weird, but she tried.

    "You seem nervous Doctor. You do not need to be concerned. I do not intend to harm you." She didn't know what to call him, but hopefully he didn't yet know that she shouldn't be speaking this much. maybe he doesn't want her to know his name. "But I will give you what you have been sent to learn." TS-19 performed the usual routine status report without difficulty of memory, but of physical assessment. But by habit, she had already pressed two fingers against her pulse point in her wrist when he mentioned the status report. She counted and listed her symptoms in her soft voice. "Unfortunately, the barbiturate tested was not effective for what it was meant to treat... Subject is very exhausted. Scale: 10. Strangely unable to sleep, but movement is difficult. Scale: 7. Effects include constant muscle ache. Scale:7 and difficulty breathing. Scale: 4." She gulped, pulled her hand away from her wrist and looked up at the new doctor and wrapped it up. "Heart rate below average. May I please be informed of the estimated time period for the drug's activity?" She was not allowed to ask for painkillers, but knowing when the drug would wear off might help her feel a little more optimistic
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  11. Allen flipped through the pages of his clipboard before finding the appropriate drug and wrote down the symptoms she had listed word for word down in the comments section. "It says here that the effects will last between 12 to 32 hours... Not very much of an approximate time now is it?" He sighed before looking through the ingredients of the barbiturate. "Oh and... You don't have to call me Doctor, my name is Allen so feel free to call me that... If you want to, I don't really want to force you too.." He told her before staring at his clipboard, he found a few ingredients in the formula in which clashed with the formula itself, in simpler terms the ingredients wouldn't mix together correctly unless another injection was present. "Oh I see now..." He looked back at her and thought if he could add something else that would lessen the effect of her symptoms. "I'll ask if I can tamper with the formula.." He mumbled to himself before looking at the small window, and turning his attention back to her. "Um, if all goes well I can come back a little later to give you a drug in which the effects would be more bearable, would you want that?"
  12. S-19 watched him write down her words hoping that it would be of assistance to the research. She never downplayed any of her pain because she didn't have any pride or much sense of conscious self preservation.
    She frowned when he told her the time fram for how long this would last. They had injected the drug at around 6 am this morning so it had probably been at least 10 hours. She would not complain about the pain but it was very bothersome. The distraction of his company was nice though and she was again surprised to hear that he gave her his first name. Why was he neing so friendly? Was this to be part of a social study? TS-19 puzzled over his behavior while he mumbled about the clipboard's information until he offered to lessen the intensity of her symptoms. Again, her expression was of wonder and shock. No one has ever treated her so...kindly. is this a ruse to test her loyalty?
    "..It would only be welcome if it does not negatively affect the data..I-I will do what is required of me if I can be of use, I promise." She pledged, hoping the small hint that she wanted to sleep would be subtle enough to make sure they knew they had trained her well. That she could help them. But if she could make a selfish choice, she wouldlove to get this drugout of her system, or at least be able to rest for awhile.
  13. Allen took her answer as a yes and smiled politely at her. "Well alright, it won't take more than an hour if they'll allow me to make the drug, so don't move as much as you should. I'm not making any promises or anything but if I don't come back within two hours, assume that they rejected my request to make another serum." A buzzer rang out in the small room, signaling to Allen that his time was up in TS-19's presence and sighed. He patted her head gently as a quick farewell for now and walked towards the metal doors, as they immediately opened to let him in and as soon as he left the small room, they immediately slammed shut.

    Professor Roy walked up to Allen as he entered and requested the data of the status report, Allen handed the clipboard to him and decided to give him a quick summary of what was happening. "It seems like the drug you entered in her system didn't do what it was supposed to do... Long story short, she's tired but she can't sleep, she has difficulty breathing, her heart rate is below average, was the drug meant for her to sleep?"

    Professor Roy nodded before handing Allen's clipboard back to him. "That was what it was supposed to do, but the scientists here thought best if they could attempt to mix the sleeping drug and other active ingredients to increase her mental capabilities, we didn't bother to give it a test run but it's kind of bad that it's not neccarrily working well."

    They gave her a serum that they hadn't tested?

    Did they indirectly want her to die?

    "If it's not a problem Professor, but I was wondering if I can make a drug that would lessen the symptoms for her?" Allen asked, he attempted to hide all shock and disgust from his face and was doing a good job at it.

    "Why would you do something like that?" One of the woman researchers asked, before she gestured to the metal door. "The effects will soon wear off in due time anyway, there's no need to waste our chemicals and resources."

    Waste? These people must get a helleva bunch of tax payer dollars to support the facility. So what if I just use a few minor ingredients on the hurting girl behind the cold metal doors?

    Professor Roy's calculating gaze fell upon the metal doors that separated this side of the lab from the room, before looking back at Allen. His yellow eyes held an unknown emotion that the Professor couldn't quite make out before he scowled. "Don't make me regret my decision, Allen, do as you may, as long as that serum doesn't get in the way of the active ingredients in our drug."

    Allen nodded slightly holding in a smile as he thanked the Professor, while the other scientists and researchers in the room stared at the Professor as if he grew a second head. "Thank you, Professor."
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  14. Another smile. Why is he so nice to such an insignificant subject? Nice enough to waste his precious time to make her feel better! She blinked up at him fondly and didn't even flinch at the buzzer. She knew it was coming. what she did flinch at was his hand. When most people move a hand towards her, it brings bruised. Ones she deserved, but they did hurt. So when she felt a gentle pat upon her white hair, she furrowed her eyebrows a bit and watched him go.
    "Thank you...Goodbye Allen."

    TS-19 decided that she liked him a little better than the others. Of course, her feelings don't matter so she wouldn't express that. Especially since she expected that it would not last long. She wondered if Allen would actually waste resources on her. Either way she doubted that Professor Roy would allow him to. S-19 sighed again and waited, deciding not to get her hopes up. This drug would last for awhile and avoiding the pain would be cowardly.
  15. "Doctor Marie, escort Allen here to our Resources Department and accompany him until his serum is complete." Professor Roy ordered as he turned to looked at a woman with long brown hair and green eyes, wearing the usual white lab coat for the facility.

    "Yes Professor." Doctor Marie responded as she gestured for Allen to follow her out of the room, sliding her card through the machine to get out of the Research Lab. Allen followed behind her silently as they exited.

    Professor Roy stared at the retreating figures before turning to face the remaining scientists, he turned his head towards one of the male scientists. "Enter the drug effects that TS-19 suffered from our drug into the computer, the rest of you, go into her room and attach the ICM unit on her, we need to get a read on the symptoms and what the drug is doing to her body so something like this won't happen again and we can keep testing further without having the subject potentially die on us."

    The scientists in the room spoke their responses as they prepared the ICM unit, opening the metal doors to TS-19's room and rolling the machine into it. After a few moments, the ICM unit was placed at her bed side, they didn't need to have to force her down as she was already laying down on the bed, they attached multiple needles to both her wrists, arms, legs, and two small pads to her temple, rather forcefully, all the lines connecting to the machine next to her, sending information directly to the monitors in the lab.
  16. So she was back to waiting, which leaves her with a lot of time in her head. She wondered if Allen would be allowed to make his new serum. She doubted it, but again, it doesn't matter because she doesn't matter. She should have just told him not to. S-19 didn't want him to be embarrassed around his new colleagues because he was trying to treat her like one of them. Ts-19 has become very clear on the fact that she is not an important individual. Sometimes it hurts, but for the most part, she's used to the fact that she was raised here just for testing. Hence the name, Test Subject 19. Every so often, she daydreams about being normal, but she knows it will never be. Her hope of that has long since diminished.

    Proof of her lower position came into her cell a few minutes later while she watched the ICM machine roll in. She has seen it enough that it did not surprise or concern her. She just did as she always would and laid still. They were unnecessarily forceful with their insertion of the needles? But she hardly twitched. Needles and machines were usually nothing to fear. In fact, she has been stuck with needles so many times that they no longer need to squeeze her vein, but instead, just push past the little tiny scars where needles are most often put. S-19 met the eyes of some of the scientists,but they looked away quickly, messed with the machine a little bit and left her without a word. She was left to wait, aching, and watching a bit of blood being drawn. The usual. Her existence is very monotonous, but can she choose to change it? Of course not.
  17. "I've never heard of anyone doing that before." Doctor Marie spoke up as they walked for awhile in silence, on their way to the Resources Lab.

    "Hm? Do what?" Allen asked as he looked over at the middle-aged doctor.

    "Well, offering to make a serum for TS-19 to ease her pain, and much less have Professor Roy approve of such a thing, THE Professor Roy. Why would you do that?" Marie asked, generally curious.

    "Um... She's still a human even after all the tests, drugs, and serums you inject inside her. Can't she at least be treated like one...? The least I can do for her now is ease the pain that she's feeling..." Allen mumbled the last part to himself as they stopped in front of a pair of metal doors, Marie slid her card through it, the doors opening revealing rows and rows of different chemicals and compounds, she's been here way too many times before, but this was Allen's second if you included the tour, the amount of liquids in here generally surprised him at first and it actually still did.

    "Just don't get too attached Tiger." Marie responded as she walked over to the few scientists in the room that were mixing various chemicals together for a reaction. She quickly explained how Allen was going to create a drug for the TS-19 project and the scientists in the room agreed as long as he doesn't mix the wrong chemicals together. Marie walked back over to him with a pair of goggles and gloves and Allen preceded to put them on.

    "Alright, good luck, can't wait to see with what you'll create."


    "The data from the ICM unit does indeed show that TS-19's body is under stress due to the drug we injected in her earlier today." The scientist informed Professor Roy as he looked at the data.

    "That's unfortunate, if she's barely able to move then undergoing physical and mental attacks is going to be near impossible." The Professor said as he stared at the information on the screen.

    "Professor, if you don't mind me asking, but why did you agree to let Allen create a serum for the Subject?" The scientist asked as he looked at the Professor.

    "Hm... I don't know..."

    "You don't...know?"

    "Maybe because in his eyes it looked like he wouldn't take no for an answer? Yeah...probably..." The Professor nodded as that was the answer he came up with.

    "Professor..." The scientist sighed disappointed, maybe all the science was indeed getting to their superior's head, as if he was drunk off of it somehow. Or maybe he was just naturally crazy.
  18. TS-19 has much patience. Maybe less pain tolerance, but waiting is something she is very used to. So she tried to relax, ignoring the needles. She attempted to ignore the pain, but it demands to be felt, as always. She grit her teeth, clenched her fists. The needles in her wrists felt all wrong so she rested her muscles again. Every minute that passed made her more exhausted, but her body refused to allieviate it by sleeping. So she acquired a headache which she hoped would not turn into a migraine. Those become frequent when she uses her powers much and they are nearly unbearable.
    S-19's body functions are slow and so goosebumps rose on her skin and she began to tremble, hoping and not hoping that Allen would come back to free her from this terrible condition. Shouldn't she be used to all of this by now? Like an emotionless robot with knowledge she may never use and organs only used for tests and tests....she sighed. Her purpose was hardly there and yet she wanted to live.Does that mean she is similar to humans? What is different? That she was chosen to be sacrificed and downgraded to help the others. She should feel grateful for all of that. An honor somehow. Except all she feels is pain. Why? A tear slipped from her sparkling blue eye and she bit her lip, trying to stifle her uncomfortable coldness and the old, emotional ache in her heart. She has to stop being so selfish. Allen won't come. Nothing will change. And that's how it should be.
  19. Forty-five minutes later, Allen had finished the drug that he was going to give to TS-19, he transferred the serum to a syringe that Doctor Marie had supplied to him and sat the test tube down, pulling off his gloves and throwing them into a hazardous trash can. "Alright, it's done."

    Doctor Marie looked at him surprised as he finished. "That was fast, usually it would take our Research Team a span of about two weeks to finish one serum."

    "Well... It wasn't all that complicated... I just had to find inactive ingredients that wouldn't interfere with the initial drug that was given to TS-19 this morning... And mix it with some ingredients that would definitely lessen her pain without any sort of negative reactions from the chemical or any that would take place within her body... And I got this right here in my hands..." Allen said as he gestured to the syringe in his hands.

    "All in forty-five minutes... I can't believe it..." Doctor Marie said as she closed all the chemicals that Allen had used and put them back in their appropriate spots. "All right, lets go back to the lab now."


    After a while, the scientists dislodged the needles from TS-19's body, they noticed how blood seeped through her wounds but didn't do anything about it, instead rolling the ICM unit out the room and closing the metal doors behind them as everyone got out.

    Professor Roy clapped his hands to get everyone's attention in the lab and spoke up. "Alright, considering how Allen's drug might take a couple weeks to perfect, we're gonna have to-" Professor Roy's statement was cut short as the doors to the lab opened as Allen and Doctor Marie walked through them.

    "The drug is ready and good to go..." Allen said as his eyes flickered to the syringe in his hand.

    "You've only been gone for forty-nine minutes and the serum is already done? How did you...."

    "I kinda have a natural talent for these sort of things..." Allen explained as he stood in front of the door that would lead to TS-19's room. "Well?"

    Doctor Marie took the initiative and slid her card through the machine, the metal doors opening once again.

    "Sorry if I took so long..." Allen said as he walked up to her quietly, inspecting the wounds that covered her body.
  20. It took about half an hour for the ICM to collect the data the scientists requested and after that, the needles were pulled off without any hint of gentleness. TS-19 flinched and whimpered, but they only rolled it awayand left her to bleed. She could feel the warm liquid seeping slowly over her skin until the platelets clotted and began forming scabs that would never heal. All the while the white haired girl trembled and closed her eyes. To anyone who happened to glance her way, she might have looked dead. She was always pale. In fact, the researchers had to give her vitamin D with every meal because she's never seen the sun.
    Her shallow breaths were hardly audible. Less noticeable than the oosebumps that have risen on her skin. She was so weak that her temperature regulation system made her feel so much colder than usual. It hurt so bad to move now, but now it's involuntary. Her headache has only worsened and she was starting to forget about Allen and the serum she didn't deserve.

    But, not 15 minutes passed before the doors opened again. TS-19 didn't open her eyes until she heard a familiar voice. No way it was...but..
    It took a bit of effort, but S-19 managed to open her eyes enough to see Allen's.Did he just apologize to her? He hadn't done anything wrong...
    It took a minute, but despite her shaking and the constant ache seeping in her bones, the small girl opened her mouth. "You...finished? S-so..quickly? T-then y-you have...n-no reason to b-be s-sorry.." She breathed, eyeing the syringe in his hand. "If-f anything...I-I should p-properly t-thank you...I'" She breathed, attempting to sit up. But now there was no way that was happening. Her face portrayed her agony while her muscles twitched in protest. It felt like she'd been run over by multiple trucks and now had more than a ton of weight on top of her. It didn't take long for S-19 to give up and send Allen a weak look of apology.
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