Be My Partner Maybe?

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    I am looking for more role-play partners and such. I have a few now but things are slow due to time-zones and other reasons, so I was hoping a decent writer would like to be my partner. I'm sure we can put our head together for an awesome plot.

    Please, please read my resume! Also, I liked advanced writers, which means you know what you're doing- you have correct spelling and grammar, and decent writing style, etc.
  2. Well darn, I don't think I am advanced enough to offer... Best of luck to you though :bouquet:
  3. Well heck, judging by that awesome writing sample on your resume, you're just fine. I hate to come off like that, I don't mean to intimidate anyone with that, haha. I'd actually love to role-play with you, if you're up to it. :)
  4. Oh wonderful!

    I just don't want anyone to think I am better than I actually am and then be disappointed. Let me save my dinner and I will send you a pm then :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.