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  1. What are yours?

    I bit my nails for almost twenty years, until last May. Now I have beautiful, strong nails, and love to paint those mofos. Unfortunately, I apparently cannot get rid of the anxious need to pick at things, and have just turned to my toenails instead. It's super gross. I try so hard not too, but if I get really anxious at the computer, then I just end up picking at them to the point that they bleed. Just tonight I picked at my big toenail way too much, and now it's bleeding and very sore. :( Gonna have to wear sandals tomorrow.

    I also remember once last year when I somehow managed to peel off almost my entire toenail on one of my smaller nails. Fucking gross.

    I need to get me some slippers to wear while I'm at the computer so I have some barrier between my hands and my toenails. :E
  2. What?

    I scratch my nose by snorting sometimes.

    When I have a flu smash my nose with my palm and rub it like if trying to make it dissappear. I also take my shirt off and blow my nose on it.

    Yup... My nose is huge.
  3. I eat the inside of lip real bad. It's an anxiety problem - So during exam season my lips were non stop bleeding lmao. I chew literally everything to stop myself from doing it, so most of my pen lids have been obliterated lmao.
  4. I tend to pick at things too.

    Except for me it's either dead skin on my feet or scabs on my back. There's been more than a few cases of the back of my shirt being coated in blood.
  5. Picking up the phone at 3AM.
    I'm a picker, I pick at wounds.
    Severe nail biting.
  6. I bite my nails and pick at dead skin on my face. Classic anxiety.
  7. I bite my nails. It used to be a lot worse when I was younger, chewing them down until there was no white left. I also used to take nail clippers to the tips and pads of my fingers and absolutely destroy the skin there. Very hard to do a lot of tasks when it burns to touch anything.

    I also chew the insides of my lips. Or rather, I have the need to chew constantly, so if I don't have something else (like a pen, pencil, bits of plastic or metal) I end up attacking my lips.
  8. You know that time when you're on your period, and you sit on the toilet, and eventually it ends up with blood, piss, and shit in it? :D Doesn't that happen to girls? :DDDDD
  9. I like peeling things. Skin, the rubber on pen grips, the lining of my pencil case. It's just so satisfying.
  10. When I'm alone at home or no one else is around I scratch my crotch when I feel like it! ... Well, that doesn't happen often since I keep myself clean and don't get itch often, but I also do that to my armpits sometimes.

    Y'know. Things people don't expect of me. 8D
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  11. Sooooo!

    You guys know how I have Autism right? And that I went through therapy?
    Well, I figure today people should learn something not often talked about with it!

    So, a common trait with Autism is imitation, specifically speaking with stuff like stimming.
    Now, this was something that was taken care of during therapy... But the 'How' is the interesting bit.

    Most people tend to assume that if the therapy works you walk away no longer having the temptation to Stim.


    What does happen (at least in my case) is we get better at managing the temptation to do so.
    So what does mean/how is it relevant to this thread?

    Well, all the habits you guys are mentioning? Those would all count as a type of Stimming...
    So now my temptation to immitate (or even revert to my own younger stims) is awfully high at the moment.

    Fuuuuuun! <3


    No I don't.
    That would explain why I don't. XD
  12. I pick at dead skin on my lips to the point of them bleeding and I pick at my scabs too... >>
  13. I'm part of the chew at nails and pick at scabs group.

    I don't think I have any other gross habits. :P I mean if everyone does them, are they really gross? Eh? Eh?? XD

    Bad habits I have loads. Like holding it in when I should really go to the washoom. Not good at all.
  14. Too many things to remember now, but one that is straining my cervical spine is putting my left foot under my right thigh. It's fucking both the right knee as my lombar spine.
  15. As I've mentioned in several threads before, the whole peeling-the-skin-around-my-nails thing is really becoming a nuisance... I recently bought a bunch of Finding Dory bandaids at Walmart just because it was surprisingly hard to find any normal bandaids that were just packs of the smallish-size normal-shape bandaids that I use for my fingers -- as opposed to variety packs and/or a bunch of fancy sizes and shapes that I won't need nearly as often. It was only the character-themed bandaids that had exactly what I wanted, so that's what I went with, even if they only came in tiny boxes that I had to buy several of. o_o

    Also, peeling the skin on my lip, to a somewhat lesser degree. I actually don't do it nearly as much as I used to, now that I think about it.
  16. I also tend to think holding it in when I have to go the bathroom is good for me (not that it isn't, I know it isn't haha!)

    I also slouch a lot. I notice when I do and correct my posture but god... It's difficult to not slouch when you're sitting in a comfortable chair or otherwise.

    Sometimes I'll sit on my feet without realising it, then afterwards, my feet are red and the blood circulation has been cut off, and sometimes, i can't even feel my foot when I take a step and I get a tingly feeling xD
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  17. For me, it's because I'm really fussy about washrooms. I hate washrooms that aren't, well, the ones in my house, or rather the ones' that I use. I won't even use my parents' bathroom. So using a public washroom or my work washroom makes me feel gross. o_o'
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  18. That's completely understandable. I've had my fair share of women who don't know how to clean up after themselves that I'm just like, "Ugh. Why now?"
  19. The struggle... it's real. TwT
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  20. So real. xD I've always thought (and had hope) that women were more cleaner than men but... we're all the same! xD
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