INTEREST CHECK Anyone need a partner, because I do.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Luna, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Yeah. I need a partner because I'm overly bored with people taking days to reply to a thread, so if anyone is in need I'm here. I'll just list a few things I'm interested in and things I don't really like:

    I like:
    Romance is okay, but it's not required.
    Post apocalyptic is fine.
    Regular high school-ish ideas.

    Don't really like:
    overly mature things that I have to right like sex or whatever. I just feel overly uncomfortable.
    Violence is okay, but not too much gore.
    i don't exactly like Horror ideas.

    If you have ideas feel free to ask, I'm a very open minded person. Thanks.
  2. I could try. I like most of what you listed. When you mean steam punk though? Like....all around world or just how the people dress and such?

  3. I like the romance and moder and the highschool ish stuff
  4. I would love to RP~ Most of the stuff On there I'm willing to RP. I like to write romances...and I like modern. But like I said...If you have any Idea's...I'm open to them. I have some RPing experience under my belt from Rping in pervious places~
  5. Well, that's fine for everyone who is willing to RP. But just a quick fact, I prefer playing female characters since I'm absolutely inept in playing male characters. As for the relationships, I'm strictly a M/F type. I'm not against anything otherwise, I'm just not one to write about it unless I absolutely have to. If you guys want to shoot me some stories, feel free to PM me.