Bar Night: A Night with the Divine

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  1. Bar Night: A Night With the Divine

    Disclosure: The events that take place in this roleplay have nothing to do with the Bar Night Chat roleplays. Also unlike other Bar Nights where any race/species are invited, humans and gods are the only ones admitted.

    The Bar, a meeting place between planes and worlds is the perfect place to find that special someone. The Bartender who is always eager to serve drinks is particularly busy this month. It is the month of February where the humans celebrate the holiday Valentine's Day, and for those that are feeling lonely find themselves getting drunk in bars. What's surprising however are the Gods and Goddesses who are looking for love themselves and haven't found it, despite their age. At the Bartender's request, they have agreed to come to the Bar and test their luck. However some arrive with little expectations, others hold their chin up in arrogance, for what god would want to mingle or even date a lowly human?

    The humans themselves are in for a surprise, because a random door has appeared in their world, begging to be opened. Not only will this door take them to the Bar, but will allow them to meet their Gods.
  2. Rules:

    1. I ask that only one person can be a God of _____, so no there cannot be two Gods of Thunder.

    2. As a God you can only represent one principle or element. You won't be allowed to be say, God of Thunder And Lightning. You must pick one. This is to ensure that people who do play Gods have more choices.

    3. As a human, you are allowed magical powers, but please don't be obnoxious or too flashy with your choices. I will allow one power for each human.

    4. Gods can have powers too, but they must reflect on what they represent.

    List of taken Gods:
    (List will be updated as more Character Sheets come in.)
    God of Socializing
    God of Promiscuity
    God of Nature
    God of Trickery
    God of Storms
    God of Dreams
    God of Sin
    God of Winter

    Character Skeletons:

    Human or God?:
    If God, what are you the God of?:
    Past Experience with Love:
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: The Bartender
    Age: At least 2000, although being what she is it's probable that she's older
    Appearance: Ever smiling, ever beaming, the Bartender always looks put together. Her outfit changes a lot, but her hair and face remains the same.
    Human or God?: God
    God of Socializing
    Personality: Eccentric but at the same time very friendly. The Bartender lives for companionship, even if it means destruction of her temple/Bar. She is often very pleasant to talk to, although one cannot help but notice a very eager glint in her eyes, as if she doesn't want you to leave or stop talking. She is a wonderful listener, but very horrid at adding to conversation because she often gets distracted by her many other guests. Do not ever, ever damage her Bar because she will go bat shit crazy and that's a promise.
    Powers: Charming, and can talk at the speed of light. She has a natural talent for making drinks.
    History: Born in the first social gathering in the universe, The Bartender never did have her own place. At first her power was very weak because living organisms were so primitive. But as they evolved, so did she. Soon she had places where she came to be worshiped and these were the bars. The Bartender soon acquired enough power to create her own place, in the Center of all worlds, universes and parallel worlds. The other gods don't care for the way she runs her establishment, but she doesn't heed their threats.
    Past Experience with Love: The Bartender is notorious for changing the subject when love comes up or just avoiding the topic in general. She is often whispered about wearing a chastity belt with how often she dismisses and ignores suitors.

  4. Name: Aphrodite
    Age: unknown
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Human or God?: God
    If God, what are you the God of?: Greek goddess of Promiscuity
    Personality: Laid back and confident.
    Powers: seduction and love influences.
    History(Optional): In the story of the Trojan War, the Trojan Paris awarded Aphrodite the apple of discord after judging her to be the most beautiful of the goddesses. She then sided with the Trojans throughout the war. Aphrodite was married to the ugliest of the gods, the limp smithy Hephaestus. She had many affairs with men, both human and divine. Eros, Anteros, Hymenaios and Aeneas are some of her children. Aglaea (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer), known collectively as The Graces, followed in the retinue of Aphrodite.

    Past Experience with Love:
  5. Estha, I can only allow your character to be the God of one thing, even if the real Aphrodite was Goddess of many things. It's to ensure that people have other choices when picking out Gods.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Vis
    Age: Old as the natural world
    Appearance: (Pic)
    Human or God?: God
    God of Nature
    Personality: Vis is a stoic god. His loyalties lie in the natural world and being emotionally attached to anything else is childish. He can be rather forward as he has no care for society, customs, or what is acceptable. He abides by the laws of nature and all other laws are trivial. He is kind and friendly, but can turn on a dime should he feel crossed.
    Powers: Vis can call upon the various nature spirits to aid him in his endeavors
    Past Experience with Love: Vis is Stoic and does not hold stock in love for individuals.
  7. [​IMG]

    The God of Storms

    Name: Officially he is Raijin, although while he's at the bar, he will go by Naru.
    Age: "Is this really necessary?"
    Appearance: Shoulder-length raven black hair with a curtain fringe that parts to one side and hazy green-grey eyes like the color of the sky on the edge of an imminent storm. Lately he's taken a liking to having a goatee and getting some ink done. His build is medium for the most part, although his back and arms are quite strong from hundreds of years of drumming. There is almost always a rather serious, and sometimes gloomy, expression upon his face. As for clothes, Naru dresses in simple, modern fashion.
    Personality: A bit grumpy and rough on the outside, which can often leave him alone and misunderstood. Truthfully though, Naru has a kind heart, and believes that destruction is sometimes necessary in the world because making a fresh start from ground zero can really change a person for the better, and he would very much like to personally test out that opinion of his at the bar. But be warned. Stirring up the storm in him can tip the scale either way: there is potential for Naru to become the life and energy of the party, but there is also the risk that with the right trigger, the storm could turn lethal. (Basically I'm saying that with a little help, he can come out of his shell and have a good time, but he might also lose his temper if someone gets all up in his face.)
    Powers: Can summon up a storm, usually by drumming but if he's mad enough, he can do it purely and easily with his mind. Also, does drinking like a fish count?
    History & Past Experience with Love: Naru is actually on good terms with The Bartender, and has been for at least a thousand years. So of course he was quick to agree to her request, even if he's a little doubtful that he'll find love at the bar. Lust, no doubt, but he's already had his share of flings with mortals. And although he's grateful for having his demigod sons and daughters, having a lover truly interested in him rather than just being seduced by his godly charm for a night of passion would be a nice change.​
  8. Name: Sawyer Rhona

    Age: Claims to be 26

    Human or God?: God

    If God, what are you the God of?: God of Trickery

    Personality: Yes, Sawyer is a god, but she much prefers toying with humans, using her silver tongue to convince people that she is a wonderfully sweet girl and grand listener. She finds it so fun to pretend to be a real people person who never dreams of using secrets against people. Sawyer always encourages people to dismiss her outward appearance, claiming that she really has a heart of gold.

    Powers: The power of the silver tongue


    Past Experience with Love: Love? It isn't an unknown word in Sawyer's life, but it is one that is rarely spoken. Of course she has experienced love but couldn't keep her love of trickery out of the relationship. No, she didn't have a trail of broken hearts behind her; there was only one man, but that didn't matter much anymore. All that mattered was her happiness at that moment.
  9. Are multiple characters allowed as long as they are not both Gods? I see a lack of humans at the moment, so I volunteer.
  10. Atm no I'm not allowing multiple characters, just in case you guys run into RPing with yourselves.
  11. Okay, thanks. I'll work on the character later. :D
  12. Name: Sarah Hale
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Sarah has blonde hair with short, straight bangs, the rest just barely brushing her shoulders and in the back it is a bit shorter, her skin is tanned and she has blue grey eyes. She is rather short, standing at barely 5'6” she is more on the petite size although not very fragile as she isn't afraid to work hard.
    Hannah Spearritt Primeval 2-thumb-300x519.jpg
    Human or God?: Human
    If God, what are you the God of?:
    Personality: Calm and collected most of the time Sarah takes everything with a stride, even tough situations she meets with a cool head and has never really panicked over anything, the same if she would meet a famous person, it wouldn't get to her head either. While some who don't know her may say she is a indifferent but as long as she is interested she can be the opposite, she can never muster enough energy to pretend to enjoy something and for that reason one can see her emotions quite clearly. She doesn't like to get really angry but she does have a temper, and even while she is happy and outgoing her mood can shift quite suddenly. Sarah is also very curious which has helped her to find small hidden spots to photograph and also gets her to just walk around with no real direction to find new interesting places.
    Powers: Can manipulate small amounts of water.
    History(Optional): Her life hasn't been unusual or very exciting in anyway, she went to school and graduated with good grades and got a job at a photographer store where she also started focusing more on her own photos. Growing up in a relatively religious family Sarah herself doesn't really care much for gods and goddess, whether they are real or not is never something she ponders over, she has always been one to need proof to believe something so as long as she can not see any real proof of gods then she doesn't believe in them and as no interest in any religion either, much to the dismay of her mother. She has had the ability to control small amounts of water ever since she was young and that is proof for her that some supernatural things exists but not that everything in stories are real. Currently she is still working there and has gotten praise for her own works and is planning to start her own small business where she takes pictures for people. It is not a work that offers a lot of money but it allows her to do what she loves and has also taught her how to spend her money wisely.
    Past Experience with Love: She has been in a few relationships but nothing have lasted and a few ended badly. She has had no relationships at all recently and wonders if an enjoyable life is impossible to have without living alone seeing as she always seems to end up with jerks.
  13. Gah a human!

    I mean... Welcome. ^^
  14. Name: Orlando Ondrea
    Age: 25
    Human or God?: Human
    Orlando has always been a kind soul, even in the worst of situations. He was always trying to help the people around him with whatever they needed. With his heart on his sleeve he was sometimes easily manipulated. His friends would often joke about how graceful he was while fixing cars and how clumsy he was when he wasn't. He was always good in groups or crowds of people, even one on one is fine. And if you don't find him with his friends or at the beach you can be positive he's working on his Motorcycle.
    Powers: Natural Mechanic (Pretty much means he can build or fix anything mechanical)

    Orlando had always been a playful kid, he lived in New York city with his parents George and Elizabeth, who were almost always working. They worked in a family business, one of the biggest restaurant lines in his generation and they had raised him to one day join... Until he was old enough to refuse them, he wanted to do something else with his life and his father was furious while his mother supported him. Even though he had refused his parents, his father still pressured him into continuing the business. The only time he would get any relief was when he stayed with his grandparents Maria and Roger. Over the years Orlando became a mechanic and has owned and worked in his grandfathers shop sense he was 20.

    Past Experience with Love: His past experience with love has made him hesitant and guarded though he is still friendly. He has had a few relationships but only one lasted awhile.
  15. In Character Thread

    Post whenever, just make sure you hoo-mans come in through a random door of some kind from your world before stepping in.
  16. Name: Khoas
    Age: Ageless
    Human or God?: God

    If God, what are you the God of?: Goddess of Dreams
    Personality: She acts warming and welcoming, inviting you in, and once you get there, it is hard to pull away. She is always calm, contrary to her name. Though she often seems kind, she can very cruel and relentless at times. And like a dream, she will some times be clear, concise, and make sense, but at other times she will speak vaguely and tell only half truths.
    Powers: If one stares into her eyes for too long, they are pulled into a land of dreams.
    History: Khaos was born from dreams themselves. She is the chaos of dreams, either allowing good thoughts to fill the minds of those trapped in her realm, or plaguing the land with nightmares.
    Past Experience with Love: Many have fallen in love wither her, especially those who have been trapped in her gaze, or seen her when dreaming. Khaos, though, has never loved another.

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  17. Need another human?

    Name: Charles O'Malley
    Age: 34
    Appearance: thumbs_david-gandy-arnaldo-anaya-lucca-gq-japan-04.jpg
    Human or God? : Human
    Personality: Very self-assured, confident, and perhaps cocky. He believes himself to be the gods’ gift to men and women alike, and therefore, he tends to come off as a jerk and a player, which could be true. Despite his arrogance, he knows how to share with others his time and efforts, to make every moment count.
    Powers: Telekinesis
    History: Most assume Charles had an easy life, that his good looks and charm could, and probably have, gotten him out of certain situations. But most would be wrong. Charles grew up raising his two younger siblings and taking care of his sick father. He worked hard, dropping out of school, earning enough to pay for the bills and continue his siblings’ education. He now works as a local real estate agent, living well in his means.
    Past Experience with Love: He’s the eternal bachelor, always able to find a date but never letting anyone close enough to last long term.
  18. Yes! This roleplay lurves their humans.

    And fyi, your human can be from any time period that you wish or from a different world, it doesn't matter to me. They just have to be human.
  19. I might just have to think about that. Thanks.