Anonomi Wish List [Crash Nightmare Sci-Fi Survival RPG]

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Welcome to my Wish List. I am Anonomi and the first thing you should know about me is that I am a geek first and foremost. My favorite things are gaming and RPing. I think those are the biggest geeky things to do ever and I love them both. I also love science and technology, which is how I make my living. My favorite traditional games are RPGs and Survival games. I also like adult games, and my favorite is the Corruption of Champions Revamp which is a Survival RPG! The best combo for me.

Most importantly, you should know that I like to game up my RPs. I like stats and random encounters, I love adventure and combat and the possibility of defeat! I just don't feel right when RPs are completely free-form, I feel like they become more of a chore after a while and lose their fun. I love storytelling and driving an RP, so if you are a passive writer, I'm your guy.

Here is my f-list (NSFW) so you can see my Kinks: Kink List

Crashed Nightmare
Two clones (male and female) on a derelict science vessel have awoken from hyper-sleep into a hostile world with massive storms and unforgivable atmosphere. They must gather supplies and use their specialized skills to build a shelter from the environment, create a sustainable food and water supply and try and gather materials in the hope to get off the planet. Their only help is a damaged AI encyclopedia. Whats worse is there is something else living on the planet, something dangerous and predatory, a science experiment that came from the craft and is strangely mutated.

Kinks: Clones, mutants, body mutations, gender transformation, rape, bisexuality. Uses my custom game system.

If you are interested, PM me.
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