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  1. Welcome to Assassination Tech.
    Congratulations! You have been accepted here for the exceptional potential in magic and assassination along with the skills you have so far acquired throughout your life. At the school, you will learn how the expand upon those stated previously and the basics of everything else. Remember, this is the best assassination school in the world.

    Your first few days here would be simple. Unpack in the dorm, do your evaluation test of abilities, and get acquainted with your schoolmates. After that, it will be learning and assassinating. You will also be learning how to work and live with your new partner in crime which will be assigned randomly. A great assassin knows how to manipulate their situation to their advantage. You already got your first lesson! Isn't that expected from the best assassination school in the world?

    At this school, we have rules. Being an assassin require discipline as well. You just got a second lesson!​
    • Weapons are allowed and will be taught how to be used. Can be used as long as they are combined with magic. Some exceptions are given.​
    • There is no such thing as a cheap shot here. Any complaints given about this during practice matches will be ignored.​
    • Disobeying and being rude to teachers is not tolerated. It results in penalization.​
    • Assassinating each other is not tolerated, but I will say if there is no evidence, there is no evidence.​

    I hope you understand our terms now. Hope to see you at assassination tech.
    Good luck assassinating me,

    You are a new student at assassination tech. Here to be the best of assassins and to get the best of jobs. The problem is that to graduate, you must assassinate your headmaster. Note that your headmaster has killed their headmaster along with their partner before as well. Which their headmaster has done before as well without killing their partner. Don't worry your headmaster can't hurt you.
    It's hard to do as shown by the multiple people that leave every year for a worst school, and the many people who stay here for years trying to accomplish this feat. After all, this is the best assassination school in the world.

    My rules for this roleplay are:​
    1. All Iwaku Rules must be followed​
    2. Insults and rudeness is not allowed in the OOC​
    3. Death is a thing. If it happens make sure you tell the other player​
    4. Two characters per person but a cap on if you can make two might happen​
    5. OPness isn't accepted​
    6. At least 1 week posting, but in the beginning we might be moving quickly​
    7. When you get partners, don't just talk to them only. (Seen it happen before. Pretty weird)​
    8. The rules above must be followed​
    9. Have fun!​

    Name: (any kind if fine)
    Age: (15-19)
    Gender: (Self explanatory)
    Personality: (Self-Explanatory)
    Appearance: (Any type of pic is fine)
    Brief History: (Not too much though. Secrets are fun!)
    Skills: (Self-Explanatory)
    Magic: (Must be based around one thing.)
    Favorite way to assassinate: (Just for fun and to get a feel of how you want their assassination tactics to be)
    *Please put headmaster in front of the name if wanted for that role.
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  2. Name: Shai Leighton

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Coming from a family of high stature, Shai tries to keep a poised and elegant persona in public. Once she feels comfortable with certain people, she drops her walls, showing her sarcasm and blunt manner of speaking.

    Brief History: The Leighton's are well known for their contributions in magical research. Shai's older sister had just recently invented a way to contain magic in a physical form. Her younger brother was pronounced a genius by her parents due to his early knowledge and performance in dealing with magic. Craving for her own recognition of her own, Shai signs herself up for Assassination Tech.

    Skills: Shai excels in retaining large amounts of information and has become quite nimble on her feet for her fighting style requires her to keep a fair amount of distance from her target.

    Magic: For Shai to be able to use her magic, there needs to be shadows in the area. She is able to manipulate the surrounding shadows to her will, shaping it and forming it to whatever she needs. With that said, she cannot fight in an area with open sunlight, where shadows are scarce.

    Favorite way to assassinate: Corner the enemy into a corner. Once the target is right where she wants it to be, she uses the shadows from the walls to encase him/her. Inside the casing, Shai manipulates the shadows to pull on the enemy's limbs (arms, legs, head, etc.), and have it proceed to break off each body part until the target is dead. With this, there will be less of a clean up and little to no evidence left to find.

    I hope I filled this out correctly. ^ ^"
  3. It's accepted. I'm looking forward to seeing her in assassination tech.
  4. imagesF1LAOT2W.jpg
    Name: Katherina Valle aka Erina
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality:Erina is reckless and energetic. She likes to run, jump, spin. If it involves moving she loves it. She also loves anything risky and tends to go for anything of the sort. Her fatal flaw is that she can not think ahead and just goes off whim.
    Brief History: Erina came from a single mother who also has her brother to raise. Her mother's goal was to become a good assassin until she got pregnant with her early in her career. Now she is working to do that same goal while her mother deals with the 10 year old at home.
    Skills: She is adept at physics. Katherina is also a fast runner when it comes to get aways.
    Magic: It's based around wind. She can control the speed and can make wind out of the air around her. It has to be actual breathable air. Anything that is a poisonous gas or just oxygen for example isn't able to become wind.
    Favorite Way To Assassinate: She makes her wind go at a speed if 100 mph to cut off their heads. It's quick and painless, but it makes a mess. It lacks any evidence due to no weapon needed. At the same time, if she becomes a well-known assassin, they would be able to tell the cut.
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  5. Name: Azerel Lancaster

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male (can be confused as feminine, until his voice is heard that is)

    Personality: Azerel is the kind of person that carries a stone face. He does this mainly because he got in on a scholarship from his previous school, of which told him it would discipline him. He tries to stay as emotionless as possible, only really smirking when he would rather laugh. Beyond the walls of his room, he's like this. Behind them, he is a person who is breaking down, thus giving him nothing to lose being an assassin.

    Appearance: (Best I could find that had the qualities I was after....)[​IMG]

    Brief History: Azerel grew up living on the streets, when he was ten, he ran his own street gang. This didn't come easy though, and when it came down to it, he was always the last standing in any fight, almost no matter the odds.

    Skills: Azerel is very apt at close-quarters fighting. Using this, his thrill for fighting was ever increased.

    Magic: His magic lies in the favor of light. He is able to remove or add light, and change most of the physical properties of light (color, intensity, things of this sort). While it does not have many offensive uses, it does him wonders at moving around visibly undetected.

    Favorite way to assassinate: Azerel prefers to go with a up close and personal assassination, usually relying on his home-made weapons and loving the thrill of the fight after that.
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  6. I just wanted to note that you might want to put a last name when you come back on. It doesn't have to be meaningful because most last names never really are too meaningful in relation of the person.
  7. Lol fixed, and finished (yes, he likes the claw type of weapons)
  8. Alrighty. You are good to go. Accepted~
  9. I'm waiting to start till we have 3 more people
  10. Name: Lorraine Ashford
    Lorraine dislikes being called by her full first name and often goes by her nickname, Rain.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    "Haha, that's an amusingly stupid question you have there."
    Personality: Lorraine often has a smile plastered on her face but behind her smile is a lonely person who wants to know something else other than death and pain. Although because of the years she was being trained, she finds it difficult to trust or confide in anyone. "What's that saying? Old habits die hard..." She's a bit of a trickster and has a playful attitude but mostly only to those who she cares enough of to at least know their names, to those she dislikes, well, she isn't very kind. She has a dark sense of humor and has a tendency to not only be blunt but also sadistic which causes her to be alone most of the time. She's easily curious and although slightly reckless, she does think things through. It's just that most of the time, she doesn't care about the consequences. "What's there to lose when I never had anything worth losing?"
    Brief History: Lorraine was raised by a single mother until the age of ten when her mother had supposedly lost her mind and deemed unfit to care for a child. Her uncle on her father's side happily took her in and taught her how to never fear anyone for it'll be them who'll fear her. At ten years old, she had begun being groomed to become an assassin, just like her uncle. [I didn't know how summarized it should be so just tell me if I need to make it longer ^^]
    Skills: Lorraine prides herself in being stealthy, rarely ever being heard when she walks. She's quick to move and has quick reflexes that comes with her years of practice. She prefers to fight through close combat, excelling in the use of twin daggers and hand to hand combat.
    "Long range weapons are absolutely no fun, how am I suppose to make one suffer when they're so far away?"
    Magic: Lorraine's magic is simple yet deadly. She has the ability to create illusions and although it may not do any physical damage, it could be lethal to one's mind. The weaker one's will power is and intensity of fear, the stronger the effect of her illusions would be. Her ability requires for her target to look at her crimson eyes, although just a meeting of gazes would be enough for her to bring someone into the world of eternal nightmares.
    "Hm, how do I explain it? Say I kill you over and over again in an illusion, you won't die but your mind will process the pain of death sooo it'll be like experiencing a never ending cycle of pain, depending on how I kill you. Fun, isn't it? Want to try it out?"
    [I hope this is fine? If it seems too overpowered, I can add more limitations or change the magic ^^]
    Favorite way to assassinate: Lorraine has a tendency to prolong someone's death instead of a quick and merciless strike. She prefers to play with her target's mind whether it be bringing them pain or having them live through something terrifying before slitting their throat. Although when in a rush, she merely shows an illusion before delivering a kill.
    "If there's a life after this, then they'll be stuck in the terrifying world I showed before death, or so I hope."

    [I had a personality in mind but I didn't know how to write it :< If I need to change something then just tell me ^^]​
  11. Everything is fine. Just if you decide to make changes let me know. Accepted!
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  12. Yay, thanks :D If everything's fine then I doubt I'll change anything ^^
  13. All we need are 2 more people. We also need a headmaster but if nobody wants to take that role I will
  14. Name: Headmaster Pierre Alison
    Age: ?? "I won't tell you~"
    Gender: Male
    Personality: For a headmaster, Pierre seems carefree and reckless. Sometimes, he would spend his days walking around the campus even with the 1/11 chance of actually getting killed by his own students. He's fun-loving and has a great sense of humor that would've made him a great friend to hang around with if he was still a student. Underneath all this, however, he is always scheming and calculating. Although his actions may be strange and random, he has actually put a lot of thought into it before actually doing it.
    Brief History: Nobody really knows much about Pierre, but it was rumored that he killed the previous headmaster and his partner by simply blackmailing them. Although the headmaster dismissed the rumor, the story about how he blackmailed the previous headmaster to death is still heard throughout the campus.
    Skills: He has those skills that is necessary to every assassin: stealth, speed and agility. He's also a good tactician and is skilled at improvising. He also dances pretty well.
    Magic: He can clone himself for up to 10 times. These clones have his personality, skills and thought process. They also have their own free will so Pierre doesn't have to control every single one of them. But he is aware of where his other clones are located and what they are doing, and their thoughts are all connected so they can communicate via telepathy. His clones, however, aren't accurate since they can't copy Pierre's eye color for some reason. Because of this, he wears a mask to confuse his enemies as to who's the real one. If one clone dies, Pierre won't be able to revive it until the next sunrise.
    Favorite way to assassinate: There are many variations of his favorite assassination method, but the only thing they have in common is that he's the one who delivers the final blow, not his clones.

    Hope this is ok xD
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  15. [​IMG]

    » name «
    Taylor Cassington
    "Some like to call me Tay for short. Oh, and it's nice to meet you!"

    » age «
    "Some people mistake me for younger, but I don't mind~"

    » gender «
    "I'm biologically male, though, so people usually end up using male pronouns. But I'm fine with female pronouns, too!"

    » personality «
    Overall, Taylor is a bubbly individual. He is very open-minded, which is helpful in majority of situations. He's also very friendly and loves to talk to strangers and hang out with his loved ones. Making new friends is his favorite pastime. While he is social, when it comes to work, he'd rather be solo so he can only worry about himself. The long-haired teen is very protective over those that he holds dear and would do anything for them. At times, Taylor can be awkward and embarrassing, but it happens to be endearing. He's oblivious to things like romance and crushes, which causes him to become easily flustered and a terrible flirter. Sometimes, he can be cocky and smug, but it's a rare occurrence. Behind all of this, Taylor is a manipulative, cunning being who will do anything to achieve his means.
    "I'm a bit complicated, I suppose..."

    » appearance «
    H E I G H T5'6"
    W E I G H T132 lbs
    B U I L DLean and slender, a slightly delicate look. Has soft features that would be described as feminine.
    D R E S S A switch between men and women's clothing. Anything that he feels comfortable in and enhances his looks.

    "Quite a weird question, no?"

    » brief history «
    Taylor was raised by his two mothers, both happened to be well-known assassins. Generation after generation were filled with skilled assassins of different caliber. It was like a family business, or tradition, and his parents were determined to keep it going. That being said, they trained the young teen until he reached the age of fourteen. It was at this age that they had sent him to Assassination Tech, hoping that he'd be able to hone his skills more and make them proud. Since then, he's been trying to do just that.
    "Receiving assignments, killing targets. The family business."

    » skills «
    ○ Like most assassins, Taylor is skilled in stealth and being able to get from place to place quick and unnoticed.
    ○ He is good when it comes to coming up with strategies and using his wit to win battles.
    ○ Taylor is very flexible and agile, like a spider.
    ○ The teen is also good at going undercover and becoming someone else for an assignment.
    ○ He's skilled in reading maps as well.

    "I'd like to thank my Mom for constantly getting lost and making me read maps. Because of her, the skill has helped me in many missions."

    » magic «
    The magic that Taylor possesses is not physically nor mentally harmful. In fact, it isn't even an offensive power. It's a defensive power. The young teen is able to generate a force-field to protect himself and whoever else he chooses to. The downfall is that his force-field can only stretch so far and withstand so much. Too much weight on it can make it more difficult to hold it up and can cause Taylor to become exhausted quickly. Using the force-field alone, without any weight or anything added to it, becomes a strain on the raven-haired teen's mind and body, which is why he tries to minimize his usage of it.
    "I only use it when absolutely necessary."

    » favorite way to assassinate «
    Swiftly. Whether it ends up being messy or not, he just likes to get the job done. Before his target can even register what's happening, he's already stabbing them in a fatal place. Besides that, he also enjoys manipulating his target until they're putty in his hands because it makes it easier to end their life. He's like a predator with his prey.
    "What an interesting question~"
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  16. Both of you are accepted! By the way the headmaster is something I thought they would be like and never expected a cross gender in this. all we need is one more person!
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  17. So, even though the thread is up, we're only starting once we get one more person...right?
  18. You can start now if you want, but we won't be going too far
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