Banana Bunker

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  1. I felt this product was too great to pass up and that the Iwaku community would enjoy it.

    It even has its own website. I also give the company props for having such a good sense of humor.
    Banana Bunker
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  2. Wait...

    Aren't those like the things that stop bananas from bruising when you're on the go?


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  3. Saw this on Facebook a while back xD
  4. Yup! I do hate when a banana gets bruised. It makes me look at it with a sad face.

    That is too perfect! I love the orange and pear on the logo xD
  5. If I didn't know better, I would say the first pictures belong to things that are used extensively as dildos.
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  6. *gasp* Be gone dirty mind. These are clearly used to keep bananas healthy until it is time to be consumed. It can also be used for foods of similar shape and size.
  7. *Looks at OP*

  8. Are you questioning my sanity good sir?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Do question the sanity as I am questioning yours..and more :eyebrows:
    Do not question the product though. The banana bunkers may get sad, fail to do their job, and then bananas will be bruised by the failure of this product.
  11. Yea... It's the Banana's that will get bruised... Totally. :P
  12. I suppose this can help protect large carrots and also cucumbers. It would be terrible to have them get harmed.
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  13. So... when are we going to get fruit power armor?
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