Arcane Machina: A Broken World

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  1. Within the grand towers of Dogma rested a grand bath that belonged to the leading authority of the country, home of humans still not magically enhanced or turned into magical beings called Arcane gifted. The current reigning president is a woman of an unknown background, yet her power and ability to handle matters were unquestionably efficient in this troubling era. She sits alone in the grand baths overlooking the skylines of Dogma below. From a distance, a small figure looms closer to the balcony of the grand baths, as if knowing of its arrival; she stood from her luxurious bath and quietly grabbed her bath robe and made her way to the balcony.

    The object looked humanoid, landing like an armoured knight at the woman’s floor, she beckoned it and it followed without question.

    Welcome, dear” she said with a radiant glow, the mechanical being’s face glowed as its red demonic-like optics scanned her and nodded. Stretching its hand, its strange mechanical body reformatted and displayed two holographic screens of two individuals, both consisting of red hair.

    Hmmm? Interesting, so she has returned back to us eh?” she asked the mechanical humanoid. The machine’s optics lit up and erratically blinked back at her. With a smile she held the mechanical hands.

    I will take care of everything here, darling. Just remember for all the suffering that we're causing, it is simply for Milena. We are doing this for the sake of the world, for our lost child…For sanity,” she smiled and kissed the machine’s face and tapped it’s helmet gently. She turned back to the bath house’s entrance.

    Make yourself scarce now, dear. Korma’s Prime Minister and Dogma’s Lady President meeting in such private quarters will draw unwanted attention,” she grinned, fading back into the bath house while the Machine’s red optics flared and leapt off the building, flying out into the distant cold skies of Dogma en route back to presumably Korma, the city she had mentioned.


    - The Next day : Faiz Mansion, formerly Redwood Mansion -

    BREAKING NEWS: Korma’s prototype Geno Angel volunteer Marigold Redwood captured by authorities within Korma! Motives unknown! To be transported to Dogma for trial along with other Arcane Prisoners!

    This is what I had to read when I came back this evening! What the hell happened here?!” a tall man said as he yelled at Robin Chelle, a woman who works under him and assists in 'overtime' at monitoring the competition within Dogma and Korma along with what appeared to be a holographic being standing next to her named Elise Winters, an Algorithmic AI of unknown origin. This man was one of the leading entrepreneur of the present world economy and the wealthiest in the world, many know him as Ralph Faiz of the Faiz Industries dynasty who heralded the downsizing of Mechs into battle armoured robots called Ragnums, piloted by soldiers or men to work faster and stronger than their larger and clumsier bigger brothers and used for warfare.

    You both had one job! ONE JOB YOU TWO! Protect. Mari! That's all I asked you two to do! Is that was to keep Marigold Redwood from attempting to return back to Korma! How could you two screw this up?! What was so important that she had to invade Korma airspace!?” Ralph said as he threw a mug in frustration at the table, shattering it in to the ground as he took deep breaths to remain calm while glaring at both Robin and Elise.

    Are you done throwing your tantrum?” The holographic being asked him with a terse voice as if hearing a 4 year old kicking and screaming. Seething sounds can be heard from Ralph as he nodded. The being, named Elise, then turned to Robin next to her and beckoned her to explain.

    Please, back from the beginning, he needs to know why she did it and what were the measures taken should a situation like this arise,” Elise told Robin.

    Ralph snapped at a miniaturized droid to sweep the mess he caused as he moved over to the fridge to pick up a beverage, his ears still focused on Robin next to Elise while taking a chug from the can, keeping a glare up.
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  2. Robin flinched with a sharp gasp as shards of ceramic flew across the room. Never before had she seen Ralph so livid and agitated. The more he went on with his sharp tone, the more Robin's heart shriveled. She hung her head in shame, unable to keep eye contact with her superior. To her relief, Ralph walked away as his AI scolded him in turn. Granted, he only went to the nearby fridge, but it was enough of a distraction to allow some time for Robin to recompose herself. Her hands nervously fidgeted with the dogtags that hung from her neck as she took in a slow breath and gathered whatever courage she had left.

    "I-if I may have a moment, Boss. S-Sir! I-I mean 'Sir'," she stammered, correcting and silently cursing herself for her lack of professionalism in such a dire situation. "Mari- I-I mean, Miss Redwood had requested that I dig through some of the more... sensitive files that the Korma networks had hidden away among their Arcane prisoner records. After decryption and a deep scan, um... well..." Robin gulped a little, unsure of the wrath she may yet unleash. She looked down at her metallic feet in apprehension, running a thumb along the chain around her neck. "...we found a, um... mutual friend of ours in their records. Miss Shenorai Eterna. She Awakened within the past year and was captured a few months ago. Ex-guildmates turned her in. I have a copy of her records here, Sir."

    Robin searched her many pockets and pulled out a slim storage drive from the zipped pouch on the chest of her overalls. Once the droid had cleared the table of debris, she placed it down.

    "Miss Redwood left before I could say anything. I tried contacting her through a codec, but she completely shut me out." Folding her hands together in front of her and bowing her head again in shame, Robin managed to mumble, "Sorry, Boss. She just wanted to help Shen."
  3. Ralph could only hide his grief at the news of what Robin told him, that Mari went to save a friend of hers’ from before. He knew the name Shenorai Eterna very well, and she was used by Mari as a means to help her fight for the rights of Arcane Gifted throughout Vicronica. It was only due to the incident where Mari suffered a post traumatic transformation into the dreaded cyborg dubbed Geno Angel by Korma officials that their friendship died and they would never seek contact again for the next two years till recent days. He could see her eyes, as the cybernetic parasite ate away her soul that she no longer had the right to be called that Arc’s friend after programmed by the Minister as well as Dogma politicians to massacre approximately a thousand Arcs as a testing stage for the Geno Angel project within an island's vicinity. There was also the incident where she ran rampant in a fit of rage, nearly leveling Area 23 in sheer grievance to what they had turn her into. He knew it too well, the suffering Mari had gone through, and she’s still fighting the parasite as it turns every part of her body into a machine day by day. He still was at loss as to how the cybernetic parasite functioned, it’s a form of science that Tirnova had yet to unlock.

    Snapping his fingers, Elise vanished from Robin’s side and began scanning her driver left at the kitchen table.

    Download all files, clear decryption codes and trace for any tampering,” Ralph said cooly, hiding the grief underneath the tone of his voice.

    Scanning… files free of corruption.-.-.-.- files uploaded, folders tracing of two individuals within Sky Fortress Heiliana – Shenorai Eterna and another Experimental prototype Arcane dubbed ‘Lyserg’” Elise said as the holographic documents loaded up right infront of Ralph. He studied them carefully as he chugged another bottle of soda, alcohol was never his strong suit, having to take these energy drinks that would keep him awake for days in his type of work and he could use a lot of them right now.

    What the hell…” Ralph said as he scanned Shenorai’s profile, it was…different, she looked vastly different than when she and Mari were together years prior. “Any idea what’s with the new hairdo? Is she going through a phase of some kind?” Ralph asked Elise, while looking at Shenorai's face for the first time in 2 years. There was something not right about this picture, she looked different and she certainly never had those wings before.

    Ralph! This is no time for wise cracks! Mari had also left a message along with these documents!” Elise’s voice boomed through the room. Ralph aloofly waved a hand, ignoring the urgency of the situation, he was angry and his feelings were crumbling underneath his façade of a cool, daring man of his status so a minor pass at Shenorai’s altered look was all he could think of this time.

    The room went black as a the display screen showed a recording of a white room featuring a lone chair and white desk displayed before the three, a very familiar woman with green eyes, red hair and near porcelain-like skin now entered the picture and sat herself down. Her face was filled with sorrow, struggling to copy her boyfriend’s stoicism of a professional.

    Ralph. Elise. Robin. If this message was opened and you’re watching this now then I am in the hands of Alfred Hobbs, Prime Minister of Korma and possibly completing the remaining alterations to my body. This also means that I have failed in saving my friend and the person whom they were conducting experiments unto and to put it bluntly; I screwed up, everyone.” Mari said, before looking at the screen with hopeful eyes.

    Ralph, I hope you can forgive me for my choice. I’ve fought hard for Shen’s freedom and the rights of those who could cast miracles because I believe a future with them can bring untold wonders, people like Hobbs and Karen Rose are what is hampering our progress and I’m a result of it. It's my choice and I'm going to fight for her and all the Arcanes before this parasite turns me into a machine forever,” she said as metal wings began sprouting from her back.

    I don’t know if I still have anything underneath this…thing I’ve become, how many parts left that’s still me… how many- Oh god – I'm scared, Ralph. I still don't know how to stop this thing from growing inside, from eating my soul away...“ she trembled at the thought of a full Geno Angel conversion before regaining her composure and humbly talking to the screen.

    You three, if I do get caught and if this plan fails then you’re to not attack Korma and Dogma at all. Please do this for me, The Grand Marshall will never pardon us if we incite a civil war with Hobbs and Rose. The cost is going to be great, and the far reaches of Dogma and Korma's shadow will hunt us down forever, if I do free Shen and if this all passes well then meet me at Saevitia where I will be taking her there and hiding out. I just have to believe right? You told me that, Elise,” she said with a broken smile.

    "Robin. You did good and I'm sure Ralph won't be so pissed at you when all this is over. Keep believing in yourself, I did too when you climbed that building. Never forget, don't let others judge your limits for you are still complete with or without your legs," she smiled.

    "Lastly...Ralph, I love you. You have no idea how much I do. The parasite can't be stopped, Ralph. I'm already dead, so don't come after me...please."

    Ralph hit the pause of the recording, undecided on what was to be the next move. The rush and the fact that Mari, was also unsure of where the future was for her and Shen if they were successful, the political consequences of targeting Hobb’s fortress as well as slighting Rose’s cabinet were dire. He had to think, think of what could be done: His army of lawyers? His position as one of the Grand Marshalls of Tirnova? None would be able to aid them in a bureaucratic sense he thought. Red tapes were all over the place if it involved Hobbs and Rose, if not their army of politicians would drown Tirnova in a scandal that would lose face in the human world. This is not going to sit well with the rest of humanity out there.

    Taking a chug of Soda, he looked at Robin again and nodded at her apologetically with a smile to ensure that her job was not in the verge of being sacked.

    Look…Sorry for that Robin, alright? You know how much Mari means to me, especially after what Korma did to her. I can’t stand to think what they’ll do, especially after what I did to the parasite,” Ralph said with a foreboding tone.

    What is the plan then, Ralph?” Elise’s holographic visage reformatted infront of Robin with a face of urgency and desperation for answers.

    What else?” Ralph said as he took a sip.

    I'm going to launch my own private war against Korma and Dogma.

    Elise’s holographic form distorted as her face shot with wide horror. He has lost his mind, they took her from him once and now they have her again, ready to do god knows what to their precious ‘Prototype’.

    Get all MP 251’s and ready one for myself, 10 or so would be enough to assault the Sky fortress,” Ralph said as he uploaded a schematics of spare set of Ragnums underneath the mansion, all battle ready and all kept in storage and each perfected for war.

    Ralph! Please reconsider! Mari told us not to go after her! This is political suicide! Tirnova can’t protect us if we attack the fortress!” Elise said.

    Fuck that!” Ralph yelled back. “Politics can go suck each other! They’ve already started a war when they kidnapped Mari over two years ago and forced her to kill a thousand Arcanes as a display of power! Tirnova and the Human Futurist Party will definitely back us all up if they find out the incriminating files Robin dug up! I’m doing this, Elise with or witho-

    Warning! Perimeter Breach! Perimeter Breach!” A pre-coded voice of Elise’s rang aloud within the living room the 3 were in. Ralph spun around and lifted his eyeglasses to summon a Ragnum suit to combat whatever the threat was coming this way. In the distance, he heard a crashing of a window and an approaching sound of terror that he had never heard of before.

    Oh fuck me…” Ralph said as a gauntlet from a 251 flew and crashed through the window to wrap itself around his arm, Korma scouts? Were they there to silence them before they could retaliate? How soon did they know of Ralph's sudden arrival? It didn’t matter, the rush of panic crept up Ralph’s spine as he ordered Robin to back into the kitchen counter and hide behind a set of two drones that had appeared ready to guard his employee as he pointed a laser tip at the door. He had hoped his armour would wrap around him soon, after all the 251 was yet to be perfected.


    Mari weakly opened her eyes, she had no means of telling how long had Hobbs kept her sedated. After breaching the stronghold of Area 23 that night, and failing to hail Robin's calls there was an Electro magnetic blast from the prison where she was sure Shen was kept. She could see glass infront of her, if only she could move.

    She could feel nothing, not a single muscle moved, not a thing from her body.

    She looked carefully at the reflection: Her body, or what was left of it was carefully being monitored as her converted appendages were kept to her left and right side respectively, all weapon systems inactive, looking down she could see the parasite continuing its ghastly work to convert every organ in her system into a cybernetic terror that Hobbs said she and her successors would become: remorseless killing machines.

    "Stop it...! Stop showing me this! Stop doing this to me!" she yelled in frustration at the scientists at the opposite end of the glass, to her anger they shed no answers to her pleas, she could not bear to see herself being altered again, the first time it was done to her was against her will and now they were back to finish the job by subjecting her into this state. She looked around to see the exterior, almost like a laboratory of sorts, with soldiers stationed at every corner and on the opposite side, was Shenorai, and to her left was the experiment Robin also dug up into. Mari's heart sank, all the effort she was confident she could pull alone and to redeem herself infront of her eyes was met with failure.

    "Damn it... in the end, I'm still just Karen and Hobb's plaything," she bit her lip as she helplessly watched the parasite turning her innards and organs into a twisted form of complex machinery while tears rolled down from her face. Inevitability, and the lack of hope crept up in Mari's mind. She was alone.


    At the main office at the highest tower of Dogma, Karen glanced at the screen where she saw the flightplan of the Sky Fortress Heiliana. It's arrival would be in the mere hours of the morning where Marigold Redwood, her 'child' of sorts along with the rebellious Shenorai Eterna and the mysterious Experiment were to be brought before her for persuasion. A fine line between Hobbs' torture and her guiding hand would allow these three to know their paths and to help Karen ascend as the dominant leader of all Humans and Arcanes. True Beauty to her eyes, and her destiny to see the Arcane race crumble underneath her eternal rule and to other realms possible by Shenorai's alleged magic and the re-emergence of other unknown geographical anomalies around the world where she and other Arcanes may help her.

    "They will most certainly enjoy this," Karen seductively smacked her lips at the thought of those three ready to serve their Lady President.
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  4. Argle Wargle, Purple
    OOC: I’m allowed to do this with Ralph by Iron Man, agreed over skype.

    Argle had been living in the nearby woods for a while after Marigold tried to separate herself from him. She had been changed, she said, something about implants. Argle didn’t really have that much knowledge in what implants are, but she mentioned she could lose control and hurt those close to her. He really didn’t care about this, he considered himself rather hardy and endurant should it be needed, but she still apologized and left the estate. This was the last time he saw Marigold. Her father died not long after this meaning that his friends in this world was again gone.

    Some other man seemed to have gotten the estate after, without anyone living here Argle guessed that it was either someone who stole it and made it their own or had actually bought it for themselves. He often still climbed about on the walls and rooftops to inspect the new inhabitants of his childhood friends’ home.
    She had taught him so much, let him live with the animals they had on the outskirts of the estate, not because he was some form of animal but because he liked animals more than people. Only Mari or her father came to that area, which meant that he only had people he did like coming in. But all this ended when she left, though he liked her father as well it was more like he tolerated the man than that he liked him.

    Argle kept sneaking about, getting to new vantage points, getting more information about what they are talking about and who they are. Wait.... was that Marigold? She... her skin... the wings...
    Argle could not properly hear what was going on inside, the windows were well insulated for both sound and temperature. Though, all logical thought had left the mutant’s mind as he saw the video of Marigold, she was changed but this man seemed to know her, and based on how he spoke he seemed to know where she was as well.

    All sense had been replaced by rage and longing, not thinking about it more Argle got down from his vantage point and rushed towards this man. He needed answers.
    Argle couldn’t care less about alarms or tripwires at the moment and simply ran towards the man in charge. Not caring to open the door all dandy like Argle rushed past all obstacles like a maddened rhino with a vengeance. His face guarded by the metal plate only piercing eyes could be seen through two slits, aimed at Ralph as the doors basically exploded inward, showering most of the room with splintered wood, metal fragments and shattered glass. Holding his large demon-like hands between himself and anyone he can see he used them as shields should someone be firing at him. Tables, statues, anything in his way was either trampled under his massive weight or flung aside like it was made of styrofoam, debris flying everywhere around him. Adrenaline and the need for this information fueled him more than any normal energy could ever do. Not even stopping as he got to the man he picked him up mid-step with his left mutant arm and slammed Ralph against a support-column, holding around the whole chest area of the human letting the bladed parts of his fingers rest against the stone column, his hands were large enough to cover most of the torso of the man.
    Moving his shielded face closer to the now pinned man he asked a tad louder than he initially planned.
    “Where is Marigold?!” his deep and powerful voice echoed in the room as he moved his other mutant arm in a position to either protect himself from others in the room or impale this man if needed.

    OOC2: Feel free to shoot or throw shit at Argle, I wrote it like this so you can shoot or attack, having him block it with his hands, if you wish.

    Xotiff & Kyvvy, gray
    He was sitting on a makeshift chair made of a small table he had found in the room, petting his large canine friend, he was told by his employer that this was the location where they would attack to save someone or some shit. He didn’t really care for details, he was told to kill or at least hinder anyone entering this room, and that was all he needed to know.
    He already had the layout in his mind and his spherical vision aided planning any moves without really moving to look around. His guns were recharged, his sword as well and his ace in the hole was also ready, he hated times like this, the waiting, the longing to plunge his blade into someone’s throat to watch their face as the shine leaves their eyes alongside the blood from the wound. There were really few things like it, explosions were awesome but nothing really could measure up to being there in person and see the terror as a man realizes he is dead and have no chance to get out of it.
    Letting out a deep sigh filled with boredom but also a hint of satisfaction as he reminisced about victims past. He always loved that he managed to make a living out of this, getting paid while he gets to do as he wishes was nothing short of genius. He had already turned the lights off in the room, after all since he didn’t have any problems with light or dark the least, and his companion had plenty of decent low-light vision he intended to use this as a tactic against his soon to be intruders.
    The only thing left was the waiting, the horrible, tedious waiting.
    “You know, you could always just not take this job, we do have enough money.” His four-legged friend stated. Very few knew she could talk, even fewer realized that she had her own communication’s earpiece.
    “No we don’t, though that’s not the reason I’m doing this.” The man with bandages around most of his head grinned.

    Dr. Kaj, teal
    OOC: I’m allowed by Tipsy to do this with his character. Agreed on over skype.

    Deep in a bunker-like complex, tens of stories of steel and concrete below the surface in his lab, Kaj was working on a subject. This one weren't so lucky as most to arrive here alive and was currently being the target of an autopsy, at least something can be learned from its corpse.
    Muttering to himself in the room the man in glasses had no assistants aiding him, at least no one else than the long metal arms that extended from his back through some holes in his white lab-coat. The arms extended across the room, getting tools and certain instruments whereas the doctor's gloved hands were wrist-deep in the chest of a rather strange creature.
    "Yes… lungs… discolored, not smoking.. strange…" one of the four steel-tentacles brought over a brushed-aluminum pan which he put the lungs in, to then be put in a fridge in the corner.
    "Head… ventilated… " he looks at the head which is shot through the temple "back of head missing, entry… .45… Will punish shooter later… Brain destroyed.." he kept muttering to himself, possibly recording it during the whole autopsy.
    "Heart…. strange.. too s*" his monologue was interrupted by a single short blip.
    Looking to the device on his wrist, a small screen folded out and a message was read. A twitch on the doctor's right eye would be clearly visible had it not been for him being alone.
    "....why....?" he muttered to himself somewhat annoyed. Even in his voice one could clearly hear annoyance, after all now Kaj had to leave his own work to go fix one of his employer’s toys.
    "….. ARGH!" he let out a cry of frustration which rarely happened. He had to leave something interesting to go fix a cyborg toy, a test-platform if you will, something he already knew exactly how worked and the small details of everything. Rarely is it fun to fix something that is outdated or useless.

    Exiting through the only door Kaj took off the bloodied gloves and dropped them on the floor in the doors opening forcing the automatically closing door to squish it against its frame when it closed. Walking down a long hallway he kept reading the message, that man; leaving his minor tasks to someone like Kaj. Though the good doctor had plenty of time left on this planet his subjects did not, who is Hobbs to decide what Kaj has to do with his valuable time? This was not the first time either…
    Turning a sharp corner he walked into a hazy area of the concrete wall, disappearing as if there was an opening there, this power he had unlocked was very effective for a man who prefers to waste as little time as possible on travel.
    Exiting out of a wall to another hallway to find a young cyborg on a wheeled-hospital bed.
    “Child.” he mutters to himself.
    He took up his wrist device and did something with the buttons within, activating the sleep program within the young hybrid. Turning off her pain sensors at the same time.
    Pushing the bed through the closest wall there was a similar haze oval there which allowed the doctor and his subject to pass straight through, exiting into an operations room similar to the one he was conducting an autopsy in not two minutes ago.

    Kaj sighed deeply as the feed of information, versions, coding and implants were fed to his wrist device. He was to tune her before an upcoming mission, though not really having the time for this he decided to just make sure she is fine and in working order rather than upgrading or fixing her.
    “Coding... Sub-par... Armor... usable... vitals... fine..” he kept muttering to himself as he was working on the different parts of her. Opening her to make sure the internals are connected and properly fastened and in working order. There was not much that had to be fixed, some slight tuning in the software, some kinks in the servos that had to be fixed and he was done.

    Using the manual override in the cyborg he used his wrist computer to make her stand upright in the room. Turned on her sensors and turned off the sleep program.
    “Land on your feet” he commanded to her in the second she was booting as he opened a portal below her feet, exiting into her dedicated armory, should cut down time on both her side as well as his own.
    As soon as she had disappeared down the portal he walked into a portal of his own and disappeared from this part of the complex.
  5. Ralph’s heart raced as the doors blasted down and a hail of fire from the droids barraged the assailant. To his shock and surprise, the creature’s massive hands appear to be impenetrable or his droids have been shooting at the wrong areas. Before Ralph could retaliate with a 50% shot from his gauntlet tips, the beast had managed to grab him and firmly place him at the pillar behind him. The support-column trapped Ralph giving him limited range and aim to land a shot to neutralize the beast. He prepared for the worse but before he or Elise could hastily land an attack, the beast spoke.

    He raised a hand for the droids to stand down, Elise as well halted the defences of the mansion from approaching them while Ralph stared the creature down.

    How the hell do you know Mari?” Ralph asked him in a coarse voice. He had never seen this creature interact with her before, let alone meeting it. Another one of her secret friends in dangerous places perhaps? He wasn't sure, but he was certain that he wanted down, time was short and the both of them bickering is the least of his worries.

    Elise’s holographic form reformatted near the creature and raised a hand at it. If the creature knew Mari then she had best stop him from trying to hurt Ralph as well as preventing the boss from striking back as well.

    “Please – I urge you to stand down and remain calm, he’s a friend of Marigold. If you hurt him she won’t be happy to know that. Do you understand?” She asked the mutant with a very civil voice, Ralph used the time to quickly move a finger to his glasses to hasten the arrival of one of his suits. Another gauntlet swiftly flew into the room and he caught it while it reformatted into his other arm. He used his free hand to point it at the mutant’s head.

    Easy, boy… You and I have questions for each other, but this isn’t the way to do it,” he said. Ralph didn’t like the idea of being pinned without any means to retaliate or strike back at his attacker. To be ensured was his priority. He stared the beast down while Elise hastily disabled his gauntlets. His ego played with him yet again, whether it will pay off in a good or bad way was yet to be decided. He shot Elise a glare for leaving him so defenseless in the face of danger while her attention was focused on the creature.

    God damn it you two, stop acting like children in a critical time like this!” Elise stammered at them both before turning her attention to Ralph. “ Ralph, you will answer him and you…big…guy… you have to answer back as to how you know about Marigold! How can we trust you especially after your grand entrance?! ” Elise shifted back and forth between Ralph and the creature. The droids remained stationed with Robin, ready to evacuate her should the situation worsen. Elise continued to discreetly call for the defenses of the mansion to approach the room as a failsafe, while armours and droids from all over the mansion began to converge at the meeting room where the four individuals are located at currently.
  6. Robin couldn't bring herself to watch the entire message. After Mari's hologram addressed her, she bit her lip and diverted her gaze to the floor. This... wasn't really what happened, was it? Marigold is a strong woman, machinery or not. Surely, this was some sort of ruse to keep them safe. It had to be. Robin felt a hard lump in her throat. She couldn't bear to think of Mari as dead. It wasn't even twelve hours ago that she was pleading for her to come back to the surface instead of flying off like she did.

    Ralph's resolution snapped the technician back to attention. Was he seriously going to go after her? In truth, Robin couldn't blame him, but she silently agreed with Elise. There was far more at risk here than simply their lives. But her protest to Ralph's course of action was swiftly drowned out by the booming message. First Marigold being captured after going rogue, now a sudden home invasion? More thoughts rushed through her mind as her superior motioned for her to go hide in the kitchen while he summoned his armor to him. Such a fine piece of work. Though Robin hoped one day to tinker with it, now wasn't the time for such sentiments.

    "Be careful, Boss!" she called to Ralph as her hands went down to her knees. A pair of plates shielded her kneecaps, but also acted as the control unit for these prosthetic legs. A couple button presses later and the plates on her feet shifted and gave way to wheels and two pairs of miniature thrusters. Perhaps a little unnecessary, but Robin was already dashing into the kitchen. She skidded to a halt behind the counter, crouching down once she had stopped.

    Already, she could hear Ralph and Elise attempt to take a diplomatic approach to the invader. 'Attempt' being a key word, for it was mostly Elise trying to talk both sides down from attacking each other. Somehow, Robin had a feeling that this wasn't going to turn out so well. She reached behind her for her trusty sledge ha-

    Robin's heart pounded in her ears as she was grabbing at thin air. Sonuva bitch, she left her hammer in her shop! Never thought to grab it when she was being summoned! She looked down at her belt for her pistol, but it proved to be futile. As it is, she hardly carries that hunk o' junk around. No sidearm, no sledge hammer... though she did have a tack hammer at her belt. Though perhaps a stupid idea, considering the droids already guarding her, Robin pulled the hammer from its loop and peeked up over the counter, keeping her improvised weapon hidden. Her curled pigtails bounced a little as she was taking in the scene. There wasn't any opportunity for her to do much of anything. Not while everything was still heated at least. It'd get her easily killed!

    Still, she slowed her breath, trying to take in every word and waiting for the opportune moment to strike...
  7. Argle Wargle, purple
    It was clear that this Ralph was not happy about what just happened, not really that strange considering what actually had occurred. Shouting back questions in how Argle knew Marigold was sort of logical but he didn’t answer the question given to him, and he was in no position to argue.
    Besides the duo the light screen activated, or was it an AI? Argle remember Mari explaining the basics of these things but he really didn’t have an idea... But she spoke something that did ease Argle, if only a very little. This man was a friend of Mari? His mind reactivated in a sense and he started analyzing what had happened. The recording of his childhood friend a few minutes ago, now that he thought about it, this man’s reaction as well as how the recording acted did seem like they at least knew each other on good terms.
    Suddenly, an object flew past Argle faster than he could catch it, barely scratching it with the tip of his human hand it whizzed past him and attached to the non-covered arm of his captive. Was this armor? Weapons? Argle had seen something like this a great while back, it seems that this might be a higher quality version of what he had fought two decades ago. Did he intend to try and fight? If so a quick squeeze of the arm holding him against the pillar would take out both the pillar and man without issue. But the light-woman did something and the man looked at her unsatisfied, his body language changed slightly, less aggressive? Did she do something to his weapons? Could she do things like that? Though the gloves he had fought in the past were no deal this man... Something about him gave the mutant a feeling that he really knew his tech.
    The light woman spoke smart words, Argle let his rage take the better of him... He was no better than those who assumed things about the mutant in his younger years, all but his creator. He.... He should give this man the benefit of the doubt... If he later proved to be like the others he would crush him like a tomato.

    Stepping back a few steps he lifted Ralph off the pillar and placed him on his feet at a full arms length away, nearby the table where he was when Argle entered through the door.
    “I...” his voice was still deep and powerful, just less volume and anger. “I am Argle. Marigold was my friend for many years...”
    He walked back and forth, keeping Ralph in his vision the whole time.
    “She told me they had done things to her... I saw the recording. I will get her out, where is she” The latter sounding much more commanding than the explanation. If this man intended to get in Argle’s way, he would not live to tell the tale.
    • Watching humans getting on with their business was an intriguing activity for Rosetta, who had never been among this many humans before. Being brought up in Saevitia meant there was a certain level of distaste, if not hatred, of humans. For Rosetta, having remarkable humanoid features meant no end of bullying in Saevitia where many were distinctively different. Were it not for her abilities, she would not live to be where she was in the present. Thinking back, it was truly a series of fortunate events.

      The thought brought a small smile to her face. She quickly wiped the smile off, realising how silly it was to suddenly smile at nothing in particular. Crossing her legs, she leaned back on the leather sofa, peering about at the hustle and bustle of the main office. This was the heart of the human civilization, where all major decisions were made and acted upon. No one human settlement is invisible to the eyes of the tower, not even the most isolated.

      Due in large part to that, activities here were perpetually in an overdrive. People were constantly busy, too busy to look at the fully-armoured girl watching them. Rosetta could only wonder if they even knew she was Arcane-Gifted. Nevertheless, the lack of attention on her was surprisingly comforting. She sighed as she relished in the comfort, knowing this would not last. Being an Ambassador was only in name.

      Saevitia was ultimately a lawless land. It did not have an official government, though they were ruled by a citizen chosen to the position via a string of brutal battles. The current leader, called the Wild Card, was Silvana the White. A friendly, but utterly crafty person; Rosetta could only wonder what he was up to now, having sent her here, fully equipped with the best in technology that Saevitia had to offer. And under the strange Lord President of the humans, no less.

      "Ah, whatever," was all Rosetta could say as she brushed off the thought. Thinking about it only boggled her mind, so she settled for laying out on the sofa.
  8. Ralph gave him a bitter laugh.

    Hmph. This is no surprise. She did always have a soft spot for Arcane gifted,” He said as he snapped his fingers at a droid to fetch him a couple of Soda bottles, one for himself and to offer the other to Argle.

    Actually, scans detect that he is not of Arcane origin nor any traces of magical anomaly detected within his body,” Elise corrected Ralph as she used the house sensors to scan him. After drinking, Ralph carelessly tossed the bottle for the droid to catch as he reactivated Elise’s manual override to continue summoning the suit for battle.

    That explains the lack of response from my tech, I may have to re-calibrate the sensors for mutant activity someday to prevent an incident such as this. This did scare the shit out of my employee afterall,” Ralph said in reference to Robin as his new suit flew it to wrap itself around him as mechanical locks and bolts sealed around his body, revealing his latest Ragnum 251 with the helmet sealing his face in completely.

    More to the point,” Elise said, shooting Ralph with a glare as he ignored the mutant and Elise to begin reprogramming all inactive copies of his 240th to the 251st suits to start up with Ralph turning his attention to the mutant again, removing his armour’s face plate to stare at him in the eye.

    Mari has been captured by the man responsible for her conversion into a weapon of mass destruction. I’m planning to start a war with these people to bring her back with the consequences that Korma and Dogma, the cities ruled by these people, will strike back at us. Are you still ready for this? Or do you wanna take a seat and finish off that drink?” He asked Argle while downloading schematics of the Sky Fortress into his suits. Loud noises outside can be heard as his army of 240s and 251s in the dozens began to hover around the house in symmetrical order, ready to follow its creator’s plans for total warfare.

    12 copies of 251 and 12 copies of model 240 ready for deployment Ralph. We are online and synchronization rate raised to 4000% for maximum efficiency,” Elise told him with her ready to control all 24 war suits.
  9. OOC: You can have Child meet up with Marko or whatevver to save on a short "i arrive" post

    Child - Activation, white

    Everything was a blur. It was as if Child was under murky water and she couldnt see very well. All she could make out was very vague and general outline of the things around her... providing she could move. In fact, one would say that Child was essentially not even awake. All brain function indicated that she was asleep, buther cranial cybernetics were keeping everything else running. It was the benefit of being almost completely robotic. Minimal nutrient requirement, fatigue is not that much of an issue and surgery was almost too easy.

    If one looked carefully and closely at her eyes, they would be able to see the gradual focusing of the pupils contracting. Slowly, the blur solidified and formed into proper shapes. Standing in front of Child was Sieghilde, the ever vigilant caretaker. The gynoid looked upon her charge as she woke, the holo screen floating in front of her chest streamed data from Child's system. After the good Mr Kaj ported Child straight into her armoury, simultaneously scaring the crap out of all the other employees, Sieghilde locked Child into her rack. Data cables flowed from her back and as Child becomes more and more conscious, she realised her inability to move was due to both mechanical locks as well as software lockdown.

    Ah, you are awake. Excellent. The labs has equipped you with new prototype modules and frame. Mr Kaj has optimised it to standards, but it will still feel off. I am going to release your locks.

    With a slight hiss, the pneumatic pistons retracted and all the plugs and cables attached to child detached. Child opened and closed her fist to test and like what Sieghilde said, it felt different. It felt light, surely, but something felt off. It didnt change anything. All she had to do was to do as she was told. If that included using this body, then so be it.

    We have been assigned to guard the fortress. Stealth is not a factor, so arm yourself to the teeth.

    Nodding once, Child moved silently to the gun racks and began slotting weapons onto her body. Besides her standard gear, Child grabbed her full helm, took on the pair of Beretta 93R and swapped out her MN-23 with a M96 Mattock, all loaded with high penetrating ammunition. If anything tried to come and attack the fortress, they would be aerial and heavily armoured.

    Meet up with a fellow employee named Marko. Here are his coordinates. I will keep in contact with you through comms.

    I am off, Sieghilde.

    Silently, the young, cyborg girl turned and made her way to this person.

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  10. Silence was all he ever had, since the day he became aware and long before he could ever remember what it was like beyond this work he was condemned to do. There was only the job, the mission given by the VSC and granted by the Lord President herself before ultimately blacking out into the void only to be reawakened for another life to claim or more. His fellow handlers dreaded him as he reappeared to be of her services, and rightly so, no one has yet to escape the powers of the VSC’s first Arcane operative: Ravager. His kill records go unrecorded as he is one of the VSC’s and by extension, Lord President Karen Rose’s hidden secrets of Dogma and Korma’s echelons. Much of his past has been left a mystery, other than he has been under the services of Lord President Rose’s even before her ascension.

    His face was never shown to the public other than his handlers and his partners, always hidden behind an intricate mask that was otherworldly to hide his true identity from all but to Hobbs and the VSC. Stories tell of how Minister Hobbs and Karen Rose had found him within the wretched hell hole that was Area 23 and in exchange for a less unsightly fate was his loyal service under both parties to be conducted without question. Years were pooled into honing his powers under supervision by Hobbs through the Ministry of Magicology before his ultimate brainwashing program created a monster that was prized by both Hobbs and Rose, despite the former's hatred towards Arcs, he valued this particular one in lieu of his skills and due to his ties to one other influential individual in Tirnova. To those who knew little of the man behind the mask of death, his known Arcane powers were that of total control and manipulation of darkness and uses of the darkening void to greater effect along with abilities of using darkness to cause decay and instill fear or nightmares upon contact with his dark matter, thus making him a perfect assassin.

    At the break of dawn, Ravager was summoned from the darkness beyond by the Prime Minister of Korma. His duty was simple: Escort their reacquired Weapon of Mass Destruction tagged Prototype Korma Weapon 050790 named “Geno Angel 1” as well as a prisoner from Area 23 with a file number 012988 named “Shenorai Eterna” and finally a specimen number 041591 named “Lyserg”. Three of these packages as instructed by the Glorious Minister were to be delivered to the Lord President of Dogma for further evaluation. It did not matter who would interfere with the two leaders’ plans, they would only meet their end at the darkest corners of his powers.

    As per protocol whenever he is summoned for duty, a randomly selected handler was to be assigned to him today, under one of the VSC’s corresponding departments was a woman named Lodema Arin. Arriving at the tarmac point she was dressed in a standard business suit with a miniskirt along with her smartphone, waving for his arrival as he quietly made his way past the busy people of the Sky Fortress’ departure area.

    Good morning, Ravager. Today we are expecting a little rain on the side and bright skies are not guaranteed until we reach Dogma,” She called out amidst the gusty winds of Korma’s brooding atmosphere, with him recognizing the code signs of a dangerous threat imminently approaching the fortress upon leaving Korma.

    Another agent will also be sent to aid us in securing the packages, one of the best as per word within the council,” she advised. He said nothing but merely glared at the distance with an air of bloodlust, were they undermining his abilities by sending another operative? Or has the Minister and Lord President dubbed this mission as overtly risky that required another hand? A smile merely crept up the concealed face of the soldier as his hands cracked with fissures of dark matter. At the other side of the departure gate, he caught sight of another cyborg operative with pale white hair.

    Oh! There she is! Ravager, meet your colleague from Section Alpha! Code named Nocturne! Nocturne, we are operatives from Section Sigma, hand to Prime Minister Hobbs himself and this is his top operative Code Named Ravager! Let’s get along, people!” She said with an air of acting gusto as she beckoned him to shake his new colleague’s hand. Rarely has he been paired with anyone, and he could see nothing from her any semblance or a trace of life within those mismatched eyes. At best it was unnerving, at worst it felt like both the Great Minister and Grand President were testing his patience. Reluctantly, he quietly extended his hand for a shake…


    This is the traitorous cyborg; former activist and Futurist Party member Marigold Redwood, daughter of politician Henry Redwood of Dogma. She was handpicked by the Prime Minister to be gifted with the monstrous power of The Geno Angel project, and aptly named Korma Weapon 050790, the first of her kind back then. She is currently undergoing servicing before being presented to Lord President Rose. We caught her launching a singular assault in Area 23 in an attempt to reach our next subject, which fortunately was averted thanks to our Prime Minister’s quick judgement,” Lodema told both of the soldiers as they saw Marigold through the test tube, which had an agonizing look even in her unconscious state as noticed by Ravager. Robotic arms within the dreaded flask sequentially removed bolts and unnatural pieces of impossible machinery from her arms and legs to reveal they have far been converted into weapons untold of and are far too intricate to be kept within a body of this woman’s stature. They were placed separately as they began to open the torso and other converted regions of the subject’s body to begin running diagnostics as to how far the conversion had gone through her body for the past 2 years.

    He nodded in acknowledgement as they proceeded to the next container with another red haired woman sealed within, still garbed with the prison robes noted to be worn by inmates of the god forsaken island Area 23. It appeared that she was sedated and like the cyborg traitor, was not conscious. It is noted that the wings of this subject was golden and not metal in contrast to their female weapon prior.

    This… horrific abomination was a rebellious prisoner within the island facility and a subject of investigation by our Prime Minister. Allegedly, she could commune with the deceased and has the ability to manipulate spectral forms as well as carried a necklace of sorts to incite such other feats, the necklace is now under the care of research on the opposite labs near us. This particular prisoner has caught the ire of Minister Hobbs recently and was requested by Lord President Rose to be transported for further evaluation. Remember the name Shenorai Eterna, both of you, for this prisoner is cunning and dangerous if you let your guard down,” Lodema said with disdain, it was apparent that Lodema shared the Korma Human Purity attitude towards Arcanes, with little awareness of Ravager’s true background. She then guided the both of them to the next one but unfortunately was kept behind the confines of another door, barring restriction for the three of them.

    Unfortunately, we are denied access to this particular specimen as due to various contacts with the subject resulted in various incidents. This creature is one of the most dangerous specimens ever released from Korma, and it begs question to wonder why Lord President Rose is in need of it,” she shuddered while Ravager looked at the door. His desire for a fight was burning to see what was behind it, but orders were orders and he was not allowed to view what lay behind those doors.

    That concludes our insight on the three packages. Now as per precaution, Lord President Rose sought another individual for hire on the west bridge of the fortress; do not solicit yourselves with this individual as he and his horrific pet are merely on a separate payroll through the Lord President as means for insurance of our travel. Are we clear?” she asked both of them. Ravager nodded and waved his hand at her quietly, a sign that they can take care of matters here from now on.

    Adjourn yourself…This mission is ours to handle now,” Ravager spoke for the first time in months in reference to himself and the teenage looking operative before removing his mask to reveal a young man in his early 20’s with long black hair tied to a ponytail with eyebrows similar to Ralph Faiz, tear-like markings underneath his eyes and a cold piercing stare that even shocked Lodema, with a cough she excused herself from them both and took her leave.

    To think, after all these years our Prime Minister had in his hands one of the sons of the Faiz Dynasty? Heh… Well played, Prime Minister…Well Played.


    The Sky fortress Heiliana was a technological terror, armed with a defense system boasting half a thousand soldiers, half a thousand robotic operatives and with hundreds of firing systems targeted for either dissolving threats in an instant without wiping out cities or intimidating an enemy to surrender. It's sheer size at the time of departure as seen by Lodema, it shadowed a certain part of the city as it took flight into the bright skies, slowly but surely making its way to the city of Dogma.

    The sheer force of its presence was one of the reasons Tirnova and its political beliefs are locked at a stalemate with Dogma and Korma's powerful alliance, Heiliana was one of the largest Sky fortresses built in Korma ranging from a million missiles stored in its various compartments, laser bolted guns numbering in hundreds to protect its vital spots and over 15 giant mechas and 35 Model 231 Ragnum battlesuits customized to adhere to Korma diplomacy stored underneath its seemingly defenseless surfaces, ready for deployment or piloted by its many hands on deck dedicated to both the east and west end.

    This particular exercise however had most of the troops stationed with Ravager and Nocturne to prioritize the safety of their packages on the east deck of the fortress while the hired gunman Xotiff, under orders of Lord President Rose was told to remain stationed on the west side where the critical component on keeping the defenses of the fortress were kept and guarded by a customized mech of her choosing for the job. Both areas have been covered, preventing a breach that would compromise the loss of the three packages.

    With over a thousand manning its hands and three of the greatest killers onboard, it begs to wonder how will Ralph Faiz, Robin Chelle, Elise Winters and Argle Wargle can combat such a giant monstrosity in order to save Marigold Redwood, Shenorai Eterna and the mysterious Lyserg.
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  11. Argle Wargle, purple
    At first the mutant was ignored by this Ralph, he tended to his own things and seeming to take height for mutants in the future? So this means he was rather unprepared at this point? No wonder he hides behind his iron suit if he cannot handle a fight without it. Naturally though this was Argle’s mindset he didn’t really know what Ralph was packing in training or fortitude, not taking height for any training or preference he simply assumed based on what he had seen so far.
    A small... thing... came over with two... bottles? The mutant was familiar with these objects, he knew of droids but not normally liking technology due to the unknown factor and what it has done to his childhood friend, just not used to the soda aspect. The armor-man opened it and drank its contents, Argle was curious but could not care at the moment, he was hydrated enough.
    Just leaving the can on the droid Ralph kept explaining, a few details and explanation but no proper location, which was the only thing that Argle actually asked for. However, Ralph asked one thing that pissed off Argle more than he was already, if the mutant was ready for this or not.
    Ignoring the sounds outside due to the similar nature of their pitch and volume as the armor that Ralph was in at the moment, as well as to the man not reacting to said sounds it was logical that he had control over what this was.
    Staring back at the man, having to look down on the petty human there was a clear sound of annoyance, returning the piercing stare to the mechano-man.
    “I was ready when I entered your door” there was also a slight sound of smugness, it was true; he did enter through the door... the word through being the keyword.
    “Where is Marigold?” he asked for a final time.
  12. Ralph smirked back at Argle. “Alright alright... If you really wanna know, She’s been detained at a Korman Sky Fortress called Heiliana, guarded by Korma and Dogma’s best soldiers and state of the art Mechs. Hell, they even have some of my suits, but I think I can break through them depending on the firewall so they're not a big problem,” he shot a look of confidence at Robin, with her and Elise combined, Heiliana’s servers would be down before they could launch a strike with the Ragnums purchased from his company as well as possibly hinder the Mechs until their functionality shifts to a different server within Hobb’s city within Korma.

    If you two could stop showing off whose got the bigger balls, we’d best get going. The longer we delay our preemptive attack, the more Mari and Shen will be unreachable within Dogma airspace,” Elise tersely scolded them both before disappearing to within the mansion’s servers to begin her task of controlling the 24 fleets of Ragnums ready to follow their master’s orders.

    His face sealing behind his helmet once again, Ralph tapped Argle’s big arm before climbing down the stairs.

    You’re gonna have to hop on three of those suits,” He paused for a while before continuing, “Don’t you worry, we aren't stuffing you into three of them at once. Have Robin outfit you with an earpiece of sorts so we can keep in touch… You may yet prove useful in saving Mari and her friend,” he told the brute as he advanced downwards before turning his attention back to Argle. “I’m placing her life in your hands on this one, knowing how attached you seem to her, I have no doubts you’re not going to mess this up,” he said with finality before exiting the broken doors, splinters crunching under the metallic heels of his armour as he stood to face his legion of 240’s and 251’s hovering above the mansion before simply igniting his jet boots to ascend to the skies as 3 suits of the 240th line descended to await Argle. Upon touching the ground, Elise programmed each of the suits to fuse together and size shift into a mock set to form into a hovercraft ready to carry the mutant with Ralph towards the dreaded Sky Fortress.

    How are we gonna do this…?” Ralph asked Elise as the diagnostic map of Heiliana as well as detailed schematics stolen from their server thanks to Robin detailing the intricate structure of the fortress right down to the wirings as well as the primary core that was used to keep the fortress afloat when it was on flight. Reviewing them together while Elise uses her abilities to quickly study and process all of the Fortress’ strengths as well as weaknesses, Ralph was studying the perfect entry point while his suits, Argle as well as their own suits would provide a decent distraction while he does the impossible: ground the Fortress permanently.

    There are over three points of entry to the Flight core of the fortress, one that will cause a critical meltdown to the flight capabilities of the fortress as well as destroy their high calibre cannons are at the west front of the fortress. It is highly recommended you take out the core on the western block to end all hostilities within the fortress and have them focus on you while Argle frees Mari,” Elise explained as she completed her scans through the various documents procured. “Moreover, if we can go by the manifest before Mari had gone rogue, we found out Shenorai as well as their experimental prototype are at the East end of the fortress, at the laboratories built there, not to mention doubled security now they have Marigold,” Elise advised.

    Ralph sighed, he had been in wars before to aid most of the Tirnovan fleet but he had never gone up in arms against their rival countries. There’s always a first time for everything, maybe even the moment to start a civil war between humans in such a trying time didn’t seem so bad. To Ralph, Mari was his world, if she were to be lost forever he knew it would be the end.

    Right. Have Argle and ¾ of the fleet destroy the East block of the fortress, I and 10 of the suits will take down the western core, which keeps the fortress afloat. Once done, I will advance with full force, so have Robin steal all of the fortress’s suits and own all of them Elise, this will buy us time to evacuate Mari and Shen,” he said.

    Are we going in droves? Or is it an all out assault? They could be prepared for such an attack... Diving in while they're expecting you could mean an early grave for all of us,” Elise said warrily. He didn't like the idea of diving in without checking thoroughly as well but with little resources and lacking of an army that Tirnova's finest could provide, he was at a loss as well.

    Shit… I don’t have anymore spare copies of 240s or the latest,” Ralph said in dejection as he pondered what could distract the cannons to buy both Ralph and Argle enough time to crash into the hull of the west and eastern blocks.

    Not necessarily, we can use the back ups of the Model 230,” Elise suggested.

    Are you kidding me? That suit is my magnum opus!” Ralph shot a nervous look.

    You have got to be stupid if you’re not going to go all out, Ralph. We need all the drones we can get,” Elise countered. With a resigned look and time running short, he nodded for her to launch the 20 copied models of the Ragnum 230 to depart first to test the waters against Heiliana. His heart sank to see such wondrous copies of the 230 fly off to their doom, as he placed his pride and soul into the model. Fortunately he still remembered its build as well as the schematics to reconstruct but it would be another expensive investment.

    We’re ready for battle, Ralph,” Elise said as she directed the 230s against the Sky fortress. Loud roaring sounds of the suits in the distance can be heard, finally displaying a scene of 20 odd suits split from his party flying ahead into the distance.

    Get Argle to move his ass along or I’m heading out without him,” Ralph snapped before flying with his fleet of controlled 240’s and 251’s to follow the first fleet. The time was now.
  13. Child - "Brother", white

    Child walked through the busy base, ignoring the sideward glances of the other workers. Most would be justifiably curious of this small individual strutting around with more weapons than one can shake a stick at, but the smalll, but ever eye catching emblem of Section Alpha made even the most nosy people turn their head, whistle and purge what they saw from their head. Nothing good ever came from poking one's nose into the business or personnel of sertain sections. Section Alpha was one of them. People tend to...."disappear" when they do. It didn't take long for Child to reach the coordinates provided by Sieghilde. True to what she said, there was indeed another operative waiting for her. A male. From the looks of his clothing, He had to be the other operative. The only other person was a female in a business suit. Unfit for combat and she had the air of a beurocrat and desk worker about her.

    Oh! There she is! Ravager, meet your colleague from Section Alpha! Code named Nocturne! Nocturne, we are operatives from Section Sigma, hand to Prime Minister Hobbs himself and this is his top operative Code Named Ravager! Let’s get along, people!

    Operative codename: Ravager. Section Sigma. Dependability: High. Threat level: Priority One.

    Child then turned her head slightly toward the handler, looking at her face.

    Operative Handler: Lodema Arin. Section Sigma. Combat capability: Low to medium Threat: Minimal. Side note: noisy

    Aftter assessing both beings, Child determined that the only one worth taking note of was Ravager. Lodema may be his handler, but she has no executive power over her. Therefore, Child felt there was no real need to keep her in priority in her mind in regards to the mission. Her job, was to handle Ravager. Slowly and awkwardly, Ravager extended his hand. Child stared at it. Unsure of what to actually do with it before Sieghilde chirped in.

    Copy him and grasp his hand Child. Its a sign of courtesy amongst others

    Equally awkwardly, Child extended her own mechanical arms and lightly grasped Ravagers.

    This is the traitorous cyborg; former activist and Futurist Party member Marigold Redwood, daughter of politician Henry Redwood of Dogma. She was handpicked by the Prime Minister to be gifted with the monstrous power of The Geno Angel project, and aptly named Korma Weapon 050790, the first of her kind back then. She is currently undergoing servicing before being presented to Lord President Rose. We caught her launching a singular assault in Area 23 in an attempt to reach our next subject, which fortunately was averted thanks to our Prime Minister’s quick judgement

    Lodema was giving a quasi mission briefing/ tour guide for both Child and Ravager. Within the test tube, mechanical arms were working ceaselessly on her body. Something twinged in Child's mind as she looked on, and subconsciously, Child stepped up towards the tank and placed a hand on the glass. A strange feeling flickered around as Child continue to look at the now-listed Korma Weapon 050790 being worked on.

    Child. The other two are moving on. You don't want to be caught dallying about in a mission, do you?

    I am sorry Sieghilde.

    Don't be. Just catch up.

    From her control room, Sieghilde prioritised and isolated the twinge in mental activity that she detected and pulled out a copy of the data for later processing. Untangling this unknown reaction may yield up some interesting morsel of data. The next person was somewhat less interesting to Child. There was no additional, unknown mental spike. To Child, this being was just another one of these Arcanes that she has been tasked to hunt down over the years. There was no pity for the being, nor any hatred for her, as evident in Lodema's voice. Only... indifference. It was just business.

    “This… horrific abomination was a rebellious prisoner within the island facility and a subject of investigation by our Prime Minister. Allegedly, she could commune with the deceased and has the ability to manipulate spectral forms as well as carried a necklace of sorts to incite such other feats, the necklace is now under the care of research on the opposite labs near us. This particular prisoner has caught the ire of Minister Hobbs recently and was requested by Lord President Rose to be transported for further evaluation. Remember the name Shenorai Eterna, both of you, for this prisoner is cunning and dangerous if you let your guard down,
    Quickly, Child listed the being into her databank as Shenorai Etna, before moving onto the third being.

    “Unfortunately, we are denied access to this particular specimen as due to various contacts with the subject resulted in various incidents. This creature is one of the most dangerous specimens ever released from Korma, and it begs question to wonder why Lord President Rose is in need of it.

    Again, this being was merely listed as another arcane target that was dangerous. The fact that she was not allowed contact with the being made no diference.

    That concludes our insight on the three packages. Now as per precaution, Lord President Rose sought another individual for hire on the west bridge of the fortress; do not solicit yourselves with this individual as he and his horrific pet are merely on a separate payroll through the Lord President as means for insurance of our travel. Are we clear?

    A swift single nod was the only response she gave. Straightforward enough.

    “Adjourn yourself…This mission is ours to handle now,”
    For the first time, Child got a voice pattern for her database for Ravager. Like she guessed, he was rather young and when he removed his mask, Child manage to take a visual sample of his appearance. He had the eyes of a tempered agent. Through Child's eyes, Sieghilde could tell that this was a being much different from Child. This "Ravager" eyes were steeled, determined and held a certain quality to it. It wasnt soft like Child. That meant many things, but the most important one was the aggression and stability of him. Sieghilde's main priority was Child and as odd as it may sound for an artificial intelligence made from ones and zeroes, Sieghilde had an odd feeling about this Ravager.

  14. Upon hearing her task, Robin perked up from behind the counter, her curls bouncing all the way. She wasn't sure if her boss was out of his mind or if he was just getting all the allies he can get for this assault. A man literally breaks into his house and now, he's suddenly working for Ralph? This was all very confusing, but even Robin knew that this was all for Marigold's sake. Mari was Ralph's world, and Ralph, Mari's. When your world is at stake, you take no chances.

    Tucking the tack hammer back into its loop, Robin looked to the droid on her left. "Would you fetch me a size four comm-link, please?" she asked politely. It was a simple code she had installed on nearly all of the droids she worked on; mannerisms and following up a request with 'please' produced the fastest results. As predicted, the droid zipped off. Robin planted both hands on the counter and used it as support to help her stand up on her wheeled feet. Just as soon as she rolled out of the kitchen and was maneuvering around the smaller bots set to clean up the debris, the droid returned with the requested earpiece. "Thank you," she smiled as the comm-link was dropped into her hand.

    Robin already spotted a slight problem here. This... arcane? Mutant? Whatever he was, his hands would be far too massive for handling something as delicate as the earpiece. Instead of simply giving it to him, she cautiously approached Argle's left side, holding the earpiece up. "This will show us what you see and hear while you're in the fortress," Robin explained, pointing at the tiny camera lens and the microphone that slightly jutted out. "You will also be able to hear the Boss - I mean, Ralph, Elise, and myself." Since Ralph had already gone on ahead, Robin held the comm-link to her ear, as though to demonstrate. "Boss, I'll be transmitting from The Nest after I'm done here. It'll be safer there than here once things heat up."

    After a moment of listening, she held the earpiece out before her again. "May I?" she asked, already motioning to slip the comm-link on Argle's ear for him.
  15. Argle Wargle, purple
    Argle nodded to the explanation Ralph gave him, it would seem he was going to piggyback on some of these suits, which was fine for Argle, as long as he got there and got Mari out he didn’t care what he had to do to arrive. The cold air in the speeds these things could most likely move was no problem for the mutant, having lived outside in all sorts of weather has hardened him if his mutated endurance weren’t enough.
    Ralph talked to someone else and after a few short minutes a young girl came out from somewhere over there, He had not noticed her before now, odds were she was hiding or his focus was elsewhere. Explaining how it worked and some details about it she almost looked like she planned to put it on him herself, something that Argle really didn’t care for.
    From underneath his cloak a normal, though very strongly built arm extended, nothing odd about this save for it’s clear muscled build, he took the headset from the woman and used both his normal arms to fasten the headset as it should, it took some fiddling but he was able to fasten it properly. The camera even had an extending, slightly bendy arm, this allowed him to bend it outside the metal face-plate so that it would actually film something besides the darkness between his face and the metal. Ralph had already gone and got ready for the assault, Argle got the things he needed to know from the briefing, he was going in somewhere other than Ralph was, do what he needed to do but in the end Argle was the one that were to go after Marigold, something he really liked the sound of. Anticipation, adrenaline and the feeling of unknown actually being the piggyback-ee for once and not the one carrying, he did this with Mari a lot in her younger years.

    Exiting the building he found three of the suits having mounted themselves together in a sort of triangle leaning forward, actually made it very easy for Argle to climb on this and just as easy for him to hold himself in place and not fall off. Though very few knew this besides his creator a parachute was not a thing for Argle, he could survive air-drops on several hundred meters without need for anything to brace, reaching terminal velocity before landing was not a problem, it would hurt like a motherfucker but no damage would actually come to him.

    Climbing onto the robot-suit-triad he was ready, he knew what little he needed to know and if these headset things worked as the woman stated there should be no problems with questions.
    “I am ready” Argle stated to no one in particular, clearly talking to the headset and those connected to it’s transmission. Ralph would have to take care of the flightpath of these things, as that was something Argle could not, no matter how much you relied on it.
  16. Ralph nodded as the programmed the triple fused suits carrying his trump card higher to the skies. With the coordinates planted, he directed almost all of his fleet to fly with Argle while he ordered 10 to escort him, looking at details pointed out by Elise prior to the weakness of the fortress’ seemingly invincible flight, he had to hold his breath for the worst. He needed to disable all their automated artilieries, this gave them 10 minutes before the backup generators starts running but he hoped he can disable them permanently so they can escape without heavy reprisal.

    Standing By,” Ralph said as all suits flared up with the first 30 decoys to be sent as a distraction. With a hand wave, all suits sped ahead.

    Hold on tight,” he told Argle via codec as he ignited his suit to travel at the same velocity. All suits flew off from the mansion at high speeds, intending to intercept Heiliana before they deliver their precious cargo to the other evil waiting at the walls of Dogma.


    Alright Argle, as per what we talked about, you and Ralph’s other suits are going to make the charge against the fortress’ east side to the labs, we’ll be guiding you step by step. This time as well, we can be certain that there’s a large hostile force awaiting you so you need to be quick in breaking Marigold as well as Shenorai out of there,” Elise instructed Argle mid-flight.

    She’s right, this time around I’m going alone to the west bridge of the fortress to break their defenses to ensure our escape. We might be able to ground them permanently too,” Ralph told the mutant. If he was correct, the core’s stability with shake the fortress’ foundation and bring it down at a low altitude, and if he can find their main hub where they power the fortress’ many guns he might yet be able to save some of his suits.

    One way or another, we’re gonna break the peace as of this day…” Ralph said with a resigned voice.


    The control station of Heiliana picked up a series of odd signatures coming from due south from Tirnova, signatures matched those of a standardized Ragnum suit although they are unable to verify which faction they belonged to. Attempts to hail them ended in failure, and as the dawn’s light approached from the east, they could see a large party of suits congregating unto the fortress. After the third hailing had failed to catch their ominous approach, the fortress had now gone into high alert.

    Large blasts of cannons and artilleries began to rain upon the sky as Elise began to meticulously calculate the speed of overwhelming amount of suits so as they can escape the brush of death, particularly the three suits holding together their mutant tank. Ralph had no issues as he returned fire with a hail of smart rockets from each of his fleet’s shoulder pads that battered the cannons raining large amounts of ammunition against them. The battle of the Korma skies commenced with a brilliant theater of Faiz, Argle and their suits against the might of Korma’s sky fortress Heiliana where the skies bathed in red. Ralph dodged every shot of bullets raining from the fortress and shot a series of lasers against the rail guns firing at them, his copies returned fire as well and managed to destroy a large set of guns from the upper deck.

    With their defences down to a minimum, Ralph and Elise programmed the suits to cause further random and erratic chaos around the fortress to hide their motives.

    We got them where we want em! Argle take the fleet to the east and burrow in, the west bridge is mine! I'm leaving Mari's life in your hands! Now get going!” Ralph ordered the mutant as the suits began to carry him towards the laboratory of the east bridge. With his mind set on grounding and disabling Heiliana at hand, he set to the task of ripping through sheets of steel to gain access within while his suits caused chaos all around their sky front.

    Arriving at the hull of the western bridge, Ralph and 4 of his suits charged their finger tipped lasers to begin cutting through to the bridge’s main hull below where the core keeping the fortress afloat as well as its defenses where being held. A smirk crept up his face, this was almost too easy for him and the group. He had hope Argle’s strength was more than enough to rip through this thick steel, else if the suits keeping him on the air were enough to rip right through for the rescue. After a brief minute, the sheet of steel caved in and melted, finally allow access to the lower hulls. Ralph floated into the hole and took a deep breath.

    Here goes nothing…” Ralph said as he scanned the lower decks for the core. The battle outside continued to rage on as suits controlled by Elise systematically began to slowly disable their oppressor’s weapons by melting them with laser technology or directly hurling missiles at the cannons. So far, from Ralph’s stats, 4 of his suits that were in the first batch had now been destroyed. Despite the lack of an army and preparation time, he was already giving Heiliana’s basic defenses a run for their money.
  17. Xotiff & Kyvvy, gray
    OOC: I have permission by Iron Man to get his character and his suits into this room as well as to do this with them!
    Xotiff was bored, he was really, really not one to sit like this and wait for the action to come to him, but to his delight it was happening now!
    The smell of super-heated metal had a distinctive tint to it, and the sizzling sound from down a hallway only confirmed his suspicion, clever girl; using the other attack as a distraction to go this way, she was right on the money. At least his employer this time was rather smart with his services.

    Getting off his makeshift chair, the table was left in the middle of the room, looking suspicious as fuck as Xotiff activated his belt and made sure the control-device was fastened to the bottom of his skull, where the neck starts. Unholstering his guns a few quick but precise shots took out all light in the quite large room. Light faded from the sizeable support columns and the stone floor was now only ever so slightly lit from the molten steel that made up the obstruction between the spiders’ web that was Xotiff’s domain this day. Though light was never a problem for Xotiff, Kyvvy had a more reliant nature on it even though she required much less of it than most other creatures, she created her own light when she needed it and for now took up a hiding place behind a column nearby the entry point of the intruders.
    WIth the bent active and connected to the receptors of Xotiff’s mind the mercenairy holstered his guns as he walked towards a pillar opposite of Kyvvy, putting a foot on it he started walking upwards towards the ceiling with no effort at all, his hair and cape acting like gravity now worked towards the side rather than down. Stopping as he got to about 10 meters he had enough height, now he just had to wait for them to enter.
    He was mentally drooling, his orders were simple; kill them. Oh this day was going to be awesome!

    It took a short while before the invaders managed to get through. They didn't plan to stop and seemed more like this was just a random room to them. Oh how wrong they were.
    With his unique vision Xotiff could see all detail, a second focus realized that not all of the mechanical suits were piloted. Odds were that at least one of them had a controller, or leader at least, who would be the main target. Xotiff had to take out the automated ones first, after all he could not have a drone stop the fight between him and this master intruder!

    Like a pre-rehearsed move Kyvvy did what they had done many times before, she attacked.
    In the darkness, complete silence save for moving mechanics barely echoing in the empty room. A fire grew from nothing as the Fire-fox’s tails ignited from a non-luminescent red-orange fur into their full form of three raging fire-tails, she had already inhaled during this process and as she exhaled a powerful flame engulfed the closest automated suit in red, orange and white hot flames. Taking only a few seconds the components controlling the suit could not withstand the heat and overheating of critical components, in addition to physically melting some parts of the exterior’s joints, took out the suit nearest to her. Before they could react the fires were extinguished and she darted off to a new hiding place.

    As soon as she moved away from her flash-fire-entry Xotiff redirected gravity downwards, pulsing upwards a mere two feet above the floor before redirecting it back down, this made his landing virtually soundless, drawing his sword and activating it at the same time a vague hum in addition to dim-glowing edges activated the energy-blade of his sword. Getting up from his crouched position he lifted the suit’s arm up slightly and thrust the energy-infused blade into the mechanical contraption via the armpit, a known weak-point he had used in the past before. Letting out a single dissatisfied ‘tk’ sound he withdrew his blade as he deactivated the energy, again returning to the darkness of his preferred domain. Looking like a ghost with a vengeance the sporadic sparks from the ruined electronics within the electronical suit was all that illuminated the assassin as he disappeared behind a support pillar, running upwards on the side of it, on the ‘behind side’ from his victims to further the confusion about his location.
    Two down, two to go, then the master!

    Argle Wargle, purple
    Had Ralph not given the word to hang on, Argle might have fallen off, even though the suit-trio did take off rather calmly it was the sudden movement which was not his own that threw him off.
    Taking to the skies Ralph wasted no time and got them to the location in as short time as possible, had it not been for the metal plate before Argle’s face creating a shield for the wind he might have had problems breathing in the winds such high speed created. Liking the idea of flying he knew this was only a temporary thing as a means to a greater goal.
    The light-woman stated that Marigold was in a laboratory in this floating fortress, as was this Shenorai... He had not asked who that was nor what she looked like, this other person was an added thing he would take care of if he stumbled upon her, not going out of his way to save her if it meant compromising Marigold.

    Being given the final order of attack the mechanical suits carried him to a steel wall which was apparently their way of entry. Ralph and someone he spoke to was taking care of the weapons on this fortress and making sure the living fighters weren’t hurt, a good thing as the offensive powers this place had was incredible.
    Some of the suits had started using lasers from their fingertips to burn through the wall, making a type makeshift door-less opening, as Argle’s transportation arrived he didn’t bother waiting for the other suits to get through the wall completely. Jumping off his flying transport he used the forwards momentum of them added to his own weight and punched both his demon-arms into the molten metal of the steel wall. It burned, not enough to break the skin or cause damage but it hurt quite a lot. Several thousand degree metal will make you feel it regardless of who you were, though this didn’t hinder him at all, it just fueled his rage.
    With a war-cry that would literally shake your innards he tore open a large chunk of the metal, mixture of molten steel and broken fragments was taken by the wind and gravity raining it down to whatever was below.
    Entering through this newly created door he found a set of guards, or so it seemed, no mechanical suits and only small weapons.
    Argle grinned behind his metal mask as they started opening fire, his large palms and arms covering everything he needed covering of his body gave him all the bullet-resistance he needed, nothing they had could penetrate his skin and the few straggling bullets that made it through only barely grazed him, something that would heal in minutes.
    Running towards the men with the fury of a thousand exploding suns his scream continued as he fought like a controlled berserker. His strength and power allowed him to do incredible feats of power. A single punch from his mutant arms would shatter your whole torso, making your chest be classified as a skin-pouch with gore and bone fragments within. Back-handing people with the same force of a speeding car either tore off limbs or send them flying into support-pillars hard enough to crack non-metal material. He threw some of them outside, more by chance than anything and one was thrown with such force that he exploded like a water-balloon of blood, gore and entrails on one of Ralph’s automated suits entering through the opened hole.
    The last man standing, walking backwards in fear as the gore-drenched demon walked towards him. As a last resort he tried throwing his weapon at Argle, it merely bounced off his bulky flesh as the mutant widened his stance and brought both his huge palms together in a powerful clap onto the man, the force and shock of this liquified the guard’s whole upper torso into a mist that was spread in a vertical nova, staining everything it hit within a 10 meter radius. All that was left of him was his waist-down which fell to the side twitching.
    “Laboratory...” Argle muttered to himself as he looked around for anything signaling where to go.
    To his luck he did find guidance, there were colored lines along the floor leading to various parts of the fortress, a deep blue one read ‘Laboratory’ and had several small white arrows within the line to signal which way to go.
    Leaving the massacre behind him he had one single goal at this time; Get Marigold out. And if there were such a thing as a God, may he have mercy on anyone trying to stop him.
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  18. Elise had already lost two suits to the unidentified assailants, with the suit’s weak points and wirings severed that hastily and even melted, she resigned back to the remaining two as she ordered another pack to peel off from the outer regions while commencing a server breach to hack the suits within the fortress via their server. With a sufficient amount of time, all operational suits within the Sky fortress Heiliana will fall into their hands. Hastily she cut off sound communications from Ralph’s suit to secretly break word with him.

    Ralph, Robin and I will commence breaching the fortress’ firewall, we’re going to lose a lot before we can even save Mari and Shen if we don’t hijack the suits here,” she advised.

    Is Argle already rampaging?” he asked her as he shot a laser at the room to repel any more attacks while the other suits automatically fired theirs from the finger tips of each hand.

    Yes, he has already destroyed the hulls of the east bridge and making his way to where Mari and Shen are kept. Although we have yet to do our part,” Elise said.

    Have Robin breach Heiliana in 5 minutes and steal all its suits or she’s not getting a bonus this month,” Ralph snarked as his suits lit the room up, rendering the darkness within it null.

    He controlled one of the suits to launch another set of rockets to the ceiling to breach it and give him light, while he stood back to back with the free suit Elise controlled and pointed all his fingers at every direction, each tip loaded with 1% piercing power to cause dents to the pillars around the hall and a productive means of conserving power for each of his suits while his free suit breached the ceiling’s hull in tandem with Elise’s back up suits melting the outer hull with lasers. Soon, the strengths of each pillar in the room had decreased in their sturdiness, making it an easy means of puncturing through that concrete should any sign of attack happen.

    Using the distraction as a means to buy time, Ralph quickly downloaded the schematics of the fortress unto his helmet, scanning the place where he is trapped with his assailant(s) as he could not account for how many are hiding at that moment, with the suits illuminating the room, it brought a decent advantage for him without his opponent risking an attack that would be a critical blow via his suit’s rockets. Explosions and noises erupted at the ceiling as his free suit continued its work in breaching the near impossible steel hull of the fortress while he and the last suit stayed alert for any attack.

    He continued to focus fire at the pillars and walls, for sure his attacker was a shadow manipulator if he could easily take out 240’s like that with precision. With his impatience and desperation to ground the fortress and save Mari increasing, he left his free suits to zoom through the room to scan the place for the attacker, each millisecond Elise uploaded a live scan unto his helmet to check for movement via holographic detectors within his current suit. Nothing. No movement.

    With a frustrated cry Ralph punched a pillar next to him with the suit’s enhanced strength; cracks erupted from the sturdy construct as he launched another. Within minutes this room will be crawling with suits from the ceiling, each with a preprogramed task of breaking all of the large room’s 16 pillars.

    With a complete scan done by Elise he saw movement from the Pillar nearest to where the last two suits were working on, it appeared his intuition had failed him this time. With a growl, Ralph pierced the pillar infront of him with a straight punch as it crumbled from bottom to top, with its cement falling down harmlessly against his suit and dust scattered at the hall he walked calmly to the position of the dot indicated by his holographic detection tech within the helmet. He pointed at the seemingly dark room at where the dot was, confident he had caught the elusive target.

    Two minutes, Two minutes until this room is crawling with suits and your little hide and seek game ends. Heaven or Hell, Let’s rock!” Ralph said, boiling in excitement as he called his foe out and darted straight for him, his suit’s flight tech aiming straight for it. At least he can butt heads with this attacker until he can move on to the West bridge’s core. It was fitting the attacker chose such a room, for the scanners picked up that this room was the masquerade ballroom: Heiliana’s formal place of gatherings no doubt, however the windows showing the scenery outside have been bolted shut. Ironically, such a socially built place proved to be a perfect battleground between him and his unknown assailant.


    At the Red Room, the area where a high red alert situation involving Korma and Dogma’s boundaries are compromised, sat all of the cabinet along with members of the VSC in tandem through Korma’s network. Alfred Hobbs unfortunately was not present through the VSC but Karen Rose; Lord President of Dogma has just arrived and made her presence apparent with her representative arriving to greet her.

    I’m sorry for being late, dear Elisabeth,” Karen said with a dreamy voice as she appeared in her finest clothing, all the people present within the room gave her the salute and welcomed her before returning to their post to monitor the fortress situation with their colleagues in Korma and within Heiliana. “Has the minister made his presence known?” she asked her aide. Looking around, she gave a smile and bowed to others who were facing the fortress situation at that current time.

    “Unfortunately no, ma’am. Minister Hobbs is rendered unavailable due to settling matters abroad and has left all authority to the VSC and yourself,” Elisabeth responded while uploading a report for Karen to read.

    Hmm…Dearest Hobbs, always so busy dreading the future and fighting against it but still cannot yet fathom the beauty of enjoying the present. Very well, how has the fortress situation gone so far?” she asked her aide as she sat herself at the Red Chair, where the leading figure of Dogma sat in times of a high alert situation such as this.

    “Currently we are under attack by an unknown force; we have yet to identify who or what faction do these Ragnum suits belong to and we have reports of a large wild monster running amok within the East bridge leading to the laboratories but still no report if the West bridge has been attacked. These suits could belong to anyone within the world, Faiz Industries, Haven Artilleries and even the Tirnovan Military themselves. Only they have the stomach to attack our prized weapon and incite a civil war,” Elisabeth advised her leader.

    Hmm… I have doubts on them all being primary suspects without concrete evidence, for all we know they are mere sympathizers to my beautiful toys. No matter, I have already made preparations for such a dire and unsightly situation, even if an ugly beast is involved. I’ve already spoken to Minister Hobbs with setting up two of Korma’s finest cleaners as well as hiring the approval of a freelance agent to deal with them should they target our fortress’s weak points or make way to the laboratories. We will receive a positive report within the hour and this will all be but a bitter memory,” Karen assured her aide and caressed her hair. The aide merely smiled uncomfortably and nodded.

    “Understood ma’am, we shall nevertheless keep updates on the fortress situation. More importantly your guest has arrived, and has been inquisitive for some time now. What should we do with her?” she asked Karen.

    Oh? We shouldn’t grieve her then; Saevitia is still a place we have yet to make peace with. Bring her over and let us enjoy this show together,” Karen smiled back.

    “Right away, ma’am,” Elisabeth said before leaving the room to summon Rosetta, their guest, in order to make an appearance in the Red Room. This was a first time a foreigner, let alone an Arcane, was allowed to appear in a human-only designated room under orders of the Lord President. Today was a first for many things, as the balance of Vicronica continued to erratically crumble, Lord President Karen merely enjoyed herself as the concept of it amused her.
  19. Xotiff & Kyvvy, gray
    His opponent this time proved to be much more resourceful and all around smarter than most of Xotiff’s victims, he actually blasted a hole in the ceiling to get light. At least there were no stopping the usage of destructive powers by him. Not that this was a problem for Xotiff, by no means, the problem was the missiles shaking the room up, followed by powerful beams hitting most, if not all, of the pillars. The fact that they didn’t fall immediately made Xotiff think that he was either weakening them or his tech malfunctioned, based on what he had seen so far odds were on the former.
    Xotiff had to move about to not be instantly targeted by the automatic suits, that would be a bad thing if there ever were a bad thing to have happen to you. Kyvvy was faster than them, luckily, which meant she was able to keep hidden and out of range, escaping into a neighbouring room via a large crack formed from the powerful vibrations following the rocket explosions she managed elude them for now. Xotiff was pillar-hopping, so to speak, running from pillar to pillar via the ceiling or using the gravity shift and jumping was all that he could do to avoid detection and being hit by the beams.
    Xotiff was fast, incredibly so in fact, but he could not dodge most projectile shots or especially lasers, however his special vision meant that he could see everything pointed at him at the same time, adding a good intuition he often managed to get out of the way before things were shot at him. Though this was not truly dodging bullets, it still looked like that to his enemies; something he was very proud of.

    Two minutes? The bot-master shouted something, two minutes till this room was crawling with suits. That was far from a good thing, he could take out a few at a time but the collective fire and speed of several suits was too much, even for Xotiff.
    However, two minutes was all he needed! He could do this, a direct fight. If that failed he always had a surprise up his sleeve, or hanging on his belt on his back to be specific.
    His opponent was indeed crafty, he seemed to have figured out where Xotiff was hidden, and not only that but his location vertically as he was flying straight at him, with the correct trajectory and all.

    Well, he had two minutes to take out this man, give or take, so why not have fun at the same time?!
    Rounding the pillar, Xotiff was now on the side that the manned suit was heading towards. Drawing his sword in the same movement as rounding the pillar he jumped towards the incoming assault, changing his gravity to the other side of his opponent gave him the speed and momentum he needed. Using the gravity shift and his sword he deflected or dodged incoming attacks as he delivered a horizontal slash aimed at his abdomen area was attempted but as Xotiff landed on a pillar on the other side of his jump-path he didn’t feel like he hit anything. Either the pilot dodged or a miscalculation was done.
    “If we only have two minutes, I say we give the room the dance it longs for!”
    Walking down the pillar, stopping on the ground he assumed the man had enough faith in his own abilities that he would not send the other bots after the now not so hidden assassin. Should he send his toys after Xotiff then they would get a fiery surprise from his assistant.
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