Any interest in a magical girl or witch group RP?

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Witches or magical girls?

  1. Witches.

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  2. Magical girls.

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  3. Neither.

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  4. Both, as two separate RPs.

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  5. Both rolled into one somehow.

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  6. I don't know, but cake is delicious.

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  1. Note: this thread is done. A plotting thread has been created instead. Please check here. :)

    I'm into the idea of either a magical girl or witch RP right now! Plots are vague rather than set in stone. I'm just checking to see who's on board before I go for it.

    These are (currently) two separate potential RPs. It's possible they could be combined (Sasami Magical Girls Club, anyone?), but I'm not sure what I'd do with 'em.

    Magical Girls:

    Setting: Modern America, probably an invented city in a vague location so we can have everything we want in it without worrying about actual places.

    Story: Magical girls (and other genders if desired) have appeared recently in response to some evil or a task that only they can complete. Real creative, right? :P There are a lot of directions we could go with this. Here are a few very basic ideas, which can be picked among or mixed and matched, and any other suggestions are welcome as well.

    • A magical being needs their help to collect a bunch of items, but doing that takes a lot of work and magic (a la Cardcaptor Sakura or Houkago no Pleiades).
    • Good old "monsters are appearing (or people being turned into them) and attacking the city." We'd want to expand on this a bit and give it a context, but as a basic mode of play, it works.
    • The magical girls are noticing anomalies in their world. Little things are suddenly not the way anybody remembers, and then bigger things, yet the rest of the world acts as if nothing has changed. It turns out that something magic is at fault and has to be fixed.
    • The magical girls are regaining bits and pieces of memories from past lives or other worlds, but they don't know if these are their own memories, someone reaching out to them, or a side effect of magic. Not a whole plot by itself, more of a possible detail.
    • A being from another realm has come to Earth, fleeing those who want to stop or kill them. But the being has an important mission, and they need the magical girls to help and protect them.

    Tone: I'm not looking to go too dark with this. I like Madoka, but it seems like dark n' edgy magical girl is getting done to death in its wake, often not very well. I'm a little burnt out. >w>;; There would definitely be conflicts, everything need not be sunshine and rainbows, and you could explore emotionally intense themes with your characters if desired. However, being a magical girl wouldn't innately ruin your character's life, and hope/love/friendship/all that good stuff wouldn't be futile.


    Setting: Frilly dresses, pointy hats, studying away in towers or wandering through dark forests -- an anime-esque picture of witches, creepily cute and elegant. I like the idea of a "witch world" full of nothing but witches (or at least mainly). I don't know if the entire game would take place in the witch world or if it would interact with another, more mundane dimension.

    Story: Again, there are a lot of places we could go with this. This is just a few ideas. Once again, any of them, or any combination, would work, and I'm open to other possibilities. They'd all need fleshed out.

    • There could be a magic surge causing spells or creatures to go berserk.
    • An area that was previously safe could have been soaked with unpredictable magic or covered in a dark spell that makes it very dangerous.
    • Someone important in the witch world could have gone missing under mysterious circumstances, and it's vital that they be found.
    • Similar to the magical girl idea above, things could be changing in strange ways (though maybe everybody realizes it rather than just a few people since everyone is magic?) and a problem has to be solved before things can return to normal.
    • Someone who doesn't belong in the witch world has appeared, maybe even someone without magic (or with a different kind of magic). Can they be trusted? Could they make things better, or are they trouble themselves? If some witches choose to trust and help them, what will happen if other witches decide they don't?

    Tone: It doesn't have to be, but this could go a bit dark (within the non-adult realm since this is intended for the regular forums), maybe more than the magical girl game would. Again, I'm not planning for anything soul-crushingly so. :P But hey, some witches might be less scrupulous than others. If people like that idea, we could possibly work with it.

    In either case:

    There will be a focus on quality rather than quantity. Creativity and plot movement is encouraged over just writing a lot. It also won't be a rapid-fire RP. If people could post once a week that'd be nice! More, of course, would be lovely, but I always understand if people get busy. I work a lot, so I can't promise more from myself. The only thing I ask is that you don't leave us hanging. Try to let us know if you'll be gone for a while and move your character off to the side so the show can go on.

    The game will not contain sex of any sort. Mild suggestive themes and fading to black might be okay, but nothing that breaks rules. It has to stay PG-13 as this is intended to be an RP that anyone can join. Violence can happen, but again, within regular forum rules.
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  2. Marking interest here.
  3. Totally interested~ I love both ideas~ I personally realyl want a magical girls RP to go into but I love both of them equally so i can't choose between the two~!!
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  4. Oh hey, responses already! Glad to hear it.

    By the way, if anyone has preferences for specific plots or ideas of their own, feel free to share.
  5. haha~ yeah i watch this forum so I get notifications on threads that are made~

    Sure thing no problem~ I have this magical girl RP that I used to be in and I put so much effort into it but it never took off... I was so upset.....
  6. It always sucks when that happens. People don't appreciate originality.
  7. I would like to mark my interest.
  8. I know..... =<=
  9. Yay, three so far. I'm hoping my boyfriend will be online tomorrow so I can ask him too. He likes magical girls and witches both, but I don't think he's a member here yet.

    Beyond that, it'll just be a matter of figuring out exactly which idea to run.
  10. Interested, as well.
  11. Not interested, but I'm going to stalk if there is yuri involved.
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  12. Casting vote for magical girls, option 4. Unless I can come up with something better somewhere down the line.
  13. It sounds like magical girls are the more popular idea right now, so I might start off with that if I can get it to come together. That doesn't rule out a witch game (I rather want to play one eventually xD) but it definitely seems like the trend here is magical girl interest.

    Heh, no promises, but it could happen. Whether there's focus on romance or not will be up to the players, but if there is, ladies + ladies...

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  14. Everything's better on ice. Including magical girls!

    Disregard the mindless joking.
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  15. I, for one, want a witch RP, preferably that of choice 4, because I'm always interested in a dynamic world that changes as the RP progresses. Also because witch RPs are practically non-existent.

    But I guess this time, I'm in the minority.

    And by an all-witch world, are you saying that there's only females?
  16. I still might run one sooner or later, so you're not out of luck. :3

    Nah, by all-witch I just mean all magic users. I'm using the term witch here because it's most evocative of the atmosphere I want, and I expect a lot of the characters probably will be female, but I'm not going to restrict it to that.
  17. I'm OK with both but I'm leaning a little more towards a witch RP :)
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  18. On the off chance we go with Witch Idea 4, I happen to have a character who's perfect for the "villain".
  19. Oh, cool, Wolfsbane706. I'd be interested to hear more.

    At this point it sounds like it's viable we could do both, though I need to make sure that I have enough time and steam for that. As my OP states, I work a lot, heh, 5 or 6 days a week. Also been a while since I got to GM or play anything, so I might be rusty. *cracks knuckles*

    Anyway, maybe I should start planning threads for one or both RPs. It's pretty clear there's interest now. xD
  20. Watching this thread since both sound great :)
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