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  1. So, I'm a designer, and I really like learning new codings and languages and such, and I was wondering is there more bb codes that Iwaku doesn't list? Because I've seen the tab one and I haven't seen that on the list. :o
  2. Yes. :o

    Which ones? Good question. @Diana is very good at this. :D

    There are some unlisted parameters, like [fieldset=title, color, font]...
    Example (open)
    Title, #0080FF, Courier New Stuff!
    But I don't actually know any specific examples. Most of my styling is done with [div]s. ^.^;
  3. I believe that everything should be listed on the BB Codes help page (which it seems like you've already visited) except tabs.

    I don't think there are any other secret BBcode functions.

    The fieldset function is actually on there btw, @Sammy Khoa!
  4. But not the extra parameters, Fatal; @Diana's said herself the bbCodes FAQ is terribly out of sync with the actual available codes.
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  5. Oh, yeah. I'm surprised I never noticed that about the extra parameters.
  6. I just learned it myself a few weeks ago from Rae, I think. I can't quite remember.
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