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  1. i was wooundering what everyone though of it?
  2. Idk yet. I have yet to see it. I REALLLLYYYYYY want to see it, though. Is it any good?
  3. It was..so overwhelmingly AMAZING.
    There was a ton of action, I definitely think out all of the movies that have come out so far..That will be one of..if not..The top movie.
    Would see it again.
  4. Second Juku! Would see it again!

    My class council got us $1 tickets (for 2D because we're too cheap to shell out $5 for 3D :D), and we had the entire theater to ourselves.

    My conclusion: The Avengers is awesome and my class is full of lovable dorks!

    I'm trying to convince my boyfriend he wants to watch it with me even thought he hates movies.

    It was MIND BLOWING! I had to watch it again and did!

    We all know this is going to be the MOVIE of the YEAR.

    So much action and kick ass and sexyness. Oh yes, sexyness. BLACK WIDOW is just fiercy and hot!

    Hulk OMG HULK, so funny with his face expressions

    IRON MAN just makes the whole movie hilarious and fun to watch

    Mister CAPTAIN AMERICA, well you know. Those muscles and the hair and the eyes. SO yum. Hurray for the Leader!

    THOR...Man his deep voice just makes me go all weeee weeeeeee and light headed. He has 4-6 of the funniest lines in the movie.

    I think that is all. Shall I say more or do you know where I'm getting at?
  6. Normally I'd tell you to calm down so you don't explode, but I feel the same way~!

    I love the part
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    where Black Widow is just all like, "I'm in the middle of an interrogation," and the other guys are just like "O_O But we totally have you under control."

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    "He's adopted."

    And I remember there being amazing 1-liners, but I don't remember any of them! Y___Y MUST WATCH AGAIN.
  7. Joss Whedon is now my King of Absolutely Everything Awesome.

    Great film. Incredible that such an ambitious project has made it to our screens, and even more incredible that the fucking nail it the first time round.
  8. it was great the 3D looked so good rather than something added the last week so they could make more money
  9. The 3D was actually added post-production. It wasn't filmed in it.

    I saw it opening night.
    Went to a huge premiere thing.
    Started at 11am,
    Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Capn' 'Merca, and then at midnight, AVENGERRRRS.
    Also gots this badge thing, Iron Man 3D glasses (last three were in 3D, all were in IMAX), and a single comic book issue.

    What did I think?
    I think it was
    especially the part at the end of the second pair of credits. - w- I laughed. I laughed so hard. <3 Can't wait for the next movie. And the S.H.I.E.L.D. movie I heard they be workin' on. <3 THORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Also, I was proud of Hawkeye and Hulk in this film. Totes amazing. Mark really showed everyone that he is as good of a Hulk as Edward is. So, BE NICE. >:C I love mah nerd actor, hmph. Robert is meant for Iron Man, and always has been, I mentally even prepared myself to accept his fate near the end of the movie. o wo Chris is just GORGEOUS as Thor. I. Just. I.. UGH.<3 and eeeh. Even though I get upset when actors are used over again for other superheros, Capn' Merca was true to his character. -nodnod.- But.. If the Avengers meet up with Fantastic Four, WHAT IS HE GONNA DO?!?! BE BOTH AT ONCE?! hmph. But, overall, Super super super job. Also, the rocket launcher Nick Fury used near the end, kind of the endish, my best friend's cousin sold that to him directly. In person. SO. FUCKYEAH. O ^O

  11. That was my favourite part. :D

    This movie is what sweet dreams are made of. I nerdgasm'd multiple times in the movie theatre.
  12. not mentioning your ladyboner for Thor?
  13. Well let's just tell the whole country about it! >:[
  14. Facepalm
  15. @ Fluffy: -pats back- You are not the only one -blushes- Oh Thor!
  16. ​- w- . . . . . . . . . . . Thor... <3

    also, fuqh u guise.
    I'm IronMan.

    duh (open)
  17. i think the HULK fixed the puny gods head.

  18. That was one of the funniest parts in the money.
  19. ​Funniest part to me with the Hulk was when he pwned Loki in da face. And body in general. <3