Batman vs. Superman official trailer!

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  1. Here it is folks:

    Looks pretty cool. The hype on this has gone to greater levels!

  2. Goddamnit...

    I'll see it, but I got my butthole prepared for something godawful.
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  3. That's just how I like you, Seiji.

    Also, in blatant ignorance to all comics, shows and fanfic nerdocosms... HOW THE FUCK DOES BATMAN STAND A CHANCE AGAINST AN INVINCIBLE ALIEN WITH EYE-BEAMS?

    *sits back and waits for everyone to waste time answering him*

    It is good to be Birthday Man.
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  4. Inb4 prep time
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  5. 1:40

    I like how the last shot shows nothing covering Batman's mouth, but his voice sounds heavily modulated. Autotune Batman. Wheeeee~
  6. I meh'd at this so hard that thousands of teenagers stopped texting their besties about how bored they were just to acknowledge my being too cool for school.
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  7. We all know who is going to win!

  8. Looks like they're going for the usual dark and gritty shit DC usually does that doesn't translate into good superhero movies.

    This trailer alone has a darker colour pallet than Gears of War, and that's a game about humanity being in a brutal war of extinction. Isn't Superman supposed to be about hope? I'm calling it now, this is Man of Steel part 2. Hopefully we don't get another climax where hundreds of thousands of people die in a super ham fisted way.
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  9. But I liked Man of Steel...
  10. Technically this IS Man of Steel 2. They're calling it the sequel to it and not just some spinoff oddly enough. Unless you meant a movie with the same feeling everyone got watching Man of Steel 2 in which it was "meh".

    Also, anybody else get an Injustice vibe from this? I've never read the comics on the battle of these two, but Injustice had a similar concept about Superman being a false god and the soldiers bowing to him in that one scene in the trailer.
  11. Definitely MoS2 in the soul crushing, bleak, 2#edgy4me angst fest kind of way the first movie was.
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  12. I never understood the obsession with having these two fight.
    It'd be far cooler if they worked together against a bigger threat, like the Avengers do.

    Why the hell don't they just make other DC hero movies and then do the Justice League?
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  13. Injustice was actually a really amazing comic run, but--

    Yeah. They're trying for grimdark bullshit. And yeah, this most-definitely is Man of Steel 2. WB was never hushed over that, they just... Wanted to throw in Batman to make sure this makes close to a billion.
  14. They are trying for Frank Miller. Without Frank Miller.

    Batmans armor is clearly the one from the Panel Seiji in the thread.

    It am not even gonna try to be optimistic about this.
  15. I'm pumped for it. I also have my reservations for it but I really want this film to do good. I think zacks style of directing could work well with the gritty vibe DC tends to strive for. On a whole I tend to really like the Dc heroes, especially after growing up with justice league and teen titans. The grittiness that Dc always strives for doesn't bother me too much, Because I can understand what they are striving for: superheroes in a real world setting, where they'll probably cause more problems than good. I think that aspect of thinking can explore some awesome character development, but I don't feel DC has a good enough record on the big screen to completely have faith in this. I think marvel tends to be more 'kick up your feet and have a good time' while DC wants to get you to think a bit more about things, but like I said DC hasn't handled their franchise well on the big screen.

    Still ill be in the theater to see this when it comes out.
  16. So, people I want to ask you who would win in a fight between these two superpowers?

    Joker could beat them both.
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  17. DC.

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  18. But where is the dignity?
  19. Most likely, this will go same way I as when I watched Man of Steel. I watch thirty minutes of it, turn the film off, then go eat a snack and think about how I'll never get that thirty minutes back.

    DC disappoints me with most of these movies, though. They should stick to animated films. Those are the real treasures.
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