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  1. Hey, people. c: I'm Sam, a weird, random gamer nerd girl with a real craving for some roleplaying.​
    Seriously, I'm being swarmed by zombie plot bunnies.​
    They're nomming at my brain.​
    It's getting crazy over here.​
    Anyways, I'm a pretty decent (I hope...) rper who's been doing it for about five years now. I can describe my characters well, manage at least four or five sentences per reply, and do full paragraph intros. I do like to chat with my partners ooc, and can separate the two in an easily visible way. I will not play more than two, but I can double and still keep my posts resembling sensible. I can play male or female, or both if you'd prefer.​
    ^^ Also, I use a lot of emoticons. c:​
    The list of genres:​
    Fantasy (Pretty much any time period)​
    Supernatural (Vampires, werewolves, humans with powers, etc.)​
    Action of some sort​
    Anything with an interesting plot, really.​
    Fandoms (I'll only do OC based) :​
    Mass Effect​
    Dragon Age​
    Hunger Games​
    Harry Potter​
    Suggest! I'm a fan of a lot of things.​
    No anime or manga, however. Sorry. :/​
    Plots...I have a few. I can edit them to fit with any time period, but all of them concern fantasy or supernatural things. We could also wing it with just a setting, or scheme one up together. :3​
    Things I WILL NOT do:​
    High School (It's my day to day, I don't want to rp it.)​
    Anything using canon characters​
    Animal roleplay (Anthros are acceptable)​
    That's really about it...​
    Feel free to suggest things. I've definitely forgotten a few genres, so don't be afraid to ask.​
    A note on romance: I enjoy it, but it has to be natural. Like, if our characters would actually work in a relationship, then we do it. If not, then no.​
  2. Oooh, you had me at Mass Effect... then you had me again at Dragon Age! If you're game, I'd be super-excited to do a Dragon Age roleplay with you. I'm replaying Origins at the moment in the hopes it might soothe my frustration at how long the wait for DA3 is! Autumn 2014, are you kidding me?! Anyway, do let me know if you're interested. I'll just be here slaying Darkspawn in the meantime...
  3. I love that universe! Totally game for a roleplay. Do you want to do it through a pm?
    Ugh, I can't even handle the wait. It looks like it's going to be a fantastic game.
  4. Absolutely, or through the forums -- whatever you'd prefer, really!

    I know, though, I keep watching the trailer like that might make the wait shorter. xD

    Anyhow, did you have anything in mind in terms of plot? Personally I enjoyed the concept of the Grey Wardens and thought it might be cool to have our setting be a previous Blight, but really I'm up for just about anything you can throw at me.
  5. I'll start a board once we hammer down the plot and setting. c:

    We could do the first blight? Play as the first Gray Wardens, the first people crazy enough to go through the Joining ritual and what it involves, and then survive?
  6. That's a good idea! So we'd start out with the Anderfels overrun by darkspawn, then have our guys figure out the Joining (one way or another, haha), establish the Grey Wardens and eventually come swooping in on griffon-back to assert their dominance on the battlefield and show the darkspawn how it's done, basically? xD
  7. Pretty much, yeah. XD
    I read the codex for the first Blight, and it actually lasted like two centuries. The Gray Wardens entered into the war about a century before the Archdemon was slain, so maybe we could do the last few battles?
    We could also do the second or third, so we still have griffons but not quite the same...duration for warfare.
  8. The last few battles would be good, I think! I remember reading that none of the Grey Wardens survived the slaying of the Archdemon but we could always sort of ignore that and have some posts dedicated to the darkspawn taint overwhelming them, maybe their decision to go down into the Deep Roads and die fighting...?
  9. That works for me. c: Where/when exactly would you like to begin? Before our characters' joining, after it, something different?
  10. Maybe before their Joining... like just before it, so maybe they go out in search of darkspawn blood together and we start there? Somewhere in the general vicinity of Weisshaupt, so there are other candidates sort of in the area and maybe ours got separated from the rest of the group. Ooh, then they could come crawling in just in time for the Joining ceremony, just when everyone thought they were dead, and then they totally take the existing Wardens by surprise by being the only two to survive the process?
  11. Oh, that sounds good. It may take me a while to start and finish my intro, so do you mind if I start the thread and post my intro once I have it completed?
  12. Not at all, fine by me!

    Did someone say Harry Potter? :OOOOO Dude, I will be all upons if it's Marauder's Era or Trio Era. Um, I have about 9999999999 gazillion OCs, most of which are female, but hey, whatchugonnado? Um, we could do something with like, drama caused by Death Eaters and blood prejudice and stuff. <3 Idk. /so good at this
  14. DUDE. Been wanting to do a Harry Potter rp for a long time, never found someone to do it with. So, I'm a newb.
    Instruct me in how it would work? D:
  15. Hokay, so our roleplay could take place either in or out of Hogwarts and we could play either students, teachers, or adult characters in the Wizarding World. If it's Marauder's Era, we could have it set one or two years before the war (So 1974, 1975, 1976, or whatevs.) and there could be tensions because the First War is coming and people are dying and drama.

    If we do it during the Trio Era, we have the same options of adult, student, teacher, etc, but depending on what year it is, things could be like, 999999x more dramariffic, because Voldemort's returned and yah.

    I don't even know what I'm saying. So basically, depending on the setting, we could have super happy fun times messing around at Hogwart times teenage drama times, but also with real drama looming in the background.

    Gah, I suck at explaining. Sorry.
  16. Leaning towards Trio era. More familiar with the times. I'd prefer at Hogwarts, but I'm up for whatever.
    And that...actually was a pretty good explanation, but that might just be because I'm pretty fluent in random.
  17. Huzzah! I'd prefer at Hogwarts too to be honest. :D So um, I have about 99999999 billion OCs, but I'm leaning towards playing my eccentric sarcastic blood traitor American Mugglephile Hecate, whose profile can be found in my blog. :V Buuuuuut, I also have a gazillion others so yah.

    I would have described it as a horrific explanation, but thanks. ;D
  18. I just giggle-snorted. "I will punch you in the soul!"
    She sounds like an awesome character. One that is very fun to play. :D
    So, we'll be playing sixth years, then?
  19. Yayayayayay! :D I'm glad you like her. She's so fun to play, tbh. >_>

    I'm cool with sixth years, but we could do whatever year you want. :3
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