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    Alright, nerds!

    I have mixed feelings about this movie; for those of you who have seen it, (which is probably many of you, as it's only been out a day or two at the time I'm posting it) I'd love to hear opinions, predictions about the next movies, etc.

    So I'll throw in my two cents here, if y'all are interested.

    Two Cents (open)
    As I said, I have rather mixed feelings about this movie. I went in rather doubtful, as it didn't get fantastic reviews in the first place, and I'd seen from the previews that there were about a thousand and four explosions. I dunno about you all, but destruction just kind of looks like destruction, and after a while, even the biggest booms begin to bore me. (First world problems, I'm aware.)

    Another thing I had beef with was the fact that Bruce just kinda ignored those important-looking visions he got. Perhaps they'll play more of a part in future movies, but I felt like those could've been really awesome moments in the movie if played out a bit better, and if they'd held more relevance, or he'd acknowledged them a bit more. I get that the guy's a badass, but come on... that was some freaky shit.

    And Doomsday. He was interesting, sure, but his story made a lot more sense in the comic books, where (I believe, it's been a while since I've read 'em) he wasn't a product of Lex Luther and Zod. Due to the fact that he contained DNA only from a human and a creature that was humanoid in appearance, what could've caused him to look the way he did? Also, wouldn't Lex's human DNA hinder his abilities and make him a less equal opponent for superman? Logically, it would make him more vulnerable to attacks other than kryptonite. However, it ought to have enabled more articulate speech, especially given that Kryptons have the ability to speak human language. That combined with the language genomes that come from Lex (who's a fucking genius) should've given us some cool dialogue from Doomsday, but instead, they stuck with the original character from the comics. Instead of creating an entirely new one, or a version, that didn't leave scientific plot holes all over the place. Call me a douche, but just... I dunno. Again, I could be totally wrong about it, but that's what's been going through my head.

    BUT OH JESSE EISENBERG. What a brilliant actor; he fit the role of Lex Luther PERFECTLY, and did a magnificent job portraying a villain who is aware of - and furthermore, cares about - his mortality, while maintaining a manic sense of ambition. Wonderwoman was played brilliantly as well, and I look forward to seeing more of her. I'll admit I did freak out a little when the Flash was shown for a moment, and the hype for more Justice League is already building up inside me.

    Overall, not my favorite movie at all, but one that I did enjoy watching. I'd say it's the type that I won't watch again, but I will watch the next ones.

    Alright, so that's that. Lemme know what you all think, I'm excited to hear.

    And for those of you who haven't seen it: shame! Go do so, now! So we can chat!
  2. I'm sorry, but I disagree with Jesse Eisenberg fitting the role of Lex Luthor. Ultimately how he was portrayed in the movie felt, to me, like there was going to be two villains; The Joker and Luthor, but at some point decided to mash them together. I Jesse Eisenberg at his best playing a more socially awkward nerdy villain than a Mega-corp, charismatic Villain. I really felt that there was a bunch more better fitting actors for the role of Lex Luthor.

    Just my opinion, really. I felt the movie did good on the parts that looked good (The action was decent for example) and the the parts they didn't, DEAR GOD WHY!? (Doomsday. they ruined him for me. one of my favourite Super Monsters ruined. Thank you Snyder, Goyer(Jesuswatafuckstain) and whoever else okay'd the idea.
  3. It was like Man of Steel, but with worse editing, and Batman had a crab raping his throat.

    So basically, it was just a really disappointing movie that made me feel completely indifferent. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the movie ticket.
  4. Normally I quite like Jesse Eisenberg, but man, from the trailers alone, I have a feeling he would have gotten so annoying that I'd drive across the continent just to slap him across the face. I've seen a lot of shows and animated films with Lex Luthor, and nothing I saw indicated that the character in this movie resembles him in anything but name only.

    I probably won't see the movie until maybe it comes out on Netflix or something, but I really can't help but feel I've seen the entire movie in that second trailer already and what I've heard from a few people, that's not far from the truth. That and the whole Batman vs. Superman bit that's the main selling point is apparently a relatively short running time in the movie, so I'm pretty skeptical.
  5. No, that's totally fair! I think I agree, that perhaps they didn't stay true to the character in a way many of the fans might have preferred, but their rendition of it worked for me. I can definitely see how it wouldn't for some people, however. So my wording was off there; perhaps he didn't fit the role perfectly, but I thought what he did with the character was fascinating, different, and truer to real life villains than to those of comic books. That being said, this is a comic book movie.
  6. I haven't seen the movie yet. I just wanna leave this video here because it made me laugh SO HARD the other day.

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  7. Oh yes, I've been cackling at that like a maniac myself.
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  8. I'm not even sure if it's worth the watch on Netflix. It's just so... Bafflingly constructed. It felt like Snyder was reaching into too many honey pots. Batman came off like a deranged, paranoid sociopath.

    He murders people. Batman actually straight up murders people.

    The main issue with the plot is that it felt like Snyder was trying to justify Superman too hard. It was trying to be Frank Miller's infamous comic without any of the real character depth between them.

    Wonder Woman works though. So I guess if you like Wonder Woman, she steals the movie. Super Jesus and Horse-Voiced Sociopath were not at all appealing. I think Snyder forgot that in this dark, gritty movie, I'm supposed to at least somehow like the protagonists.

    And I hated them both.

    So good job Snyder. You have managed to create a Batman so fucking unlikeable, that I will take George Clooney's rendition of it over this one. At least that version is funny in how unintentionally campy it is. And that's not even to say that Affleck can't do the job: I can actually see him do it, if he was handed a script that didn't make him into a bizarre, paranoid, insane, delusional psychopath.

    Seriously. It's kind of that bad. If you watch it, watch it with alcohol, and popcorn, and watch it being ready to laugh at all of the ridiculous, nonsensical, idiotic decisions made by the director and the lead writer. Because this movie is a 101 on how to assassinate a franchise.
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  9. Eisenberg's a good actor, but I don't think he works in the place of Lex. Something about him felt really out of place. Afflect's performance was fine. No more fond of Lois than I was in MoS.

    What I'm most upset about is how they worked in Doomsday, and the fact that all future Justice League movies are all going to be N52 based. Forget Cyborg, give me Manhunter.

    I grew up with the cartoon and a ton of old JLA comics, and childhood nostalgia tends to lend itself to bias, but it doesn't make my complaints any less valid. I wish I could've seen my childhood on the big screen.

    Anyway, good movie. Not great, but not horrible. Enjoyable.
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  10. Snyder has proved once more that he's a more-than-competent visual and technical director. The movie looks wonderfully done on a visual level, and the sound mixing and editing is so incredibly well done; it was visceral, and I'm so glad I got the IMAX audio experience. That was amazing in and of itself. Additionally, the huge 70mm transfer was awesome to look at!

    BUT-- he's also proved, once more, that he doesn't know how to handle character, story, and plot. He needs to fire his editor, or he needs to stay out of the editing suite, or both. This film was terribly paced. I would go so far to say that was the film's greatest weakness, the pacing! The editing has a huge hand in that as well, as we the audience jump between more narratives than we care to keep track of. There are so many separate plot threads (before they begin to merge), and the threads are so horribly explored, that it's irritating to sit through and outright boring. The first half of the movie was just damn-straight exhausting. I found myself wanting to sleep!

    That said, I fucking loved Ben Affleck's version of Batman. Yes, he kills people. I was baffled by that as well. As well as his liberal use of heavy weaponry! We have to realize though, this is practically a Frank Miller, pre-DKR Batman we're dealing with here. He's seen some shit in his 20-odd years in Gotham, enough that we know that a Robin was killed or brutally maimed in some way by The Joker, and Bats keeps the damn suit that was tagged by him as some weird memorial for the sake of his anger. So yeah, this Batman has no qualms about killing people, but he doesn't go out of his way to do it? Like, he'll take them down by breaking bones and faces first, but he'll kill if necessary. That's honestly how I always felt Batman would end up. My issue is that we don't see the why, we don't even get a hint of it from Alfred, which I would have appreciated. A "Bruce, you've gone too far these past few years..." would've gone a whoooooole long way.

    Still. I want that solo Batfleck movie. His portrayal is by far my favourite so far: his Bruce Wayne was legit and spot on, that Batsuit was insane, and you could really feel the anger that boiled beneath every one of his surfaces. It was so cool to see.

    Jesse Eisenberg, I personally loved. He made Lex his. Yes, it was... Weird, to say the least, but the core of the character is there: megalomania, ego, super-genius, and a psychotic desire to control and prove whatever he is out to prove. In this case, he's trying to prove that this new God-figure is no god. Hell, he goes so far as to want him to--literally--bow to him. So it was interesting, and I liked it.

    Finally, the creme de la creme: Wonder Woman. Gal Godot as Wonder Woman was hands down the best part of the movie, and I so, SO wish her reveal hadn't been ruined by the trailer (you know, THAT trailer!) Her "theme" music in the movie (and trust me, you'll know it when you hear it) is so rad and wild and blood-pumping. When she let's loose, when you see her smile that nigh-psychotic "I'm going to enjoy this fight" sneer? Oh man... Oh man. So good. I can't wait for her solo movie!

    o rite and Jeremy Irons as Alfred was spot on.

    So yeah.

    Final verdict: terrible pacing, awful editing, convoluted story, and Superman dies. WHY DEATH AND REBIRTH?! AAAHHHH! Amazing acting, great sound/visuals, brutal action.

    P.S. Batman smashing a bathroom sink over Superman's head made me die laughing.
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  11. I resent the lack of a "Team Batman" / "Team Superman" poll in this thread
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  12. #TeamBatman
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  13. #TeamDarksied :3
  14. #magnetodidnothingwrong
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  15. I'm going to go see it soon (early showing o.e) and at first I thought it would be fun but then I stumbled across an article and now it sounds like the movie is going to be a bit of a dry experience. Even the actual fight scene didn't get much of an approval rating. I mean, I love the down and the gritty, and I've seen violent batmans (the Batman in particular was based off the version where Batman is supposed to be retired but comes back at the rise of the Mutants Gang-- he was violent but he didn't kill, and didn't see guns as appropriate weaponry, calling them loud and clumsy (there was also a girl Robin and the Red Mask dude who is like some love child of Spider-Man and Deadpool <3)), so I don't mind that. But that that was also a good Superman vs. Batman movie. This one seems unfocused and overstretched, exploring too many themes and doing very few justice.

    But again, I haven't seen the movie so I'm catiously hoping, by some miracle, it turns out better e.e Or maybe I'll ditch the Superman versus Barman franchise and become a straight up feminist for Wonder Woman «3
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  16. I haven't watched it yet, and from what my brother-in-law said about it, I probably won't until it's playing on HBO or something.
  17. Ah, my apologies. We all know the Bat's the real badass.
  18. If this is true, I called it. The animated movie of the same name is that way too. I'm sending a friend on a mission to find out for me.
  19. What I learned from this experience: if Hulk fucks a Troll from Lord of the Rings their baby will be... Doomsday...?

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  20. To you and everyone else on the fence about watching this movie, particularly after hearing reviews and critiques:

    Go see it yourself.

    There's this new phenomena where you either love or hate something. This movie really is right down the middle for me and I feel for a lot of people. It's not terrible, but it's certainly not good either. It's a strong "mmmmmmmmmeeehhhokay."

    So yeah, go see it, and form your own opinion! As you've seen in this thread alone, people hate Jesse Eisenberg and Batfleck, but others love them in this movie. We all got our own opinion for the movie. :)
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