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Any Robert E. Howard fans out there?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Seiji, May 5, 2011.

  1. You're a fan? Well then, check this shit out...!!

  2. I saw it... and agreed with the trailer guy...

    Why oh Why?

    Edit: Additionally this has more then the trailer I saw... looks like the video game from a few years back. You sure they didn't get Uwe Bol to direct it?
  3. While it does look epic, I only wanna see it for the sexy, shirtless barbarian that is Momoa.

    No one can replace the awesome that is Arnold Schwarzenegger, though. c__c
  4. Couldn't they at least try to capture a little of the Nietzschean atmosphere of the... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. *breaks down and lies quietly on the floor, a defeated fanboy made comatose by his own cyclical complaints*
  5. Could be epic'er...

    and less... Oh, I don't know... Not Ahnuld.
  6. You must have faith, Asmo!

  7. I only have faith if Christopher Nolan is involved.

    Or Ridley Scott on a good day.

    Everything else is custom-built to desecrate my youth.
  8. BRB killing self and everybody around me in a fiery blaze of fanboy anguish.
  9. Who and what?
  10. Fuck this 300-esque bullshit. You know the only Conan is AHNOLD! He tosses heads down stairs! He hears the lamentations of your women!
  11. And he achieves one hit kills on camels
  12. EDIT: There are few enemies crushed! They are not being driven before me! I hear no lamentations in that trailer!

    Also, I just recently found out that the Howard-Conanverse is actually a peripheral part of Lovecraft's Cthulu mythos, since Howard and Lovecraft were buddies or something. Who knew?!
  13. o_O

    That... kinda makes sense...
  14. No it doesn't. o_o
  15. Yes it does. Alien-esque snake people.
  16. The Worms of the Earth
    Pelias' winged monster
    Set (who was possibly a Great Old One, according to Marvel)

    Lovecraft was known to encourage his friends to share concepts all the damn time.
  17. Yeah Tegan.

    It's obvious.

    Man is all alone in a pantheon of brutal and uncaring gods.
  18. Which is why this trailer needs to be redone to give hope to humanity.


    ...Also, fuck falcons.
  19. Your theories are astounding.

    Go on.
  20. My theory is that the trailer at least makes the remake look like A TIME UNDREAMED OF, A TIME OF HIIIIIIIIIIGH ADVENTUUUUUUUUURE.