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Your OOC Thread (The Out of Character thread where you post all of your plot information) is THE most important thing you can do for your roleplay. This thread provides all of the details about your roleplay storyline, the characters, and how people can get involved. Obviously, it's imperative for your OOC thread to be understandable. One common mistake people make is just slapping up a wall of text and leaving it at that. On the opposite end, some people try to fancy it up with bbcoding, but make matters worse.

With this workshop we're going to give you a few helpful tips and tricks for making your OOC more player friendly.

Start with quick details so a potential player can see if they're interested at a glance.
Quick details like the genre, rating, and if you're still taking applications can save a potential player lots of time. On Iwaku, we provide handy OOC Templates that contain these details and you can choose what is necessary for your roleplays.

A BRIEF description of your plot at the -top- will attract a player's attention quickly.
Under your quick details, add a simple and brief description. Something that can sum up the storyline or basic idea behind your roleplay in a small paragraph. Players don't always have a lot of time to read the complete details, so a small description gives them an idea of whether or not they'll want to learn more.

Break up long rows of information in to manageable sections.
With the fast details out of the way, you'll want to organize your In depth details. You don't want to post a big wall of text, as many people feel like it's intimidating to read. The best way to break up this info is to organize by category and use bbcode to differentiate between the sections. Some people use multiple posts to break up information, but in long OOC threads with lots of posts, it can be hard to search for the post you need. Keep all of your information in a single post.

For a basic roleplay these are the most common sections:​
  • Plot Information (Indepth)
  • Character/Race Information
  • Story So Far Summary/Roleplay Updates
  • Bio Template
  • List of Current Cast
  • The -easiest- way to break up the information is by using simple bold, italics, and underline. Simply head each section with a title, explaining what that block of text is for.
  • Take it a step further by using color for your titles. For a roleplay with a LOT of information, the color will help break up all of the white text. Make sure you don't use colors that blend in too much with the background.
  • Go even further by surrounding blocks of text with a border. On Iwaku we have three border codes: [solid=white], [dash=white], and [dotted=white]. Just replace "white" with the color you want your border and make sure you close the tag at the end of the block of text like: [/dotted][/dash][/solid]
Check your grammar and spelling in your plot information!
This tip should be an obvious one, but sometimes people are in such a rush to share their new roleplay that they forget to edit. Players need to be able to understand your storyline and be able to read it. Make sure that you are using capital letters, punctuation, and a spell checker. A perfect grasp on grammar isn't expected or required, but the basics go a long well in readability.



Exercise One: Check your roleplays and see if you have "Quick Details" like your rating, genre, and a brief plot description at the top. Add them if you don't!

Exercise Two: Edit your OOC to break up large blocks of text by adding some bbcode[/LIST]
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