Annoying things in video games

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  1. Awesomeness.
  3. The fact that you can only save at the end of each Act in Colony Wars and Colony Wars: Vengeance. Good in theory, bad in practice.

    Each Act can have 1-5 missions, and unless you're on cheats or you have finished the game at least once, you cannot retry missions. This adds to the effect of the game's multiple mission paths, though.
  4. Useless allies in RTS games that just sit their with their massive armies while the enemy is in my base, or worse their base while their tanks are sitting picking their noses over the hill.

    And impossible end-game bosses that ruin the difficulty curve.
  5. Eversion brings us the FUCKING DEMONIC HANDS.

    Not to mention the UNHOLY WALL OF BLOOD. It always keeps me from getting those last few skulls gems on stage 5.

    Iji has the Annhiliators, which can take half a dozen hits from some of the strongest weapons. I haven't tried using the bannana gun, though.
  6. I feel like I made some many reference just for you, and you weren't there, Pal...
  7. I really enjoyed this game, like the last two I was in. The trials were interesting... as was the final results. I am happy we got the happy ending.

    @Josh M Wanda was fun to read and I love the journal and insight. ( I guess Stiles gets to keep it, he tried to give it back)

    @Verite Kyoko was interesting.

    @Minerva There were great moments that Corrin had, but she was hard to really get into, no fault of yours though. I just had slim interaction

    And finally @Atomyk. Where do I start? All your characters were great and even though we could have lost Victoria, I loved your portryal of her, just as much if not more than the original poster. Each character was great.

    So, umm, how was my Stiles?
  8. Post your characters either approved or proposed, here, so we have a central repository for them.

  9. I hear you there. another thing is when you have long unskipable cut-scenes that get full of themselves and just drag on and om, especially when the game just got you pumped with adrenaline.
  10. MGS4 much? :P
  11. All of the above.
  12. Games that make the save screen look exactly like the load screen.

    So much that you accidentally save over a different file.

    That and those games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance where you WANT to have fun with friends but it can become a monopoly over who the camera follows.

    Nothing to do with games directly but the XBOX360 sucks for being so lame in the backwards compatability in comparison with the PS3.

    *Had to give up the demented hippie killing fun of DAH!2*

  13. At one point in the game The World Ends with You you can't go anywhere without getting randomly attacked. Most annoying thing EVER. What else was annoying was the bosses. They repeated thmselves over and over again. What's worse is THEY DON'T SHUT UP. I hate repetitive bosses that don't shut up. Grunts and huffs are fine, but not whole phrases.
  14. Large Picture (open)

  15. This is a BIG pisser for SOCOM.

    Haxors. Fuckers take all the fun out of simple deathmatches.

    I mean, COME ON!!! Take the hit, you pussy! YOU CAN RESPAWN!!!

    I think I know why they feel the need to hack...

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    ...because they saw it in the movies...
  16. The blacklash from the Steam community towards Left 4 Dead 2.

    I mean, talk about ungrateful...
  17. Time to start handcrafting insulting nicknames for the rest of the cast so Rick can sling them about.

    Dis gon b fun
  18. I've recently begun playing a PS2 game named Persona4. Great game. Love the story. I've finally gotten to a point where I can control my character. The only part I don't like all that much is the story feel to it. Don't get me wrong I love it but I do feel as if I'm watching a movie rather than playing a game. Now that I can control my character it's not quite the same but there is still a vast amount of 5 minute dialogue scenes as well as Jap-English comedy translations. ;)
  19. Similarly, I just recently got hold of a fascinating DS game called Scribblenauts, where the premise is that you can solve puzzles by using any word in the english language. Sound fun? Well, apparently they spent so much time coding in objects, they forgot to consider the fact that characters in video games are typically best controlled using things called arrow keys, and instead relegated camera control to those buttons, forcing you to control a spastic, hyperactive guy in a rooster hat by tapping on the screen. Sound bad? What if I told you that you also interacted with items by tapping on them?

    So what we've got here is a 50-50 chance that when you're trying to drag objects around on screen, your character might instead think that you want him to jump right off an edge or into lava, which he'll happily do without hesitation. Congratulations, 5th Cell, for not realizing that by making everything controlled with a console-specific gimmick, you're sealing the way for massive dissatisfaction. If they made a game for the PS3, you could bet that they'd do something silly with the 6-Axis.