Arrows and Scales

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  1. The sun had begun to rise. It was her favorite time of day. Not because of the golden fire it set to the forest or the sounds of wildlife awakening, but because of this. A large buck had found its way into her line of sight. Snap! She released the arrow and nailed the buck in his meaty neck. The creature let loose a startled cry and began to run off into the trees. She was not far off. Slinging her bow onto her back with her quiver the woman rushed off behind the animal. She followed him through the brambles and when she became close she slowed and started moving silently. There it was again. She loaded another arrow and again Snap! This time the animal caught an arrow in the eye. A smirk grew on her twisted lips. Now the real battle began, dragging the creature back home to skin and bleed.

    The sun had grown high by the time the animal was finished being dressed. It hung from a tree outside a small hovel, expertly hidden between the trees. It was how she liked it, far away from society and there stares. Idly she reached up to the leather patch that covered her right eye. One of many scars she had received in her line of work. Though today she had hunted a deer, usually she went after more unique fare. Customers came to her seeking certain parts of mystical creatures. Why just the other day she had sold a rather strange man an infant roc talon.

    The same people, who came to her with a perceived need, shunned her when she entered their towns. Another smirk grew on her face. Perhaps tonight she would enter their world anyway. It had been a long time since she had allowed herself a drink. Making sure she had what she needed and her home was locked up, the woman started down the worn forest path that would eventually lead to a road and then a town. Oh what mischief could she get into tonight?

  2. The sun's early morning rays blinded him for only a brief moment. Where did it go? He thought quickly, searching the trees around him. There! His eyes narrowed on the target. He flipped open the pouch on his side, drawing out two long daggers. He crouched down, creeping closer to the small doe. It merely stood there, munching on the grass still unaware of the danger it was in. He wasnt fond of hunting in this form, especially with weapons made by humans, but he didnt have much choice if he wanted to keep his head. He continued sneaking forward until he was only a few arms lengths away from it before he pounced. The doe immediately bounded off, but it was too late. He had gotten too close and was too fast for it. He threw one of the daggers at the creature, hitting it right in the neck. The impact forced it to the ground. Before it could get up again, he used the other blade to finish the kill. He withdrew both daggers, wiped them off on his pants, and put them away. He picked the doe up easily, slinging it over his shoulder.

    He returned to the little cabin he lived in not far away and began dressing the creature. It was nearly sun-high by the time he finished. He packed the meat away and headed for a small waterfall he knew to be close by. He needed some berries and drink, and the best place to find them this time of year was in one of the towns, but the people there didnt appreciate someone coming in covered in blood, animal or not. He hid his clothes under a rock by one side of the pond and stepped under the waterfall. The cold water pounded down on his broad shoulders, the blood and tension flowing away with the water. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander for a moment.

    There was a reason he didnt live in one of the towns. Just the idea of entering it for a moment made him tense up. Humans had never been kind to his people, often killing them for their own gain. They'd adapted to survive, but the humans had also adapted. It was one of their strong points, and this kept driving his kind into hiding. He didnt know how many of them were left at this point, it had been years since he'd last encountered one. He wasnt entirely sure if he wanted to know. He enjoyed his little place in the woods, secluded from people and surrounded by nature just how he liked it. He sighed and opened his eyes. Making sure all the blood had been cleaned off him he retrieved his clothes and returned to his cottage.

    Once back, he grabbed his money bag and headed for the nearest town. It didnt take long for him to reach it. The market was beginning to die down, but it was still there. He wandered through, picking up some berries and wood as he went along.
  3. She cracked her neck as she finally reached the small town. Wondering how good of an idea this whole adventure was. Already she was getting side way glances and could hear people whispering. Whither it was about her or not, it was a rude behavior. When she finally reached the market she stopped by a booth that displayed a variety a meat. A balding man frowned at her appearance. She had once been pretty, but that was a long time ago. Her blonde hair was now cut short like a man’s. Her face marred by her blind eye and several other scars, the most noticeable being two thin lines scratched in the corner of her lips.

    She ignored his disgust, “Abril, I just caught some venison. How would you like to buy some?” The man seemed to perk up at the mention of a business nodded. They stood there for a few minutes haggling over the price. When she finally worked it up to near what she wanted, she shook his hand. With that over, she started toward the town’s pub. Nothing made the patrons more uncomfortable than her. The thought made her lips twist in a crooked smile. Then she noticed him. She had never seen the stranger before and he looked dreadfully uncomfortable. Curious she began to wander over toward the booth he was at. She knew her presence would most likely increase his tenseness, but she couldn’t help it.

    The woman in charge of the booth grimaced as Tira drew near, making sure to step back. Did people here really think her face was contagious? She made picked up a large strawberry, before turning her eye on the stranger. “I’ve never seen you around here before.”
  4. Ryo stuffed the wood he'd bought in a deerskin bag he was carrying and approached another table covered in bright fruit. Even though there were fewer people there than would be there in the morning, the presence of so many strangers still made him twitch. The sooner he could get out of there, the better. He wouldnt let his urge to leave make him buy poor quality food, however. He inspected the fruit, trying to find the best ones. He placed ones he liked in a small basket the woman in charge had at her table. It would be easier for both of them that way. He had just finished looking at the strawberries when he felt someone come up beside him. He ignored them, until he heard a female voice directed at him.

    He looked up at her from the pile of blackberries he'd been investigating, trying to hide the surprise from his face. She was the only person to approach him. He came here so rarely that no one really remembered him, and thus he remained a stranger. People didnt bother with him whenever he came. He took in all the scars on her face. He wondered what could have possibly happened to her that would cause her to be scarred so badly. He could tell that, under the scars, she was quite pretty. He smiled, not letting the scars daunt him. "I dont come around here often. I dont believe I've seen you either?"
  5. She smirked at the stranger, “And I would be hard to forget.” She made light of her scars when the opportunity presented itself, So far he didn’t give her a disgusted look and walk away. She respected that. “I try to avoid the town myself, but I hope you don’t mind my being nosy. A few years back some strangers came into town and there was trouble from it.” From what she had seen from him, he would not be any trouble, but it was always good to just check things out.

    She glanced at the woman behind the counter who let out a large sigh. “Yes I have seen him before, Tira. He comes here once in a great while to buy from us. What are you doing in town any way? Shouldn’t you be out shooting unicorns and fighting basilisks?” The woman’s words were full of irritation and anger, but Tira replied with humor, “Oh Mia, No one kills unicorns, it’s a terrible thing to do so. As for a basilisk, now be serious. I only have one good eye to look at them with, but that’s al it takes to be turned into stone.”

    The woman sighed again, but this time went to rearrange some blueberries. Tira smirked at the stranger again. “With kind folks like that, why not visit here more often?”
  6. "I can understand why. I'm surprised I havent seen you before," he replied. "Some strangers? I dont recall anything happening, I must not have been around at the time." he laughed softly.

    He was a bit surprised the merchant woman remembered him. His human form was pretty nondescript. He had ear length black hair, and usually wore plain brown clothes. The most unusual thing were his eyes. The human disguise couldnt completely conceal his eyes, so instead of being some normal color like brown or green, they were a deep crimson color. The merchant's next words sent chills down his spine. Just what was it that this woman did for a living? If she was a hunter, it could certainly explain how she got those scars, but why would she have become a hunter? He pushed the concerns to the edge of his mind and put on a smile. "Well, I'm a bit of a hermit I suppose. I prefer staying away."
  7. She nodded, “There is nothing wrong with being a hermit. I have found it is a very fine way to live.” She smirked again before looking back at the direction she had been heading before. “Well I am off to the pub. Perhaps I will see you again stranger.” She offered a gloved hand to him. “The name is Tira, nice to meet you.”

    She didn’t understand why she was still talking to this man. She usually went out of her way to avoid direct human contact, but here she was instigating it. Maybe it was just the fact that he hadn’t looked right at her eye patch. It had been nice to be greeted as a person and not an It.
  8. He took her hand, "I'm Ryo. It was a pleasure. Enjoy your drink." He was a bit surprised their conversation had lasted as long as it did. He could see some of the looks the other people were giving her. It was a shame they were such a judgemental species. He had actually enjoyed the conversation, and if they'd only give her a chance, they probably would be able to enjoy her company as well. He paid for the fruit he'd picked out and headed back home.

    He pulled out a good sized chunk of meat and headed outside. He set the logs up in a nice tent formation in his fire pit, then let his hand hover over the logs. A moment later, a fire burst to life. He held the meat over the fire until it was lightly cooked, then he let himself dig in. It didnt take him long to scarf down his food. He layed back, his eyes roaming over the sky. He could feel the energy of the forest around him, the life of the creatures and the energy that sustained it all. The energy flowed steadily in and out of him, sustaining the magic already stored within him. He let himself focus on the flow of energy, and eventually drifted off into a dreamless slumber.
  9. Her head was throbbing. She sat up in her bed and clutched her head. It had been a long time since she had drank enough to do that to her. She stood up and started to dress, recalling the night before. She had gone to the pub and had a few drinks before she had gotten bored. Then she finished cutting up the venison and put it on ice. Then she had found the bottle of whisky in one of the trunks. She chuckled at the events.

    Soon she was back at the town to collect her fee for the venison. The man gave her the price decided on and Tira started back. She wondered if anyone would be at her door when she returned. That’s how it seemed to work. No one wanted to show up when she was actually home. They would rather wait till she was gone so they could meet her out side. When no one was there, she loaded up her quiver and bow and started out. She was getting low on a few things and hoped to find some nearby.

    The further she went into the forest the more irritated she became. There was no reason she should not have been able to find a pixie this far out. The damn things were like ants, they were everywhere! Getting upset, she wasn’t exactly watching where she was stepping. When she tripped, she let out a loud curse. At first she thought it was some brambles but after pushing some debris aside she realized it was a faded animal print. Her eyes widened. A dragon. A smile curved along her lips. A dragon would be a prize like no other. Her heart quickened as she looked around.

    She tried to follow the trail but it abruptly ended. She continued to search, but realized how that she had gone way too far out when she heard a waterfall in the distance. She rolled her head and wiped the sweat from her brow. Maybe a quick dip in some cool water would do her right. She climbed through the branches of the forest, her only success in a few squirrels she ended up shooting.

    When she finally neared the waterfall she saw a small cabin. That was strange, who lived all the way out here?
  10. Ryo had accidentally slept most of the day away in front of his cabin. Night had completely fallen when he finally woke up so he had spent part of the night finding small animals to hunt. He wanted to build up some meat since he went through it quickly, but he didnt want to have a negative effect on the deer herds in the area. He wasnt the only one relying on them after all. Once the moon was at its peak, and he had finished hunting, he decided that it was late enough that all the humans would be asleep. He had made sure that he wasnt too close to his cabin before releasing the spell that kept him in human form. The change was quick and painless. He felt his body growing, his skin hardening, his nails growing and his hair disappearing. Within moments, he had taken his true form again. His pitch black scales helped him blend in with the night. He had been craving a nice long flight for a long time. He needed a chance to stretch his wings.

    Now, back in human form and the sun beating down on him, he remembered the feeling of the wind under his wings and the coolness of the air against his body. Getting the chance to fly around was rare. He had to take the opportunity when he saw the chance. He was once again under the waterfall, the roar drowning out all surrounding noises. It was one place he could find the best peace. He had a few things he needed to do that day, mostly gardening purposes, but he would let them wait until later.
  11. She looked around the cabin and did not see any life inside, through the window. How strange. He neared the waterfall, now wary about taking a swim. Then she saw someone near the surging water. It was the man from the day before. She smirked of all the odds. She figured she should probably head back. Having someone catch you watch them bathe, was a terrible way to start or end any day. Still, maybe he might know about the dragon print. She walked back to the cabin and made herself comfortable. She would ask when he returned.
  12. Ryo let himself soak for a while longer before finally exiting the pool. He dried himself off by simply increasing the temperature of his body slightly and slipped into a pair of pants before heading back to his cabin. He stopped abruptly right inside his door, his eyes fixed on his surprise guest. It was the woman from the day before. How long had she been there? Moreover, how did she find him? "You're... Tira, right? How did you find this place? Is there something I can help you with?" He managed to get the words out normal sounding despite his surprise at seeing her. "I didnt think we'd see each other again so soon." He finally came all the way inside and closed the door.
  13. She smirked at him. She usually didn’t make a habit of breaking into someone’s home, but he had left the door unlocked and her knee was hurting. “Forgive me for intruding into your home. I was out trying to find some pixies. Luckily I happened to find this place because knee was about to give out. Old injury.” She glanced around for a second before her green eye fell on to him. “Actually before I leave, I have a question. As I was tracking I discovered a Dragon print in the ground. Have you seen or heard anything lately? Or ever?” She stood slowly from the seat, clenching her teeth at the pain. Her knee had gone stiff from the day’s log travel.
  14. "A Dragon print? Ahh.... no. I havent heard anything, sorry." How had he left a print? He was usually so careful. He turned to the kitchen area, cursing himself for his carelessness. He got himself a glass of water and turned back to her. "Thirsty? Why are you looking for a dragon and pixies? What do you do with them?" He needed to find out for sure if his suspicions about her were true. He didnt know what he'd do once he knew, but it would certainly make him more cautious. A hunter being in the area was never a good thing, and now that she'd seen that print he was sure she'd be on higher alert as well.
  15. She smiled at him, but shook her head. “No, Thank you. As for your question, I am a hunter. The pixies are good to use in a variety of potions and balms.” She shrugged. “They’re always in high demand for their wings and eyes. I don’t particularly get the interest. As for the dragon, you can surely understand what a prize that would be.”

    She had to be thankful toward the stranger. She was a bit embarrassed now that she had entered his home uninvited, but sitting had certainly helped the ache in her knee. The fact he hadn’t demanded she leave right way, well that was just…very nice.
  16. He smiled "Yes, of course. A great prize indeed." He could already feel himself closing off from her, trying to distance himself. He put his water down and cleared his throat. If he suddenly started acting strange, she might suspect something. "Ah, I was about to cook some lunch. You're free to join me if you'd like. I have fresh deer and fruit." He pulled out his basket of fruit and a couple pieces of meat. "It wont take long to cook, I promise." She may be a hunter, but so long as she thought he was just a normal human, he was sure they could get along even a little bit.
  17. She nodded. “I would appreciate that. It’s been a long day. Thank you for not getting upset at my intrusion. Hunting has taken its toll on me.” She chuckled at the last bit as she motioned to her knee. She treated the whole situation like a joke and not a terribly horrifying display. But that was how she had been raised. If you were going to admit you had a weakness, make sure it was in half jest and connected to a much more terrifying strength.

    She turned her eye to Ryo and smirked. “If you’re ever in need of anything, let me know. I’ll be happy to obtain it for you.” After all it was the least she could do for him after barging into his home and most likely ruining his day. Though she doubted he would take her up on her offer. He seemed squeamish. She had met people before who did not partake of magical quaries, but at least he wasn't calling her a monster for what she did.
  18. He took the meat outside to his fire pit, grabbing some wood along the way. He set the meat down and placed the wood, then used a flint he always kept for scenarios like this to light the fire. Magic would be a bad idea right now. "I may be a hermit, but that doesnt mean I have to be rude. Hunting can be a hard process, especially with your prey. A little rest is good for you." He had many more questions about her hunting, but decided to hold off until the right time. He gave her a small smile. "Thanks, but I'll pass."

    By then the meat was getting a pleasing brown color. "How do you want it? Well done or still kicking?"
  19. She didn't take offense to his declining his offer, instead just gave him a friendly nod and smile. When he made the joke about the food, she let out a soft laugh. "Well done thank you. I like to be able to eat my meals without the need to stab them into submission first." She sat back and watched as he prepared the meal. It was nice to have not cook for once.
  20. The food finished cooking not long later. He placed hers on a plate and handed it to her. "Help yourself to some berries if you want," he added, motioning to the bowl of assorted berries. "I just got them yesterday." He put his meat on the fire and let it cook for a while. His didnt take nearly as long. He liked his meat rare most of the time. He added a few strawberries to his plate before digging in. "So do you live in the area?" he asked her between bites.