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  1. So the rules are pretty simple. Ask a riddle, let someone guess three times, then, if they get a riddle right, they get to ask a riddle. If they get all three guesses wrong, tell the answer, and let someone else ask a riddle. If you get a riddle right, you get to ask a riddle yourself.


    Person 1 asks a riddle.

    Person 2 guesses three times.

    Person 1 gives the answer to the previous answer.

    Person 3 asks a riddle.

    Person 2 gets the riddle right, and then asks another riddle.

    So I'll start. (Yeah, the riddle doesn't rhyme, but it's still a riddle.)

    A man jumps into a well. He is greeted with three frogs that were already in the well. Two frogs jump out, four frogs jump in, one frog jumps out, three frogs jump in, then two frogs jump out, and no more jump in. How many people are in the well?
  2. One, the man who jumped in at the beginning.
  3. Yup! Now you ask a riddle.
  4. When you feed me I grow stronger,
    Yet give me a drink and I will die.
    What am I?
  5. correct :)
  6. Okay, let's see....

    I strike down with blinding light, cracking through the sky with speedy flight, like a fiery serpent's tongue. Pride of Hephaestus, who makes me in his forges for the king of gods.

    What am I?
  7. lightning ?
  8. Yes. :) Your turn.
  9. 32 white horses on a red hill
    first they champ
    then they stamp
    and then they stand still
    what are they?
  10. That's it, Your turn
  11. Better keep warm or I'll nip at your toes and nose. I can turn water into bone. You cannot see me, but you can feel me. In summer, you seek me out, but in winter, you hide from me. What am I?
  12. White sheep, white sheep
    on a blue hill
    When the wind stops
    you all stand still
    When the wind blows
    you walk away slow
    white sheep, white sheep
    where do you go?

    What am I?
  13. Clouds over the ocean?

    This one really stumped me.
  14. You got the first Half right.
    Do you want another guess on the second half?
  15. clouds moving over the sky?
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Not open for further replies.