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  3. Danielle shyly smiled at everyone she passed. It was the end of the day on the Friday of her first week back in school. The move back to California had been rough, especially with her father criticizing her left and right for everything she did. Finally, things were beginning to settle down. Her first week had been fine, other than Monday when she had to find her rooms with the help of practically no one but teachers. Thank God she was a Senior, though. Freshmen seemed to get it bad, here. Imagine if she'd been a Freshie and not even from around here. Danny had enough going on as it was.
    Now, she was heading home, walking out of the main doors. It was kind of an embarrassment that she was probably the only Senior without a car. Hey! She couldn't help that her father didn't want to spend money to get her at least a bike. Danny had a car, but her father took it away because 'she was never home'. It was a long walk back to her house, but she didn't mind; it was peaceful and the view was nice. This is California, after all. The roaring waters of the each were almost always heard since her High School was close to one. Luckily she had no homework or projects to attend to, so she was free this weekend. Though, not like she had anything to do anyway. No friends to invite her to any kind of party or anything. Maybe she could just hang out somewhere, like the beach, perhaps.

    As Danielle walked down the sidewalk, she took in all the sights and such. This place was so much different from Georgia. Still, it was a nice change.
  4. John had skipped the day, he didn't really need to go back to high school, he didn't receive enough Math credits to graduate so it's really the only class he has to go to when he does go there, he was walking down the sidewalk, he had just got back from his special spot by the beach where he goes to play his guitar when he's bored, he was wearing a pair of somewhat loose khaki pants made from a soft material, some black flip flops and no shirt, his guitar was slung over his back as he walked in the direction of his home. Even though he loved the look of California, there was only a select number of the inhabitants that he liked at all, and those were his closest friends, no one else in Cali seemed to click with John, since he didn't have a curfew or a parent expecting him home, he decided to sit down on the sidewalk and play a few songs in hopes of getting enough money for food or a pack of smokes or some other smoke-able substance, he placed the case for the guitar down on the sidewalk and opened it, he then sat cross legged and began to play.
  5. Danielle's pace slowed as she heard music playing. Instantly, she lit up, excitement filling the features of her face. Danny loved music with a passion, especially guitar, and whoever was playing sounded great! She noticed that the player was just a little ways down the sidewalk, sitting on a bench.
    The redhead casually walked over, setting her bookbag down as she pulled out some money from her pocket, tossing it in the guitar case. It was all she had; she was still trying to get a job to earn a bit extra money for herself. She thought this guy probably needed it more than her, though.

    Crossing her arms, Danielle listened intently to the music he was playing, a small smile on her powdery lips. Her foot tapped along, the strings of her converse bouncing as she did so. The seventeen year old wanted to compliment his music but thought it rude to interrupt.
  6. John shot a quick glance towards the girl and smiled at her, he finished the tune he was playing and looked at the girl again, he spoke up in a soft and friendly voice and a light smile, "thank you" he looked down at how much she gave him, there must have been at least 5 dollars in change there, "you like that song?"
  7. "Mhm," Danielle smiled shyly, "I love music in general. You play well, so I decided to give you a couple dollars." He seemed to be around her age, so she hoped he wasn't playing because he was homeless or something. That would be awful, and Danielle had to remind herself that there was always someone out there who had it worse than her. Just another reason she didn't complain about life.

    "Nice to hear on the way home. Mind if I stay and listen to a couple more?" Danny asked. In all honesty, she did want to hear more, but she also wanted a reason to stay out and away from her home.
  8. John smiled again and thought about what to play next, he started to strum a few chords but would often pause in the middle to think up more, "okay, got it now"
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    IC: Danielle's smile became softer. What a beautiful song; she sat down in the empty spot beside him, watching his fingers strum the chords with precision; she hummed along with his playing, and a few people dropped money in the guitar case as they walked by.
    After he finished, Danny grinned.
    "You're really good. I actually play piano; they're kinda alike in a way. It's hard to explain, really. Anyway, I never got your name?"
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    IC: John smiled as he picked the money up out of his case and put in his his pocket, he looked at the girl as he was putting the guitar back into it's case and answered her "John" he said as he snapped closed the locks on his case and swung it over his shoulder, "how long have you been playing?" he asked as he extended a hand to help the girl up
  12. "Danielle," The redhead introduced herself with a friendly smile, grabbing his hand which had been offered as she stood, then answered his question, "About eleven years, now. I know I started before my mother died; she's the one that got me into it."

    "I haven't played in over three years, though," Danny added, "I had to sell my old piano. I'd probably be a bit rusty if I tried to play again."
  13. John sort of hung his head at her first statement about her mother
    "I'm sorry to hear that.." he let the silence drag on for a moment before saying something else to change the subject
    "you could always practice at local music stores and stuff like that, they always have instruments out on display" he said in a reassuring tone.
    he scratched the back of his head nervously as he had run out of things to say, "well, I think I should go get some food and head home, like I said, music stores"
    he began to slowly walk away, hoping that she would say something or anything else that would lead to a future meeting, but he was too awkward about that to say anything at all
  14. "Oh, ah, okay. Nice meeting you, Jhon," Danielle murmured, just loud enough to be heard. Slightly bummed out, she whirled around, ginger hair flowing behind her as she continued her walk home. Part of her wanted to stop him or set up another meeting, but of course, her shyness prevented that.

    Danny sighed, and walked home, scared of what her father might do for her being late.
  15. John stopped by the corner store and bought a pack of smokes, he lit one up as he left and noticed that the girl had gone, "fuck..." he started to walk home with his head low, when he reached his house he looked in the driveway, no one was there, as usual, he unlocked the door and sat down in the living room, putting his head into his hands and simply sitting there, there was a letter on the table next to a picture, the letter read "visiting soon, can't wait to see you" and the picture was of John and his father, he picked up the picture and walked over to his answering machine, allowing it to play the newest message, "First new message, sent today at. 2:54PM. "Hey Johnny, look uhh, some things came up at work and, I'm gonna have to postpone our visit again, it'll only be for-" the message was interrupted by the sound of John letting out a small scream and throwing the picture as hard as he could against the wall, causing it's frame to shatter into many pieces, he turned off the answering machine and went into his room, slamming the door.
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    IC: Danielle reached out a hand to place on the doorknob, as she stood on the doorsteps. Her hand shook as she heard her dad on the phone, and then she pulled away, horrified look on her face as she listened to what was being said.

    "Dammit, the little bitch still isn't here. She should know that right after school, she comes- No. No, she's supposed to be here, Merle. I'm not being too strict! That whore stays out all night at parties, throwing herself around to every damn guy out there!"

    Danielle slid down the door, sitting down, tears appearing in her green eyes. "That isn't true..." she murmured, fists clenching.

    "Look, she's just like her slut of a mother. That's why I killed her. She was cheating on me and being a horrible role model for this family! Look, Merle, you're the only one who knows about my wife's murder. Don't be an idiot and ruin this, or I'll find you."

    Danny's knuckles turned white. He'd gone too far. She stood up, and kicked the door open, striding over to her father and taking the phone, slamming it to the floor. "You're a bastard!" She cried, voice strained with anger and depression, "And a lie, and sick excuse for a person."

    "You think you can walk into MY house and tell me off, Danielle!?" Her father yelled, yanking his arm back before slapping her, sending her to the ground in a swift motion.

    Danielle fell to the floor, tears staining her cheeks. "Why do you do this? What's your damn problem?" Danielle whimpered.

    "It's none of your fucking concern," He spat, kicking Danielle in the side, making her clutch her sides as she let out a wail of pain. The man left her there to cry.


    It was hours later when she'd finally stood up, wincing in pain. Danny stumbled out the door, falling on the concrete. "I can't do this," she cried, face pressed to the concrete.
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    IC: John had tried his best to calm down, but he couldn't be in his house for any longer, he saw that it got cooler outside so he threw on a longsleeved shirt and went outside to walk to his spot near the beach, on his way there he lit up a smoke and started to frantically drag it out, he finished it in about 4 seconds, he always smoked fast when he was stressed out.
    He neared the beach but something didn't feel right about the whole scene to him, he didn't feel at all more relaxed by like he usually did, as a result he continued to walk down the opposite direction of the road, hoping to find, something, not sure of what it was.
    As he walked further down the road he looked down the streets he passed, on one particular street he noticed someone lying on the ground, clearly in pain, he examined it a bit further and started to walk towards the figure, listening for sounds of confirmation that it was indeed a person, when he heard a few muffled whimpers he began to run towards the person, "hey!" he yelled as he picked up the pace, kicking up dust as he ran.
    When he reached the person he quickly fell to his knees and put his hands on her, "are you okay? come on get up I don't want to be a witness to a murder or something" he said trying to put some light into this rather grim situation.
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    IC: Danielle willed herself to stand, only making it halfway up until she collapsed, knees buckling. "I don't think I can," Danny murmured, "My sides hurt." The seventeen year old clutched her sides, fiery hair flowing to the sides to cover her face almost like silken curtains.
    The redhead managed to sit on the curb of the sidewalk, legs pulled close to her chest as her arms wrapped around them as if securing them.

    Finally, the girl looked up, green gaze alighting when she recognized who it was. "John," she said simply, as if in greeting, as if she'd remembered that name and who it belonged to. Of course, she did.
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    IC: John was slightly shocked upon seeing this familiar face "you're the girl from my little sidewalk show, Danielle.... but fuck are you okay? do you need anything?" John quickly changed the subject back to helping this girl, he showed an awful lot of compassion for someone like himself, maybe he just cared for people's well being in general, or maybe it was something about her that made him so concerned, he knelt down next to her and awaited her response, hoping that she was okay and nothing was broken or severely damaged.