Asmo's Birthday

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  1. It's this Saturday.

    I want a Quick Roleplay. :|


    It'll start at 11pm - BRITISH TIME - and go on until we all climax.

    The plot will be about a terrorist attack on a cruise ship.

    If you love me, you'll play.

  2. *Snuggles* I'm in.
  3. Climaxing together is going to be difficult. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST FOR THE BIRDAY BOY. *drinks fruit juice and eats something salty.*
  4. I want to play, but that's 2 AM in the morning for me D:< I have to fight in a tournament that Sunday, otherwise I would... but it doesn't mean I don't love you, stranger.
  5. I can start earlier. It's just those gay Americans in the past who will be having dinner and being all parent-whipped like total losers.
  6. Well if that's the case, game on!
  7. The Brits get their parent-whipping done at a much earlier time than us Americans.
  8. I'm in. We don't eat formal dinners anymore, so 11 PM Brit-time is fine for me.
  9. But thats my church-time! And there might be footie on the telly >=(

    Fine, since it's you.
  10. Lily turned and checked out the medical device Sarvis was working with. Wow. He...really didn't know what he was doing. She reached her hands out for the device. "If I may? I can tell what's wrong and fix it really quick. You've got a bit jammed because you forgot to switch the pipe out from the last use."

    Valeria got up and followed after the busty tank of a girl. She stopped in front of Vaughn and shouldered her rifle. "I call a window seat. Sir." She smirked and followed after for transport.
  11. "Maintenance-wise it's clean," Lily reported as she opened the case, not once losing her stride. The metal belt around her waist uncurled into a mechanical arm and flipped out a few simple tools. "This model of medical injector comes with multiple injectors and bandaging sections. Last time you used it you switched over faster than the machinery can keep up with, and it looks like you might have skipped the 'unlock' step. Push that over," she said, talking to her robot arm. It produced a needle-thin screwdriver and used it to push a little mechanism out of the way. Just that simple bit was holding everything up, and it moved fluidly again. She closed the case back up and handed it to him. "There you go. Wasn't really broken. Just stuck."

    "Will do, sir," she replied coolly, though for the first time had to raise her voice as the rotors began to spin. Lily and Sarvis jumped in after her, taking a spot across from them. Val lined up her rifle's scope with her eye before take-off, getting a good idea of what kind of distance she'd be seeing from when they took to the air.
  12. If I can make it, I'll be online.

    I WILL be drunk, however, because it's a Saturday. And it's Geddhi Knight law that one must always be drunk on Saturdays...
  13. Asmupuu, mydeariepuuu~ I love youuu

    So please, convert that time into EST for me and I will not disappoint you :)

    Is it GMT + 1 ? British Summer Time ?
    This is confuzzling x3
  14. You all suck.
  15. I'm so confused?
  16. NO YOU.

  17. Ahem, I'm in Germany Asmo, as for the other americans not stationed in europe... well there can be no excuse.
  18. *Trying to calculate British time vs Central time!* BRAINSPLOSION! ><

    Having my wonderful cruise being bombarded by terrorists? >:D Hells yeah.
  19. I second Diana & Sakura on time confusion!

    I THINK 11pm your time would be like 5pm or 6pm for the Eastern Standard Time aka American East Coast. . . right?

    If it is I'd like to be a part of Asmodeus 2: Cruise Control.
  20. I have no idea what time that will be, or if I already missed it... but ig I didn't, then IM me if I'm online. I'm game for it.