Battle for Humanity [OOC]

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  1. The day is March 11th, 2015. 11:00am. You always had a speculation that there were other races walking among you. Supernatural beings that only the movies seem to bring to life... But you've noticed something odd lately. You've FELT like something's been different.

    Welcome to your new reality. All of the classic beings you once thought to be just myth, are real. How do you know? Maybe you've seen them with your own eyes, had an encounter, or are one yourself...
    Recently, Vampires and Lycans have been wandering the Mortal Realm more frequently than anyone has ever thought before, with more reported sightings than has ever been recorded in the past. But, as quickly and as often as these beings are being spotted, they're being removed as well, and the only ones to accuse are Angels, Demons and Humans.

    Three realms come together as an apocalypse arises: Demons and Angels coming to the Mortal Realm along side Vampires and Lycanthropes. Each species seems to be brewing a plan to overtake the Mortal Realm... Will you be there to help in the Battle for Humanity? Or will you simply assist in it's take down?

    In this story there are 5 species you can play as;
    Human (open)
    These are modern day humans like you and me. Not extraordinary unless you want to run something specific by a gm. Weak to the other races besides angels, who are trying to protect them.

    Angel (open)
    When angels and demons enter the mortal realm, they may appear in either their mortal form or spiritual form. In mortal form, their strength is proportional to the form they take on, though they retain any powers or weapons. Their flesh bodies can be damaged by any means that would hurt a human. In their spiritual form, they appear like invisible spirits to the other races, only seen in their true form by other angels and demons. Their surroundings would remain oblivious and untouched unless purposefully interacting with it (ex. tossing over a table). Love is the 'leader' of the angelic virtues. Angels were created to worship their God. Hades and his followers rebelled and were sent to earth, despondent the God created humans who would want to worship him. Hades corrupts said humans to hate God. God is an NPC. The angels in the Overworld would have various 'jobs' like warrior, or princes of regions, or guardians, the virtues, those that protect the overworld, etc. Weak to Werewolves, black magic. Each Angel represents a virtue of your choice. Both Angels and Demons get ONE magic power, OR ONE Holy Weapon.

    Demon (open)
    Hades is an NPC in our story and should not bother being ineteracted with. He is only ever spoken of, but rarely even that. Sloth is the Head Knight of the underworld, second in command to Hades. Demons were cast out of the Overworld by God for swearing loyalty to Hades, and therefore reside in the Underworld and sometimes among humans. Their mortal form can be killed by any race, only demons can hurt an Angels spirit & vice versa. Wounds would appear to eachother like flesh but once defeated, they reincarnate in the overworld or underworld, trapped there for failing their deity. Weak to vampires, holy magic. As with Angels, Demons need a mortal form in the Mortal Realm. As well as Angels, Demons of Knight status represent a Deadly Sin of your choosing. Demons also get only one weapon, or one magic power. (Hierarchy of demons: King/Ruler (Hades) > Knights of the underworld > Generals of the underworld > Lesser soldiers > plebeian)

    Vampire (open)
    The first ever Vampire was Created by Hades, casting him into the Mortal world to do his bidding, in a way that would make Humans not so aware of Demonic power. Vampires have a mind of their own- hades can't control them like he does demons, and so as time progressed and more Vampires were being created, Hades began to realize his creation didn't turn out as well as he thought, some Vampires even ending up being good willed creatures. Vampires do not use magic or magical weapons, as they are strong enough on their own to not need them. These Vampires do not just turn to Ash in the sun. They have a slightly better tolerance than one may think, but be exposed for too long, and thing's won't look so bright. Vampires have a natural thirst for blood, but can go up to 1 week without it, though doing so weakens them and creates starvation like symptoms. Once feeding again after having not done so for some time, the Vampire gains strength back and momentarily experiences adrenaline like symptoms that can last up to half an hour long. Vampires are always created through being bitten. Weak to Sunlight, garlic (creates flu like symptoms), silver of any sort, stake to the heart, Holy magic, and decapitation obviously fucks their shit up. Strengths consist of speed, strength, heightened senses (eye, nose, ears).

    Lycan (open)
    Lycans unlike demons, angels, and vamps, can reproduce, just with other lycans. They are forced to turn when they come in contact with the moons light, and do not control transformation. The transformation can be prevented by clouds blocking the light, or them staying inside out of the moonlight. Their werewolf form is bigger and stronger than that of a human or wolf, equal to that of a Vampire. They gain instincts & a higher temper maybe but otherwise retain their humanity in wolf form. Lycans often get cravings for raw meat as well. They think Vampires and Demons are abominations, they resent Humans, & they hate the Angels for not protecting them from turning. A Demon turned on Hades & wanted his own race to destroy earth. Said Demon has been destroyed but the Lycans reprouduced before they were able to be controlled. Demons still try to control Lycans, according to Hades orders, but most times are unsuccessful, as Hades never even created them in the first place. 1 Alpha and the rest beta Lycans. Alpha Lycan is always bitten when created. Weak to Sunlight & New Moon phase, weak to silver. Strengths consist of strength, speed, heightened eyesight, hearing and tracking abilities(scent).

    Species cannot interbreed. No Halflings.
    7 Virtues available:
    Chastity, Temperance, Charity/Love, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility.

    7 Deadly Sins Available:
    Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, and Envy.

    CS Format
    Ophira (open)

    Name: Ophira Fantyn.
    Alias: N/A
    Age: Appears 24, real age is unkown.
    Race: Vampire.
    Occupation: Head Vampire.
    Weaknesses(Besides specie specific): Unmerciful, Romantic, Trusting, Emotional.
    Strengths: Trustworthy, Loving, Committed, Stern, Protective, Patient, seductive.
    Magic/Weapons (if applicable): Daggers.
    Personality: Ophira is extremely loving. She loves her friends, and anyone she is close to, and commits to everything she does with great will, as well as anyone who needs her. Despite her softness and her patience, she can be extremely protective and stern when she needs to.

    History/Bio: Ophira was the second Vampire every created in the Mortal Realm. She was newly bitten, at the age of 24, by her Creator who has now long been deceased. Everything about her human life was gone; she didn't remember anything about it, and didn't care to. She was brought up by her Creator to be the best Vampiric leader to date, of course only being the second one ever. He taught her how to hunt, to love, to play, but firstly, how to take charge and be a leader. She sometimes thought he knew he would die, though he didn't die of anything natural, but of a typical battle of the beasts; Lycan vs Vampire.

    Once taking over for him, she found herself lonely. She had friends, and often she had lovers, but never anyone she was as close to as she was with her Creator. As time went by and the world shifted and modernized, she changed herself bit by bit to be how she is. She ensures to keep with modern fashion, so not to stand out, as well as modern language.
    The rest is TBR.

    1.Coarse language is allowed, just keep it toned a bit.
    2.No god-modding, auto-hitting, gary-stues/mary-sues!!! This can be extremely annoying and frustrating for everyone.
    3.Anything that is sexual past the point of making out, PLEASE TAKE IT TO PM.
    4.If you have any questions, feel free to post here or to pm either @Ishnorb or Camille for answers.
    5.You may make up to 2 characters, but they must be of different races. And there will be a maximum of 4 of each race.
    6. The typical, HAVE FUN!!
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  2. Humans: (open)

    Humans: (Username, Character-Name, Occupation)
    - Charlie W.F., Charlie Winchester Finch, Part-Time Librarian/Assistant Photographer

    - Whirlwind, Leni, Con Artist

    - ~Forgotten_Saiyan~, John Constantine, Con-Man/Occult Detective


    Vampires: (open)

    Vampires: (Username, Character-Name, Occupation)
    - Camille, Ophira Fantyn, Head Vampire

    - alyssasmile, Sapphire Blaise, Bartender

    - Heathen, Dario Gugliotti, Male Stripper | Entrepreneur


    Lycans: (open)

    Lycans: (Username, Character-Name, Occupation)
    - DaemonFang, Daemon Botolf, Alpha wolf (Club owner (Arconite))

    - Whirlwind, Bruno, Con Artist



    Angels: (open)

    Angels: (Username, Character-Name, Occupation)
    - Whirlwind, Adelina, Head Angel of the Virtues (Charity/Love)

    - Red Velvet Special, Charis, Caretaker Angel of Virtues

    - Alexi The Abra, Gavin, Angel of Temperance/Blacksmith/Blacksmith of the Angels

    - Lykaon, Venari, Angel of Diligence/Bounty Hunter/Soldier

    Demons: (open)

    Demons: (Username, Character-Name, Occupation)
    - ~Forgotten_Saiyan~, Sloth, Head Knight of the Underworld

    - Mewmewcatfish, Wrath(Kaia), Knight of the Underworld (Second in command)

    - Kitsune, Atticus Stone, Plebeian/Baker

    - Red Velvet Special, Pride(Marcellus Madrid), Sin Of Pride | Knight Of The Underworld | Model & Actor(Mortal Realm)

    -~Forgotten_Saiyan~ Reserves the spot of Greed, Once 5 of each race is permitted
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  6. Appearance (open)


    Name: Adelina

    Alias: Charity, Love

    Age: Unknown

    Race: Angel

    Occupation: Head Angel of the Virtues

    Weaknesses (besides specie specific): Naïve, Emotional, Will not use weapons

    Strengths: Hand to hand combat if necessary, Magic, Loving (obviously)

    Magic/Weapons: Holy Magic, Holy Flame

    Personality: Adelina loves. She loves everyone and everything and would do anything to help them. She will forsake herself to help others and love her neighbor or God over herself. She is able to make friendships easily and keep them through caring about others deeply. The problem with Adelina is she is supposed to be love without passion, but she has passion. She is supposed to be commitment to others without emotion. She has found herself over the years to be unable to be emotionless. It has gotten her into trouble a bit in the past. Nothing to make her become fallen, but enough to where she does not feel incredibly uncomfortable around even demons in hell itself (some even count her as a friend for helping them after another angel has hurt them), as long as she is helping those she feels need her. After all, everyone deserves hope, and an angel can give that.


    Adelina has been around since the first angels were created. Adelina loved, and was loved, for a long time until the rebellion. When Hades and his minions were cast out of the Overworld and rejected by all, Adelina was torn. She still loved them. She couldn’t help it. When she looked into their eyes, she still saw emotions. She saw the want to be loved. And so she still loved them. Even spending a brief time in Hades helping the demons who had been injured after a long battle with the angels that resulted in harm on both sides. There were plenty of angels to help each other, but she couldn’t help feeling like the demons needed help as well.

    Some find Adelina stupid. But they would be underestimating their opponent greatly. After all, she is now on Earth protecting humans. She obviously made it out of the underworld alive and well. She loves everyone, but like a good mother will reprimand them if she has to, and realizes some will never accept her love or change. She is accomplished in holy magic, which involves a lot of healing but also harms demonic entities as they are harmed by anything holy. Holy Flame is a 100 foot tall wall of spiritual fire Adelina can muster to ‘cleanse’ the general area around her. It does not affect mortal flesh. Using these two abilities though she carries with her a sense of power, even if the form she takes on in the mortal realm is weak compared to her spiritual form.

    Adelina is hardly ever in heaven, so she became aware fairly quickly when the deadly sins began crawling out of their hole and onto solid ground. She has been aware of the werewolves and vampires since their creation as well, but does not harm them as long as they do not harm unwilling humans. If they do, she hunts them down. She doesn’t carry a weapon though, as it is not in her abilities to wield instruments of death. Something she is known for is talking to her opponents during fights, trying to reason with them and still being able to keep a proper offense/defense while doing so.
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  7. @Whirlwind you are accepted :D

    EVERYONE PLEASE NOTE: If given a cookie, you are accepted.
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  8. Demon Form (open)

    (Height: 6'8", Weight: 200 lbs)

    Human Form (open)

    (Height: 5'8", Weight: 160 lbs)

    Name: "Names are tiresome, call me Sloth....."

    Alias: Sloth

    Age: "Counting is such a drag, Beyond thousands of years old....."

    Race: Demon

    Occupation: “Head Knight of the Underworld..."

    Weaknesses: Laziness can get the better of his judgment. Areas lacking darkness (weakens/nullifies his umbrakinesis). (Fear of) Holy Flame. His rivalry between other Knights of the Underworld, or any demon for that matter.

    Strengths: Pain Resistant/Endurant, Calm/Level-headed, Calculative/Perceptive, Master of Melee,

    Magic/Weapons: Chaos Whip, Umbrakinesis

    Personality: Stoic, lackadaisical, Relentless. Overall Sloth is just as his name entails, existing for so long has obviously effected his attitude. Typically he is passive, never speaking a word unless his curiosity is peaked. Demonic peers often perceive his idle attitude as the calm before the storm. Since once this unenthused attitude changes, Sloth becomes a force to be feared.

    History/Bio: Drifting along through the Underworld has "Been a drag", climbing the hierarchy of the Underworld has proven "Boring, but makes life a bit more interesting." Sloth never desired to become a Knight of the Underworld, the title was granted due to his raw power. Among his peers, Sloth is never taken lightly. Those who know of his capabilities understand to never underestimate him.

    Currently only four Knights of the Underworld are in Earth (the Mortal Realm). These demons would have never reached earth if it hadn't been for Sloth. His calculations in combination of his dark-magic (umbrakinesis), enabled a brief portal to be created granting their passage. Once the four Knights of the Underworld reached Earth. "Their desires were theirs to pursue." For the demons went their own separate paths, to invoke chaos.​
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  9. Character Image (open)

    Name: Sapphire Blaise
    Alias: N/A
    Age: Looks to be in her early twenties. Born in 1917
    Race: Vampire
    Occupation: Bartender
    Weaknesses: Too distrusting, bitchy, angry, hates water, impatient, arrogant, proud.
    Strengths: Loves kids, capable of surviving alone, loyal to a fault, extremely charismatic (Bartender), technology savvy, honest, brave.
    Weapons: knives.

    Personality: Sapphire has been betrayed by the world one too many times to be able to trust easily. She has few acquaintances and fewer friends. Despite this, if you manage to get into her good graces, you’re probably going to stay there. She’s loyal the point of being willing to kill for you. She loves kids and animals, but has a low-key dislike for everyone else. She can’t stand water and hates the rain. She uses knives because they’re easy to hide. Sapphire is extremely proud and has a wicked, cruel temper when pushed.

    Bio: She was born in 1917. Her mother was murdered when she was 12, and soon after her father lost his job in the Great Depression. He started drinking and gambling and she was forced to drop out of school and get a job in a factory. It was grueling, horrible work and her foreman took an unhealthy interest in her young body. When she was fifteen her father finally drank himself to death and she ran.

    She picked up odd jobs and stole from people to survive. Her street smarts got stronger and her distrust of people grew. At nineteen she met a man who managed to lure her into his bed with promises of love and security. She was too tired to resist. He took her virginity and then her life, turning her into a vampire. He left her thirsty and scared, telling Sapphire to she’d have to adapt or die.

    She adapted, accidentally killing six people in the process. Over the next few decades she learned how to protect herself and stay incognito. She had lovers of both genders, some human and some not. She managed to finish school using night classes and then tried college off and on in the eighties and nineties. Now she works as a bartender and stays low, trying to be unnoticed while the prosecution of people like her gets stronger.
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  10. For Lycans...they would be able to shift, correct? Would they shift into actual wolves or.....?
  11. Lycans are forced to shift when they see the moon. They do not control shifting. They shift into werewolves, so bigger & stronger than wolves.
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Nairethus
    Alias: Blood Baron
    Age: 4700 (or thereabouts)
    Race: Vampire
    Occupation: Ancient Vampire Lord - significantly older and therefore more powerful than even the current Head Vampire. However, due to extended hibernation, he is currently in a state where he controls only a fraction of his power.
    Weaknesses: Unpredictable, over-confident and obnoxious. Weak to the urge of the Blood Frenzy.
    Strengths: Highly skilled in use of most weapons and multiple types of magic due to having spent centuries training in each. Can be... persuasive.
    Magic/Weapons (if applicable): Carries only a single pistol loaded with silver rounds. It's probably symbolic of something, though he insists it's just because he enjoys preying on weaker vampires. Is highly proficient in Blood magic - that is, creating magic using blood as a power source rather than mana. It's a corrupt form of dark magic, so has the same weaknesses and resistances as such.
    Personality: Nairethus is unpredictable and bold, however, he has a sense of humour sharper even than his favourite weapon - the Blood Talon - is. He's tiring to be around, but good company, and he can be considered loyal to a fault, though that's likely due to him being unable to back down from a challenge.
    History/Bio: Due to disturbed hibernation, he has little memory of his previous lives. He suspects he was employed as a super-weapon in many war campaigns throughout history, paid in the promise of having all the blood he could eat without having to worry about being hunted or disturbed mid-feast. He also suspects he became a vampire due to a contract (or rather, curse) with a deity, rather than through the natural process. After all, the first vampires had to come from somewhere, didn't they?


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Seiko (Shortening of her title - Spirit Slayer)
    Age: 23
    Race: Human (That's right. I made a weak little human.)
    Occupation: Hunter of all things supernatural.
    Weaknesses: She's a damn human. She's weak to everything. Damage, emotions, fear, irrationality.
    Strengths: The literal luck of a god.
    Magic/Weapons (if applicable): Holy Magic (granted by her patron deity). Simulates sun's fire, so is particularly effective against weak to the daylight. Also carries a charm that absorbs the souls of those she slays and can turn them into living weapons that manifest as invisible blades of energy that cannot be detected until they've already sliced your arm off.
    Personality: Seiko harbours utter resentment for anything supernatural in nature. Even angels. She believes the angels are in it for themselves, waiting for the opportune moment to strike while the other supernaturals are busy fighting, ignoring their weaker enemies. She also acts as the host and envoy of the Sun God Amaterasu (or whatever you want to call her, since different cultures gave her different names. Isis, is another example.) She is utterly serious and never shows emotion, if she can. The alternate personality she plays host to (the goddess), is generally quite cheerful and seems to have no cares, as if she is just an observer in this whole game. Even while she possesses the power to decimate an entire army of foes should they present themselves before her, she will not, only choosing to kill in self defence, which she does so by firing a bolt of energy directly into the heart of the enemy in an instant, giving them no time to even see the incoming obliteration. She only does this as a last resort and if she detects hostility. Usually she prefers to flee to a safe distance where she can resume her observations in peace.
    History/Bio: Seiko's past is shrouded in mystery. Ever since she was young, she had an imaginary friend. That in itself was not unusual at all - many children have them. However, what was concerning was that she used to "pretend" to be her imaginary friend, and yet have completely serious conversations with what seems like herself. In truth, that was Amaterasu. The sun goddess supposedly had lost her memory somehow, and so decided it would be a good idea to befriend a mortal to see what the whole fuss was about.
  13. Whellp. I am in no way ready to accept either of these Characters. Both are WAY too OP in my opinion. That being said with every ounce of respect I have, I'm not going to say NO. I'm going to say, you have the option of recreating your character sheets in a lesser manner... If you didn't read the story line posted above, I suggest doing so again. There are roles already filled for a reason. And that being said, people will have to chose from the ones available. Thanks :D
  14. Demon Form (open)

    Height - 6'5"
    Weight - 169 lbs.

    Human Form (open)

    Height - 5'10"
    Weight -136 lbs.

    ♦ Name ♦
    Atticus Stone
    "Lots of people call me Atty."

    ♦ Alias ♦
    "It's what they call me in the Underworld."

    ♦ Age ♦
    1,000+ (1,629 years old)
    "For some odd reason, my human form makes me look like I'm in my late teens. Like seventeen or eighteen."

    ♦ Race ♦
    "I promise I won't take your soul or anything like that."

    ♦ Occupation ♦
    "In the Underworld, I'm just a common Demon. In the Mortal Realm, I bake."

    ♦ Weaknesses ♦
    Naïve, Too Peaceful, Emotional, Too Hopeful, Brute Strength
    "Sometimes my emotions get the best of me."

    ♦ Strengths ♦
    Loyal, Intelligent, Stealth (to the point that he could be a world class thief), Agility, Speed
    "If I wasn't a baker, I could definitely be a thief."

    ♦ Magic/Weapons ♦
    "They're useful creatures."

    ♦ Personality ♦
    Kind. Charismatic. Human.
    Atticus, or Az, was never like other Demons. According to others, he was more human than any other Demon. He has a heart of gold and it shines through his actions and his personality. That being said, he wishes that all of the species could just get along. Not one for fighting, he could only hope for the best with this battle that seems to be brewing. Along with this, the brunet can be quite charismatic. His job as a baker calls for such a trait and he's lucky to be gifted with it. Working with others and serving others exercises this trait and he enjoys doing both things. Atticus has a sociable demeanor and is easily approachable when dealing with others. He always enjoys a friendly chat with someone and meeting new people who end up becoming friends later on. While all of this is true and is his overall attitude, he is a Demon after all. It's when he's pushed to his limit that his hidden nature starts to slip through the cracks. Once he breaks, things start to go downhill fast. Only then, people are reassured that he is a pureblood Demon.
    "I'm not mean like most people think."

    ♦ History/Bio ♦
    While he is a pureblood Demon, Atticus (Az) never truly felt like he belonged in the Underworld. He felt like an outcast among his species and was treated as such. Other Demons would tease him and feed him things until he was brainwashed to believe them. It didn't take long before he had disappeared from his 'home' to live in the Mortal Realm, where he was much more happier. He had taken a liking to the humans in the Mortal Realm and liked being one as well. Before he knew it, he blended in to the point that he forgotten where he originated from. Unfortunately, he was painfully reminded when Demons, Angels, and the like started to roam the Mortal Realm much like him, destroying his happiness. His little Haven wasn't much of a Haven anymore for it was now being decorated with spilled blood and species against species battles. To think that he went to the Underworld to escape his origins, only for them to come back tenfold, well, he could only hope that none of the Demons noticed him for he wasn't sure he could deal with the teasing again.
    "'You're not a real Demon', they said. 'You were adopted by Demons', they said. 'You don't belong here, wannabe human. No one likes you. Go with the weak humans!', they said.....And I believed them."
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  15. I fully accept this CS :D. I do know @Ishnorb messaged you about the snakes and if I am not mistaken, suggested as long as they are mortal snakes that affect mortal flesh, you can keep them! (I like the idea tbh).

    Another thing I LOVE. I 110% appreciate your Sammy and Dean Winchester Sig. Just saying :heartbeat:
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  16. When you're back @Ishnorb , please update the spots taken :D thanks <3 we have another 2 demons, as well as a vampire. This leaves these open:
    4 humans
    4 lycans
    2 vampires
    3 angels
    1 demon
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  17. Name: "They used to call me Kaia Haisdel, now I am the underworlds Wrath."

    Alias: Wrath

    Age: "I am younger then sloth, but I am old enough to have watched humanities fall into depravity."

    Race: Demon.

    Human Form: (open)
    [​IMG](5,4. 125pds.)

    Demon Form (open)
    [​IMG] (5,7, 138 pds. (

    Occupation: Knight of the Underworld (Second in Command)

    Weaknesses: Rage and Fury come easily, and that inhibits her judgement in battle. She weakens in water because she uses fire to enhance her physical attributes. She has a weakness to Holy Flame and relatively is weak to holy light. She is emotionally torn by her love for god and her fall from grace and it distracts from her ultimate goal of the apocalypse.

    Strengths: Impervious to flame. Unbreakable will. Phyiscal Buff. Brutal. Unforgiving. Endurant. M
    aster of the Sword(Katana) and knows various forms of both swordplay and fighting styles.

    Magic/Weapons: Fire Katana and Fire Manipulation/Absorption.

    Personality: Sarcastic, Cheeky, Un-moveable. High temper. Wrath is known for her thirst for vengence. "Vengence for the weak, and death to the betrayers." She is the one demon you don't want to piss off because she will make sure that vengeance will be served at a cruel cost. Demon's fear her retribution and even angels have died by the tip of her blade. She bows to no one, and feels a superiority to the weaknesses of humanity. She enjoys making people suffer for their sins by unleashing a vicious wrath upon them. She has a deep seated hatred for Sloth and doesn't understand Hades choice for making him head knight.

    History/Bio: Kaia was once the angel of benevolance. She witnessed all the kind acts of humanity and protected those that fully gave without want. Overtime though, something changed in Kaia. Whilst she witnessed such kind acts she also witnessed cruel unforgivable acts. Her heart darkened becoming cruel and unforgiving. The good she saw in people faded until she could only see their sins and this was when her wings were ripped off and she fell into hell. After years of suffering, she was forgiven and adopted by satan who gave her wings of leather and the ability to change her holy light into hell's fire. She was granted a place in his immortal army, and she has only grown in the ranks due to her brutal severity and bloodlust for all those that sin. She is the cruelest judge and the corpses of many remain at her feet.

    Currently only four Knights of the Underworld are in Earth (the Mortal Realm). These demons would have never reached earth if it hadn't been for Sloth. Wrath is one of these demons and has taken on a mortal form, where she plots to make humanity suffer for their sins. Humanity will suffer for their cruelty. Judgement is coming...and then you will feel her wrath.
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  18. In that case I think I'm misunderstanding some things then. I kinda assumed with the possible races being 2 races of half-deity, 2 of the 3 most powerful supernatural races ever created, and then humans, that everyone was going to be really OP, and I was trying to design my characters to fit in with that. That being said, their abilities are easy to scale down. I also know I didn't explain either of them very clearly. The vampire, while adept with most weapons, doesn't use any but his bare fists due to over confidence. As for his magic, it consists of bending and hardening blood to maximise his use of his strength and speed. It'd be suicidal for him to use blood magic for actual magical effects. Can you imagine how much blood it'd drain making a fireball-type thing? The more he uses his magic without stocking up on blood, the weaker he gets, as any life form would if it lost a lot of blood. Not to mention the Blood Frenzy. Since you didn't seem to notice it I assume you are unfamiliar with the more traditional vampire lore. The older a vampire is, the less it is able to control it's lust for blood, and blood additionally gets used up faster if activating potency or celerity. If he becomes too hungry, he loses control of his own body and falls into hibernation, which can last for centuries.
    As for the human, she is only human. The goddess that uses her as a vessel is incredibly passive, as is Seiko herself. She knows she'd be vastly overpowered in any situation where it was a fair fight. Her spirit blades have a maximum range of 2 meters from herself, and her sun magic is literally just the ability to replicate the light of the sun. It does no damage beyond incinerating the undead, as any sunlight would. I also suspect that the vampires in this are rather resistant to sunlight anyway. They're not the kind to instantly disintegrate in the faintest amount filtering through a window blind. (I've been in an RP like that before. That was fun...) But yeah, if you could be more specific as to what I need to lower the strength of, that'd be great. I could try altering it myself but I don't really know what to actually change beyond the wording of the same things to explain them more clearly.
  19. @Ruko I'll stop this misunderstanding right now....

    Simply because there are Angels and Demons in this role-play, does not mean everyone was going to be OP. (You should really look at other peoples characters in comparison to your own. I may find it concerning, if that alone does not help shed some light to how op your characters are.)

    I can admit, these characters are pretty cool. Although they are immensely to powerful and I would say, a perfect fit for their own role-play.

    As for your Vampire.....

    First off, I don't even think vampires possess magic in this lore. (Please correct me if i'm wrong @Camille )

    Second off, claiming your character is the "Ancient Vampire Lord - significantly older and therefore more powerful than even the current Head Vampire. However, due to extended hibernation, he is currently in a state where he controls only a fraction of his power."

    I'm assuming we should of placed a small list of available choices for Vampires. To avoid this misunderstand that you've encountered. There isn't a rank/occupation higher then Vampire Lord/Head Vampire. (Again, correct me if i'm wrong @Camille because I am mostly managing the demons, not vampires......)

    (Vampirism as far as I know, was released upon the Mortal Realm by Hades/Satan/Lord of the Underworld. To slowly unravel the tranquility of Earth and spark an apocalypse. Finally correct me if i'm wrong again @Camille )

    As for your human.......

    This human is more powerful (OP) than i perceived any human in this role-play to be.......(This is my opinion though, not sure how the others feel.)

    The fact you put....... "Also carries a charm that absorbs the souls of those she slays and can turn them into living weapons that manifest as invisible blades of energy that cannot be detected until they've already sliced your arm off."

    Even any race. That ability is amazingly overpowered...............It concerns me that you would even attempt to have this ability on a cs, especially with a human for that matter.........

    This is all I have to say atm, because I'm getting ready for work and don't have much more time.......

    I really hope that this helps shed some light on the situation, I'm sure Camille will respond soon. Unfortunatly I will not be able to respond until after work is completed. ^-^
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  20. I had looked at other characters while I was making my comment earlier seeing what I could tone down. However, none of the other characters particularly go into detail as to what their character's powers/weapons actually do, so they could be incredibly weak or they could be as powerful as the ones I intended to have. And since the original thread doesn't describe the backstory of any of the races at all, I was led to assume they were going to be generic vampires/werewolves/demons/angels, which tend to be very powerful, so I was trying to base my vampire on generic vampire lore. I think I misunderstood "head vampire" for meaning "the one in charge of the vampires" rather than "the one who is the parent of all vampires (and therefore would be most powerful)". I wasn't going to use Ancient Vampire Lord as a current title though. Simply what he used to be a long time ago. After waking up from hibernation he'd just be classed as a normal ranked vampire. Also, if vampirism were unleashed by Satan, why are demons weak to it? That seems rather shortsighted on his part. And yeah, on any other race I knew her charm would be OP. Which is why I made her as a human rather than an angel as I had originally intended. I figured that the ability to do what would effectively seem like being a master swords wielder except with 4 swords at a time would be counteracted by the weaknesses of being a human. I neglected to mention the specifics of the charm. It absorbs the spirit of a slain foe, and can manifest that spirit as a weapon. However, the blades are only as strong as the original spirit. A blade made from a mouse would be pretty blunt and slow in comparison to one made from a bear which would be sharp and fast. Also, the charm can't hold many spirits at a time, and particularly large souls, like that of a supernatural, would be rejected completely. It's been a long time since I misjudged an RP this much... I've probably been watching too many anime with incredibly OP main characters...