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  1. Hi, I'm Stick, and I draw stuff. I'm going to be drawing a webcomic someday, and I really need practice with... a lot of things. In the hopes that it'll guilt me into actually trying, I'm inviting you to ask me to draw your character! Here's what some of my stuff looks like:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Notice the abundance of girls and sharp faces? Yeah, I need to branch out. Here's how this will go.

    1. Ask me to draw your character! You can either leave a description here, or just CM me with the information. The more details you can include, the better. If you have reference pictures, you can show me those too. Whatever you have that'll help me figure out what they look like.
    2. For ease's sake, I'm putting people down on a list three at a time. Once you're on the list, get me your character description and I'll do my best to get a face back to you within three weeks. I'll try to be good about letting people know when I'm falling behind (which is always).
    3. You are welcome to request as many character portraits as you want, but second requests will get pushed down underneath first requests from new people. That way I can... spread the wealth, or something.
    4. Right now I'm just doing headshots. All art will be digital and colored because I like coloring. :}
    5. Feel free to ask me to draw males, females, humans, aliens, anthros, weird fairy monsters with pale skin and creepy little beady eyes, whatever. I will try my best to fulfill any requests. This is supposed to be practice for me, so it's good if I get to step outside of my comfort zone!

    1. Lawkheart
    2. GonzoB.
    3. sncere_and_silent
    Waiting for a character description from:
    • Fijoli

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  2. If I could Rate this with a Heart and Like with the thank you all at once I would, But in my circumstance, Thank you seems...Most appropriate. I call first Request!
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  3. Aw, thank you very much! :] The first request is yours, send or reply with whatever you'd like.
  4. Oh my sweet Christ, I am reserving a slot please and thank you. o__o
  5. @Ozzie Chanter You're on the list! :D Gimme whatever description you'd like.

    @Fijoli Pinging you just in case you don't have the thread watched, you're on the list too. :]
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  6. I'd like to know if I could be on the next list, once your done with the three you have at the moment?
  7. Sure thing, @Lawkheart! :} I'll let you know as soon as spots are open again.
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  8. Thank you!
  9. I call next, please!
  10. I'd love one too, whenever you're able. :)
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  11. I'd like the next spot, if you're able.
  12. Sure thing, @TyratheTyrant ! :]

    And @Aine, here's your request (I also have a less-bruised version if you would like it):


    I'm running a little behind on the other requests, but I'll see if I can pull a miracle and finish the next one by tomorrow night. C:
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  13. Wowza your art looks super cool! If you want, can I be next after you're done with everyone else?
  14. O-oh, @senpai noticed me. o///o But yes, I will add you to the list!

    AND FOR EVERYONE: Since I seem to be moving at a snail's pace, I'm going to change my breakdown above into one face a week and just make a long running list of everyone who wants one. This has been "experiments in time-management", with your host, Stick.

    Thank you all for being patient (especially you, @Ozzie Chanter YOURS IS NEXT).
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  15. I remain behind as usual (I have a friend over all week? Why does all this happen AFTER I get requests? D:) but I wanted to show @Ozzie Chanter a messy sketch to prove I'm working on it.


    Don't look too hard at it angles are hard /THROWS A BLANKET OVER IT
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  16. @Stick It looks good so far! :D
  17. Whenever a spot opens up? May I be able to reserve it?
  18. I'll add you to the list, @Jae :}

    @Ozzie Chanter, Mr. Prospero ended up looking much prettier than I'd intended, but here he is! I realized at that last minute that I have no idea what color his eyes are... so if I got it wrong, let me know and I can fix it.


    @Lawkheart , @GonzoB. , and @sincere_and_silent , you guys are up next! PM me some character descriptions, and I'll get started on your character faces (assuming you're still interested!).
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