Bayland ~ The City Of Dreams

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    alifornia. Commonly known for the beach, the sun, and the surf. Maybe even Los Angeles
    and Hollywood comes to mind. When you think of California, you probably don't think
    of this place; Bayland. You might think about San Francisco Bay or Los Angeles, but not
    this place; our place.

    Welcome to Bayland, California.

    The city is home to hot surfers; who will probably work at your local store, so you do get some
    eye candy at somewhere other than the beach. Geeky college students who are trying
    to pay themselves through college. Bored housewives with an edge. Let's not forget the stinking
    rich who parade their wealth by regularly hosting elegant dinner parties with all their snobby friends.

    There's so many different personalities in Bayland.

    Who are you? Are you rich, glamorous and divine? Or are you poorer, working
    night and day for those precious bucks? Can you handle the secrets?
    The scandals? The betrayal? Can you make it through your life in Bayland?
    Who will you become along the way?

    Choose your path wisely. Your reputation depends on it.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.