Anyone play any MMOs?

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  1. How many do you play?

    So far I've gone through:

    Aura Kingdom
    Eden Eternal
    Wizard101 (don't judge, it was a pretty good game when I was nine)

    And a TON of browser based games. Recently I've joined Lucent Heart too~

    Do you usually play Solo or in a Party/Guild?

    Solo since no one I know plays anything -_-

    So basically the purpose of this thread is for gamers to get together and plan group quests together or just brag about how many special in-game items you managed to milk out of that level 93 boss.
  2. I love MMOs, but I rarely stick around long enough with them. My internet connection is also really slow (~400kb/s download speed) so downloads usually take ages which turn me off from playing MMOs. The idea of browser-based MMOs is more appealing to me. I'd love to play a group browser-based MMO with some of you guys!

    I still occasionally touch RuneScape here and there.
  3. Same here! I just got done downloading Lucent Heart and the overall download time was 6 hours and 4 minutes -_- Any browser games you prefer then? 90% chance I've come across it if has any 'anime' elements in it :p
  4. I'm not playing any browser games at the moment, but if you can name a few I'll gladly check them out. Just taken a look at Lucent Heart and it does look pretty cool! I'm into hack and slash MMOs.
  5. I did SW:TOR(Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Everquest 2 for a while.
  6. So more of a Dragon Nest type of player? Live battle control in MMOs are amazing but other than Elsword I haven't gotten a chance to really download anything else.

    The ones that I've played (and I can remember right now ^^"):

    Crystal Saga
    Fusionfall (I think this one was shut down though but it was really good while it lasted)

    I've heard of Dragon Pals though but I haven't played it yet, seems cool though.

    Oh and how are you with strategy games?

    Because Grepolis is another great browser game.
  7. Oh cool I've heard of Everquest. Which Race did you play? (or mainly play)
  8. I've only ever heard of Elsword and Crystal Saga from that list. As with strategy games, I don't mind them!
  9. I used to play Guild Wars a lot. I gave Guild Wars 2 a fair chance, but it didn't stick.
  10. Elsword is an amazing MMO if you really like real time combat. I get way too into combining combos when I play that one though ^^;

    I've heard of that game but haven't had the chance to play it. Care to share what you know?
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  11. Well, the first Guild Wars game is a bit different from your typical World of Warcraft styled MMO in that you have a party of heroes with you at all times in contrast to being alone. Your party can consist of A.I. or real people. You only have access to eight skills at any given time, but you have hundreds to choose from and you can freely combine classes. So, it's a bit of a synergy strategy in terms of how you approach a mission or 'farm' an area. The game has three expansions, but the core game story is quite extensive. You can try it for free.

    In the second game, Guild Wars 2, the influences of NCsoft is quite prevalent in that it feels a lot like your average Korean/Asian MMO game, which isn't bad in itself, but what captivated me and a lot of other people was the mechanics and style of the first game. There is none of that in the second game, which is a shame. However, I'd argue that Guild Wars 2 is more aesthetically appealing, but it's also a more recent production.
  12. I play Defiance for PS3. It is an awesome third person shooter. The story missions are well thought out, the in game physics are at par, and the gameplay is absolutely amazing. Check out videos for it on youtube and you might wanna give it a try. It is free to play. Didn't used to be though.
  13. I played RuneScape for a good long while when I was, like, 12, mostly because my bother was into it for one reason or another. It was basically a just time killer that was only ever slightly fun and in the end got really boring and repetitive. I was doing everything on my own and I never bothered to talk to other players, which kinda ruins the point of playing an MMO in the first place.

    I lack proper social skills and I generally just don't like talking to other people that often, so I guess I'm not really that well suited to play an MMO.

    Plus, I was twelve, so whenever I did talk to the other players I did stupid childish things like pretending to be slightly older so that I could get a, quote, "girlfriend" that was at least 4 years older than me. Though in hindsight they were probably, actually a 40 year old pedophile. Good thing I developed this nifty little thing called common sense shortly thereafter and quickly stopped what I was doing.
  14. Just one question. How old are you now? Just curious.
  15. Not sure why you need to ask since it's visible on my profile, but I'm 18, soo that whole RuneScape phase happened about 6 years ago.
  16. Oh. Sorry. I just woke up an hour ago and I am still not quite awake. X_X
  17. Hah, I used to play a little Elsword. NW is my favourite because she's a trapping character, not to mention very versatile. I also liked GM with her crazy armour, mobility and good power. I also really liked SD, bitch be flying all over the place. Oh and then the secret arts; if you could initiate she was a combo goddess. I also got a CBS to third, but she has so many mana issues she's just no fun to play. I was working on levelling a VC, who was a lot of fun before he'd inevitably kill himself.

    Other MMO's I've played include Dragon's Nest, TERA and Maplestory. I've dabbled in a couple others, but not that much. Right now I'm not playing anything, but I don't really go hardcore anymore anyway because if it feels like a job I'd better get paid for it. Whether I did solo or guilds depended a lot on the community and people I'd meet. Guilds can make things a lot more fun, but it's hard finding a good one, unless you want to make the game your second job, ofc. Then just join a good raiding guild.
  18. Star Wars: The Old Republic is really the only mumorperger that I've managed to get into, and that's largely because one of my mates is a big-time clanfag in it.

    Yes, ToR. No, it's not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. No, it's not pay to win. Yes, it's actually a pretty good time; at least the storylines are well written, fully-voiced and give you solid reasons for the usual "go to X, do Y, then go to Z" MMO structure. Plus, the classes are all great fun and act as excellent archetypes for that one Star Wars character you like. Wanna be Han Solo? They got you covered? Badass Sith Lord? It's there. Boba Fett fanboy? Enjoy jetpacks and firing rockets at people.
  19. I played RuneScape over a decade ago, back in high school, and it stuck for a couple years. I started playing when it was this really clunky and shitty 2D sprite game, and I quit a while after it became a clunky, shitty 3D voxel game. I won't lie; it was a great way to bond with classmates and I have some great memories, but fuck the grind. When you reach a point that you're using arithmetic to calculate how many coal ore piles and mithril ore piles you need to mine to reach a level you can start smithing armour that's way below what you need, you aren't playing a game anymore.

    Other than that I return to Guild Wars 2, which I enjoy greatly but I end up playing alone because MMOs don't have staying power with me. I wouldn't mind running around doing quests with people, but nothing sticks.
  20. I played FFXI for nearly ten years, but eventually gave it up when FFXIV came out and stole away half the population. I thought about given 14 a shot after they revamped the game, but decided not to. I also play WoW from time to time, and gave Aeion a shot, but other than that nothing I can really commit to since FFXI.
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