Anonymous Vs. KKK

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    While hacking is illegal, I gotta say......well done Anon. Well done. :)

    For those to lazy to read the article, Anonymous has begun a cyber war against the known active hate group called Klu Klux Klan. This is a response to threats made by the KKK to the people of Ferguson Missouri where the controversial shooting of Michael Brown happened.
  2. is this appropriate?

  3. I so desperately want to make sense of what you posted. But.....I don't get it :(
  4. its from Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex

    about an anonymous hacker guy thing

    who does stuff

    like Anons
  5. OOOOOOHHHHH YEAH! NOW I REMEMBER! Shoot....I have not seen that show in a loooong time.
  6. Anonymous, they reeeeeally love the internet.
  7. Thank god this thread wasn't what I thought it would be.
  8. What did you think it would be? A who would win in a fight? lol
  9. @Digi-Guy

    Something like that. Something that would go to bad places quickly.
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  10. I love Anonymous. Anything that takes a little more hate offline is a good thing in my opinion. A few days without hearing the trash that groups like KKK spew online is always appreciated in my book.
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  11. Haha. Well we don't want bad places on Iwaku. Lol
  12. KKK: a group of racial supremacist ass-hats.
    Anonymous: a group of multicultural, multiracial, tech hacking, fun loving, Tetris on building playing, ass-hats.

    So Anonymous.
  13. Well said.
  14. I'm quite amused at the way Anonymous has become sort of a vigilante justice outfit. Anyone else remember when they used to be asshole trolls who put out people's private information just for shits and giggles? They spawned from the worst areas of 4chan, and now they're sort of internet Batman. It's pretty great.
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  15. We have Scientology to thank for that. Chanology was a pretty sweet thing.
  16. Weren't they responsible for the huge Sony attack in 2010....2011? I don't remember the year but i remember how pissed my husband and his brothers were about it.
  17. Yes. Yes they were.
  18. Funny how people are trying to make anonymous seem to be the good guy. No one remember's the good ol' Internet Hate Machine.

    If it wasn't funny, it wasn't worth bothering.

    Anonymous isn't racist, it hates everyone equally.
  19. I don't know a lot about them, but you may be onto to something there....
  20. They were ALLEGEDLY responsible for that attack. Though, Sony initially said that they weren't, which Anonymous agreed with. And then it was found out that this wasn't such a little oops and wasn't just going to go away and suddenly they find an Anonymous calling card! >_>

    Honestly, if Anonymous wanted to steal credit information and money from others, I doubt they'd start with Sony. That just seems like a really random point of attack.