*Autumn Masquerade* [September 12th @ 5pm Iwaku time]

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    Welcome to the Autumn Masquerade!

    As per usual, your gracious hosts will be the Marrien Elves of the Northern Realm. Any and all who are invited are welcome to attend, but do bear in mind that your invitation will be required at the door to prevent a disaster such as the mess of last year. We're looking at you, Orcs. This masquerade is part of our Autumn Festival, so please be prepared for plenty of apple wine and pumpkin tarts. Please bear that in mind and respect our traditions - no weaponry on the premises, no children, and plenty of wine.

    Thank you.

    Who: Everybody! ALL THE PEOPLE O_O Remember you need your invitation to be let in - and yes, all entrances are guarded, so there's no sneaking in without one! The only people who are not invited are the Orcs, because they caused a riot last year >:[

    What: A masquerade, of course! This roleplay is intentionally set in a fantasy world [see: Elves] so you may play any fantastical creature that you went, even if it's uncommon. Elves, Dwarves, Succubi, Pixies.. hell, come as a Dragon if you want to, just don't break any of the furniture.

    When: September 12th [that's a Saturday!] at 5pm server time!

    Where: In the Cove charp room!

    Why: Because I want to, that's why O_O

    About this roleplay:

    There is no 'real' plot here, just a bunch of people enjoying the festival that marks the beginning of the summer season. Lots of fun and drinking and dancing and WOO!

    Here is your basic line about all levels of roleplayers being welcome. I really don't care who you are or what your skills are, just show up and have a good time :D Remember, it's a Masquerade, so don't tell anybody who you're playing! .. Unless you really want to. Even though you shouldn't. It's more fun if you don't! Just don't forget to tell us after so that we don't all spontaneously combust from frustration :D

    Also, if some of you are narrowing your eyes at this suspiciously and wondering if I copy/pasted most of this from the masquerade in June.. Well, I did. This is taking place at the same location and I will be playing the same character! If you played in June, feel free to come back with the character you had then, or make a new one! I'm going to make this a quarterly thing because masquerades are life.

    I'm gonna tag everybody from the original post.. So.. Tag!
    @Mglo @_Kira_ @Kitty @Thomas McTavish @Esthalia @Lovelessesbutterfly @Robeatics @Shayla @Kitsy @Umbra @Sterling @Amai Kyuti @Sarahonfire333 @Tribs @RiverNotch @Dawn @DawnsLight
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  2. Definitely going.
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  3. =D

    Last time I didn't quite play the masquerade. This time I won't tell who I am >:D
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  4. 5 pm servertime Saturday is 6 am localtime SUNDAY. The 6 am doesn't matter, it's the SUNDAY that confirms (mehopes) my enthusiastic (although most likely late) attendance! Free hugs for all y'alls.

    EDIT: dangit
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  5. How did 6am turn into 4am?! Either way I hope you make it even if you have to wake up absurdly early on a Sunday :D Worth it!
  6. I killed my eyes in order to read all your light blue font, so this better be good. D:<

    But I'll try to make it! I have yet to attend my first charp and this looks cool so yes. 8D
  7. You killed your eyes?! D: Sorry! I use the dark background, I think most people do. You can always highlight it to make it easier, too.

    I hope you're there! :D
  8. Haha, I just like complaining. XD The dark layout makes my eyes feel funny so I gave up on it after awhile.

    I'll try to save the date!
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  9. I wasn't able to make it last time. Hopefully I can this time :)
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  10. Aye! May I join? ;u;
  11. As long as you aren't a damned Orc.
  12. Facehuggers for everyone! Maybe I'll play an Alien queen....
  13. Il
    I'll try not to be! XD
  14. I'll try to be there
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  15. I just checked my schedule and I should definitely be there :D
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  16. YAY!

    -starts raking in ALL the people-

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  17. Yaaay! I don't work that day! I can be on~
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  18. I'm in! I've never done something like this, but it sounds interesting and fun!
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  19. If I'm awake and alert I might join o_o (It starts midnight my time)
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  20. @Vio
    I remember telling you about this last time. Here's the infos if you wanna take part this time. <3
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