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  1. Well hello there.
    Let's start this off with introductions. I'll go first.
    You can call me almost anything you like, as my name here changes. Francis, Izaya (a nick name preferred by one of my roleplay buddies already), Forest, etc. I really won't mind. Even Banana. I'm open to Banana.
    But back on track and away from suspiciously yellow bananas.

    As you can already see, I'm not the most serious person. I try not to be. My life is serious enough as it is, why bring it over here into this beautiful world of fantasy?
    I've been roleplaying for...let's see. 6-7+ years? Given:
    It has been forum, as well as IM based roleplay.

    This brings me to a very important point.
    I'm looking for an IM based roleplay buddy.

    I'm sorry loves, I just can't focus on forum anymore. Too slow for my taste. I like to get down and dirty in speed and interactiveness.

    I've started my class schedule so it remains to be seen how much I manage to be on, but I'm definitely on everyday either way. I'd like to find someone who's on just as much if not more than me. I hate starting a roleplay, getting pumped about it, and then watching it fizzle out as my partner disappears for 3 days at a time.

    I do understand, and expect, that real life takes priority, and that's totally fine. I'm just looking for some communication.

    As for my likes and dislikes as to what I like to roleplay.

    -Yaoi (is my baby and I'll never let it go)
    I have most experience in yaoi and for some reason it just makes me warm and fuzzy and turns me into a happy little cuddly bear. Not really. But I mean, sort of.
    Uh, so basically, I'm most interested in a partner for yaoi.
    -Yuri (I haven't much experience here buuuuut-)
    I'd love to get some. I haven't had much of a chance because my main roleplay buddy isn't all too interested in it unfortunately.
    Oh god yes. Well depending on the fandom. I'll list some below to give ideas.

    All in all, I'm looking for an active, laid back but still moderately experienced roleplayer to be my IM based roleplay buddy. I'd love it if yall could be flexible and pretty much up to changing it up, going in with a fandom and ending up doing 5 fandoms and 9 originals.
    Let's have fun with it!

    do do smut. (Hehe, funny sentence) But I may decide not to do it with you. Nothing personal, but for me it just has to click for me to be comfortable enough. However, I do like it when two chars we've played with for a while finally get it on as much as the next person. So please at least have a tiny bit of openness. If not, just let me know up front and we'll discuss it.

    Oh and I do prefer fantasy, fictional, slightly futuristic, supernatural, etc. Basically anything with a twist to it that gives us insane creative freedom. Though I'm always up to discussion once we get together.

    As I promised, here we go with some example fandoms:
    =Ouran Highschool Host Club
    Kyouya x Tamaki
    =Hetalia (This fandom is offline for now for me)
    Germany x Italy
    America x Britain

    Shizuo x Izaya
    =Free:Iwatobi Swim Club
    Haru x Rin
    =Sword Art Online
    (Not gonna watch gungale either)
    =Black Butler
    Sebastian x Ciel
    =Fruit Basket
    Yuki x Kyo
    =Sherlock (BBC) (in anime form)
    Sherlock x Watson
    =Howls Moving Castle
    =Spirited Away
    =Princess Mononoke
    =Looney Toons (anime form)

    Jack Frost* x Elsa -ish
    Jack Frost* x Male!Elsa -ish
    Fem!Jack* x Male!Elsa -ish
    Jack Frost -ish* x OC

    Here are a few Original Ideas/Pairings (* is played by me):

    Oriental Setting- Doctor* x Prince(ss)/Warrior
    Goblin King* x Human
    Rival x Rival
    Deity x Deity
    Deity/Spirit* x Human

    I'd also be up for any Halloween-y ideas/suggestions. Shoot 'em at me!

    Annnnd on it goes. If you have any questions about any fandoms let me know cause I may have seen it~. So yes. I hope someone out there has the patience to read this ramble. Thank you~ if you have and good job. Haha. Well, it's 3:30 am and if anything if not everything is crap in this post, I do apologize.
    Don't be fooled by my writing here. I'm super laid back and easy going in IM.
    See some of yall there hopefully.

    PM me or post here!

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  2. Well, I'd be up for Yuri or out of the fandoms you listedn, Sword Art Online. The rest I actually haven't watched so yeah.
  3. //Hardcore Fujoshi

    I can't live without my Yaoi.


    I'm familiar with IM-based roleplay, but where would it be held? (Ex. Skype, Yahoo, etc. I don't know if Iwaku has IM.)

    Ouran High School Host Club, Durarara!! & Free! Iwatobi Swim Club are three of my ultimate favorite Anime! (OHSHC is my first, Free! is my third. DRRR! is my fourth.) However, are you willing to do OC x OC? (I'm totes fine with Canon x Canon, but I'm curious if you're equipped with OC x OC.)
  4. If we do a DRRR roleplay, which character do you want to play as? Also, can I incorporate secondary characters like Mikado? Because, I quite do ship Mikado with Masaomi. And Celty with Shinra. I just. Yeah.
  5. im in it for Hetalia. Im great at being Italy and i love yaoi.
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  8. USUK? all day every day
  9. Bumpity
  10. I would be interested in doing a role-play. I'm very much into Original Ideas, and yours seem interesting.
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  13. DuRaRaRa rp!! Shizuo and Izaya!!
  14. I would love to do a Hetalia roleplay. I mostly play England, Italy, and Canada.

    I'd also enjoy Black Butler. :)
  15. Sorry darling, my fangirl brain isn't running the Hetalia program right now unfortunately. Dx Same goes for Black Butler (I think)...Though I might be up to giving it a try. ;3 Send me a PM~.
  16. If you are still looking for Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle let me know!
  17. Bumpity!
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