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Asmo's Birthday

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Asmodeus, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. "Where did the gravy thing come from?" Lucius took the pan and poured the gravy over the food, careful not to splash Lyra.
  2. "I watch daddy make them before." Lyra cut up the steak and dip it in the gravy.
  3. "It's okay, it's okay."
  4. Astaroth gently patted her head."
  5. "But... why gravy?"
  6. Melissa continue to cry.
  7. "Let it out."
  8. Melissa sob softer.
  9. "It's not exactly well done. It's like medium but not rare." Lyra mused.
  10. Lily turned and checked out the medical device Sarvis was working with. Wow. He...really didn't know what he was doing. She reached her hands out for the device. "If I may? I can tell what's wrong and fix it really quick. You've got a bit jammed because you forgot to switch the pipe out from the last use."

    Valeria got up and followed after the busty tank of a girl. She stopped in front of Vaughn and shouldered her rifle. "I call a window seat. Sir." She smirked and followed after for transport.
  11. "Maintenance-wise it's clean," Lily reported as she opened the case, not once losing her stride. The metal belt around her waist uncurled into a mechanical arm and flipped out a few simple tools. "This model of medical injector comes with multiple injectors and bandaging sections. Last time you used it you switched over faster than the machinery can keep up with, and it looks like you might have skipped the 'unlock' step. Push that over," she said, talking to her robot arm. It produced a needle-thin screwdriver and used it to push a little mechanism out of the way. Just that simple bit was holding everything up, and it moved fluidly again. She closed the case back up and handed it to him. "There you go. Wasn't really broken. Just stuck."

    "Will do, sir," she replied coolly, though for the first time had to raise her voice as the rotors began to spin. Lily and Sarvis jumped in after her, taking a spot across from them. Val lined up her rifle's scope with her eye before take-off, getting a good idea of what kind of distance she'd be seeing from when they took to the air.
  12. who shes talking to? Lucetia
  13. Ms. Traybashi nodded at each of them while they spoke and told her their specialties, turning finally to Alec and Alcran. "Alec, I'm a weaponsmith." he said, pulling out his pistol and flourishing it. Alcran just waved with a hand of Arcana and the teacher nodded again, as if she knew.

    "Right, first I need to see each of your skills in action. I will bring one of my drones to the sky for each of you.." she rose her hands, and eight of the drones that she had floated up into the air and then spread out around the field like floating targets. "Don't worry about destroying them, I'm sure my shields can handle some good damage." she nodded to them. "Whenever you're ready, one by one if you will.

    Alec shrugged his shoulders and stepped up. "Not too much for me to actually do, no reason to use a special bullet here, eh?" he asked, raising his pistol and aiming at one of the drones. It was quite far away for an ordinary revolver, but he aimed down the sight and pulled the trigger. The round flew out and easily sped the distance, slamming into the far away drone and blasting it out of the sky, a perfect true shot.
  14. You all suck.
  15. I'm so confused?
  16. NO YOU.

  17. Ahem, I'm in Germany Asmo, as for the other americans not stationed in europe... well there can be no excuse.
  18. *Trying to calculate British time vs Central time!* BRAINSPLOSION! ><

    Having my wonderful cruise being bombarded by terrorists? >:D Hells yeah.
  19. I second Diana & Sakura on time confusion!

    I THINK 11pm your time would be like 5pm or 6pm for the Eastern Standard Time aka American East Coast. . . right?

    If it is I'd like to be a part of Asmodeus 2: Cruise Control.
  20. I have no idea what time that will be, or if I already missed it... but ig I didn't, then IM me if I'm online. I'm game for it.