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Banner Page

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vio, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. I think it will be really cool for there to be a banner page that lists or displays every banner in the current banner rotation. Then I can look at the pretty banners for a good half hour.

    Though I can see why this would be pretty pointless since there is a rp advertisement forum/threads. >.>
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  2. Actually, I think this idea would be useful! Especially if you come across a banner you like but it switches on you before you can click it :c Or you see a banner but don't have to the time to check it out. Currently, the only way to flip through banners is to refresh the page, but this is pretty ineffective as there's no real guarantee the banner you want to pop up will pop up in a short while.
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  3. This is on my wishlist to have a page that displays all currently active banners. D: But they have yet to put this out yet.
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  4. This is actually the reason why I thought of this idea in the first place, but I had forgotten of it! I had thought of this a couple months ago hence why my opinion on why it would be useful was muddied. lol
  5. I hope it become a reality with in the next couple years for you then, as that would be amazing. ^^
  6. Personally I get the issue of I have so many tabs open I won't notice a banner I liked until right when I've clicked close, or clicked on a link.

    But yea, such a feature in the future would be really nice as a utility, a way to look at the art work and to help find currently active RP's still looking for new people.
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